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    Model Y Performance Handling Issues

    Yes, the cold tire pressure is spot on with the pressures on the door. Thanks
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    Model Y Performance Handling Issues

    Hello - we just picked up our second Model Y Performance about a month ago. For some reason, it doesn't handle nearly as well as our first Model Y Performance - the handling just feels off. The first one is very light-footed, planted and the steering is sharp and accurate. This isn't the case...
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    Free Supercharging!

    I just took delivery on 12/9. I assume I’m out of luck? Has anyone tried to get it for a delivery a few days prior to 12/12? Thanks
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    Just Assigned VIN! Question Regarding Model Y Changes

    I was just assigned a VIN# (81xxx) and plan to take delivery of my MY Performance in the next couple of weeks! I’ve heard rumors of some updates making it to the new Model Ys and curious if any of them will be on my MY (new batteries with increased range, laminated glass, heated mirrors...
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    Performance Waiting Room

    For those of you that have recently taken delivery (and did not order FSD) are you still getting the new HW3 computer? Thanks
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    Ordering without FSD=2.5 computers?

    Are current US cars getting the 2.5HW as well? Has anyone recently taken delivery? I’m expecting a car in 2-4 weeks (I did not purchase FSD upfront). Thanks
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    M3P With New Gray Wheels

    Does anyone have any pictures of a black M3P with the new gray wheels? I’m planning to order one and want to see how they look. I think I may like the original silver wheels more given the chrome trim on the car but am interested in seeing some actual pictures (my local Tesla service center...
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    Model 3 Performance - Suspension

    Has there been any mention of suspension changes for the Performance Version? I'm hoping that the car has a very sporty coilover suspension - similar to the P85+. Thanks!
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    Model 3 Performance - Suspension

    Will the Model 3 Performance have a different (sportier) suspension than the standard Model 3? I actually prefer the coilover (vs the air suspension), but would really be happy if the suspension were sportier than standard. Any thoughts on whether the suspension will be different? Also, I...
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    Factory Suspension Changes

    I spoke with my local Tesla Service Center, and they’re weren’t aware of the Pre 12/27 1.0 (Sport) suspension. Are we able to even purchase this suspension to retrofit, or has it been discontinued since the introduction of the new (Comfort) suspension? Any idea what the cost of the parts would...
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    Factory Suspension Changes

    Hello - I just configured my TM3, but I have a question regarding the factory suspension changes. From reading the forums, it appears that Tesla had a Rev B suspension on some of the first cars coming off of the line that was firmer/sportier, but they are now on Rev E which is reported to be...