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  1. anthony

    What's it really like to own a Tesla in New England?

    I've had my s since 2013 in NH, would do it all over again. I don't even have dual motors, and with snow tires it is one of the best cars I have driven in the snow, in addition to being the best car I have ever driven.
  2. anthony

    Best smartwatch recommendation?

    I'd recommend waiting for whatever the fruits are from the recent Google purchase of fossil's watch team.
  3. anthony

    Changing tires for winter etc. - How's the road noise?

    My Ice X from Michelin were Quieter than the Conti's and the Hankook, but not quieter than the Pilot Sport 2. Also, I'm on 4, yes 4 seasons with the ICE x and I get one good season from Conti and Hankook, and 1.5 Seasons out of the Pilot Sport 2's I'm in NH and I keep the snows on from October...
  4. anthony

    Anyone have mic issues when using bluetooth?

    I've noticed mine not working when I use voice to text from my phone. Usually resolves itself after 5 or 10 minutes
  5. anthony

    Charging Errors

    I just got the same error on my S, turned out to be an issue with one of the wiring harnesses, required much service. Whole canbus system was failing though. Not likely your issue, hope you figure it out soon.
  6. anthony

    Potential Motor Wiring Harness Diagnosis

    tl;dr; service center replaces drive unit, says its the wiring harness working intermittently probably frayed somewhere, 5-6 hours to follow the whole thing. Charge port wouldn't release, software updates failed, 12v battery replace, charge port doesn't light up at all. Anyone else see anything...
  7. anthony

    2013 Model S Partial Brickage at Service Now

    I also did not get the warning, but putting a charger on the posts brings it back to life. How did you get it on the tow truck without being able to put it into tow mode?
  8. anthony

    2013 Model S Partial Brickage at Service Now

    Interesting, my 2013 is in a similar situation at the moment. I also believe its the 12v battery, but i was able to get things to work with a battery charger Sounds like you tried that with no luck?
  9. anthony

    Need help cleaning front window (streaks impossible to remove)

    Best advice I've seen
  10. anthony

    Formula E NYC

    I went last year, it was a great event. lots of activities for kids and good experience overall. I'm not ruling it out this year, but haven't got tix yet.
  11. anthony

    Logistics for home delivery (NH) of a '3' needs work.

    Unfortunate part of living in a state with less people than cities I expect, is that they can't send a whole truckload at once, and have to use third party shippers. I didn't have the issue with my S delivery, but they were likely less busy 5 years ago. I have shipped a different car, and...
  12. anthony

    Water Stain on Headliner

    Turned out they didn't replace the roof likely just used sealant in the same manner as your vehicle. That is a black solid roof by the way not the pano
  13. anthony

    2010 Lamborghini Gallardo

    Is that a matching Fiat? Does it come with that?
  14. anthony

    Water Stain on Headliner

    The S has been in the shop since last Monday, they're replacing the whole roof, and because its structural, they had to take it to a body shop. They say Wednesday it will come back, but I'm not complaining since they put me in a X90D for the loaner.
  15. anthony

    Water Stain on Headliner

    I wouldn't have noticed the glue on my white car i would imagine, good scrubbing might just take it off. I would expect they wanted to make sure it doesn't leak again, but you should keep detailed photos just in case it does.
  16. anthony

    Water Stain on Headliner

    Would you mind posting a picture of the after? I want to get an idea if I'm going to insist on a replacement headliner or not.
  17. anthony

    Water Stain on Headliner

    I would assume so, but it goes in on the 15th so I won't know until then.
  18. anthony

    Water Stain on Headliner

    I'm approaching 90k, and have the extended warranty
  19. anthony

    Light, possibly foldable electric bikes?

    You should check out superpedestrian.com, if you can find a folding bike with a full-size wheel this could potentially just make it electric
  20. anthony

    Water Stain on Headliner

    I just noticed a couple days ago, the exact same problem on my 2013, solid roof, not quite as bad. I expect it's an adhesive over time issue.The gasket looks to be peeling off under the roof on the side where this image is from.
  21. anthony

    Diminished value claim...

    I have in NH. Pm me if you want details.
  22. anthony

    Anyone know what this is or means?

    I think this is what they meant:
  23. anthony

    Manhattan Parking Garages

    Back when there was one supercharger in the east, I would go to Midtown a significant amount. There was an edison garage i would frequent 50 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036 It may be used a bit more, but every time i went there, the people that parked the cars would move it around as needed so it...
  24. anthony

    Selling X back to Tesla - instead of taking delivery

    Seems bogus to me. Either a miscommunication or a customer willing to pay for your optionsto jump the line. The later being a huge stretch of the imagination. No one pays you not to buy a Tesla. Why would they when there are others waiting and you are in a contract.
  25. anthony

    Windshield wiper fluid broken?

    I'm in NH where it is cold(er?), never had a problem with frozen washer lines, I have added a bottle of anti freeze additive one year, but didn't the other 2 winters we've seen. I just had my washer pump replaced.
  26. anthony

    Took delivery a week ago. Only one regret: should have gotten SubZero.

