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  1. goto10

    116MPGe has me on the fence, thinking of RWD now

    The base wheels on all models are 18" aeros. The 20" performance *option* will be less efficient, but I haven't seen any reason to believe that the EPA tests are being done on non-base models. It would be great if we could see the full EPA report.
  2. goto10

    116MPGe has me on the fence, thinking of RWD now

    This resolves the minor niggling regret I had at buying the RWD a few months ago rather than waiting for AWD. Where I live (Utah) there are still plenty of places that are interesting to go to but have no Superchargers and every mile counts. I did a 290 mile drive through the mountains on a 90+...
  3. goto10

    116MPGe has me on the fence, thinking of RWD now

    The range estimator in the car already takes that derating into account. The unmodified EPA range for the Model 3 LR RWD is 334 miles. Tesla derated that to 310 and they calibrated the range estimate in the car to the derated value. So when you see 317 you aren't seeing the EPA-measured value...
  4. goto10

    Have we all been played by Tesla?

    5000 was a production goal, not a delivery or shipment goal. Now it's quite possible - likely even - that they stockpiled batteries, drivetrains, and other parts in order to do a burst of 5000+ for a single week so they can claim hit their number even if they can't maintain it consistently yet...
  5. goto10

    Need A Favor: Wall Charger Check

    If it's any reassurance, as long as you are seeing a solid green light then you are wired correctly - it does robust checking of the circuit before powering up. Unless you just have an outright faulty unit the only issues which may be revealed when plugging into a car to charge are incorrectly...
  6. goto10

    How to add google maps route to your car (Tesla Model 3)?

    The 3 does not currently have the calendar feature. I don't know if they plan to add it.
  7. goto10

    How to add google maps route to your car (Tesla Model 3)?

    This is one of those cases where the amazing experience of driving in a car from the future is interrupted to remind you that not *all* of the car is from the future. The maps and media experience is not on par with what you may used to from mobile apps or other vehicles.
  8. goto10

    Would not update car if you have a road trip coming soon

    I've settled a similar technique to quell the nag, but it seems less safe than the old 10 and 2 that always causes nags for me. Tesla needs to work on better detection if it's going to be so prone fo false negatives. People should be able to just drive the car and not have to learn a different...
  9. goto10

    Future proof wiring

    The main panel will be about 10 feet from the garage in an adjacent utility room.
  10. goto10

    Future proof wiring

    We are also building a new home and I've been back & forth on future-proofing. In the end I've decided to just run a 60A circuit for the HPWC on the hope that it can use the rear entry on the HPWC for a cleaner install (no gray junction box next to the HPWC - no hope of avoiding that with 100A)...
  11. goto10

    Model 3 "sleeping" dimensions

    I don't have the dimensions handy but I did spend a night sleeping in the back. I'm 6' tall and found I had to sleep a little bit diagonally to fully stretch out. If I adjusted the seats all the way forward it might just be possible to get a 76" mattress in there.
  12. goto10

    Rant about AutoPilot and "hands on the wheel"

    Same here. I get frequent nags at 10 and 2. My nag-elimination grip is to hold on with one hand and let the weight of my arm keep a constant light pressure on the wheel. It seems less safe, but it shuts up the nag. I'd like to see an improved grip detection technology in future hardware that...
  13. goto10

    Almost stranded for a 3rd time in 8 weeks - got home thanks to a trick I saw here

    I sure hope my similar situation that developed this morning doesn't end up requiring over a month of outstanding customer service to resolve.
  14. goto10

    Brake Hold is one of the coolest features nobody talks about

    Whenever you come to a complete stop if you depress the brake firmly it engages the brakes and holds them until you step on the accelerator.
  15. goto10

    New vs Old Rear Seats

    Why would you doubt that? With the exception of a handful of "restricted" high voltage and electronic components Tesla will sell you any part on the car. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to buy the new seats, though it's probably more expensive than most people would want to pay.
  16. goto10

    Cabin Overheat Protection

    This is why I'm a little dubious that the feature is there but the UI option to control it is not as we already know the UI exists. Mine is currently in full sun with an 85F outside temp and an internal temp of 119 but has lost 6 miles of range in the past 5 hours so it's possible some of that...
  17. goto10

