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  1. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Addressing the claims on social media of interior detailing as protection from COVID-19

    You're welcome and thank you for the feedback.
  2. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Addressing the claims on social media of interior detailing as protection from COVID-19

    I've seen a lot of claims on social media in regards to interior detailing protecting consumers from SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 / CORONAVIRUS and I'd like to frame expectations of car owners so they better understand an interior detail is not a "silver bullet" for protecting themselves. In my...
  3. Jean-Claude

    Yellowing on PPF or something else?

    Well, there's nothing wrong with using a proper measure of heat for promoting the bond of the adhesive when wrapping. But, like anything in the world, if you don't use sound judgement you can cause problems by not doing something correctly.
  4. Jean-Claude

    Yellowing on PPF or something else?

    Take it back to your installer. Something is not right and they should be capable of addressing any questions as well as replacing if (probably is) necessary. My absolute best guess is that they may have used a butane torch for heating the edges and possibly over heated. That is a pure guess as...
  5. Jean-Claude

    Ceramic Coating Question

    Do not apply soon after regardless of what the bottle says. There are transfer solvents that, when reapplied over uncured coating, can disturb the membrane that is intended to be left over by the active ingredient. My advice is to give it at least 24 hours between layers to be safe.
  6. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Simple Explanation (video): Model 3 Preparation, Enhancement and Protection

    I've been sitting on this video content since the first Model 3's were being delivered but I just didn't have the time to piece it together and do the voice over. Finally, I made the time to put a brief 13 minute video together explaining certain aspects of our process and also dispelling some...
  7. Jean-Claude

    PSA - Suntek Ultra PPF + Ceramic = no self healing

    Modern paint protection film is made up of a number of layers. Suntek Ultra's paint protection film has an upper membrane which the "self-healing" takes place in. Think of the membrane as memory foam found on a bed or pillow. That membrane, if penetrated, can not "seal-heal" any more than memory...
  8. Jean-Claude

    Interior Detailing

    DIY instructions for cleaning leather: Vendor - How to safely clean leather seats on your Tesla Model S [images included]
  9. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Full-Monty (all protection & aesthetic enhancement options) project video for Model X. (100+ hours)

    What's up folks?! Hope y'all enjoy this mega-project video which crams 100+ hours of work on a Model X into a short little video. This project included: ·New car prep & decontaminated ·Emblems removed for seamless PPF wrap ·Paint correction ·Full-body paint protection film wrap ·Modesta...
  10. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    A lot of folks ask me to describe how satin paint protection film looks on different paints and for many they do not completely understand how it works. This video was made to explain those exact nuances:
  11. Jean-Claude

    Chrome delete on deep blue, questions/advice

    That is a fine looking job ya have there. No doubt done by someone who is passionate about their craft! (lol :D)
  12. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Detailed Designs knocks it out of the park

    Oh this is a sweet post! Thanks Eric!! Anyone looking for something similar should actually be giving Eric here a shout. He does the same stuff we do!
  13. Jean-Claude

    Protective film on Model 3 ?

    Specifically on Tesla's, they should be trimmed back.
  14. Jean-Claude

    Protective film on Model 3 ?

    I read your referring to the application of a coating over PPF as it potentially making "it brittle". I understand brittle to describe something that is liable to break, crack or shatter. Did I misinterpret what you meant by brittle?
  15. Jean-Claude

    Protective film on Model 3 ?

    Cracking?? Not. Going. To. Happen. It sounds like someone has neither tested their claims nor do they completely understand coatings/PPF. It's a sad thing but many in service industries are talking heads and don't really understand the technologies they sell. Here's an example of how not only a...
  16. Jean-Claude

    Protective film on Model 3 ?

    The questions/concerns about what to use to protect a new car's paint is not new but there is a large amount of products available now and that number grows monthly. Really, the number one factor is going to be the folks placing their hands on a car and how they conduct themselves...
  17. Jean-Claude

    My Model 3 with New Wheels

    The wheels are very fitting and tasteful. Great choice.
  18. Jean-Claude

    Got My Beauty Wrapped!!!

