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    Blog Tesla Moving Headquarters to Austin, Texas

    Only #1 supports moving the HQ. All the others can be realized by establishing a factory in TX, which made a lot of sense.
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    To be fair, that’s why Elon is targeting “10x better than a human driver alone,” which should translate to fewer people being maimed or killed. Even the 10x target may not be enough, because the comparison is fraught with logical flaws: 1. It compares death and injury statistics for Teslas, the...
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    Cyber semi

    Point is, the chiseled, faceted look of the Cybertruck looks better at this scale than bulbous curves. Picture that cybertruck headlight slit on a semi! It would be easier to make a retractable wind deflector too.
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    The miles Tesla has logged so far prove that AP+H>H (AP PLUS a generally attentive human driver H is safer than a human driver alone). That’s an important distinction from AP>H (“AP is supposed to be *safer* than a human alone”) and one that is often overlooked. Humans still intervene a lot...
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    Phantom braking will continue to be a bugaboo, but I would prefer the system that won’t crash into stopped cars surrounded by flashing lights and cones. BTW FloridaJohn, is it just my imagination, or have more than half of Tesla’s accidents occurred in Florida?
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    What is added resale value of newer year

    I think the new ones are such a quantum leap forward, they will do much better at resale than the older models, depending on how long you plan to hold. The Plaid in particular has picked up a brand cachet like the Cybertruck that should set it apart for years. The premium for Plaid seemed like...
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    The need to ignore stationary objects was a radar-based issue. Radar reflections can inflate the size of small objects, so the convex bottom of a soda can could appear to be a huge obstacle. As I understand it, Tesla had to program AP to ignore those stationary signals or cars would be...
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    Questions for owners of first deliveries of refreshed Model S

    Do the rear seats have a push button drop down feature? Are the seat belt tensioners height adjustable? I have a short wife who appreciates these features in the Model Y.
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    Blog Elon Musk Makes Texas His Home

    I fully expect Elon has a secret off grid compound, possibly underground and accessed by Boring Co tunnels carrying power from wherever. Not buying the whole mobile home story.
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    Cyber semi

    But it doesn’t have to be a structural exoskeleton. Nothing could be cheaper than stamping flat unpainted steel panels, and (I think) it would look better. I started a thread on the Tesla forums called “Cybertruck discussion for engineers” that got a lot of interesting input on the pros and...
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    Cyber semi

    Would love to see a version of the semi with the cybertruck aesthetic - flat polygons, slit headlights, exposed stainless steel. The current version’s design looks like an inflated car, too bulbous at semi scale. Who’s with me?
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I really want one but I have a policy of waiting through the first part of the ramp on a new model, and I’m letting another couple of months go by before I pull the trigger.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I’m guessing they are still arguing with regulators about the steering wheel.
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    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Not a peep about Autopilot, either in the reveal or on the new web page! What's up?
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    The new nose

    I think it might look a little buck-toothed with a license plate. Hope I get used to it. Seems like a look that might work better on a smaller car.