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  1. ArcticStation

    Begging At Charging Stations?

    My local area offers substantial support, both public and private, to those in need. They do a great job. When I am approached locally, I give out a sheet listing phone numbers and locations where help is available. (Surprisingly, most homeless seem to have a cell phone.) Outside the local...
  2. ArcticStation

    Must haves for New England?

    If you can afford to do so, buy a winter car (a "beater") to drive in the winter months. We have a reliable, ten year old hybrid that we bought new that is now our primary vehicle throughout Maine's winter. It sports Michelin X ice tires, and even though it is FWD, I feel confident driving it...
  3. ArcticStation

    Michelin CrossClimate+

    I have been running the CrossClimate+ since last October. I'm very happy with them most of the time, though they are not optimum in very heavy snow--not an issue where you live. Unfortunately, they are no longer manufactured, but may still be available. If you do decide to go with the 2, let...
  4. ArcticStation

    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    Mine is a July 2018 build LR RWD. As soon as the border opens up, we're headed North for a long overdue stay with family who live a LONG way from the nearest SC. I will probably replace the battery preemptively or simply bring the new battery along and install it if needed. Cheap insurance.
  5. ArcticStation

    Best placement for an external L2 charger?

    Three years ago when we first took delivery of our Model 3, I felt the same way. In my case, that was a mistake. Three years on, we are considering a second EV. Our son, who visits often, has purchased an EV. My single NEMA 50-14 will support all three, but not at the same time. I would...
  6. ArcticStation

    Hey Burlington VT area owners. Tesla would be my only car. Should I buy?

    We've had the Ranger visit us twice. He was outstanding and we were very pleased with the work done. HOWEVER, both times we had to wait almost two weeks before he was available. Local independent shops and nearby dealers can usually see us within a day or two for work on our hybrid . Tesla...
  7. ArcticStation

    Hey Burlington VT area owners. Tesla would be my only car. Should I buy?

    I wouldn't. We did, but I am retired and we have a second car. Plus one of my sons lives less than fifteen minutes from an SC, so I have a place to stay when the car is in for maintenance. So after three years of ownership, and even though we live over 250 miles from the closest SC, issues...
  8. ArcticStation

    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    Three and a half hours, 225 miles from our home in rural Maine to Peabody. One round trip, ten day visit to the SC via flat bed (the car only, I stayed home) when the on-board charger failed, and two visits by Mobile Service throughout three years of ownership--all under warranty...
  9. ArcticStation

    Michelin CrossClimate+

    Hmm. Perhaps it is because the OEMs were so awful, but I think the CrossClimate+ is a very significant improvement over the MXMs my M3 came with. I've put over 7,000 miles on these tires since October and I did notice a significant reduction in efficiency early on. However, with the warm...
  10. ArcticStation

    Calling all military/ veteran owners

    Twenty year AF career. SEA tour 74-75 (Yup, I was there when the flag was lowered for the last time). My reward? A choice follow-on assignment that resulted in seventeen great years working in R&D, followed by thirteen years in the private sector. Able to retire in my fifties and start...
  11. ArcticStation

    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    We live in rural Maine more than four hours from the closest SC. Two visits by Mobile Service since September 2018 (annual brake service plus Tesla initiated visit to replace charge port plastic pins). Tech called several hours before appointment time to confirm and arrived on time. During...
  12. ArcticStation

    which paint color is holding up the best?

    Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax (note that this is not the $3,000 professionally applied ceramic coating referred to in earlier posts), plus Adam's Detail Spray. I use the wax roughly once a month. I use the detail spray after each wash when I don't wax. I use very little detail spray-- it goes...
  13. ArcticStation

    Any experience with car shows?

    I did a small, local one a around four years ago. Was well received. I called ahead and managed get a spot near a 120V outlet so I could plug in and discuss it while the car was actually charging. I bought a big bottle of V8 vegetable juice, popped the hood and displayed the bottle in the...
  14. ArcticStation

    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    I've owned my M3 since October 2018. Other than preventative maintenance and visits by mobile service initiated by Tesla, the car has been flawless. The nearest service center is a four hour drive to Peabody, but I have never had to use it. I am retired, so if the car were to fail, I could...
  15. ArcticStation

    Installed my NEMA 14-50 yesterday

    I have been using the included connector "permanently" plugged into a NEMA 14-50 for almost three years. Meets all my daily needs and on the road, destination and supercharging provide plenty of options. I no longer bother disconnecting and dragging the connector with me on road trips.
  16. ArcticStation

    Will it come fully charged?

    My 2018 LR RWD was delivered to our home with ZERO miles of range remaining. We had to run an extension cord out to the truck and charge at 120v for 30 minutes before we were able to drive it off the truck. Fortunately, after over two years of ownership, there has been almost no apparent loss...
  17. ArcticStation

    Anyone Have Any Experience With Michelin Crossclimate+ Tires?

