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    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Did not notice any change so far.
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    Parts Ordered MSX VCM, MCU, TEGRA DAUGHTER BOARD REV-B/C - PROVISIONED (64 GB) - REMANUFACTURED Part #: 2728212-S0-B Order Date: November 25, 2020
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Parts Ordered MSX VCM, MCU, TEGRA DAUGHTER BOARD REV-B/C - PROVISIONED (64 GB) - REMANUFACTURED Part #: 2728212-S0-B Order Date: November 25, 2020
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Parts Ordered MSX VCM, MCU, TEGRA DAUGHTER BOARD REV-B/C - PROVISIONED (64 GB) - REMANUFACTURED Part #: 2728212-S0-B Order Date: November 25, 2020 Service scheduled 5th Jan 2021
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Mine is 239 miles 2016, X 90D.
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    Model X power steering bolts NHTSA Recall

    My car steering broke down on way home, reached home safely, on restarting the car any steering movement would cause a loud noise. I presume they are only fixing those with a complaint or broken down cars like mine. My car was in for SC for four weeks. I still have noise in extreme right or left...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    I loved you car. The first Tesla i ever saw.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Just short of four weeks my X was in service center, flatbeded, I paid for the transport, reimbursed, rental car charged to my credit card as Tesla did not settle the bill, not yet refunded to me. Multiple changes to deliver date as they screwed up something in service. I emailed, texted and...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    I had similar experience. In fact my rental bill for $850 is not yet settled after three weeks. Enterprise rental service could not reach anyone so i was charged on my credit card.
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    Re-setting or Re-calibrating Falcon Doors

    Good. Happy it worked.
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    Re-setting or Re-calibrating Falcon Doors

    1) Are you holding on the falcon wing icon on the central screen till the falcon wing opens completely, overriding the tighter angle. 2) You can also hold the falcon wing door opening switch to open fully overriding the tighter angle.
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    Tire swap to 22in Turbine

    TPMS can be sold separately , i would opt for TPMS inclusion. After market TPMS are available for 250- 300 dollars. Ebay $40 - 50 each. Lots of variability in price.
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    Service Center Drove Over a Nail - Wants Me To Pay

    I would go with the service center, for peace of mind. Iam always nervous when i give my car to Kaltire , i insist staying in and see that the Jack's are correctly placed in jack mode, there always is a smart guy in the tire shop who will ruin your battery due to overconfidence and arrogance . i...
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    recall for steering rack

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    Downloaded... Don't know the benefits for a 2016 Model X AP1.
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    Model x locked out , Need Help

    I had asked preemptively at 60,000 km before embarking on to a 10,000 km to USA. The SC checked and said it was good. I asked them again at 100,110 km to please replace it and they did. I did not get any 12V battery warnings. Was having a nervous feeling anytime i would go long distance.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I have had it, enjoyed and love my car, driven 100,250 km without any issues, it was recently fixed on March 10 by SC no more shudder.
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    Within a week I got my model x I broke my right quarter glass and side view mirror

    Ouch....a designated Tesla body shop would give a quotation.
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    Any idea why my Tesla MX lights are flashing on their own

    I had a similar issue and realized that my fob was in my jacket in a closet which was close enough for my Tesla to sense it. Fob removed issue was gone.
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    Any idea why my Tesla MX lights are flashing on their own

    How far is the key fob from your Tesla?
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    Venting about X Order - Thoughts?

    Excellent news in COVID times. You will enjoy every moment from now on. Congratulations.
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    2016 MX Packages?

    May be Ventilated seats...heat / AC
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    New Car Owner: What do I need to look for?

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    I got my Model X PPF & Coated!

    Never regretted since 2016.
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    Lady hits my car and drives away. Tesla cam FAIL

    That really sucks..looks like she was getting a glance of the Damage.
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    Model Y - Hands On

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    Watch out for Steering Bolt Breakage

    I agree..did not expect that one. No deductibles paid.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Today i tested out sudden acceleration in standard suspension repeatedly; for the first time in all these years it did not happen.:):)
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    brake pads lasted 270k miles

    100,027 km, 2016 X, extreme cold winter. I was told every two years my vehicle needs brake fluid flush if not the pads get jammed in the rotors. Luckily my calipers were salvaged. I used regen a lot in summers, during icy and slippery conditions i drive in chill mode and low regeneration. Rear...
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    So far so good. The suspension was left at standard level unlike last service visit when I was told to drive in low suspicion to decrease the shudder.
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    No questions asked.
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    Finally no shudder after the service. Hope it lasts forever, fingers crossed.
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    Watch out for Steering Bolt Breakage

    Steering fixed. Love to get back my Tesla. 100,227 km since 2016. Can't live without it.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Did not get the shudder after service today. Invoice shows the repairs done. Hope it remains shudder free. Have lived with it since 2016.
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    Thermal Alert reported by SC - what is it ?

    Got my vehicle back today. I never had thermal alerts prior to broken steering. Luckily it all happened in SC center. Sharing repairs carried out per invoice.
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    Thermal Alert reported by SC - what is it ?

    Absolutely..this is my fifth service since 2016. My SC is 300 km away. Was not sure if it was about battery. Thanks for your reply.
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    Thermal Alert reported by SC - what is it ?

    Thanks for your reply..vehicle still in SC Calgary , was informed by SC about it. have not heard anything since. Have put on 100,000 km, missing my X for the last three weeks. Hope it gets fixed.
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    Thermal Alert reported by SC - what is it ?

    My Model X is in service for Steering replacement since three weeks, schedule completion last Friday. However SC informed me to postpone my trip as they noted thermal alerts. I called SC, noreply. Does anyone know what it means? Is it about battery pack getting heated?
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    Squeaking from back seat

    MY SC fixed it. Copied the invoice for reference. --------------------------- Concern: C/S 2nd row middle seat is noisy Pay Type: Warranty Corrections: Interior NVH General Diagnosis Lubricated seat bases - seats no longer squeak when moving. Movement currently present is within spec for...
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    Service Center Completely Discharged Battery

    My car is in service right now for steering replacement as it broke down due to steering wheel bolt broken. I texted them as I saw the charge was low. They plugged in immediately but they also disabled my app immediately after.
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    Tesla Offers $2,500 Infotainment Upgrade

    Absolutely agree with you. My 90D does need more charging stops as it charges less and i feel it's also losing more than before. 90D actual usable is only 81.8. Should be called 80D.
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    Missing hood emblem

    I had my emblem chrome fallen off. Service center is replacing it for Canadian $42. Found it to be cheapest with Tesla service center after much research.
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    Watch out for Steering Bolt Breakage

    Yes of course..recall was wait listed pending availability of parts. In the meantime this happened. Did you get your recall fixed? This is noted in extreme weather conditions as in Alberta and Canada.
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    Watch out for Steering Bolt Breakage

    I found two broken steering bolts in my garage, broken at different times. This was followed by vibration in the steering which i didn't realize was due to broken steering bolts. Later there was a loud noise when I started the vehicle and turned the steering . Got a message on the central...
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    Model X flat tire story true?

    Bought it never used it though. Once that stuff is injected into the tire, you will have to replace the tire. I have kept it to use in dire circumstances.

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