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  1. Kandiru

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    EV6 owners report slamming your ribs or pelvis (midgets vs giants) into the rear contour edge carrying grocery bags is very painful.
  2. Kandiru

    Lucid Gavity 😲 Awesome.. 440 Mi Range @ about $80K

    The charge point behind the fender is a major fiasco. Once NACS becomes standard, especially with Tesla selling superchargers to others (BP contract) we will see more and more of these parked sideways over 2-3 stalls to be able to reach the cable. I wish these people used their heads better. The...
  3. Kandiru

    Model 3 front hood weather strip

    Interesting, because after I did above without any AC coil spray or wash the smell went away. We had a few rainy days here lately but stench went away right after I replaced the filters. I guess time will tell, I post back if the stench returns.
  4. Kandiru

    Model 3 front hood weather strip

    OK, installed the Kunist. 1. Removed all fake 3M, applied true 3M automotive tape (Autozone/Amazon) cutouts, including to the two surfaces on the middle section with missing tape. To avoid frustration, prying 3M red protective film with the back edge of a #15 scalpel really helps. 2. Alcohol...
  5. Kandiru

    Model 3 front hood weather strip

    Here is why you really need one, turns out evaporator has nothing to do with stench, soaking the air filters from the window pourover is the real culprit:
  6. Kandiru

    EV industry

    Xxxx, I grew up getting indoctrinated with that BS every day growing up behind the Iron Curtain, Radio Free Europe, BBC, and VOA on short wave every night helped our family keep our sanity. As young as 8yo parents would scare me never to talk about what we talk outside or Big Brother would take...
  7. Kandiru

    Tesla aside, EV buyers aren’t staying loyal to EVs

    Legacy auto made sure to create half backed beta tester EVs with ghost design teams, complemented by Dieselgate apology EA and other CCS chargers wtih poor current output and maintenance at inconvenient locations. Oh look, we told you EVs are bad, clap clap from the Board of Executives who also...
  8. Kandiru

    Neocharge smart splitter plus extension cord?

    OP sincerely here, do not burn your house down. Get an electrician to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet and proper wiring with dedicated breaker box, even on this I had to cut down from 40 to 30A as I am using my UMC (mobile connector) which was running hot.
  9. Kandiru

    Rode in Ionic 6 Today

    11.6 cu ft of cargo volume vs. 19.8 on the M3, with only 0.1 drag increase. Who da winner now? The same story as Porsches and all teardrop cars, the trunk becomes a glorified pizza box hauler. In the M3 i can fit two airline check in trunks no problemo. Bro in EU has the Ioniq5 and swears by...
  10. Kandiru

    Dealers at it Again

    I survived two hours of getting drilled with protection package racketeering by an entire team of salemen, financial guy, and their supervisor after I negotiated MSRP on my wife's MDX Type S (EV scaredy cat, she will ride with me but loves legacy). They literally threw the keys at me at the end...
  11. Kandiru

    EQS 580 Sedan Bad?

    I compare Lucid, Taycan, and this one with the Model S from time to time when MS nostalgia hits me and anticipating the 2025 legacy NACS switch. The EQS 580 is the only one I can regularly find...
  12. Kandiru

    Long Torque Wrench Makes Wheel Swaps Easy

    Only 18" long means will require much more effort as the law of the lever still applies.
  13. Kandiru

    Long Torque Wrench Makes Wheel Swaps Easy

    This year I go the 29" Taiwanese Craftsman 1/2" 50-250 ft/lb torque wrench and had an easy job torquing to 129ft/lb with the seasonal wheel/tire change compared to my old Neiko 20". Last year I got QuickJacks, two years ago the Milwaukee M12 stubby impact (superglued direction to...
  14. Kandiru

    Rivian vs Model Y

    As expected from a brick on wheels, just like the F-150.
  15. Kandiru

    9/26/2023 - Ford hits pause on EV $3.5B project

    Because over there they will only need to pay for cartel protection and exploit the workforce better, instead of contributing to the greedy union bosses and their mega DC bribing machinery, passed onto customers by higher unit costs.
  16. Kandiru

    2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

    Yep, it tells you the higher ups are trying to please to petrol head octogenarians sitting on the corporate board.
  17. Kandiru

    Prediction: Model X price will be reduced to $78K in January 2024

    Damn, my foodie wife has a hard time breathing in my M3 anymore, keeps prodding me to use her next Christmas bonus to get an MX after she drove a loaner and now that she is in love with the MDX Type S air suspension, now it will be hard to resist.
  18. Kandiru

    Advice on Accepting or Rejecting Model X

    Eject, eject! I feel sad to see the premium models get more and more like this. Hit or miss with Tesla as usual.
  19. Kandiru

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    Voila! 70% power after mowing 1 acre, half of it slopes. I put it in learning mode with turtle speed, blades just below maximal. Learning to use a ZTR is so much fun. Of course at the end I raised the deck and put in sport mode, took off down the street, takeoff resulted in front wheels...
  20. Kandiru

    Model X price cuts- yet again

    Sorry I did not notice that was after potential discounts, they even included potential gas savings. Fine print xxxxers.
  21. Kandiru

    Model X price cuts- yet again

    $68,590 today on Tesla website for a new MX 5 seater. OMFG, cheaper than an S, the base M3 is cheaper that a Corolla. Well played Tesla! Hilarious how the new inventory prices are still 20k over.
  22. Kandiru

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    Did it! Ego 52" $5999 minus the whole one grand for my 25yo Kubota RWD garden tractor. Dealer/service will assemble and bring to me. Now have to wait! I had my last farewell smoker mow tonight, inhaled the fumes and scared the neighbor pets, and thanked the machine for faithfully serving me...
  23. Kandiru

    Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning just got much cheaper

    OMG, car dealers! We got my wife an MDX Type S without any fees, the dirty truth transpired on D-day (so thankful I went alone) when 3 of the gorillas, meaning the finance guy, his boss, and the manager tried to shove down ext. warranties and "protection" (you read right, like in protection...
  24. Kandiru

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    Weiman, will try, so far using baby wipes after every wash.
  25. Kandiru

    Auto Lane Change came w/car?

