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  1. Stranger Dings

    Vendor Tevo Model 3 at Shelsley Walsh hill climb

    It seems so quiet and controlled. Great job.
  2. Stranger Dings

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    I agree. A simple, dumb cruise control would be perfect.
  3. Stranger Dings

    Auto-Pilot - I give up, it's downright lethal

    I agree. I’ve lost all faith in it and avoid using it wherever possible. The only time I use it is in nose to tail traffic on motorways.
  4. Stranger Dings

    Noise when sitting in car

    Sounds quite a deep, bassy noise. Not something that I’ve noticed in mine. Have you tried a reset? Have you tried it with all air con and fans totally off? Have you tried camp mode? If you try any of the suggestions, it may give a clue as to the cause.
  5. Stranger Dings

    My model 3 is arriving this week. What do I need to know and do to get ready?

    Get yourself up to speed with charging options around the areas where you are likely to travel most. In the UK we have ZapMap and A Better Route Planner as my go to apps for looking at charging options. They are really useful.
  6. Stranger Dings

    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    No, sorry, I wasn’t being clear. I would LIKE to be able to use and trust ACC in low visibility. A system that can see through the rain and fog when I can’t would be a great safety feature. When the weather is bad, I slow right down and hope for the best.
  7. Stranger Dings

    Sentry [mode blocked in my country - is there a work around?]

    Have you got your flash drive installed, formatted and ready to go? Is Sentry mode definitely switched on at the location you are looking to use it? (E.g. You can turn it off at home?) Sentry mode can be a bit flakey sometimes, so it doesn’t always work, but should work most of the time if...
  8. Stranger Dings

    Master Thread: New Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Low to zero visibility is exactly the situation that I want my car to help me most. In the UK, we have plenty of rain and fog and having assistance to see through it would be useful. Relying solely on cameras may work in the bright sunshine of the California, but worries me greatly in other...
  9. Stranger Dings

    CA DMV failing Tesla car for behind the wheel drive test

    Funnily enough, that is exactly what happens in the UK. If you learn to drive in an auto, you are not licensed to drive a manual If you learn in a manual, you can later drive an auto with no additional test. As for the original post, that is crazy. I’m sure this will have to be updated as more...
  10. Stranger Dings

    Frozen Touch Screen

    Had my M3P for over a year and never had to reset it at all.
  11. Stranger Dings

    UK Model 3 Performance 2021 Waiting Room

    I’ve had my M3P for just over a year. Realistically, you can expect 200 miles from a full charge down to 10% for ‘normal’ mixed motorway and A road driving. You can get more by driving at 60-65 mph, but I didn’t get an M3P to sit in the slow lane 😁. Best to put the range indicator to % and...
  12. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 (not so!) Long range

    I also use the same assumption for my M3P. 200 miles of ‘normal’ driving at 80 mph on motorway is par for me.
  13. Stranger Dings

    First Serious Drive in M3 LR.

    Government greed is an interesting concept. Taxes pay for government spending, which is demanded by the people (more money for schools, hospitals, police etc). Ultimately, it is people who are ‘greedy’ for higher living standards and who can blame them. The balance between taxes and living...
  14. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 trip range estimates

    If I were you, I’d do the equivalent of a ‘splash and dash’. Stop at Gordano for quick top up and then head to Membury. The thought that I might not make it in one go would make me too anxious to enjoy the journey. For the sake of a ten minute stop, it would remove the stress.
  15. Stranger Dings

    Octopus Go, How to set M3 to charge 00:30 to 04:30?

    I just start changing at 00:30 and mostly that works for me. Where it does run beyond 04:30, I’m only paying 14p KWh, just 9p more than the cheap rate, and that is still way cheaper than public or super charging.
  16. Stranger Dings

    Chill mode performance

    I’m firmly in this camp. I find the M3P performance addictive. Whenever safe, I can’t resist nailing the go faster pedal to the floor. Chill mode is for sensible people and it seems I’m just not one of those at the moment. I’m plenty old enough to know better. Sorry.
  17. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 Outdoors Parking

    Most of us in the UK leave our cars outside all the time. If we have one, our garages are small and filled with loads of junk rather than the car. From a rain perspective, we get plenty and modern cars don’t seem to be affected. My M3P has been outside for 12 months with no noticeable issues...
  18. Stranger Dings

    Master thread: Delivery issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / problems etc)

    Tesla have had to go from non existent to worlds most valuable car company in little more than a decade. Personally, I came in with my eyes open and accept my car for what it is, a decent vehicle from a new and still learning manufacturer. Tesla aren’t perfect, but they have had to get volumes...
  19. Stranger Dings

    Battery Preconditioning

    As others suggest, now it has warmed up, preconditioning won’t happen. It still takes a little while to build to full regen braking once you set off, even though it is warmer now. To precondition for a supercharger, the supercharger has to be selected as your destination in the navigation. And...
  20. Stranger Dings

    Crazy high residuals

    I think the answer to that is almost certainly no. In the same way, I wouldn’t expect the lease company to land me with a big bill if residuals don’t turn out to be as good as originally expected.
  21. Stranger Dings

    Noise Cancellation

    Road surface seems to be a significant driver of the road noise. I was surprised to hear near silence at 70mph on a freshly laid road and then significantly louder when moving onto the older road surface. An M3P with 20 inch wheels and low profile tyres is never going to be the most refined...
  22. Stranger Dings

    ICE to EV doubts

    I‘ve had my M3P for just over a year and hadn’t even test driven one before mine was delivered. Like you, I was full of worry and doubt. The reality has been painless, cheap motoring that gives you a smile. Once you get used to it, you’ll never want an ICE car ever again.
  23. Stranger Dings

    What's your most inefficient drive of over a mile?

