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    Unable to drive with new iPhone 12

    OK, thanks everyone! I forgot that I needed to use the Tesla App to add the iPhone 12 as a digital key. I did that and now it works fine.
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    Unable to drive with new iPhone 12

    I just got an iPhone 12. Every time I try to shift into reverse or drive from park I have to use the contact card. I paired the phone many times and the same problem persists. My previous phone was a Pixel 4a. I didn't have this problem with that phone. I did delete the Pixel 4a, so the only...
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    Strange Bell Sound

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I noted that I had the Speed Assist Chime enabled (Ref Page 114 Owners Manual). I disabled this 'Feature'. I haven't driven the car yet, but hope this change solves the problem.
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    Strange Bell Sound

    I am getting a strange bell sound every few minutes. It started after the last software update. It is very loud and I can't determine the source. Does anyone have this sound? How do I suppress it?
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    Ping Sound

    I just downloaded the 'Christmas Present' software and now I get a loud ping sound intermittently. It appears to be stop light related, but I only got one ping going through a stop light. No other stop lights generated a ping. Does anyone know what this sound is for?
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    Selecting Drive and Reverse Requires Two Pushes

    My problem is not associated with regenerative braking.
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    Selecting Drive and Reverse Requires Two Pushes

    Does anyone else have the problem of requiring two pushes to get into drive or reverse modes? The problem is not alway there as sometimes it works correctly.
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    Black "OEM" aero wheels on ebay

    Note that you can buy the 18 inch aero wheels from the Tesla parts department for only $220.00. I just purchased one from the Scottsdale Service Center last week.
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    Tesla Chat

    How do I start a Tesla chat? When I try all I get is this page: You may find answers here I am requesting a chat during operating hours.
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    Windshield Wipers in Carwash

    OK thanks! I forgot about the cards. I looked everywhere except the cards.
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    Windshield Wipers in Carwash

    I just went through a carwash for the first time. I could not stop the auto wipers. The wiper action was a real pain. Is there anyway to stop them from activating?
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    AP Initial Set Speed

    I have my AP speed control set to 'Relative' Speed. The car accelerates to the posted speed limit anytime I engage the speed control function below the posted speed limit. It didn't use to work that way. I want the car to hold the current speed at engagement. Has anyone else seen this...
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    Increased Steering Effort Message

    I got an 'Increased Steering Effort' Message today. When I pressed on the message a pop-up stated to contact Tesla service. I drove a few miles and didn't notice any difference in steering effort. When I got home I shut the car down and repowered - that cleared the message. Has anyone else seen...
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    Aero cover paint color

    Another option is to just purchase a new wheel cover at the Tesla parts department. They are located within the service centers. I believe the price is only $30.00. Not that much more than touch-up paint.
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    Rear Sun Shade

    I just installed the rear sun shade and it fits great. The shade only came with two clips. It looks like I am missing one or three clips. Does anyone know how many clips the shade should have?
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    Display Lock-Up After AP Trial Download

    I am having problems downloading the AP Trial software. The download starts, but never finishes even after waiting 4+ hours. This lock-up has now occurred three times. I clear the lock-up by pressing both steering wheel switches for > 5 sec. The download is occurring in my garage using a 100...
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    Cracked plastic mesh

    No it isn't. I found defects on my car weeks after delivery and they were repaired under warranty. I took delivery at the Tempe, AZ delivery center. I would press them to cover this defect.
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    Rear Glass Sunshade

    I purchased the shade and did not like it. The shade had gaps around the edges and the clips were cheesy. I returned it. As others have stated, it isn't really needed.
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    M3 Steering Wheel off-center

    My M3 tracks perfectly straight with the stering wheel centered. Sounds like you need an alignment. They will adjust the left and right tie rods to make one longer and one shorter be equal amounts. This will center the steering wheel while retaining the straight-line tracking.
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    Windshield stickers?

    I would try a wet Magic Eraser with a small amount of comet cleanser added to the Eraser. This worked for me to remove a circular stain on the outside of the rear window.
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    Sirius XM

    CNBC is not on TuneIn.
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    40 Amp Charge Rate Bug

    I set the rate prior to plugging in the WC. I would think that once I set the rate it would never change.
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    40 Amp Charge Rate Bug

    I have my charge rate set to 40 Amps. For some reason when I plug in the Wall Connector the charge rate reverts to 48 Amps. Has anyone else seen this bug?
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    Regen Braking with Brakes

    OK thanks for the detailed response. I still don't fully understand what happens when I depress the brake pedal. The energy bar shows regen, but from your explanation the friction brakes are applied. Which is correct?
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    Regen Braking with Brakes

