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  1. C141medic

    FSD $7000

    I just looked at my order confirmation email and the attached order agreement. Nowhere in the email or order agreement are any prices listed. I ordered June 2020. From the email confirmation: YOUR CYBERTRUCK Dual Motor AWD Full Self-Driving Capability ORDER NUMBER RNXXXXXXX PAYMENTS $100...
  2. C141medic

    Who has ordered?

    My daily driver old faithful 2011 Subaru Outback. I sure do miss my tech marvel and overall fun to drive Model 3 though. But it went to another techie so I’m happy.
  3. C141medic

    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    I was thinking about the step in height as well. I have hip issues and if I have difficulties getting in then unfortunately it’d be a deal breaker.
  4. C141medic

    Cybertruck With FSD

    I don’t think, according to the pre order agreement, it matters what price point you ordered at. Apparently it’s only an estimate and you’ll get the actual price when it’s time to complete the order: “Pre-Order Price, Taxes and Official Fees. The pre-order price of the Vehicle will be confirmed...
  5. C141medic

    Who has ordered?

    Ordered dual motor. Won’t be getting FSD. Sold my Model 3 a few weeks ago so I’m having Tesla withdrawals.
  6. C141medic

    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    To my knowledge, the drive unit is synonymous with the motor.
  7. C141medic

    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    Great they were able to diagnose and repair your issue. Curious though why, especially since they removed the drive unit, they just didn’t replace the entire drive unit? Not sure how integral the inverter is with the drive unit?
  8. C141medic

    $10,000 for FSD

    Agree 100%. I recently sold my Model 3 and can tell you that FSD only added around $1-2K to the value of my car (if that). If you’re on a tight budget, dual motors or a larger battery, would add more value than FSD (in my opinion). I have the cyber truck on order and honestly would not pay 10K...
  9. C141medic

    How I price a used M3

    Pretty much. I also added around 6K in extras. One of which was full coverage Xpel PPF. I know you never get the full value of added extras but they do add some value.
  10. C141medic

    How I price a used M3

    It’s in my signature profile. Final price was $45K. Miles were 7K. Was basically a fully loaded 2018 Dual Motor which I paid approximately 63K for back in 2018.
  11. C141medic

    How I price a used M3

    This is an interesting post considering I recently sold my Model 3. I had it listed on a few sites including EBay. I was amazed how many low ball offers I got. Some were even lower than what I would’ve received from Carvana, Vroom, etc. which was around $41K. I received this message from a buyer...
  12. C141medic

    Best Place to Sell My 2019 Model 3? [2020]

    I have mine listed on CarGurus and in my opinion they’re a waste of money and time especially if you’re trying to sell a used Tesla. Unfortunately they don’t, in coming up with their values, add the value of EAP/autopilot and FSD which adds value to the vehicle. If you look at the majority of...
  13. C141medic

    Anyone purchased a used 3 sight unseen and had it shipped to them?

    Shouldn’t that be early 2022 rather than next year?
  14. C141medic

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    And don’t forget about those lovely property taxes;).
  15. C141medic

    2018 Model 3 LR/AWD Mint condition 7K miles

    Looking to sell my 2018 Model 3 LR/AWD. It’s MSM with premium package, 18” Aeros, EAP, FSD (HW3). It has only 7,000 miles and has been garage kept since 2018. Supercharged about 5 times and rest have been through home charging. It has full body Xpel ultimate PPF and other extras. I’m the first...
  16. C141medic

    Sim card

    Did you mean to say SD card since you mention recording? There’s no need, as others have mentioned, to add one as it’s already installed in the vehicle. You only pay for the monthly premium connectivity if you want the associated features that come with it.
  17. C141medic

    Need help ordering my M3 Performance..!!!

    Get one now and the other one in December
  18. C141medic

    Flat tires - Fix yourself vs Roadside Assistance?

    A few years ago I had a flat on the highway. Pulled over to a local strip mall and waited for AAA. Once they arrived, it took the tow truck driver about 10 minutes to lift car, plug tire, and fill up with air. Didn’t even have to remove tire. It took longer waiting for AAA. The plug lasted for 6...
  19. C141medic

    Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (BETA) for those that have HW3 and FSD

    That would be a great idea; however, any activation of the accelerator (whether gentle or mashing it down) will still cause the vehicle to re-engage TACC. Perhaps even a time based delay, when stopping at only stop signs? So, vehicle comes to a stop at a stop sign and for maybe 5-10 seconds...
  20. C141medic

    Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (BETA) for those that have HW3 and FSD

    That’s exactly one of the reasons I don’t use it for stop signs. It stops way before the blind spot where there’s a stop sign. And as you mentioned if you proceed it’ll blindly and quickly enter the intersection. A normal driver would do exactly as you mentioned and slowly inch up until you can...
  21. C141medic

    Need help with buying decision

    Just like a computer, where I’d recommend get the fastest system (graphics, CPU, etc.) you can afford, go for the longest range (biggest battery) you can afford. You can always choose to add other software options, such as FSD, at a later time.
  22. C141medic

    Newbie question

    If you click buy it now you get this: “Canada Cars does not maintain a car park, we act as a middleman between you and the Lessors holding the vehicles.” There’s a 2017 Model X for $34K. No way do I believe that unless it’s a salvage and/or totaled. Even then probably not. 2017 Tesla Model X 90D
  23. C141medic

    I’ve never cried over a car until today...