    Looks wild!!
  19. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Silver Tesla Model X: TOO MUCH FUN [video]

    We had a ton of fun with this visit over the summer and finally got around to making a video that shows off some of the process of our full-monty service. I hope you all find it as enjoyable to watch as it was for us to do! Join us on our journey to take a new Tesla Model X 100D from being...
  20. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    A window into one of our paint correction processes:
  21. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    Questions about satin clear bra wraps with Modesta coatings? :D Check out a 51 second video of a recent Model S project that got just that.
  22. Jean-Claude

    Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating for 2-3 Yr Old Model S

    Hi Jim, Paint correction in traditional terms will not correct rock chips. If you only have a few, someone may be able to fix each individually to a satisfactory state, but if you have pitting(think: road rash from tiny impacts), a repaint would be the right move if you want something done...
  23. Jean-Claude

    Ceramic Pro Coating feedback

    On the topic of warranties, I find this interesting. One popular coating brand that makes exaggerated claims of protection for paint with a paper warranty also includes these specific exceptions to what is actually protected: ·"Damage to the coated surface by incorrect manual wash techniques...
  24. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    It was 1Z Einszett Plastic Conditioner.
  25. Jean-Claude

    Ceramic Pro Coating feedback

    Non-applicable for paint coatings for a few reasons: ·Likely the only one that matters is that it's impossible to hit the same spot twice on a body. Even if you aim a laser at a spot, correct, measure depth, coat and then remeasure, one will still not hit the same spot. Thicknesses vary greatly...
  26. Jean-Claude

    PDR Dent Removal with PPF/Ceramic Coat

    A typical dent can be removed via traditional PDR methods without the need to remove the PPF. :D
  27. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    Have you had issues with conditioning your exterior plastics without making a mess? I made a video showing how to condition the nooks and cranny's without creating a new mess.
  28. Jean-Claude

    Xpel front wrap & parking sensor issues

    I made that video some time ago. Please refer to my first post in this thread.
  29. Jean-Claude

    Xpel front wrap & parking sensor issues

    I just discovered that for 2017+ Tesla's, the parking sensors work along with autopilot and do not act solely as parking distance sensors. Moving forward, we will not be leaving PPF over these sensors even though in the past there has been no issues. I advise 2017+ owners(and autopilot owners...
  30. Jean-Claude

    Paint protection options ?

    Here is an article I wrote to help lift the fog on the benefits and how these technologies work. It is not a super short piece but is quite in-depth. Too, I used Modesta as the coating, but you could consider your coating of choice instead if you would like. What causes swirl marks and other...
  31. Jean-Claude

    Real Life Experience with Xpel?

    Just as a heads up for those who may not know this. Xpel is a brand of the technology, which is formally named 'paint protection film' (AKA: clear bra, clear film, etc.). I would urge you to also consider ClearGuard Nano by Prestige Film Technologies. Prestige is a Japanese company and their...
  32. Jean-Claude

    ceramic coating, paint correction, tint in western burbs of chicago

    Modesta all the way for the coating and you have a few great sources for it in Chicago too! Find the local Modesta installer for your car here: MODESTA - WORLDWIDE NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS
  33. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    Have you been hating the brake dust on your wheels? Consider having someone coat them. Wheel coatings provide owners with wheels that are substantially easier to keep clean and better protected. Here's an example of wheels we coated a few years ago. Even when coated with an inferior product...
  34. Jean-Claude

    Vendor 3 Reasons why you should have clear bra installed on your new car

    This piece really goes hand in hand with the original post. Hope you enjoy! What causes swirl marks and other defects in modern car paint? -The Clear Bra Installation Specialists of Atlanta-
  35. Jean-Claude

    Xpel installers in Tennessee?

