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  1. Drone Flyer

    Retrofit for Steam

    Converting to Steam? Let us know how that goes. Lol!
  2. Drone Flyer

    Possible Location - Vaudreuil, QC

    It needs to be at the IGA by the 40 next to the Royal Bank and St. Hubert restaurant, by far the faster route into Montreal. Also, the Motel Vaudreuil is there and very inexpensive for overnighting.
  3. Drone Flyer

    Possible Location - Vaudreuil, QC

    Too bad it's on the 20 on Harwood. Bad place. It should be in the IGA lot on St. Charles and the 40 just a bit north of there. People coming from Ottawa and Toronto take the 40. Much better route into Montreal. No one takes the slow 20. Bad decision. Hopefully, they'll move it as mentioned.
  4. Drone Flyer

    Tesla ignoring older cars!

    We always get the updates late it seems and we really only get bug fixes. Hardly worth it. I know, I'm ranting. Probably jealous of newer car owners and their features.
  5. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Perth ON

    Which could still take months for hydro to sign off on it.
  6. Drone Flyer

    Tesla ignoring older cars!

    Seems that Tesla is ignoring those of us with older cars as we are the ones who got Tesla to where they are now. Without us, Tesla wouldn't exist. These new firmware updates are fine and dandy but they do very little to the cars built between 2012 and 2015. Really disappointing!
  7. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Peterborough, ON

    Strongly disagree there. 401 has enough chargers along that boring route. Hwy 7 to Ottawa from Toronto sorely needs charging as it is a faster route between the two cities and much nicer drive. Kudos to Tesla on this!
  8. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Perth ON

    Fantastic! Now we can drive to Ottawa via hwy 7 with ease! No more 401 and 416 or hwy 10!
  9. Drone Flyer

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    I was told $2500 for each light. Mine have failed too! Cheapest fix is to go on eBay or any used site and look there. You can get the whole light at some places for cheap, around $250.00 I've seen. Don;'t go to Tesla! They'll rip you off!
  10. Drone Flyer

    How can I tell if I got Ultra High Fidelity Sound?

    Not tue. The moon roof cars have XM capability, like I do.
  11. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - London, ON

    It will be up sooner or later. No worries!
  12. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - London, ON

    Probably Spring time now, as is with all the Canadian ones under construction.
  13. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Yuma, AZ

    What I do when I have to talk to someone at Tesla is press1 for emergency services. I know its bad, but its the only way to speak to someone immediately.
  14. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - London, ON

    But I like RIP with respect to your situation. Lol!
  15. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - London, ON

    Why did Mr. Plugshare from" Montreal" change his name to "Marco RIP"? Lol!
  16. Drone Flyer

    Headlights Always On

    Why would you want to turn them off anyway? Nothing beats visibility. I see a tot of cars in Toronto with dimmed headlights and no tail lights! Turn your DAMN lights on!
  17. Drone Flyer

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    I have a 2016 made in April 2916 with the refreshed front and it cannot be uncorked! I believe the change came in July from what I remember. Think on the bright side, less wear and tear on tires and less wear on the CV joints.
  18. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    A SC on hwy 7 near Madoc or Perth is badly needed for those travelling between Ottawa and Toronto on the Trans Canada Hwy.
  19. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    Why would you think there will be more in Mississauga? Brampton is next.
  20. Drone Flyer

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    We need one on hwy 7 near Smiths Falls so commuters can travel between Ottawa and Toronto easily!
  21. Drone Flyer

    My concerns about the Audi É-Tron (Quebec)

    They won't.
  22. Drone Flyer

    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    Yes you are but people look at it as click bait! You seem to be posting for the sake of posting. Its certainly OK tp peruse other areas but to post all the time is not good forum etiquette. Try posting just once in a while on out of market areas. People will respect you more that way.
  23. Drone Flyer

    Superchargers in Hawaii (location speculation, general discussion)

    So you do get around Mr. Plugshare! Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, now Hawaii! Any locations you don't comment on?
  24. Drone Flyer