    I am very happy with the Cross Climate +. FAR superior to OEM 18s except for efficiency. I saw around 10% loss of range before the cold weather hit, but the improvements in handling and ride were immediate and dramatic and, in my opinion, these enhancements far outweigh any loss of range...
  18. ArcticStation

    Rustproofing Model Y

    I seem to remember that an early version of the owner's manual stated that rustproofing may void the warranty, so I plan to rust proof my 3 when it is out of warranty in 2022. In the mean time, I do a plain water power wash and undercarriage spray once a week at the local do it yourself car...
  19. ArcticStation

    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    Go with the Tesla, either the LR or SR+. I drive an early build 2018 Model 3 LR RWD. My issues with the car were due to early manufacturing shortfalls or are regional/climate related. The build quality, though not perfect, is now much improved. Plus, your location seems to be optimum for...
  20. ArcticStation

    Very Shaky/ Bumpy Ride

    If it were OEM, I would. And once I am out of warranty, I may well go the MPP or other after market route with my own car. I had hoped that air suspension would have been offered as an option by now--IMHO essential for driving on winter and early spring roads like ours.
  21. ArcticStation

    Very Shaky/ Bumpy Ride

    I've owned my Model 3 for over two years. Last week, I strongly recommended to my son-in-law that he NOT buy a Tesla. He is ready to upgrade from his trusty Hyundai to something a little nicer. Sadly, a LR AWD meets all his needs except for the ride. For 50K, he expects, not unreasonably, a...
  22. ArcticStation

    When to retire?

    My wife and I have both been retired for almost 20 years. I am in my early 70s and she is in her mid-60s. Here is my perspective on early retirement. First, if you have the means, do what we did. Fill out your bucket list and do as much as you can as soon as you can, don't wait for some...
  23. ArcticStation

    Vermont Tesla Owners

    I live in a small Maine town almost five hours north of Boston. We also travel often to remote parts of Atlantic Canada to visit family. I've owned my LR RWD for over two years and have never had an issue with year round use. However, I have made some accommodations. Specifically: 1. Buy...
  24. ArcticStation

    Model 3: Pros and Cons

    Leather, vegan leather...am I alone in preferring FABRIC? Tesla offered a high end fabric in the Model S some time ago, and when I test drove a car with it, it felt great. If it had been available in the Model 3 I would be enjoying it today. Warm in winter, breathable in summer, easy to...
  25. ArcticStation

    This is not the right time for me to buy a new Tesla

    I'm going to wait three more years. That's when my two year old Model 3 will be paid off.
  26. ArcticStation

    Michelin CrossClimate+

    After 3,000 miles I am very pleased with my decision to go with the CC+. Have not noticed an increase in noise level from OEMs, but it is different in frequency and tone. Very significant improvement in ride and handling over the MXM4s, but I so hated those tires anything would seem like an...
  27. ArcticStation

    How important is home charger really?

    Is charging at or near your destination/work an option? Agree that it is best to plug in every day if possible--you will get VERY tired of sitting at a supercharger every three or four days. Also, many contributors feel that optimum battery life is achieved by keeping the car at between 70%...
  28. ArcticStation

    What are all the adapters one should keep in their car during a road trip for emergencies?

    Don't overthink this. Everyone's needs are unique. I bought adapters based on requirements gleaned from several years of ownership, so I recommend that you start with the basics and buy what you need as you gain experience with the car. For example, my son's home has a NEMA 10-50 receptacle...
  29. ArcticStation

    My first Model 3 tire rotation experience at 28,000 Miles

    I rotated and checked alignment (within spec) at 7K and 14K. All four tires were toast at 20K. I'm a 71 year old guy driving a LR RWD. The tires on my ten year old hybrid "beater" last well over 40K. And I don't morph into Jackie Stewart when I drive my Tesla. My guess is that the OEM tires...
  30. ArcticStation

    Looking for a replacement 12 volt battery

    I am kind of hoping it does go out before next summer. In winter, I drive a ten year old hybrid "beater" unless the roads are dry, and we take our long trips only in summer with our Tesla. If the battery fails before summer I schedule a Ranger visit to replace it, Tesla pays for it and I...
  31. ArcticStation

    Frustration with Lack of Superchargers/CCS adapter

    Your grandfather is going to need a new car. Buy him a Tesla. Two years ago, my wife, kids and grandkids bought me a very nice RWD LR for my 70th birthday. Safest car on the road. He will love it.
  32. ArcticStation