    Welp, we aren't exactly a brief drive down the street but I believe we are worth considering. The cost to perform that service properly is not cheap so the juice would be worth the squeeze. ;) I'd be happy to refer someone in your area if I knew of someone though.
  36. Jean-Claude

    Tesla Paint is the most delicate automobile paint I've ever seen

    Some of the keys to not causing excessive defects in clear coat is: ·Quality wash media(towels, mitts, etc.) ·Using chemicals to breakdown and remove debris (for example: using something like P21S Total Auto Wash as a degreaser and to break down bug marks VS scrubbing) ·Quality shampoo that...
  37. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    A brief video showing off how to use Modesta's easy to use maintenance sprays. Enjoy!
  38. Jean-Claude

    PPF Help

    Small moisture bubbles; no problem. Air pockets; problem. My advice is you leave it alone completely moving forward. Likely, you'll only paint yourself in the corner of making it look worse and force yourself to spend far more to have it removed. Let it ride and if you can manage, leave it on...
  39. Jean-Claude

    Vendor A video about who we are

    Thanks James! Check out this new video we made and tell me what you think:
  40. Jean-Claude

    "Teslas have a soft clear coat." Fiction or fact?

    Oh definitely not all. But many do. Speaking of BMW paint... We are wrapping up on a full-monty 2018 Competition Package BMW M4 that is brand new right now. The car came to us completely swirled up and the front bumper got a horrible respray. The respray was likely performed at port or the...
  41. Jean-Claude

    How much paint protection is too much?

    Clear Guard Nano is the bee's knees. We have been installing a lot of it and while it does cost more and requires more labor to install, I believe it is hands down the best PPF right now. I am about to be doing some testing with STEK's glossy PPF and can report back on that once I have more...
  42. Jean-Claude

    "Teslas have a soft clear coat." Fiction or fact?

    Soft and hard paint is a concept that was spoken of in industry circles, among professionals where they were seeking solutions to correcting and maintaining those finicky finishes long before PPF was a topic of discussion. It was likely started by detailers. But it had nothing to do with paint...
  43. Jean-Claude

    How much paint protection is too much?

    For the majority of the typical wear a car gets from daily use, PPF ages better than paint, not worse. It is far less prone to pitting and road rash than paint. I believe that is due to it having many mils of better compression and decompression characteristics than hard paint. I see cars come...
  44. Jean-Claude

    "Teslas have a soft clear coat." Fiction or fact?

    This is a reality of modern automotive paint finishes: Some are very prone to marring(super fine scratches), deeper scratches, chemical etching(from bug guts/bird droppings/chemicals), pitting/rash and stone chips. Some are not near as prone to the same types of defects. Some paints even fight...
  45. Jean-Claude

    do I need a clear bra with the nano-coating?

    For some cliff notes on the specific topic: Coatings absolutely will not protect your paint from impacts on a measurable level that makes it a buying-point. Coatings work in a different way from paint protection film(clear bra). Paint protection film should not discolor nor peel. If it does...
  46. Jean-Claude

    Will carbon fiber or other wraps cover nose cone blemishes?

    Physical defects will show under films. PPF and vinyl put their best foots forward on smooth surfaces. In some cases, placing film over defects can make them even more apparent.
  47. Jean-Claude

    FINALLY: Midnight silver MX with full Xpel Stealth Wrap!!!

    I completely understand what you are saying, and with all due respect, you are wrong. Specifically, to the point that vendors like myself always recommending more because it translates to more money for me/us. Sir, you do not know me and to my knowledge we've never spoken before. Beyond my lack...
  48. Jean-Claude

    FINALLY: Midnight silver MX with full Xpel Stealth Wrap!!!

    It may not be fair to group anyone that feels differently than you as raging OCD. There are a lot of people who do a lot of things their own way and for their own reasons. In my experience, people go with what they see value in and feel comfortable with spending on said value. Some of my...