    When I apply the brakes lightly during low speed driving (15 MPH) the energy bar shows green regeneration. I thought regeneration was not enabled when brakes were applied. Can anyone explain what I am seeing?
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    Alternative way to jack it up

    I used these lifting pads. Set of 4 Tesla Model 3 chassis specific jack pad tools with Storage Case | eBay
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    Radio Audio level as a Function of Speed

    I am constantly adjusting the radio audio level as a function of speed. Does anyone else do this? There should be a menu option to add an automatic audio level increase as speed increases. The feature should be variable to account for different cabin noise levels with different tires, ear...
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    I got my working after a Mobil Service Rep came to my house. First he had me do a soft reset (hold both steering wheel buttons down for > 7 sec while in park. Then setup the system using your garage remote. Next position the car just outside the garage where you would normally approach it and...
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    Cabin Air Filter Question

    I believe the metal plate in the glove box allows access to the AP processor/graphics card. This is the card that will be replaced for free sometime in the first quarter to allow AP tracking on Navigation.
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    Car Locks After I Open/Close the Trunk

    Further clarification.. I assumed that opening the trunk would also open the car doors. Apprently this is not the case. Wish this was a programmable feature.
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    Car Locks After I Open/Close the Trunk

    I approach my locked car and open the trunk to load it, then close it. When I try to open the driver's door it is locked. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Does anyone know how to get CNBC on the radio? I don't want to use my Android phone to get it via blue tooth.
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    TuneIn Presets

    Thanks for the info! I now have TuneIn Presets.
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    TuneIn Presets

    I would like to login to my TuneIn account on my M3. How do I do that? I would like to add multiple TuneIn stations to my presets but can't find a way to do that.
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    TuneIn Presets

    I have a TuneIn account on my Android phone and would like to have the same saved stations om my M3 radio. Is there a way to do this? I can't find a way to log into my TuneIn account on the M3 radio.
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    Monroney Window Sticker Size

    I got a Window Sticker for a Model S at the Tesla Retail Store. The salesman just gave me the one in the glove box. As already reported, the size is 11 in X 17 in.
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    Tesla Wall Connector App

    Is there an Android App for the Tesla Wall connector? I can't find one in the Google App store. Will the Tesla Car App update for Wall Charger data after I install the Wall Charger? I am installing the Wall Charger on Monday 10/8.
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    Auto Car Locking

    I can't find the Auto Car Locking feature to enable it. I have the Tesla App on my phone. Where do I find the menu to enable Auto Lock when I walk away?
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    EAB and Lane Assist Standard?

    I have a RWD without AP car. I have enabled EAB and Lane Assist, but they do not work. Are they supposed to work without purchasing the AP?
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    Monroney Window Sticker Size

    I only received a PDF Monroney window sticker with my M3 RWD and want to print a full size copy. Can someone measure the size of a original Monroney window sticker?
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    Knee Airbags

    I guess my RWD Model 3 has dual knee airbags according to all the links I have read. I looked under the driver's and passenger's knee area and can't really see an airbag, but there are plastic covers that probably hide the airbags.
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    Knee Airbags

    I guess it is hard to tell. My window sticker stated the car had six airbags total so that would indicate no knee airbags. There are driver's and passenger's front seat airbags and I can't tell if they are there. In older cars with seat mounted airbags there would be a text on the seat side...
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    Knee Airbags

    The Owners Manual (Page 30) shows that there are driver's and passenger's knee airbags. I checked my RWD car and I don't have them. Does anybody have these airbags on their car?
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    Return Aero Wheel Kit

    OK I figured it out. Tesla will provide a free return shipping label. I am returning them because the allow wheels show too much of the inner wheel for my taste. Also, the wheel nut caps are not very secure. The last reason is that I want to keep my car in the configuration it was delivered...
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    Return Aero Wheel Kit

    I want to return the Aero Wheel Kit. How do I do this?
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    18 in Aero Wheels Touch-Up Paint

    Does anyone know where to get 18 in Aero Wheels Touch-Up Paint?
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    Driver's Seat Lumbar Setting

    The Driver's seat lumbar setting provides too much support. I can't adjust the setting to provide comfort. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to remove some of the lumber padding?
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    Alignemnt gap ?

    Yes that is not normal. Have Tesla fix it. I have hte same issue on my M3 and listed it within 3 days of delivery. Will get it fixed soon with other alignment issues.
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    2018 Model 3 Pearl White Touch-Up Paint

    I want to order touch-Up paint for my 2018 M3 with Pearl White Multi Coat paint. This is paint code PPSW. The Tesla Accessories store only has PBCW paint. Does anyone know how to order the PPSW paint?
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    Best tires for standard aero wheels

    I would say no. The standard Michelin's are excellent. Note that the tires are asymmetrical (rotate in one direction only). Also cost $277.00 each. See TireRack link...

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