    Cabin Overheat Protection

    Yeah, I get that. I guess I should have said human-survivable.:) My kids are old enough to get themselves out and I don't travel with pets so I'd still like to have an option to disable the feature since I've already been in one situation where I needed to leave the car in the heat for an...
  18. goto10

    Cabin Overheat Protection

    That's actually kind of an annoying feature if you don't want it and it's really auto-enabled. Though there have been multiple false reports of it before so I'm going to have to see for myself if I observe it. Car cabins can handle getting up to 130+ so I'd like to be able to choose whether I...
  19. goto10

    Did Everyone Who Made A Reservation On Day 1 Get A Model Car?

    My store got a total of 10.
  20. goto10

    2017 MX Shuts Down dangerously on Expressway–I'm losing faith in Tesla and my car

    That particular dictionary's definition notwithstanding, it's not unusual for a higher-speed road (50+ mph) with occasional intersection or traffic lights to be referred to as an expressway. In this particular case the road literally has "expressway" in it's name. "Major arterial roads will...
  21. goto10

    Frunk Sag

    This was a commonly reported problem in early VINs but it hasn't come up much lately so presumably they've solved the issue. There are a few threads with DIY fixes but I'd probably just have SC check it out.
  22. goto10

    Have you reduced your tire pressure?

    Tire noise tends to go up with lower pressure but I don't know if it'll be a detectible amount going from 45 to 40 on a Model 3.
  23. goto10

    How fast should people drive in the carpool lane?

    I don't think your strategy conflicts with his. If you are going the speed limit in the right-hand lane few people will fault you because they can pass you on the left. If you are going the speed limit in the left-hand lane and not yielding to traffic approaching behind you *even if you they...
  24. goto10

    Auto lane change not working

    The Autopark indicator is a blue circle with a P in it that only appears on the screen when you are driving very slowly and an open parking space is observed. To activate Autopark you stop when you see the indicator and then tap it.
  25. goto10

    How fast should people drive in the carpool lane?

    My rule of thumb for the carpool lane is that it should be going at least at the flow of traffic. It's purpose is to provide a lower-congestion option for people that meet the requirements for it's use. If you are in the carpool lane and going slower than other traffic then you are deriving no...
  26. goto10

    My Model 3 Got Wrecked Today :(

    The insurance company will not take the credit into account. They don't care what the car cost you - they will always offer what they believe to be the fair replacement value of the vehicle. For a lot of new car owners with underwater loans that means they will be left owing money on the car...
  27. goto10

    [Resolved w/12V Battery] Model 3 Hypermiled 606 Miles Down To 0% - Now Will Not Take A Charge

    If I'm in desperate enough circumstances to try to drive 20-30 miles past "0" I figure I've made the call that the car should do whatever it can to get me there provided it's not causing itself catastrophic damage. It would be nice if it started flashing a big red warning on the display that...
  28. goto10

    [Resolved w/12V Battery] Model 3 Hypermiled 606 Miles Down To 0% - Now Will Not Take A Charge

    They drove the car beyond the drive pack's ability to safely provide power for any vehicle systems including the 12V battery. I'd rather my 12V battery sacrifice itself than damage my drive battery trying to keep the 12V battery charged for a bit longer.
  29. goto10


    Most Tesla owners are giddy about an an update and rush to install it right away.
  30. goto10

    You gave up your Model 3 for?

    I did end up getting a Model 3 but the only contender for me was the Bolt and I was just about to buy one when my Model 3 configuration email came through. I had literally been at a Chevy dealer two days earlier and would have bought the Bolt if they had one in stock. The Bolt is the only...
  31. goto10

    Leave charging cable plugged into wall all the time?

    The Mobile Connector unit is light. I wouldn't worry about that. It certainly didn't strain the 120V outlet I left it connected to at the airport for a week and a NEMA 14-50 is a beast compared to that. The height isn't really that critical. 18" gives it enough space that only the cord will...
  32. goto10

    Finally sat in a Model 3.

