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    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    $3 billion in cash with expected capital expenditures $2 billion during the second half of 2017. The coming Gigafactories won't be cheap. Anyone else expect a capital raise in Q4 2017 or sooner?
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    Would you buy a Model Y if it was only built in China?

    "Yes." has been added.
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    Would you buy a Model Y if it was only built in China?

    Tesla's next Gigafactory has a good chance of being in China. Would the country of manufacture affect your buying of a Tesla vehicle? For this discussion assume the quality will be the same as a Model 3 built in Fremont.
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    Are 75 going to be replaced by 80?

    The Model 3 unveil event shows 8 modules at 9:52. Where are you getting 4 modules from?
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    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    A good test bed for the Boring Company would be for parking. A system with one or more lifts and and a simple underground loop would be all you need for parking. Parking is desperately needed at the Fremont factory.
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    Prediction: Tesla 40D will make a comeback

    I think the only thing Tesla might do is make a Model S/X using the small Model 3 battery (55 kWh). With the lower weight the range should be about the same as the software limited 60 kWh.
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    Battery alone worth more than BMW on a 10 year old Tesla

    The Roadster isn't a good gauge for battery prices due to its very low production numbers (< 2500 cars). You can currently get the 5.3 kWh modules (1/16 of a 85 kWh battery) on eBay for $1300 each. The current demand is from hobbyist and maybe a few car repairs/upgrades. I would expect the...
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    72 amp A/C charger on way out?

    It is highly likely Tesla will have to redesign the current charging system for Supercharger V3. If the battery pack voltage is raised to 800 volts a DC to DC converter will be needed just to be compatible with the existing superchargers. 100 kWh packs will get Supercharger V3 first and...
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    How Many MPH Will Model 3 Charge From 110V?

    Many times existing wiring can be made into a NEMA 5-20 or NEMA 6-15 outlet for faster charging. It doesn't hurt to see what your landlord will pay for. Tesla — NEMA 5-20 Tesla — NEMA 6-15
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    Doors opens by itself during driving.

    Isn't the door unlatching every time the handle extends a standard failure of when one of the internal switches goes bad or a wire breaks. I'm surprised the NHTSA hasn't required a recall.
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    Tesla Semi

    I doubt the Tesla Semi will have battery swaps. For time sensitive loads makes more it makes more sense just to swap the tractor and driver. Telsa could provide a service that coordinates this for a small fee. Truckers may not have to drive cross country anymore but be localized to a smaller...
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    Model 3 Battery size

    Those are Velcro; can't have your stuff in space floating everywhere. Oddly the Crew Dragon doesn't look to have any Velcro (definitely not ready for prime time as shown).
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    Estimating specs from battery modules

    This is what makes sense to me.
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    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    It is funny how the OP has been planning to troll this forum since Feb 1, 2017 (for those of you that can't tell that was sarcasm). Link to the original Danish forum topic Tesla Forum - Alt om Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X - Teslaforum.dk and Microsoft English translation...
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    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    Are you sure? The 90 KWh battery was released August 2015. If most people put 15,000 miles a year on the car then most 90 KWh battery packs have less then the required 30,000 miles. You can't feel facts and truth.
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    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    Please don't waste people's time with stupid memes. Post data or post nothing at all.
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    Rumor: Price increase on April 16th for 100kwh Packs?

    Based on Elon's tweets Supercharger V3 is definitely higher power (Tesla’s upcoming ‘Supercharger V3’ is the last piece of the EV adoption puzzle – and means more ZEV credits). It could provide 135kW charging to more stalls but may also group more stalls together. For example stalls 1A, 1B and...
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    Rumor: Price increase on April 16th for 100kwh Packs?

