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  1. kash

    FS: 2021 MYP wheels/tires

    Where are you?
  2. kash

    Supercharger - Houston, TX - West Alabama Street (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

    that totally should have been an urban supercharger
  3. kash

    Powerwall (Phoenix)

    Is it white or red?
  4. kash

    FS: 2 Powerwall, 1 Gateway 2

    Does that include shipping? What zip code are you?
  5. kash

    FS: Tesla PowerWall 2 Founder Series

    Will you do 6000, I can pick up shipping. Cashiers Check on arrival
  6. kash

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Is it seated properly, or give it time to ramp up!
  7. kash

    Founder Series Powerwall 2 w/Install Credit

    You cannot transfer the install credit. I have pm’d you
  8. kash

    Founders series powerwall for sale

    5800, I’ll cover shipping, I have references on here for another one I’ve purchased. Lmk
  9. kash

    Wanted: Model 3/Y pedestrian warning speaker

    Why would you want your car to make noise? Or am I missing something?
  10. kash

    Selling 2 powerwalls series 2 and gateway

    If it’s new I’ll take one for 6000 or both
  11. kash

    Powerwall 2 Founders Series (red color) with Gateway for sale

    Not if they do the transfer they make the purchaser sign a new w2
  12. kash

    Model 3 interior accessories

    The speaker covers go over the old ones? I’m intrested
  13. kash

    First PowerWall2 installed in Houston TX.

    any one have any names of local installers, i need to get a PW2 installed
  14. kash

    Insane Amount of Tesla 3 Parts

    do you have a speaker grill from the driverside?
  15. kash

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    Assign them as a variable and set that as charge rates
  16. kash

    model 3 salvage car parts.

    Can I get a price on the driver front door speaker grill please
  17. kash

    FS: New in Box Tesla Red Founders Series Powerwall 2 & Gateway 2

    I can’t message you can you send me one please
  18. kash

    2018 Model 3 Part Out

    How much for the panel?
  19. kash

    2018 Model 3 Part Out

    how much is the driver side door speaker cover? is it good condition?
  20. kash

    20" Black Model X wheels (brand new)

    I know you put local pickup but if there in boxes can I send you a shipping label?
  21. kash

    Can anyone send me pics of the inside of their HPWC?

    Has anyone put the guts of an hpwc into something else ?!
  22. kash

    21” Arachnid Referral Wheels - Brand New - $3000

    if i venmo you the whole thing will you put on a pallet and shrink wrap ?
  23. kash

    New tesla X performance wheels and 22" tires.

    There’s a for sale forum
  24. kash

    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    They used to have a promotion where they would send out equipt + subsidize $2500 for installation, we've used their installers number of times, and paid for charger installs at our hotels, they have now stopped that program, and its almost too costly to put in now, unless we put in our new...
  25. kash

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Code required, I had a smaller disconnect it wasn’t large enough to hold the splices, this one has plenty of room! And the disconnect is $250, and it’s peace of mind if I want to work on stuff in there I can just cut the feed instead of going to the breaker panel
  26. kash

    Model S - HPWC (High Power Wall Connector)

    Updated my folks house since I had a spare charger! Need to Re pipe the meter connection 2 chargers with master salve config on (1) 100 amp circuit
  27. kash

    Model X Slipstream 20" Grey Wheels w/Tires

    I'll do 700 and i'll cover shipping if you can plastic wrap them on a pallet
  28. kash

    FS - New In Box HPWC $400 (LA) Silver Gen 2 or Signature Blk

    I’d be interested at 400 shipped if that’s ok with you for a black one
  29. kash

    WTB broken hpwc gen 2

    Looking for a broken gen 2 hpwc, pref working but with a damaged cord