    Looking for a replacement 12 volt battery

    I am at 2 1/2 years. I am considering replacing mine in the spring before next summer's road trips. Cheap insurance.
  33. ArcticStation

    Tesla experience living far from a Service Center

    My nearest service center is a four hour drive. I often travel to places where the nearest service center is over 700 miles away. I was concerned about the distance when I bought my car in 2018. However: Although it’s my daily driver, it isn’t my only car. I have a ten year old reliable...
  34. ArcticStation

    Have phone on me, asks for key card

    No issue since the last update. Goes into gear every time now. Off thread, how is your Pixel battery holding up? Spouse and I each have the Pixel 3. Hers has been perfect, the battery on my became so swollen that it blew the back of the phone off and then died--one month out of warranty...
  35. ArcticStation

    Tesla recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers every 12 months or 20,000 km

    This is what I do. Mine were done earlier this month and they were in good shape and rust free after two Maine winters. As stated above, key is to have it done prior to the first winter.
  36. ArcticStation

    Cabin Heater in Blizzard

    Wow! This is something I never worry about, and I spend a lot of time on Maine's rural roads. In winter I (and most prudent Mainers) carry a simple emergency kit. For me its a heavy blanket and extra warm dry clothing, some MREs, a good flashlight, matches, small shovel, water and...
  37. ArcticStation

    The Tesla Wave

    My part of Maine is a Tesla wasteland. The only ones I see sport out of state plates, so drivers visiting from NYC or Boston would probably be alarmed or confused when confronted by a stereotypically dour Mainer waving frantically. BTW, we are NOT dour. It's a bad rap--we are warm and...
  38. ArcticStation

    Have phone on me, asks for key card

    Recently my car has started asking for a key card AFTER it has let me in via my phone (Pixel 3). Doesn't happen all the time, and I never have any problems getting into the car, but it is a hassle having to dig my phone out of my pocket and initiate the app or cycle blue tooth to get the car...
  39. ArcticStation

    New tires needed after less than 30k miles

    If you do decide to go with the 18s, I recommend that you explore tire options other than the MXV4s. In my case, not only did they wear out at 20K miles, I was very unhappy with the poor ride quality on most road surfaces and the marginal performance in bad weather that I experienced from day...
  40. ArcticStation

    Delivery to Maine

    Nope. Took two weeks for paperwork to arrive via FedEx. I have seen an M3 running around town for the last several months with a temp New Jersey plate . I assume that is because the Maine DMV only recently reopened.
  41. ArcticStation

    Should I buy CHAdeMO adapter?

    Hey, that is a high end Walmart product purchased on sale for 98 cents, not a common milk crate! Geez.
  42. ArcticStation

    New tires needed after less than 30k miles

    Happened to me too. Did a rotation at home at 10K and noted the uneven wear (inside edge). Took it to a local shop who checked it and said everything was fine (and didn't charge me). Wear continued and replaced tires at 20K and immediately had a different independent shop who specializes in...
  43. ArcticStation

    Delivery to Maine

    So glad to hear it all went well. Beautiful car/great photos. And happy to hear that the delivery shortfalls I experienced in 2018 seem to have been fixed. BTW, my concerns two years ago about owning a Tesla in Maine with the closest service center located outside of Boston have turned out to...
  44. ArcticStation

    I’ve never cried over a car until today...

    I recommend that you look into something called Car Replacement Assistance with your next insurer. Car Replacement Assistance (CRA) pays 20% — in addition to the actual cash value of the vehicle — if your car is totaled. It costs me around $30 a year to add it to the policy. I have not had to...
  45. ArcticStation

    Cleaning Products Interior/Exterior

    I use a clean Swifter on the dash and other areas that seem to collect dust.
  46. ArcticStation

    which paint color is holding up the best?

    Red July 2018 build. Still looks great. No ceramic or PPF. Keep it washed (me or the touchless place down the street) and waxed (the inexpensive, easy to use spray on/wipe off kind). Always parked in a garage when at home and under covered parking, if available, when travelling. Took a hit...
  47. ArcticStation

    CHAdeMO Charging the Model 3

    Posted earlier today in a related thread.
  48. ArcticStation

    Should I buy CHAdeMO adapter?

    I always carry a plastic crate in my trunk to store odds and ends that I like to keep in the car. If I need to use the adapter, I position the crate under the adapter so it lays flat, rather than letting it hang off of the charge port. Yup, an adapter laying on top of a heavy duty extension...
  49. ArcticStation

    Should I buy CHAdeMO adapter?

    Most owners living in the US simply don’t need a CHAdeMO adapter. Nice to have? Yes, but not essential. And if you have easy access to a free CHAdeMO charger, it is certainly worth it. However, if you venture into much of Canada, it can be a must have. Before we bought the adapter, we would...

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