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    painting fascia boards covered by solar roof

    When I had my solar roof install Tesla crew spray paint it black to match the rest of the house. It does come as unfinished steel color and can match your preference. To the original question, you would need to have your painters paint over the metal as it cannot be remove.
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    You can’t cover more than 50% of your roof with solar?

    I am in Contra Costa County also, do you have the survey from your solar company? If you do it can be evidence you can use or may have to hire an independent surveyor
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    Solar Roof vs. Panels

    I had a soar roof install last year and it was painless until there was a change in engineering. The city took about 6months to come back with a reply to to the change in plan and another 3-4 month in issuing the PTO from PGE due to electrical changes. So if you are to install a solar roof make...
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    Substancial under performance with solar roof

    I have the same issue! I have a 10kwh system and on the contract its estimated to produce about 13MWh per year, so far one full year of production it only produce about 8MWh according to the Tesla app. I am placing a call to them right now!
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    What is actual PV size of [my] solar roof

    Look in your Tesla App under Documents>Purchase Agreement should have what you ordered and also Tesla forgot to put the KWH rating on the red placard.
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    Solar Roof Installs On Hold? Lead Time on Solar Panel Installation?

    About 1 year from initial deposit, planning, permit, scheduling and install. Install was Jan-2021 for roof, May for PowerWall, July for electrical panel upgrades and PTO was Late-Dec 2021, but the major delay was electrical. I had 120v and needed 240v, glad the cable connected to PGE was already...
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    PowerWall 2 Best Practice

    So what is the best way to use the PW system? I set my system to self power down to 20% but majority of the morning it would run down to about 50% and recharge to full at about mid-day and send to the grid after. I practically use it like a cell phone, however to preserve longevity is there a...
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    Looks good Eric! Where in the East Bay are you at? your area looks like Castro Valley
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    New Solar Roof owners - how much can we write off in taxes?

    This is true and I asked my tax person about the write off last year. He said the write off is 26% of the total solar project cost. If I knew this was the case I would have added a 3rd battery...
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    This underlayment is a better product than Firestone. From an install perspective the Firestone is slippery, and takes time to dry before they can work on the roof or they have to hand dry it. The FT product is thicker, not slippery, some insulation value and can handle more abuse from the sun...
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    I had the Tesla PM walkthrough and he showed up during the teardown to checkup and for inspection. 3rd party did teardown, metal work and underlayment. Only issue is the electrical side which I had to work out a creative way with a local electrician which ends up saving me a lot of money.
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    Solar Roof Installs On Hold? Lead Time on Solar Panel Installation?

    Had the solar roof and accessory structure recently installed, went smooth but the change in engineering on the electrical side delayed the PTO by about 6-7 months. But overall I had a positive experience with the process, however I have some understanding of working with any blockers during the...