    I've owned a Model 3 for a couple months and spent a couple days with a P85D loaner a few weeks into that. The Model S felt fast and luxurious but it also felt too big and the interior seemed busy and (gasp) dated. If I were given a Model S for free, I'd sell it to buy a Model 3. It's just a...
  33. goto10

    Charge complete at 90%

    It's been my experience that percentage tracks range in miles. When I lose more than a few miles for any reason my percentage decreases by a corresponding amount.
  34. goto10

    How does it take 4-6 months for new reservations?

    Production has ramped up dramatically lately so the current reservation projections are going to be much shorter than the older ones. That's not to say they won't end up getting pushed back if the higher production level can't be maintained or if projected increases in production don't come to...
  35. goto10


    Please do. I've also had bad vampire drain with 18.3.
  36. goto10

    Reports of slower accelleration after latest update.

    The car was spec'd by Tesla as 5.1s 0-60 but has been reported doing 4.7 or better on several occasions so they have a lot of space to slow it down without being a position where you could accuse them of doing something they would be legally liable for. I can think of several reasons they would...
  37. goto10

    Charge complete at 90%

    To be clear, your battery is not degrading but you are experiencing higher than normal vampire losses. Again, I'd keep an eye on it for a bit. If it continues to lose charge consistently at this rate for a week or two I'd contact Tesla.
  38. goto10

    Charge complete at 90%

    Then this is on the higher end of normal and just something to keep an eye on. Teslas have two low power modes - "idle" and "sleep". When idle many internal systems are awake and consuming power, about 1 mile of range per hour. This is the mode the car is in shortly after you get out of the car...
  39. goto10

    Charge complete at 90%

    The Model 3 doesn't have this option. It always displays the EPA rated range.
  40. goto10

    Charge complete at 90%

    How long between when the charge completed and when you got into the car? If it was several hours then the 7 miles lost are high but not outside the range of reported idle losses.
  41. goto10

    Battery Capacity Not Adding Up

    It can go down quickly at end of charge because the tail end of the discharge curve for a lithium battery is abruptly steep and it's more difficult to get a reliable assessment of remaining capacity there. So while you may know you have 10% left right before you enter that portion of the curve...
  42. goto10

    When did Tesla start print advertising?

    In the UK they still use miles for most stuff automotive, though I understand that many street signs now also indicate km.
  43. goto10

    Battery Capacity Not Adding Up

    I don't have any references handy, but when the 3 was first released a few people set to work on trying to figure every detail out as tends to happen with new products and the consensus at the time was that there was a bottom end buffer but not a top end buffer. This makes sense because going...
  44. goto10

    When did Tesla start print advertising?

    The European NEDC range for the Model X 100D is 351 miles.
  45. goto10

    What was the range for your first full charge??

    It depends on how full your pack is and the health of the Supercharger. At a properly functioning 135kw supercharger without another car at the paired stall I've hit as high as 118kw and nearly 500 mph when my battery was very low. Once you get up near 50% charge the rate will decrease...
  46. goto10

    When you get a VIN...

    Way back in my day (2 months ago lol) it could be less than a week from VIN to delivery, suggesting the car was already built and just needed to be shipped. There were cases of people getting their VIN only a day or two before the first available delivery date. I have no idea what's happening...
  47. goto10

    cruise control/autopilot radar sensor or camera(s) is obstructed.

    Is this a message you are getting on the display? Your car has one radar sensor, eight cameras, and twelve sonar sensors. If you don't actually have an obstruction then it's probably a bad sensor/camera or a loose connection.
  48. goto10

    When you get a VIN...

    I don't think anyone know for sure. My impression is that when a VIN is provided to the reservation holder that the car has been built. The time from configuration to VIN is typically much longer than from VIN to delivery, at least it was prior to the recent mass pushback of delivery dates.
  49. goto10

    What was the range for your first full charge??

    311 at home a couple weeks after delivery. 314 at a Supercharger about a week after that.
  50. goto10

    How many amps are you going with for your Model 3 home charging circuit?

    Load calculations allow provisioning more total load than the panel is rated for, on the assumption that you will rarely run everything at the same time. My last home had 100A service with two 30A breakers for dryer and AC and a 50A breaker for the oven. That's 10% over the panel's 100A capacity...