    Used to, in my 2015 Model S. Not anymore, Elon has taken nickel 'n diming to new heights.
  26. Kandiru

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    18k they quoted me just now calling back after my online inquiry for the residential version, super nice guy would have delivered it to me at home, but OMG I paid that much for my teen's new mini-SUV. He said they are making a killing with their commercial partners and residential has become...
  27. Kandiru

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    They only sell it in an $9000 package bundled with less desirable products. This reminds of back in communism where we had to buy a bottle of Havana Club to be able to buy Austrian chocolate LMFAO.
  28. Kandiru

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    Scroll down here specs and reviews at end. Things are evolving after Ego introduced the steering wheel in ZTRs. RYRM8034
  29. Kandiru

    Rear seat rattle - How to fix?

    A Tesla without a rattle is like a barebacker ho without STDs.
  30. Kandiru

    Best practices for buying from someone from this forum?

    1. Out of state inspector to inspect, drive, and report back with video. 2. Escrow company outside seller's town. 3. Covered transport. I got my 2015 S85D from Seattle to OH sight unseen, 7 years of pure fun. FYI once you get seller's name run a Google and social media search, anything like...
  31. Kandiru

    Non-OEM Cabin Air Filter Options

    Good deed, ordered this and a can of Kool T. Studying the Chinese honeycomb frame filters on Amazon, they all seem to be clones of each other. My 2022 M3LR is not even a year old and I even installed a fine mesh leaf guard over the air intake frunk side right after I got the car. I live in...
  32. Kandiru

    EV6 vs MY boost?

    Don't worry, you will soon realize that non-Tesla EVs are destined to be used as local grocery getters once you try a 500mi trip in one and experience the sad state of the CCS network.
  33. Kandiru

    My Model 3 was attacked in my drive way.

    He has the invisibility cloak, just like those who destroyed and looted entire downtowns and walked free to continue with what has now become a 40-60% increase in crime in all major US cities.
  34. Kandiru

    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    Absotely right, but if the contained meltdown at Chernobyl goes full blown half of EU will be irradiated.
  35. Kandiru

    Prediction: Coal has fallen. Nuclear is next then Oil.

    A BOOM with far reaching repercussions may happen when the Russkys get desperate and decide to blow up any of the the six Ukrainian nuclear power plants.
  36. Kandiru

    Cost/benefit of FSD versus basic autopilot on used S

    Tesla's current state of AP other than predictable lane keeping is tragic, lotsa talent fled after Elon went cuckoo, add unpredictable chest crushing phantom braking at highway speeds. My 2015 AP1 did better with turn stalk lane changing than my 2022 M3LR which tried to ditch me with "collision...
  37. Kandiru

    Replacing the headrest in the model 3/S-Maybe this helps someone

    I took mine to the basement, wrapped them in old shirts and clamped them between two thin pine slabs then used a long pipe to bend the posts until both wife and I were happy. Now I can keep my neck straight while driving.
  38. Kandiru

    how reliable is AutoTrader messaging?

    Never ever travel on empty promises though. Make sure you get an email summarizing what agreed on over the phones to save yourself a lot of baiting frustration later.
  39. Kandiru

    2024 Chevy Blazer EV: Up to 320 mile range, MSRP between $45-$66k, plus a “Police Pursuit” model

    Yessir, after the initial enthusiasm with the CCS adapter I quickly learned that non-Tesla EVs are mostly grocery getters as the network is terrible, sometimes one of four stations working, NEVER got over 65kW at EA, ChargePoint, or EVGo here in the OH/WV/KY area.
  40. Kandiru

    Anyone using a QuickJack

    New rollerblade wheels for the wheelkit installing today:
  41. Kandiru

    2024 Kia EV9 Revealed: The First Mainstream Electric Three-Row SUV

    Stationary all around and interior review:
  42. Kandiru

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    52" now! How about steering wheel?
  43. Kandiru


    Insane cool drive:
  44. Kandiru

    Model S very poor "Vision Line Height" for Tall Drivers?

    FYI sold the MS and got the 2022 M3LR. Much improved visibility, I can correctly estimate corners, almost looks like one of those cartoon cars, when seated people looking from front can see your entire chest. No more scraping driveways and maneuvering tight spots, tons of fun, still friggin'...
  45. Kandiru

    model y or x besties?

    Unless you com from old money I suggest you hang on to your $3k beater unless you go to the tuition free NYU or Europe.
  46. Kandiru

    Electric Riding Zero Turn Mowers

    I have the one below the top tier LM2135SP walk-behind, bought it by necessity when my Kubota blew the drive belts in rapid succession. Love it, I did one acre in 4h sloped without self propel with two 10Ah batteries. The only gripe I have is that the self propel gear kicks in sometimes...
  47. Kandiru

    What is the dumbest thing your Tesla does?

    Ghost emergency steering trying to kill me, like when cutting turns or even neighborhood driving. Feature cannot be deactivated as it reactivates on next drive. Elon needs muzzled, otherwise more mediocre engineers will replace real talent to wreak havoc at Tesla.
  48. Kandiru

    Loss of Steering Control

    My 2022 M3LR tried to swerve me into neighbors yard in broad daylight, that in addition to trying to put me into the concrete barrier on a hilltop at sunset. Bad thing is that collision avoidance even if deactivated will become active the next drive. Messed up, never AP in these cars, such a...