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    21"OEM FACTORY ORIGINAL TESLA MODEL Y UBERTURBINE WHEELS, TIRES, AND TPMS. Tires only have 215 easy miles on them and never driven or mounted in cold temperatures. Original TPMS still mounted. Wheels are in perfect condition with the exception of one curb rash spot on a rear tire detailed in...
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    Auto-dimming side mirror design issue?

    I have a MYP with the auto dimming mirrors. I'm 6'-1" and I did notice the I put the drivers side mirror out and up as far as it will go. It works fine for me but I probably would have went a little further if it could. I could see how someone a few inches taller could have an issue with it. I...
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    Vendor T Sportline's Black Friday 2020 Sale

    Is the sale active? Doesn't seem to be working on website.
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    Performance y vins are here!

    Got an email saying my final payment was ready. I'm picking up from Rockville. Called and they said its estimated to arrive there around the 28th.
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    Performance y vins are here!

    Just got my MYP vin, 73,xxx. Ordered 10/22 so not too bad. In Maryland, DBM, white interior
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    Any Possible Model Y Update Info?

    Just saw Model 3 to Europe has the new Panasonic cells will 82KWH pack. Any chance this is already in the Y or will be soon?
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    Supercharger - King George, VA - Owens Drive

    Anyone have any new updates? Would be nice if it was open by Thanksgiving though it seems like wishful thinking.
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    Performance y vins are here!

    Good to see they are making thim again. I almost switched to the LR but was told I couldn't keep the 8K FSD price so ill keep waiting for the performance.
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    All season tires

    Any noticeable change in efficiency from stock wheels?
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    PUP Winter Tire Dilemma

    I will personally be doing option 2 once I get my MYP.
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    nema 6-50, 14-50

    I dont think you can go wrong with the 14-50. I think it is the most common and more modern outlet.
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    Tool to remove Uber Turbine lug nuts cover/cap

    Did you have to get the TPMS from tesla or are there aftermarket ones available now?
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    Monel Y Single Motor RWD Production

    If you need to get the car by mid December I would place the order now and pray it comes in time.
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    Ordered my MY yesterday. Leasing for first time ever.

    I garuntee you leasing will be way more expensive in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention you have mileage limits. You can always just buy it and trade it back in when your ready to buy a new one. Shouldn't be that much more of a hassle than turning in your lease.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    No, once you make the reservation your should be lo ked into the price unless you make changes.
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    Might just be me but right now the only car on tesla's website with an estimated wait time is the LR Y. All S 3, X and MYP show nothing.
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    Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Package

    I plan to keep the 21" wheels and tires to use during the summer and fall. Winter isnt generally that bad where I am so I dont think it warrants a set of full on snow tires. I have a 4wd truck if I need it. I really just want to go down to a set of 19's so I can get a bigger sidewall to deal...
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    Aftermarket Wheel and Tire Package

    Looking to get a set of all season tires for my MYP. Other than t-sportline are there any other wheel and tire packages available that come mounted with the TPMS sensor?
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    Double-Paned Windows--Likelihood of Retrofit to Existing 2021 Model Y?

    If they could do it I highly doubt it will be for free. Probably wont be worth the cost if you have to come out of pocket for it.
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    Charging Setup 10-30R

    Yes they do, and I purchased one. I am asking about the wiring in my garage to the receptacle.
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    Charging Setup 10-30R

    I just ordered my MY and I'm trying to get my charging situation setup. I bought my house from my parents and my dad had a woodworking shop with plenty of 240V hardwired to his equipment. There is an old hardwired planer on a 240V 30A circuit that I want to get rid of and install an outlet for...