    I'm surprised no one said the obvious (at least to me). This is probably supercharger V3. It is hard to say if this will use 2170 or 18650 cells.
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    Impact on Tesla of a sudden stock market crash (and economic crisis like in 2008)

    A stock market crash would put Tesla into a death spiral that it probably couldn't recover from. First of all it would tank the value of TSLA stock as it would be valued on current performance and not future expectations as they quickly disappear. Many new car buyers would delay purchases as...
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    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    I'm not sure this repair is as bad as most everyone thinks. The hood and windshield need to be removed, the small area around the crack needs to cut out, a patch can be made out of a new panel (98% wasted) and butted welded in. It should be nearly structurally identical to a new car and you...
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    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    Tesla obviously needs some better QC. Since Elon wants to run the production line at crazy fast speeds I would say more digital scanning for production errors needs to occur. Assuming the error is just in the pillar skin and not in the pillar itself I wouldn't worry about it too much and just...
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    Model 3 release candidate spotted with 10 cameras

    That not a beta; that is release candidate 1 (maybe higher). My guess is the Model 3 will have less ultrasonic sensors but is augmented by two extra cameras.
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    No 75 kWh battery for a year?

    I assume this is the article you saw (Tesla: Why a Bare Bones Model 3 Could Be Smart). I don't see any new information on the 75 kWh battery. That doesn't exclude larger battery packs for non-performace models at launch. As for the size of the small battery with the given eight modules shown...
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    Model 3 "Spaceship" cabin...

    By the look of the current Dragon crew capsule the "like a spaceship" controls might be almost no controls. We might be lucky if the Model 3 has a steering wheel at all. Crew Dragon
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    Inside EVs 2170 in S and X at end of year

    Here is my guess at the 2170 cell transition steps for the Model S and X. The 75 kWh battery will be replaced with a battery that is very similar to the large pack on the model 3 (rumored to be 70 kWh). This will use the same battery modules as the Model 3. We will see this when Tesla meets...
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    False Information: Tesla Admits It Still Hasn't Completed A Model 3 Beta Prototype

    It hasn't been proven that Tesla has made finished beta prototypes. The 2016 Q4 earnings call said they are having a holdup with a dye for the seat frame (http://seekingalpha.com/article/4048698-tesla-tsla-q4-2016-results-earnings-call-transcript?part=single). If one beta part is missing it is...
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    How much more damage will Remarketing do to Tesla sales before they figure it out?!?

    TSLA Pilot welcome to the real world. A 18.9% markup on trade-in value isn't too bad. There is no guarantee Telsa can sell your car for $116,000. It might take 6 months or more to sell the car and they could get less than $100,000. Also the Model S deliveries have been down from the 2015 Q4...
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    Tesla Announced 100kWh will be the largest battery for X and S

    Battery packs larger than 100 kWh are not needed for the S and X. Tesla Supercharger V3 will likely allow you to charge a pack from near zero charge to 90% in less than 5 minutes. I expect the performance versions of the S and X will get V3 supercharging around August. The timing for other...
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    Base Model S/X battery to be 90 kWh?

    I think anyone that ordered after the $2000 Model S60 price increase will get a 90 kWh battery minimum. My reasoning behind that: 1. A $2000 price increase at a Tesla cost of $150 per kWh is 13.3 kWh increase over the 75 kWh battery for a total of 88.3 kWh. The profit from the base model...
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    Seriously now, who is ever going to upgrade their battery...

    I don't think I'll ever be worth it to get a battery upgrade directly from Tesla. I do see independent specialty shops offering lower cost battery swaps and upgrades that could be worth it. For example I think the following upgrades could be offered for $5000-7000 with used modules, a new...
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    Poll: Testing the wisdom of crowds - how far off is Autopilot V2 Hardware?

    I would expect to see Autopilot 2.0 hardware before the end of the year. I expect it will have hardware from both NVIDIA and Mobileye. I think the Model 3 will have a cost reduction version of Autopilot 1.0. The NVIDIA hardware will be replaced with a custom Telsa CPU/GPU (mainly an ARM...
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    Elon thinks those that pre-ordered Model3 pre reveal will see cars before 2018

    It looks to me like the 100,000-200,000 units of Model 3 by the end of 2017 and the 500,000 units a year from the Fremont factory for 2018 are both the same goal but with one having an earlier time table. Assuming a production starts August 1, 2017 with a very quick two month ramp up I could...
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    Just announced. 500k cars by 2018 instead of 2020

    Elon just said 1M vehicle production capacity by 2020 from Fremont factory on the Q1 call. Has Elon gone insane?
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    Fremont Factory Should be Operating at Full Speed in late 2017.......