    Seconded. Being in NH and not having the wiper defrosters in a car that is CLEARLY designed for the Bay Area is another story. If you drive through a snow storm, the defroster melts the snow into slush, which hides behind the hood, so eventually your wipers start dipping themselves in slush...
  27. anthony

    San Jose Area ContiSilent Repair

    Those are pretty complex instructions for your average tire shop. I'd find a local mechanic that also changes tires, they will be able to just put the effort in and charge by the hour. Most tire shops have a flat fee for repair, and will walk away from anything out of the ordinary.
  28. anthony

    2013 S85 to 2016 90D

    Just want to remind everyone that the 2013 was the motor trend car of the year
  29. anthony

    Wiper fluid spray stopped working

    My pump just went and had to be replaced. If its not making any noise when you push the button in all the way (there are two steps, first just wipes second sprays) you might check the fuse if you can figure out which one it is by searching this forum.
  30. anthony

    San Jose Area ContiSilent Repair

    Having worked at a tire shop I would have to agree, to successfully plug a tire you have to seal it from the inside and that's going to be impossible with foam and or tar covering the inside, unless there is another layer of rubber outside the foam. Worst case scenario, pay them the $20 to fix...
  31. anthony

    RFS Safety

    I was hit in the rear at about 30 mph while stopped. I don't have rfs or the reinforcement. The other guy had an old civic which was crumpled to the firewall. The well where the seats go was untouched. This must have been a large suv or similar at 50+
  32. anthony

    How do NH deliveries work?

    Tesla sent me all the purchase paper work and I registered the vehicle in town . They then dropped it off at my door. Uneventful. You don't need to have the car in your possession to register it. You pickup at the dealer, but I'm pretty sure you buy the vehicle from California.
  33. anthony

    Washer pump not working

    Yep, I've been around these parts before. Coming up on 80k miles.
  34. anthony

    Washer pump not working

    I have the extended warranty but don't want to pay the deposit for something so small. Might look at the fuses to see if that's the problem before I drive the distance to the SC
  35. anthony

    Washer pump not working

    Anyone else have this issue or have it replaced already?
  36. anthony

    bashed -- again!

    Still postponing getting a dash cam, this may be the final straw, hope you have an impartial witness or security cam. if only the path finder didn't have a tail pipe, you could have probably buffed it out.
  37. anthony

    Supercharger - Berlin, VT

    Probably going to be a long time before we see one in St. J now that this one is so close. I would Expect one around Newport first.
  38. anthony

    No longer cuts down to 30 amps... delayed start...

    Did you receive an error when it happened? I seem to be having a similar issue and I theorize it to be fluctuations in power due air conditioners, mine or someone else's.
  39. anthony

    Integrated solar roofs

    I would buy panels that gave me solar hot water and pV all in one package for sure. Putting the batteries on the roof doesn't seem to have much if any advantage, except that you may be able to harvest some energy from the batteries giving off heat as well, though that would likely be negated by...
  40. anthony

    Claim for lost value after an accident

    The same type of thing happened to me and I was able to get a little diminished resale value claim from the insurance company of the other driver. Hopefully you had the responsible parties insurance pay for the damages, because I don't think you can get it from your own insurance company. You...
  41. anthony

    I'm fading to the right...

    Seconded, tires that are out of balance cause vibration not veering to one side or the other. Could be the alignment or another issue. I wouldn't trust big box stores personally.
  42. anthony

    Just plasti dipped my Model S

    Do you like how it came out?
  43. anthony

    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    I'm at about 70k miles on my 2013, and purchased the extended warranty. In my situation, it likely makes sense, even though I don't believe a warranty will ever pay for itself. When you're presented with a bill for $2,500 for non critical parts (battery cooling louvers and coolant pumps), makes...
  44. anthony

    Ouch! First huge repair bill.

    Also in the north east, been through two winters, have had the break pads and rotors replaced under the yearly service package. I have had some problems, but only with the front, and I was told at one point that I received an upgraded version of brakes, which might be different than what was on...
  45. anthony

    [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Parting Out a 2015 85D - What Do You Need?

    Motorized ones, looks like that answers my question. Thanks.
  46. anthony

    [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Parting Out a 2015 85D - What Do You Need?

    Need the front louvers that open too cool the battery, both sides, still have those?
  47. anthony

    Car is temporarily disabled. Awful screeching sound when going forward?

    This happened to me in VT on my way back on a long weekend. SC blamed it on the rotors. If you ask me it sounded like one of the brake pads became loose, and sat at an angle. There is likely a clip that holds the pad into the piston, and without it there, it can sit at an angle, eventually...
  48. anthony

    Frunk Ball Pit

    I asked the poster how many sets and he says it takes about 2 of these. Pretty close to pulling the trigger, 90 percent the hilarity that will ensue when the inevitable, can I see the frunk question pops up, and 10% so I can carry things in front without them bobbling around. Tesla Owners...
  49. anthony

    Body wrap finished, company decals installed

    How was this a priority over completing the launch of your web site?
  50. anthony

    Classic S died

    I also recently had the high voltage connectors replaced under warranty as well. This was proactive when they were working on a few other things. Mine is a 2013 also with 65k.