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  1. FirstInTown


    So my refresh had the front shafts replaced at 14k miles for shutter. So even on low, not gone. And how stupid/incompetent are they? The refresh defaults to low for the shafts but they couldn't change the angle of the rears to fix the inner tire wear at that new, default setting? I have the...
  2. FirstInTown

    Active Road Noise Reduction Feedback

    Don't worry, pretty much no difference On To Off.
  3. FirstInTown

    2022 Model S Plaid Sound System Upgrade?

    Had 2020 Model X and a refreshed X now. Agree with the above statement. The 2020 had a airiness and front sound stage that was wide and unlike anything we have in any other car. Really eanjoyable to Listen to. Completely gone in the refresh. Missing that openness. Also, the ANC does...
  4. FirstInTown

    Refresh Model X Matrix Headlights?

    Didn't you describe just really good regular headlights? The Matrix part is the European thing where they only dim where in coming traffic is to avoid glare in that poor persons vision. I have never driven one of those because they are in true luxery vehicles, where that option is enabled. Tesla...
  5. FirstInTown

    Model X Falcon Wing Door Wont open

    They f'd something up on the refresh. Seems like the pre-refresh they had it down, no problems with late model 18-20s. Seems like complains on 21->refreshed drivers door sensor not working. Mine has been in twice and second time tech said he did a good job of cleaning and remounting with epoxy...
  6. FirstInTown

    Refresh Model X Matrix Headlights?

    Tesla apparently can't program the matrix to do the European thing where they stay high beams except where the on coming car is. Don't have it working on the 3/y either. Over a year on the 3, still useless. Why are they spending money on a higher end lights that has to cost more while cutting...
  7. FirstInTown

    No consumption tab on Energy app

    Like previous reply, after a drive, have to go to the TRIPS display to see energy used and kWh. Still miss the Energy screen from my Raven X and kind of pissed the current 3/y still get the real time graph but they are too lazy to add to the S/X code. Maybe another resale price destroying price...
  8. FirstInTown

    19" Wheels for 2022 Model X refresh?

    Have to check, don't remember. Just FYI, if have refreshed X, 2022 or newer, the brakes and offset changed enough I couldn't get the 19s on the front w/o hitting the brakes. Had to switch to square setup with 20s.
  9. FirstInTown

    Falcon Wing Door Issue

    I wonder what the NTSB would think about the safety of doors that take 20 seconds to open? Seems like a safety hazard honestly. So why don't I just go and get it fixed? Well I did. And it stay fixed for less than 2 months. Service center is 3+ hours away each way and not open on weekends, so...
  10. FirstInTown

    Model x adjustable camber arms 2022

    I don't think it looks different. Maybe from behind the camber change makes to the tires aren't "leaning in", but have to be looking for it. Not check for spacers and instructions, but Stainless steel, quality parts. I would do it again, as stock Tesla inside tire wear sucks and should have...
  11. FirstInTown

    Falcon Wing Door Issue

    Our 'old pre-refereshed' made at the end of the last run 9-2020 MX never had any problems with the FWD in 28k miles and 1.75 years. Had other problems, but never the doors. New one a 6-2022 MX LR , drivers side had problem where 7-10 times was slow to open and had to override. Sensor or...
  12. FirstInTown

    Model x adjustable camber arms 2022

    I did the Macsboost Shims on a 2022 LR Refreshed MX. All went well, but the 30 minutes to install. Yea.... Maybe if have done before and have all tools ready and a prybar and some wood ready to act as a lever to pull the arm away from the mount so you can insert the shim. First side I did...
  13. FirstInTown

    2020 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus Trade Value

    Wow. Haven't looked in awhile. Last year, 6-20-22, traded our 2020 MX Red/White/LR+/FSDb/28k miles into Tesla and got over $100k in trade value when bought our 2022 MX. Back then, new MX was $120k minimum, so current starting at $98,490 has killed trade values. Looks like trade is down more...
  14. FirstInTown

    Can you keep all 4 tires the same size for 2017 MX?

    I bought 2 front wheels and put 255 55 20s all around on my 2022 LR. These are slightly larger diameter than stock 265 45s to make up for fact speedo is off 2 mph at 60 with stock. Now 1 mph low so better. Run this same setup on my winters. Tires have a higher load rating than stock, so don't...
  15. FirstInTown

    Typical on a 2023 Model X (not Plaid)

    My refresh 2022 MXLR with 15,600 miles (25,212 km) charges to a CALCULATED 343.4 miles (552.4 km) for 100%. We never charge to 100% for battery life problems that may cause. Max is 94% for trips and don't need over that. So my range is from TeslaMate on a raspberry Pi I just set up and that...
  16. FirstInTown

    Juicebox 48 problem TOU charge, car limits to 5 amp

    Have a Juicebox 48. Tesla built in TOU schedule is not as useful to say DO NOT CHARGE FROM 5-11PM for utility agreed time I won't charge. But Juicebox lets me set this as a no-go time. New problem with Tesla/Juicebox. Recently, the car has started doing something weird. 1. Plug in at say 6pm...
  17. FirstInTown

