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  1. Asciidv

    10A charging memory?

    Rocky, I was charging at the other location yesterday and it charged fine at 16A, but the interesting thing being is at this location the supply voltage is reported by the car as 254V! (It is very high but still within the UK grid voltage spec.). So the problem seems to be that the car believes...
  2. Asciidv

    10A charging memory?

    Rocky, it says 10/16A. I can reduce the charge current down to 5A and then incrementally raise the charge limit to 16A but the charge current never goes past 10A. However, as I said, change to a different location and it always charges at 16A without problems. At the location where charging is...
  3. Asciidv

    10A charging memory?

    I charge at work using a 16A 3 phase 415Volt supply. Until recently the charging current was always 16A making full use of the 11kW single charger. Now the charging current cannot be raised above 10A. I read that the car remembers the charging current for that location. Is this really the case...
  4. Asciidv

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    I also forgot to add my pet hate, in how easily the front windscreen mists up on the inside and when the front demister is turned on it makes it worse for the first 30 seconds before it begins to clear. This is just dangerous
  5. Asciidv

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    Just like others from England (where it rains a lot) I hate; The lack of a rear wiper A self cleaning rear camera I also hate the poor browser which is unable to play any of the BBC ‘Listen again programmes’. Best wishes from England where my car is currently hidden by 6 inches of snow.
  6. Asciidv

    Drive unit replacement - getting better?

    Since this seems to be the thread for Tesla noises, may I go slightly off topic and ask if anyone has heard a loud humming noise before. I would imagine it is the battery.coolant pump as it is present when the car is standing still. The noise comes and goes and is variable in intensity.
  7. Asciidv

    Noisy coolant pump

    On a journey today, after covering around 150 miles, I stopped at traffic lights and heard a loud humming noise. I looked around at the cars around me to see if I could identify who was making the noise. When I pulled away the noise followed me and I suddenly realised my super silent 'Tessie'...
  8. Asciidv

    Wheel Centre Corrosion

    Tesla UK, have come back and said that this is a known quality issue and are posting out a new set of wheel centres to me. They say that they can be popped out from the top with a plastic lever rather than removing the wheels.
  9. Asciidv

    Sudden increase in power consumption

    Sorka, thanks for directing me to the other thread discussing this issue. Having covered more miles I am absolutely convinced that consumption has increased.
  10. Asciidv

    Increased consumption in 8.0?

    I posted this on another thread...... My 90D new in February of this year has just completed 12,000 miles. My average power consumption over this distance is 285Whr/m. On my daily run to work and back a distance of 26 miles my average consumption has been around 260Whr/ m. Suddenly this has...
  11. Asciidv

    Wiper blade options for Model S

    Does anybody know where to buy the Bosch Icon wiper blades here in the U.K.? I have a suspicion that it rains rather more in Northumberland rather than California. My car has had noisy wipers right from the start despite cleaning the windscreen with Iso-Propyl-Alcohol.
  12. Asciidv

    Wheel Centre Corrosion

    My S 90D was new in February of this year and has covered 12,000 miles here in the U.K. The plastic wheel centres now look like this; Has anyone else experienced this sort of corrosion and do you think that Tesla should be replacing the centres free of charge? Thanks,
  13. Asciidv

    Sudden increase in power consumption

    My 90D new in February of this year has just completed 12,000 miles. My average power consumption over this distance is 285Whr/m. On my daily run to work and back a distance of 26 miles my average consumption has been around 260Whr/ m. Suddenly this has now jumped to 340Whr/m! There are some...
  14. Asciidv

    4G/LTE Upgrade worth it?

    Can anyone comment whether there will be a 4G upgrade for the cars here in the U.K.? Is the hardware there already for 4G reception?
  15. Asciidv

    What's your 90%?

    Back to the 90% numbers again. My 2016 S 90D now with 12,000 miles and 8 months old has a 90% of 243miles. Always charged to 90% and re-charged at around 25-30%. Is their any real evidence rather than 'gut feeling' that re-charging at 50% helps to improve the battery? I saw an earlier post a few...
  16. Asciidv

    How many kWh are realistically available?

    A discussion with Andrew Reeves the Service Manager at Manchester Tesla (UK) revealed a Tesla document describing the causes of the discrepancy. Six points were listed, primarily the bulk of the missing kW/Hrs were at the bottom end, and yes I think 'zero mile protection' is an adequate...
  17. Asciidv

    How many kWh are realistically available?

    Brantse, I only ever charge to 90% and usually at around 20-25% remaining capacity. Usually charging 3 times per week, once at a Supercharger and the other two times from a 3 phase 415V supply but just with the single on board charger (around 33 miles per hour).
  18. Asciidv

    How many kWh are realistically available?

    I was (am) disturbed over the lack of battery capacity of my 90D (4 months old). I sent the following note to the service manager and am waiting a reply. Tesla Model S - 999JJJ , Battery Capacity Concern I purchased my new Model S from you at the end of February this year. I have for some...
  19. Asciidv

    The numbers don't add up...I think!

    Boatguy and FlasherZ, I really do appreciate you taking the time to offer an explanation and to do some trials yourself. At the weekend I intend to make some tests ( like going to Glasgow for a pint doesn't!t seem a bad idea! ) to really see where we are with this. My 90% is 249 miles which...
  20. Asciidv

    The numbers don't add up...I think!

    Today I re-checked the figures from my last charge. If we say that the real available capacity of a S90D is 80kWh, then the implication from the top picture is that I have 20kWh left. The bottom picture shows that I have used 43 kWh making a total of 63kWh........an awful long way short of...
  21. Asciidv

    Momentum dynamics claims 200kw wireless charging by end of year. Credible or crap?