    It is great that a really inefficient journey used little over 3 KWh and would have cost around 15p at Octopus Go rates. Imagine that journey in a big V8 Range Rover. 😁 I don’t think I’ve managed any major journeys above 600 Wh/Mile, in winter with cold battery and heater on. I dread to think...
  24. Stranger Dings

    China build performance charging.

    I have found the best is to Charge at home to 90% and stick the climate control on 15 minutes before you use the vehicle to get best regen. Enjoy the car. I love my M3P.
  25. Stranger Dings

    Blocking or covering the air vent output?

    It still puts out airflow though and just like other posters, my missus doesn’t like it. The only way I have solved it is to unsync the air con, put hers warmer, mine cooler and turn the fan right down to setting two.
  26. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 Ground Clearance

    Oh, yes, I see now. 🎉
  27. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 Ground Clearance

    Isn’t that a blue Tesla at the top of the drive already? Looks like you might already have your answer.
  28. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 gets rained on by bricks

    That guy was very lucky. That could easily have been fatal.
  29. Stranger Dings

    UK Model 3 Performance 2021 Waiting Room

    I love reading this thread; it is so positive and upbeat. So many excited people, like kids on Christmas Eve. I’ve had my M3P for a year now and I can assure you, it is worth the wait. I’ve also had no negative issues with the vehicle, it has all worked as it should. Once you understand the...
  30. Stranger Dings

    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    My 12 Pro Max stopped working today. Switched off and on again and bingo, back to normal.
  31. Stranger Dings

    Tire Advice after pothole

    Looks like you’ve avoided any damage to the wheels, so fingers crossed that the wheels are fine under closer inspection. I’d be tempted to get the old tyres on the front and then put new ones on the back. I’ve had one tyre replaced on the back at around 4k miles on my M3P, after a screw went...
  32. Stranger Dings

    First road trip in my M3P

    Yes, one of the unexpected things I have found is the effortless hill climbing capability. It is truly amazing. It doesn’t feel as though there is any particular effort behind it. Amazing.
  33. Stranger Dings

    Expensive lesson learned. I broke my rear glass

    Ouch. I feel your pain. Hope you get it sorted soon and at a reasonable price. Whilst this is frustrating, learn the lesson and move on. It has happened and no amount of anger and annoyance will change it. Hopefully life will bring you something fabulous shortly to balance things out.
  34. Stranger Dings

    Model 3 - Dog and Baby Tetris.

    Could the dog go on the floor in the back? With no transmission tunnel, the flat back floor has more space than conventional vehicles. Failing that, I reckon he’ll be on the back seat. Hope the seats are well protected.
  35. Stranger Dings

    Octopus Go price increases..

    disappointing to hear this, but not surprising. If the 5p rate continues, it is still excellent value.
  36. Stranger Dings

    Considering Tesla Model 3 as first Electric car

    I moved to an M3P a year ago and haven’t looked back since. If you are doing 150 miles a day, it will be cheap and effective. I regularly do 100 miles in a day for my commute and it has saved me a fortune in fuel costs. If you charge at home on Octopus Go @ 5p per KWh, you pay less than 2p a...
  37. Stranger Dings

    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

  38. Stranger Dings

    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    The rest of the conversation has gone right over my head, but this I can get onboard with. Lighter cars stop more quickly. Yep, sounds correct. Right, I’ll you guys get back on with your equations. 😁
  39. Stranger Dings

    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    Mazda MX5 is a great little sports car for weekend fun.
  40. Stranger Dings

    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    Upon reading this, I immediately rushed outside and sledge hammered the brake discs and callipers off of my car, making sure to replace the old tyres with brand new ones to ensure safe stopping. I am, of course, purposely misinterpreting your comment for cheap comedic effect. Sorry. 😁
  41. Stranger Dings

    What's your best piece of Advice for a newbie?

    Many supermarkets have free charging. Have look on ZapMap to find any near to you.
  42. Stranger Dings

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Is it real wood? I thought it was plastic? It certainly feels like plastic to me when tapped with a finger nail. I’d better look into caring for it if it is real wood. It only gets a rub with a furniture polish covered cloth at the moment.
  43. Stranger Dings

    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    I drive an M3P in the UK, so similar weather to Denmark. Realistically, driving around 80mph on a motorway, you can expect 200 miles range on a 90% charge. With the right weather and driving carefully you can improve this, but I always want to drive at a decent speed with air con on full blast...
  44. Stranger Dings

    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    Any idea how you find details of Go Faster? I’m on Go, but can’t see any way of selecting the Faster option.
  45. Stranger Dings

    Performance not performing

    Erm... sorry. I’ve had my M3P for a year and still just can’t help myself. I will try and be better. :)
  46. Stranger Dings

    Color Confusion [what color car should I buy]

    In my M3P I went for black outside and black inside. Looks great. I’ve just got rid of a Mercedes with light interior as family life was really showing up on it and needed constant cleaning. Good luck with a white interior, though I’m guessing your weather is likely to be a bit drier than in...
  47. Stranger Dings

    Performance not performing

    I’ve got a 2020 M3P and have no such issues. As long as I’ve got a reasonable SoC and the car is warmed up appropriately, it goes like stink. Even if it isn’t properly warmed up, it still seems to fly. The original poster’s experience doesn’t sound right. Either it is in chill mode, or there is...
  48. Stranger Dings

    Auto-park bashed our neighbour's car - should Tesla pay both repair bills?

    This’ll make for an interesting conversation with his wife. The old ‘It wasn’t me, it was the car’. I’d rather pay for all the damage than have this conversation with my missus :)
  49. Stranger Dings

    Should I allow the M3 battery to warm up before I drive hard?

    I always warm my car up remotely before driving anyway, so not an issue. You get a nice warm car and a battery ready for driving.

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