    Long range vs performance - spare part differences, maintenance cost

    Believe there is a rear AC unit that blow in the 7 seater. The 5 and 6 seaters only have a front AC unit.
  18. FirstInTown

    Long range vs performance - spare part differences, maintenance cost

    Shutter - MOST disappointing thing about 'refresh', still does it, after 6 years they couldn't be bothered to fix it. Just had both shafts replaced on our 2021 Long Range refresh at 15K miles. Excessive tire wear. Rears worn out at 10k miles! Weird thing is Winters had 5k since placed on, and...
  19. FirstInTown

    Micheline CrossClimate2 for the front and Continental ContiSilent CrossContact LX Sport for the rear

    @stadia did you ever change the fronts? I am going to have a set of 2022 OEM Contis Fronts I can sell as my backs are worn out but fronts are still 8/32. I'm switching all 4 to a differernt brand as I wouldn't run different brands on front/rear. Fronts have 9k miles on them. Only ran last...
  20. FirstInTown

    Model X 20-inch square wheel setup

    255/50s should be 0.32" larger radius than 265/45s. SHOULD be ok. Rims came in today, tires tomorrow, so might have to mount one up and check.
  21. FirstInTown

    Model X 20-inch square wheel setup

    I will let you know, with pictures. Etc. New TPMS came in yesterday, front rims on Friday and 4 tires tomorrow. Should have a fun weekend mounting tires...
  22. FirstInTown

    Model X 20-inch square wheel setup

    Going off the beaten path with 255/50R20s. Have a non Plaid 2022 MX. Bought a set of 20 x 9 fronts off ebay to go square. Already run 20 x 9 square for winters. The summer rear Contis are worn to 3/32 in 10k miles. Fronts are still at 8/32. Am going with 50 series as the speedo reads 2 mph...
  23. FirstInTown

    Did anyone go from a Raven to the refresh? Thoughts?

    Owned a 9-2020 MXLR+ made Raven with 'H' battery for longest range EVER in an X (371 EPA). Traded for a 6-2022 that we had on reserve for 18 months, arrived last June(6-20-22). That one has a slightly smaller battery and more power for 348 EPA range. 2022 is daily driver. Trade value was SO...
  24. FirstInTown

    Plaid acceleration shudder and half shafts?

    2022 refreshed MX Long Range. Not plaid, but Tesla just replaced both front shafts for shutter. IT'S STILL A PROBLEM or why would Tesla have spend the money replacing them at 14k miles? And I don't even have as much power as you Plaid guys. Partial 'Solution' on refresh is software, where car...
  25. FirstInTown

    Is the refreshed Model X more difficult to charge?

    Took car in for warantee with lots of little things (14k miles and both half shafts replaced so still problem, left FWD untrasonic senses fantom obstruction 50%time. This on a 6- 2022 build) and I reported charge port button not working. Said couldn't repeat, but they installed the new...
  26. FirstInTown

    Phantom braking without self-driving features?

    Interesting question. I'm going to say way reduced for us. But don't drive as many miles in the dark as daytime. Others notice less in the dark?
  27. FirstInTown

    FS - SecretEV Round Steering Wheel for 21+ Model S/X

    FYI, no heat is a no-go for me. It's very cold here and can't wear gloves as the screen and stupid turn signals don't work so have to have heat to keep hands warm. Good luck selling.
  28. FirstInTown

    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    They will ALL be ev only someday or they won't exist. The writing is now on the wall. Just the time-line is a question.
  29. FirstInTown

    FS - SecretEV Round Steering Wheel for 21+ Model S/X

    Why selling? Does it have heat? Does it have wear like my original X yoke is showing at 9 months? Thanks
  30. FirstInTown

    Model S/X Round Steering Wheel & Retrofit

    It was always a lie. He has said he knows more about manufacturing than anyone in the world. Someone that great would not misspeak of such a thing. He Is the TechNOking for gosh sakes. Thing is, those that switched to an aftermarket steering wheel and tire apart the airbag to move to the new...
  31. FirstInTown

    Refreshed X Custom Lightshow that uses the FWDs!

    Go to the teslalightshare site and search 'doors moving'. My X show has star wars based and doors moving. Can download and put on a usb stick to have yours do it.
  32. FirstInTown

    Has anyone heard of a Tesla being rear ended because of phantom braking?

    NO other brand does this as consistently or often as Tesla. Again, I've driven 5-10 other brand with TACC type cruise and didn't even know Phantom Braking was a thing until got a Tesla. Now on our X it happens a couple times an hour where we live and is annoying as f to have car slam in the...
  33. FirstInTown

    22 MX Power usage meter displays incorrectly

    It's a software bug. Should be simpler for Tesla to fix, but nooooo. Had been this way for months, multiple software revisions pushed to car, no change. Not important to get the small things right when you can work on robot taxis. Maybe this will be fixed once the 2020 robotaxi code is...
  34. FirstInTown

    100D vs Long Range

    To Make It more confusing, there was a battery Rev change to the LR+ in late 9-20. Rev H replaced Rev G. This is the model that went from 351-> 371 miles on the X and from 391->402 on the S. Made H bat from rest of 2020 model and through 12-20 when the shut down the line for the refresh. From...
  35. FirstInTown