    Eaton Center in Toronto is getting a Tesla Showroom

    I think Tesla has given up placing more stores in la belle province. Too costly to make French only signs for a tiny part of the North American market! Had the Parti Quebecois and the Robert Bourassa Liberal government of the late seventies not implemented Bill 101, Montreal would be a thriving...
  25. Drone Flyer

    Electrify Canada

    Any English signage?
  26. Drone Flyer

    Electrify Canada

    I feel sorry for them. They can’t travel out of that place because of their lack of English!
  27. Drone Flyer

    Elon's quote about FSD disappoints me

    10 years away as even Elon says. I feel sorry for those who bought into the FSD fantasy trip!
  28. Drone Flyer

    Accident in Hong Kong

    Click bait? The car doesn't look damaged at all. It is sitting in front of the tractor.
  29. Drone Flyer

    ICEing condoned in downtown Kingston, ON

    Sounds like something the stupid brain dead Ontario Premier would do.
  30. Drone Flyer


    And stupid and dangerous ! Can I add reckless too?
  31. Drone Flyer

    Chinook Mall removing Tesla Wall Chargers?

    Oil companies are definitely behind it.
  32. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    Unfortunately, a lot of Tesla owners will fly instead of driving long distances.
  33. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    Hopefully not! We need them in rural areas on highways, like was originally planned. Brockville is still in permit mode and Smiths Falls is a location we desperately need one so we can travel between Toronto and Ottawa via the quickest route, highway 7. We don't need anymore in The GTA.
  34. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    The Tesla owner population in the Prairies is very sparce and I doubt very much that they will have Superchargers there in the foreseeable future. Maybe 2021 at the earliest.
  35. Drone Flyer

    Putting plastic/vinyl UNDER your HOV stickers.....?

    I would not bother with the state's archaic rules there for HOV usage. Not worth the hassle to ruin a paint job for a few minutes savings. In Canada, each province has a green coloured plate for EV cars. Don't know why California can't do that. They will some day though! BC I just remembered...
  36. Drone Flyer

    FSD for 3k after purchase

  37. Drone Flyer

    FSD for 3k after purchase

    LOL! FSD won't be approved for 10 years, long after the current Teslas are gone!
  38. Drone Flyer

    Underwhelming cold weather performance

    “In Canada we are getting -10 everyday”? Not true.! In Vancouver and Victoria it is about plus 10 C everyday. Not everyone lives in cold climates in Canada you know! Lol!
  39. Drone Flyer

    Underwhelming cold weather performance

    Sounds like you are charging 100 percent! Never charge to 100 percent unless you are going Immediately on a long trip away from Superchargers. Charging to 100 percent decreases the life of the battery if used all the time! Surprised Tesla didn’t tell you that. Charge to 90 percent everyday and...
  40. Drone Flyer

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    -40 C is the same as -40 F! It’s where they meet . In either case, it’s cold!
  41. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Toronto Fairview Mall, ON

    I can see this lot being ICED a lot! Even looking for a regular spot is always difficult!
  42. Drone Flyer

    Charging cable won't insert - frozen "tab" inside receiver?

    please be so kind as to specify your car type at the beginning if you could? Thank you!
  43. Drone Flyer

    EHVIP Cancellation consequence

  44. Drone Flyer

    EHVIP Cancellation consequence

    April Fool’s joke ?
  45. Drone Flyer

    New Software Update (Dec 18, 2018)

    Let’s pretend it’s liquid sunshine! Problem solved!
  46. Drone Flyer

    New Software Update (Dec 18, 2018)

    I hope it’s not Donald Trump’s wall !
  47. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Vaughan, ON

    More like down the 400!
  48. Drone Flyer

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Madrid 2.0 signage would probably have to be Spanish? Office de la langue francais won’t like that! Lol!
  49. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Vaughan, ON

    I noticed. I mean really? It's so close to another one across the 400. Surely they could have placed one in Brampton or London instead?