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  1. Zaphod

    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    One button is for the frunk, one is for the trunk, and other is to lock/unlock the doors. S/X fobs have buttons as well for the frunks and hatches and lock/unlock. You are correct that with the S/X it can work with proximity but isn't the only method.
  2. Zaphod

    Production Date

    VIN are not necessarily in order of production, so no real way to tell other than physically looking at the sticker in the door jamb.
  3. Zaphod

    VIN Assignment

    Production is not in VIN sequence, so even though you have a "low" number doesn't necessarily mean its older build.
  4. Zaphod

    Texas Hold Up!

    Cars are not being built to order, so depends on if one already exists that they can match up with. Since it's so close to end of quarter and with the hoops we Texans have to jump through to even get the car shipped here, probably not going to take delivery before the end of the month. If you...
  5. Zaphod

    Custom wood trim, seat leather, and leather and wood steering wheel: adding pizzazz to the interior

    No problem. Looking forward to seeing the finished product of the new wood veneer.
  6. Zaphod

    Who has the best finance rates right now?

    Thanks for the info. I did check for prior threads, but most seemed older and I know the "Texas hold-up" one also has financing and delivery stuff, but thought it would be better to have one specifically for recent financing instead of having to wade through many pages of that one. My...
  7. Zaphod

    Who has the best finance rates right now?

    Will be taking delivery in the coming weeks so need to start researching financing. Who has the best rates for 60, 66, or 72 months? I seem to recall lots of people touting RBFCU in the past, but their rates don't seem to be the best currently. Thanks!
  8. Zaphod

    From order to delivery in 8 days?!

    End of quarter push and every sale on Performance model is that much more profit. I was offered the same deal basically, ordered this past Saturday and they wanted delivery on the 26th. I declined as not ready with financing, etc...and want to avoid the chaos of end of quarter deliveries. If...
  9. Zaphod

    Paint Repair Kit

    To my knowledge, it is basically the same kit as what Dr. Colorchip has so the results and application process should be the same. I know they have a little video on the product listing that demonstrates it.
  10. Zaphod

    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    That's not the antenna. That is the heating element for the rear defroster. The antenna is actually under the rear passenger side C-pillar inside cover.
  11. Zaphod

    Model 3 steering - not loving it

    Which wheels did the 3 you test drive have? I'm sure that could play into the steering feel. It's possible the alignment could have been slightly off as well. In my experience, I would not call the steering twitchy. Responsive, yes, but not twitchy.
  12. Zaphod

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Usually not a fan of grey wheels on a grey car (just too much grey lol), yours looks pretty good. My exact same color combo too, MSM with white interior. Will probably leave the wheels silver though.
  13. Zaphod

    Wider tires on stock 20" rim

    A wider tire of the same sidewall profile will have a slightly larger diameter. Larger diameter has larger circumference which will cause the speedometer reading to be slightly off, reading slower than you are actually traveling at. Going from 234/40 to 245/40 wouldn't be a huge difference, it...
  14. Zaphod

    Model 3 "Performance Brake Calipers" just red or different altogether?

    That manager is 100% incorrect. RWD brakes are completely different.
  15. Zaphod

    Parking in two spots to block “B” stall

    They are definitely not charging in your picture. Guess you took it before or after they did? Seems like it would be awkward at best and the SC cable probably would barely reach the charge port, if it did at all. Some people are just oblivious....or dumb....or both....:rolleyes:
  16. Zaphod

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Aftermarket companies already have lettering like that available. I believe it is Abstract Ocean. Of course, coming from the factory that way would be preferable, but otherwise it's not that difficult or costly of an install for DIY.
  17. Zaphod

    Those 3s are quick

    The 3 weighs about 1,000 pounds less I believe, so that really makes a difference.
  18. Zaphod

    Left Headlight dimmer than right headlight.

    Is it visually dimmer when looking at the lights standing outside the car when comparing each one? Or noticeably dimmer at night when driving? If the later, it might be normal. If the prior, I would have the service center check it out. It's possible the headlight assembly is defective and...
  19. Zaphod

    Model 3 "Performance Brake Calipers" just red or different altogether?

    I see how you arrived at your costs, but you can't use consumer costs as that is not the true cost to Tesla. There is substantial markup built into those costs so it is not realistic to base judgement off of. The "circular edges" really are not a solid indicator of anything. Search for images...
  20. Zaphod

    Model 3 "Performance Brake Calipers" just red or different altogether?

    Did you mean to say "it's not just the color red"? The way your following sentences sound is that they told you the brakes are indeed different. But your first sentence seems to contradict that.
  21. Zaphod

    Why do the front heated seat controls deserve so much room on the UI?

    I believe the front seats are still heated on the non-PUP. Just does not have the rear seats heated.
  22. Zaphod

    Let's talk financing rates

    I personally think 2.49 for 72 months is still pretty good. Difference between 1.99 and 2.49 is splitting hairs in my opinion. *edit* sorry you said 1.49 for 72, not 1.99. Guess that is bit more of a difference, but not that significant imo.
  23. Zaphod

    Rear Middle Seat Buckle - Cushion Removal?

    Not exactly sure why tinting would require removing seat cushions. Seems like a bizarre thing. Anyway, can't you just dig your hand down between the cushions and the backs and trying fishing for it?
  24. Zaphod

    Performance Package on Performance Model

    Based on the verbiage in the design studio, one would have to assume the performance brakes are exclusive to the performance upgrade package. Otherwise, what would the point of getting the upgrade? $5k for spoiler, aluminum pedals and slight top speed increase? Doubtful...
  25. Zaphod

    My Model 3 grew a mustache!

    that's not a mustache, that's just a 5 o'clock shadow :p
  26. Zaphod

    Model 3 "Performance Brake Calipers" just red or different altogether?