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    WOW!!! Lots of good stuff. Have to digest the Lithium plating and SEI and the effects. This thread since page 270 has had great knowledge about storage temp and the 55% thingy. Need to learn about the Lithium plating and SEI and lots of this data looks like shown in the last 2 posts. Thanks!
  36. FirstInTown

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    GREAT thread about calendar aging. I charge our 2022 MX at 50% nightly and use about 15-20% daily in the winter, so this should minimize calendar aging in a practical way. (Can't set charge to less than 50 and don't want to go 2 days or 50-->10 and then charge, so this is practical way of...
  37. FirstInTown

    Why are TACC, AP (and ?FSD) so bad?

    Took a trip with latest non FSDb software , so TACC cruise on interstate this weekend. Latest software installed on Friday. Lots of sun, clear roads. Had 6 Phantom Brakes in 4 hours of driving. 2 caused by overpass shadows, so that still exists.(Shadow Unaware Cruise Control System, or...
  38. FirstInTown

    Phantom braking without self-driving features?

    How often? I use TACC most often, the funtion that just follows the speed of the car in front while on cruise, because the AP steering option will only let you set the speed to 5 over the current speed limit and I like to go 6-7 over the limit but can't with Auto Steer turned on. (a limition of...
  39. FirstInTown

    Fog/frost front windows in refresh X

    Since the refresh uses a heat pump to make heat, in that mode, the ac compressor is running in reverse, so it can't cool also. As for the side windows, it's a poor design choice to not have little vents in the doors or side of the dash that blow on the side windows. But that's Tesla. The pre...
  40. FirstInTown

    Why are TACC, AP (and ?FSD) so bad?

    My Chevy Volt NEVER does it. Our old Caddy SRX never did it. Our Mustang GT would get fooled by a tree and shadow in the morning when sun is low. Would just beep, never slammed on brakes. Consistant location and easy to avoid. Didn't even know 'Phantom Braking' was a thing until got a Tesla...
  41. FirstInTown

    Why are TACC, AP (and ?FSD) so bad?

    The 2 lane thing is an excuse. Without Full Student Driving Beta (FSDb) , the control on 2 lane is still different than divided highways AP. The 4 divided hyways has the ability to pass and lane change if bought EAP for $6k now. It's a different "stack" than the regular AP that is used on 2 lane...
  42. FirstInTown

    Model X Refresh driver side doors sensing obstruction that isn't there....

    Is this user fixable? I'm pretty mechanical and the service center is over 3 hours away. Fixing at home if it takes less than 6 hours is less of a time sink.
  43. FirstInTown

    FSD - Worthwhile Investment?

    If it did indeed do this, that is great! Might have saved that kids life! Then again, maybe it just saw a shadow, got scared and slammed on the brakes and the whole thing was a coincidence. Mine does that more often than slamming on brakes for a kids as it seems to be afraid of shadows. So we...
  44. FirstInTown

    Why are TACC, AP (and ?FSD) so bad?

    No, not unreasonable to have this P. O. S. Phantom Braking fixed. It had been a problem for YEARS (since 2016 spilt with mobile eye) It isn't whining when my expensive MX slams in the brakes unexpectedly so hard my golden retriever falls forward off the back seat. That is just terrible and none...
  45. FirstInTown

    How's the audio system in the Model X?

    Nor a training audiophile but can approximate good sound. The sound system on our old 2020 MX was amazing! There was an open spacial ness across the dash that was unlike anything else I've heard in a car. Was one of the high points of the car and really enjoyed listening to it! That is gone in...
  46. FirstInTown

    Has anyone taken delivery of a new Model S and opted for the steering wheel?

    The capacitive horn button should be illegal as it doesn't work with gloves on! Sure I have 'iphone gloves with a capacitive tips' but the whole palm solution doesn't work. Before the defenders say don't wear gloves and preheat, when it's -40 here in the North Woods, we have to wear gloves. We...
  47. FirstInTown

    Why are TACC, AP (and ?FSD) so bad?

    Well then TACC is a TERRIBLE L2 driver assist. My mistake for assuming it was as good at NOT slamming on the brakes as our Volt, Caddy and Mustang Adaptive cruise control on regular roads. NEVER had phantom braking before on those and didn't even know Phantom Braking was a thing until got a...
  48. FirstInTown

    Model X Refresh driver side doors sensing obstruction that isn't there....

    My June 2022 driver's side Falcon does this recently. Will have to take it in for service. Will have the passenger FWD glass adjusted also as that hits the spline when full open. Least reliable new car in 20 years. Wait my 9-2020 MX had lots of problems too, but never FWD problems on that one.
  49. FirstInTown

    HVAC Auto mode- who came up with that garbage?

    The 2022 MX is just as the OP describes. Terrible side defrosting. On the refresh, there are no little dash vents that aim at the window where the side mirrors are. All our other cars have little vents that aim there. It is even worse in cold northern Wis. When it's 10 deg f or cooler, the...