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  1. bktiger86

    rear camera picture

    Hi everyone. My friend and I just recently had our rear camera replaced because Tesla thought they may have caused some MCU issues. When they were done we received two different types of cameras. We are not sure which ones is the "newer" version. Can you guys do us a favor and take a picture of...
  2. bktiger86

    camera calibration always at 98%

    Hi everyone, My camera calibration seems to be always stay at 98%. I've noticed this since I got the FSD upgrade and that is about 2 months ago already. Can somebody help me check if they are in the same boat? I have a 2017 Tesla Model S. MCU1/HW3
  3. bktiger86

    autopilot camera housing (removal)

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Got quick question...anybody have instructions or knows if its possible to remove that housing to get to the glass (AKA windshield) underneath? I noticed mine is a little "foggy" underneath so I want to wipe it clean. Thanks!
  4. bktiger86

    Tesla overcharge?

    Hi all. Happy Holidays. I kinda want to do a poll to find out has anyone been experiencing the same "issue" as I am. I am not sure if this is an issue I need to bring up to the service center but lets say the night before I will set a charge of 90%. However, the next morning I wake up...it will...
  5. bktiger86

    v10 dash and mcu crashing

    I want to check to see if anybody has been experiencing system crashes in their cars after the v10 upgrade? So far I've been experiencing crashes every time when I use voice command to call somebody or when I try to access the phone section on the center console. My specs: 2017 Model S AP2...
  6. bktiger86

    "secret" 1 year warranty

    So my buddy and I both have Model S 2017. Lately when we need any services done for the car, Tesla has been telling us "we can't fix this under warranty because it expires under the 1 year warranty." This covers anything squeaky, yellow border on screens, etc. So that means you will have to...
  7. bktiger86

    running daylight lights out?

    Lately in California it has been raining pretty hard...I'm not sure if it affected my running day lights. Anybody else ever got their lights dimmed or damaged possibly? Sigh...looks like I need to visit the service center AGAIN...
  8. bktiger86

    music favorite station bug?

    Is anybody having this issue where the "My Favorites" station keeps getting "unfavored" and it doesn't show up in your most used stations?
  9. bktiger86

    oil change? annual check ups?

    Hey everyone. My car is now almost 2 years old now. I haven't done the motor oil change yet neither I've been doing annual check ups. Kinda curious of people are doing them or not really. Thanks!
  10. bktiger86

    A/C controls V9.0

    Anyone feel like the AC controls are now worse? Before I would have the air set: auto circulate auto fan control A/C always on and always blowing top. But now it looks like they got rid of it and just have 1 AUTO set for everything. It seems to be a little bit confusing.
  11. bktiger86

    grease/foggy underneath front facing camera

    So I was washing my windshield and I noticed I couldn't clean the glass near the front facing camera. Then I started to notice that it wasn't on top. It was UNDERNEATH! Now my question is that...does this affect the autopilot? I am assuming it is some sort of evaporation from the camera...
  12. bktiger86

    screen protector?

    Anybody here put one on their car? Just kinda curious. If you do, let me know which one you used. Thanks!
  13. bktiger86

    flat tire experience

    I want to provide a PSA for people who haven't gotten a flat tire yet with Tesla but would want to know what is the best option since all Tesla doesn't have a spare tire. This just happened to me over the weekend. Was on the freeway and got a bolt stuck right between the cracks on my passenger...
  14. bktiger86

    no LTE for 2.5 days

    Hi all. I need some advice or see if anybody else is in the same boat. I remember Tesla said they were going through some network maintenance, but now I've been 2.5 days without LTE service in my car. I'm starting to believe this is not normal. I want to see if anybody else is getting the same...
  15. bktiger86

    1st annual check up fee? $450??

    Hi all. My Model S is about to go through its first annual check up. My buddy went to a service center and he said they charged him $400 something dollars. Is that correct? I thought it is covered or am I wrong.
  16. bktiger86

    rude customer service?

    Hey all. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas or holiday. Lately, I feel like Tesla customer service is losing its lack and becoming very very rude. I sent an email to the North America service desk to ask why am I not receiving the firmware update. I sent the email on 12/22 but they...
  17. bktiger86

    missing superchargers on map?

    Is anybody not seeing the superchargers on their map? Like it doesn't show how many people that are currently charging there? I tried resetting the screen and everything and still the same. My buddy's Tesla is the same. Both of us are in SoCal.
  18. bktiger86

    screen discoloration

    Hi all. Anybody have this kind of issue with their center console? I have this yellow border around the screen. Should I be concerned?
  19. bktiger86

    AP2 lean left

    So over the weekend I was experiencing this weird bug...my AP2 Model S kept wanting to lean to the left. It was to the point where it was hitting the line. I even adjusted back to the middle and reactivated the AP2 you can see it starts to lean left again. Luckily I wasn't on the furthest to the...
  20. bktiger86

    Blackvue red dot?

    I recently installed the Blackvue dash cam in my Model S. In all my videos I have this red dot in the videos. It is especially noticeable at night shots. I'm wondering is this a camera issue or does the Tesla have some kind of sensor that is making it show up?
  21. bktiger86

    possible leather fix?

    Hey all, I accidentally scratched my Tesla door with my nails. It isn't that bad but I was wondering what is the best fix for this? I hear people use Kiwi Saddle Soap. Any personal experiences? Thanks.
  22. bktiger86

    my luck

    Today I decided to take the car out for a drive and enjoy the beautiful sunny California weather. While on the freeway I was cruising a very nice leisure drive when suddenly, a dime size rock flew and cracked my windshield on my 1 month old Tesla S. I am just devastated right now. Anybody...
  23. bktiger86

    using a waxer

    HI everyone. Going to be washing my Tesla for the first time and I wanted to give her a good waxing. Normally before I would hand wax my car and that would literally take hours. I wanted to see if anybody ever had any experience with an automatic waxer? Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit...
  24. bktiger86

    knocking/rattling noise

    Hi all, Lately I've been stumped on finding where this noise is coming from. I especially hear it when I go over speed bumps/dips. I've searched all over the web at the possibility of it. I think it is coming from the rear seatbelt area. I want to ask for some help. Anybody experiencing the...
  25. bktiger86

    worst fears - need comfort

    Hi all. My worst fear about this car is starting to come about. I took delivery of this car on 1/24/17. Now I'm starting to get some issues with the car. 1. folding mirrors are getting squeaky and the driver side doesn't fully extend all the way almost 100% of the time. 2. driver side passenger...
  26. bktiger86

    how often do you charge?

    I kinda want to take a poll to find out how often people charge their Teslas. I know Tesla wants users to charge everyday, but I've been doing it 2-3 days depending on my driving. I'm so used to thinking the fact to drain the battery to around 20% and then charge to 80-90%.
  27. bktiger86

    using center console to turn off car

    Hey everyone. New to the car. Just wondering to see if there are any negative side effects if I turn off the car using the center console? Sometimes I'm in the car taking a nap but I want to turn off the car. :)
  28. bktiger86

    leather issue

    Just got my car two days ago and I noticed that there were some leather quality issues on my steering wheel, glove box, and the passenger car seat. Anybody have any experience when it comes to the service center fixing this?
  29. bktiger86

    AP2 activation?

    Hi everyone! Just got my Model S today! Super excited...I noticed that my AP2 is not activated yet. Does it take couple days until I can see it? I don't see any software updates on my screen either.

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