    I think that is way too high. I would say 10,000 max with 5,000 being more likely for 2017. Where did you see this? Everything I've seen says they are good for metal stamping and the paint shop but everything else (a new body line and final assembly) doesn't exist yet. The current Model S/X...
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    What will Battery upgrades cost on Model 3?

    My guess is $7500. I'm guessing the large battery will be 15 kWh larger than the small battery and Tesla will charge around $500/kWh (what they can make it for and what they charge for it are two very different things). It should be noted that this will also include better 0-60 times and maybe...
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    75KWh MS soon?

    The 75 kWh pack is likely a 70 kWh pack that uses the cells from the 90 kWh pack. The Model S 70 doesn't need the additional range of a 75 kWh pack unlike the base Model X. If Tesla charges an additional $3000 for the 75 kWh pack like the Model X that would likely hurt Model S sales in two...
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    Possible hidden costs

    One of the many fallacies today is just because something is free for you in one case doesn't mean it's free all around. You may want to check the terms of use on the Google maps page. Tesla is definitely giving Google something for map data.
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    Possible hidden costs

    Tesla may use Model 3 owners as an on going revenue stream. This likely required to keep the price low. How would everyone feel about the following charges? $100 - one year of map updates $600 - one year of 4G data $1000 - one year of local supercharging (superchargers < 60 miles from your...
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    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I'm guessing Tesla is using Gorilla glass or something like it or one of the layers. I think if the two layers of glass are not the same it would be very hard to avoid reflections, ghosting or other issues. I'm not sure this issue will be easily fixed as lighter glass is likely required for...
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    2016 Model S Refresh Mega-thread

    It looks like Tesla is doing their standard a few parts at a time. I now expect a larger battery in June based on the Model X 75D delivery estimate.
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    Guesstimate Delivery

    I worked up some numbers. I'm guessing a Model 3 line will be added to Fremont with the capability of producing 2,000-8,000 cars a week. This is assuming a quick ramp up and no issues. I think 4,000 cars a week is most likely. 2,000 cars a week Quarter Production Total Q4 2017 10,000 10,000...
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    Model S owners are you keeping the MS when getting a Model 3?

    Just wondering what the Model 3 will do to the Model S used market.
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    How much would you pay for Supercharging on Model 3?

    It sounds like that person needs the $7000 option. My idea behind the $7000 option is mainly to have taxis and Uber drivers pay for their use. A range of 60 miles from home might be better.
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    How much would you pay for Supercharging on Model 3?

    I think Tesla should give options that cover everyone. First I'll define long-distance supercharging as all superchargers that are more than 100 miles from your home. Here are the options I would give. $2500 - Unlimited use of long-distance supercharging for the life of the vehicle...
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    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    Well not so good Tesla late again....
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    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    I see the odd bar of nine pixels at the bottom now. It was covered my control bar before.
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    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    Also looks fine to me @ 1080P. I did have to force it as the auto looked more like 480P. Think they will start on time?
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    Q1 2016 Delivery Prediction Competition

    15,723 total for Q1 2016. The split will be ~13,000 Model S and ~2723 for the Model X. That being said I don't think Tesla will give a break down.
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    Last CPO added 12/17 per ev-cpo

    My guess is most of the CPOs were sent to auction. If anyone wants to verify this do the following. 1. Get a history subscription to ev-cpo.com ($4). 2. Pick a short VIN from the list that was removed February 17-18, 2016 (e.g. P18289). 3. Convert the short VIN to a full VIN (see VIN Decoder |...