    Oh man, sorry for your incident. The scum bag was probably drunk and is well versed in the law that if he wasn’t caught driving the car and no one saw him driving then it’d be difficult to associate him with the accident. Good they got his ass and he bashed his head against his own windshield...
  24. C141medic

    Newbie question

    True. I was alluding to salvage/flood/etc. regarding the carfax.
  25. C141medic

    Newbie question

    Definitely something not quite right with that price.
  26. C141medic

    Sentry DashCam (TeslaCam) no longer working

    Strange it only had the last 30 minutes. Good to know though now at least you can view those clips. I had the Raspberrypi setup too a few months back and then it just stopped working after a FW update so I never bothered to reconfigure it. It was convenient having it upload to my Synology NAS.
  27. C141medic

    Newbie question

    If the carfax is good then I don’t understand what your concern is? Cars go to auction all the time. It’s possible that the car wasn’t selling (for whatever reason) at the previous dealer and rather than continue to take a loss on it, they sent it to auction. And you still have a warranty...
  28. C141medic

    Sentry DashCam (TeslaCam) no longer working

    Interesting. I’ve seen #1 & 2 before in the built in player but never an option for #3. So, it didn’t have the entire 1 hour of recordings?
  29. C141medic

    Sentry DashCam (TeslaCam) no longer working

    It’s been fixed since subsequent fw updates and HW3 but now I’m unable to view the 1 hour loop recordings (not the saved clips) through the screen viewer. I haven’t played around with it for a month as I haven’t been driving my car much (only around 6K for a 2018:D). Some have mentioned the only...
  30. C141medic

    NITTO MOTIVE - Longer Life & Lower Cost Alternative to Michelin MXM4 Tires?

    Absolutely. Was going to ask the OP if he was trying to make racing slicks out of his tires? Imagine driving in the rain on them?
  31. C141medic

    Your gonna get it tonight!

    Just got these and put one in frunk, trunk, and inside cabin. It’ll probably be a meal for the little bastards. Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent - Environmentally Friendly, Keeps Mice Out, 4 Scent Pouches https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L236OMW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_88SjFb87P701V
  32. C141medic

    Does your 3 "click" at all?

    Model 3 clicking sound near the rear wheel area
  33. C141medic

    New Model 3 died in midtown Manhattan during rush hour

    Why didn’t they offer to replace it as another option?
  34. C141medic

    Model 3 clicking noise from front/rear hub(s) - potential cause

    I have the same exact noise coming from the front with 18” rims. If it gets worse, I may just schedule a service call.
  35. C141medic

    Software update 28.5

    Since he’s new to the forum, I’ll be nice and not present an award for reviving this old thread.
  36. C141medic

    Blog Study Shows Impressive Resale Value for Model 3

    You’d be lucky to get close to 1K in resale value for FSD, especially if you’re trading it in. If you value the car on KBB or others, the option for FSD isn’t even listed. Only autopilot. Best option is to sell it privately.
  37. C141medic

    HW 2.5 with EAP puddle avoidance

    That’s a new feature to prevent the rear bumper from falling off;)
  38. C141medic

    Am I the only one...

    Try this: ABetterTheater.com - Full Screen Apps
  39. C141medic

    Rear defrost strips falling off window after 17 mos. Tesla wants $820.

    That’s interesting. I have glass coverage and I know they’ll replace if broken but if it’s an issue with defroster filaments I’m not sure if they’d do the same? Amazing they even covered the wiper blades. That’s some great insurance company.
  40. C141medic

    Rear defrost strips falling off window after 17 mos. Tesla wants $820.

    Your auto insurance covers mechanical issues?
  41. C141medic

    Will You Love Your Model 3?

    @XLR82XS Congrats for reviving another very dead thread. If I recall, the last one was 10 years old. This one not so much. So, it goes without saying:
  42. C141medic

    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    Good question. Not sure if anyone has a definitive answer.
  43. C141medic

    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    Was just curious which DU they were replacing failed drive units with. From my understanding the original 980’s (rear DU) are more capable and if I’m not mistaken we’re on all AWD models until 2019? Reference thread: 980 vs 990 motor settled
  44. C141medic

    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    I’m confused too. I don’t believe @untilcomplete ever posted the final update. However @pipestem chimed in (with an update) that his vehicle had the DU replaced. So, my question about the DU model number is actually to @untilcomplete (since he has an AWD, I think) and not to @pipestem (unless he...
  45. C141medic

    Dreaded "Vehicle may not restart" error

    Great that they were able to take care of this quickly for you. Not trying to stir up the rats nest but just curious if they replaced your DU with a 980 (as your DU should’ve been a 980) or 990 and/or is there any way to tell?
  46. C141medic

    Do electromagnetic fields cause long term damage to health by driving an EV?

    Just imagine the long term health effects of driving an EV? No potentially damaging exhaust byproducts, no exposure to gasoline fumes, no emissions of any sort, etc., etc.
  47. C141medic

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    I don’t know about false advertising but definitely agree that they misled consumers on some aspects of autopilot and FSD. One of my reasons for purchasing FSD back in 2018 was because of what I saw in the video of FSD that Tesla advertised back in 2016. I didn’t know then but now know that...
  48. C141medic

    Pack rat deterrent

    Fwiw, someone in the mouse thread recommended this: Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent - Environmentally Friendly, Keeps Mice Out, 4 Scent Pouches https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L236OMW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_UXodFbZANP3VG
  49. C141medic

    Windshield Cracking

    There’s a few threads about stress cracks in the forums. Just do a search.
  50. C141medic

    Pack rat deterrent

    @mr.ottley First of all welcome to TMC. Secondly, I don’t understand the nature of your question? It’s in the same realm of someone asking if they should put air in their tires if they’re low. If rats are are an issue in your area and Tesla wiring is known to attract little critters, due to the...