    There was some dissection in this thread, albeit off-topic, that I believe the caliper is different as well as the rotors. This particular post shows zoomed in pictures although not the best quality. The performance caliper sure looks bigger and seems to have different profile than the...
  27. Zaphod

    What Should I Tell the Tint Installer re: the Automatic Window Movements ?

    The chrome trim around the windows.
  28. Zaphod

    Best way / place to see what the Model 3 paint options look like in real life?

    The other black color, obsidian black, is now available on the 3 as well. So all color choices are now identical between S, X, and 3.
  29. Zaphod

    Performance shows “Dual Motor” badging with red underline!Ludicrous?

    Yeah, might be bit cheesy. Can always debadge ;)
  30. Zaphod

    AWD & Performance Price drop? Also... I can configure!

    Interesting that the white interior is now $1500. I believe it was no cost option before.
  31. Zaphod

    Performance shows “Dual Motor” badging with red underline!Ludicrous?

    As has been the case in the past, underlined badging referred to ludicrous mode. It’s possible they changed that, but could be possibility. :)
  32. Zaphod

    key fob far away from the tesla?

    Yes, you need to keep the fob further away or put them in some kind of shielded pouch or box. If you search for "faraday pouch" online should see many options. Also, probably have more luck posting in the X sub-forum instead of the Model 3 sub-forum. ;)
  33. Zaphod

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    If you look at the second picture of the red car, you will see a line in the trim right at the rear door window edge. That is because the trim and window are complete assembly. The whole upper trim ahead of that seam shouldn't have any need to be replaced. Tesla did this not only for ease of...
  34. Zaphod

    Reservation available to configure now, has anyone transferred to another person.

    Do you have the ability to configure AWD or performance version?
  35. Zaphod

    First dual motor performance Model 3 rolls off the line

    Seeing as you can still get the 18" Aero wheels as option, those wheels probably just barely fit. Hard to tell but looks like caliper is much larger as well. Maybe 6 piston? Assuming standard is 4 piston.
  36. Zaphod

    EAP and Trucks

    Search in the Model S forum for "truck lust." It does seem to be a somewhat common experience people have. My theory why it does this is the aerodynamics when approaching and then alongside the truck are disrupted and creates a slightly lower pressure zone between the two which draws the...
  37. Zaphod

    Mini Spare For Model 3, Hyundai Genesis 18" works

    It's not that Tesla feels it is unnecessary, it is just general trend across the whole industry. In the ever more increasing push for more fuel economy, carrying dead weight of spare and jack that may never be used was easy place to cut out weight. Most times the pump and tire sealant are just...
  38. Zaphod

    Week old 75D lost 17miles projected range - Normal?

    I think you just need to add that statement to your signature line. :p
  39. Zaphod

    Spare tire?

    Not for Model 3, it has different pattern than the S/X. S/X are 5x120 while the 3 is 5x114.3.
  40. Zaphod

    Self-Driving Price Increase and Addition of "Performance" to current Model 3's?

    The only time a retrofit was offered was in regards to the P85D which originally just had "insane" mode. There was a brief time where owners could have retrofit for a price (wasn't cheap $10k or $15k I think) to "ludicrous" mode. Your statement makes it sound like any Model S owner of any...
  41. Zaphod

    20 inch wheels and wheel locks

    Can't imagine they sold many sets anyway. Most people are not going to drop $4k for factory wheels when they can go aftermarket and get lighter forged wheels for same or less money. The 20" version looks just like the 19" version which is kind of silly as well. That said, I want the 20" for...
  42. Zaphod

    Auto-park fail - manually stopped just in time

    Yes, exactly this reason. The field of view for the ultrasonic sensors tend to be fairly narrow and taller bumpers on trucks and SUVs are not always detected.
  43. Zaphod

    20 inch wheels and wheel locks

    Probably all inventory is going to production for the performance version.
  44. Zaphod

    Charge port door not flush? Am I crazy here?

    It just boils down to dumb design on Tesla's part. Having a single offset pivot arm in an assembly mostly made in plastic is going to be pain to hold tight tolerances and not get out of shape over time. Of course Tesla just made the design, I'm sure someone else is actually manufacturing it...
  45. Zaphod

    First dual motor performance Model 3 rolls off the line

    It's the same multi-coat red. The lighting is making it look darker.
  46. Zaphod

    Exterior Lock Button

    Unfortunately would take a decent amount of re-engineering to add something like that so don't see that happening. S and X don't have that ability either, so don't see that changing anytime soon.
  47. Zaphod

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I think the link you provided is more in regards to decorative, colored wraps not the paint protection type wraps like XPEL.
  48. Zaphod

    Vendor MPP Model 3 Build Thread

    Just want to add, I believe I misspoke in regards to the component of the motor that causes the heat issues. I believe it should be the stator, not the rotor that gets too hot and therefore has to limit power.
  49. Zaphod

    Vendor MPP Model 3 Build Thread

    The performance issues in the past for Teslas really had little to do with the battery. The biggest issue was heating of the motor, specifically the rotor. As the 3 does not use the same motor design (PMAC vs induction), it does not have that issue based on the few reports of others who have...