    In London inductive charging is being trialled using Dennis buses. The pickup coil is in a box about 4 feet square by 3 inches deep in the centre of the bus floor, with about 6 inch ground clearance.
  22. Asciidv

    Window Misting - Safety Hazard

    i have 2 month old S 90D. It has a characteristic which I hope is just unique to my car. It is a problem which occurs on damp days when the windows start to mist up. After the heater and front screen heater is turned on, the front windscreen mists up totally in a couple of seconds preventing...
  23. Asciidv

    Opening charge port... Finally got it...

    On my car ( a 2 month old 90D ) the charge port is reluctant to open either by the cable button or the screen button. It takes about 20 presses of the screen button before it will open. You can hear a little click each time the screen button is pressed but the flap does not release. Is there any...
  24. Asciidv

    The numbers don't add up...I think!

    My S 90D (2 months old, 90% charge is 250 miles), told me today; 90% charge should be 81kWh, so at this stage I should have used about 50% of the available battery power. However the range readout shows; 94 miles as a percentage of 250 miles, is 37%. When switching to the remaining battery...
  25. Asciidv

    Changing mph central display?

    On many Model S YouTube videos the central MPH display is different to mine (2016 Model S 90D). Is the display changeable? I know that the side displays are easily changeable using the scroll controls but I have yet to find anything to change the main MPH display. I know I must be missing...
  26. Asciidv

    how to add spotify content to "favourites"

    I need some help with Spotify! i have randomly searched for music and saved some too. Now I have a screen full of artists and music, but I cannot find a way to delete those that I no longer want I know there must be easy way, and that I must be over looking something. Can someone put me out of...
  27. Asciidv

    Watts per mile - Typical values versus speed?

    Cps, thanks for the detailed reply. At the moment here in England the temperature in the mornings when I go to work is in the 30's usually with frost on the windows. Do you think ambient temperature plays a significant part in power consumption? i am enjoying my Tesla. I drive it everywhere...
  28. Asciidv

    Watts per mile - Typical values versus speed?

    Is there any tables which show typical watts/mile against speed? Is 300 watts/mile really achievable for typical everyday driving. From my first 3 weeks of Model S driving 400 watts per mile would seem far more typical..
  29. Asciidv

    Front windscreen misting up

    Here in the UK it is about 35 degrees F. As soon as I put the heater on the front windscreen mists up. it means that I have to pull over and wait until it clears which takes a couple of minutes. This is a regular occurence. It appears that the heater is pulling through air with a high water...
  30. Asciidv

    Some practical observations about the range of a 70D in winter

    Is there any table showing the power consumption of the accessory electrical devices; Cabin heater Heated Seats Front windscreen Rear windscreen and of a lesser importance, Headlights. My S90D is two weeks old, and I charge at work rather than home. So in the mornings before I leave for work...
  31. Asciidv

    90D Range slowly declining

    Just a bit more data. My S90D is 2 weeks old today. Battery started at 257 miles and today with a odometer reading 860 miles is down to 250 miles. Conditions in the UK are bad. Virtually all mileage has required, headlights, heater (typically 70F), heated seats, screen heater, and wipers...
  32. Asciidv

    Supercharger cable a little on the short side?

    Although using the reversing camera seems a fine idea, I think it has rained on all the 12 days that I have had the car, except for today when it was snowing. Dirty road spray water seems to hang from the lens so that only a out of focus blur is available. A washer/wiper on the camera lens would...
  33. Asciidv

    CHADEMO Adapter Worth It?

    If you are in the U.K. with a Tesla, the Chademo adapter is a must. There are relatively few Superchargers, but Chademo points are everywhere. Electric car growth along with public charging points have rapidly expanded primarily due to the Nissan Leaf which is built in the U.K. This can be...
  34. Asciidv

    Supercharger cable a little on the short side?

    Has anyone ever thought that the Supercharger cables are a little on the short side when you access them by reverse parking up to them? Fortunately the Supercharger that I use allows to me to side park as no-one else is ever there even though it has 8 bays.
  35. Asciidv

    Day 7 of my S90D and a whole heap of questions....

    I admitted at the start of my post, that I knew I should really read the manual from beginning to end, but it is so much more enjoyable to ask questions to the forum and then to receive a whole host of sometimes diverse replies. I liked the replies from some of the correspondents based in...
  36. Asciidv

    Day 7 of my S90D and a whole heap of questions....

    I suppose if I read the manual from cover to cover I could find most of the answers I need, but I just like to read the views of other owners so much. So let's start: 1. Does anyone find the drivers sear belt difficult to lock into place. Both myself and my wife seem to struggle to find the...
  37. Asciidv

    Watching BBC iplayer?

    Day 3 of the my Model S adventure. Whilst waiting for the battery to charge I tried to select the BBC iplayer. It said that the car did not have a UK IP address and was therefore unable to connect. Is it possible to watch any of TV type 'player' services in the Model S in the UK? I have read in...
  38. Asciidv

    Model S whine

    Today was the second day of ownership and I gave some colleagues from work a ride out. As you might imagine they all thought it was fantastic and everybody loved the faint whine as they thought it was just like a jet taking off. I know have a second question that I wonder if you can answer. I...
  39. Asciidv

    Model S whine

    Today I collected my new Model S 90D. Great excitement, with a 130 mile drive home from Manchester to Northumberland. It was the silence that was the most impressive. Hovever after 100 miles I began to notice a motor 'whine' at around 10-30 mph before tyre noise took over. is this a fault with...