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    Money well spent: tire repair kit

    If Discount Tire couldn’t repair it then I doubt a patch kit would have saved you anything. But sometimes it’s all you need.
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    Model S Refresh: Homelink multiple signals?

    I just wanted to share the hell I went through to get my 22 Refresh S to work with a brand new pair of 8500W LiftMasters. The Keypad, 2019 Volt, OEM Visor buttons all programmed with the learn button on the Opener without issue. Then Came the Tesla and I tried Both methods. Neither worked...
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    Charging from Excess Solar with Teslapy

    So what are 3P solutions that can do this. I just had an Enphase PV installed. Currently I just set the Offpeak End at 3PM and hits a good portion of Solar. I really don’t have time to fiddle. Already have huge coding projects on the side. Curious what ROI is if I bought 3P solution? 20...
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    2022 MYP Steering rack Failure. Tesla DENYING warranty coverage due to aftermarket wheels 20x10 with 275 40 20 set up

    Wonder if your steering rack absorbed it rather than sacrifice the wheel ;)
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    High resolution audiophile flac file playback, 24bit audio solution

    I use dBpoweramp for conversion. Good discovery. Thanks for sharing. i have seen this multiples 44.1 before dealing with SACD or something. If your system is 48khz based resampling from 44khz causes problems. Since most music is 44.1 you are better off the system be 44.1 based and not have to...
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    Local Installer - Received Pending Lien notices

    I did learn one thing. The USPS screwed up. Legally they are supposed delivery to my home. It’s on a private dirt road. With a dozen houses or so. Anything under 0.5 miles they are suppose to deliver to. The first certified letter they put in mailbox out on the main public road. I never signed...
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    Local Installer - Received Pending Lien notices

    I just had Solar installed on my home in NH from a company in MA. I paid 50% up front. Couple days before install I get this certified letter of Pending Lien based on delivering the panels if they are not paid for. Not from the installer. But from the company delivering the panels. I only...
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    When did you last touch your brake pedal?

    Not often enough, already failed inspection on my Volt with 19K miles for to much one pedal driving. And my Model S sounds worse than volt did. All the rust was on the inside. I work the brakes often on the S to keep my rotors from being trashed which will cost way more than what regen will...
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    Roof rack vs rear hitch rack for bicycles

    There isn’t much point in showing the cover on because it looks exactly like it does with no hitch. Here is my post installing it. It’s exactly like the Model X. Cover and all. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/trailer-hitch-on-2021-refresh.234094/page-5#post-6653697
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    Roof rack vs rear hitch rack for bicycles

    I’d never put a roof rack on. Pain to put bike’s up there. Probably a bigger hit on efficiency. More likely to damage car getting bike up and down. Hitch is a breeze to install. I tow often and occasionally use the bike rack.
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    2018 P100D vs 2019 Performance (raven) which to buy?

    I love the adaptive suspension. On my X I used it when on deep snow. For S I program spots that might bottom out. Like have choice in right height and ride comfort.
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    2022 X class iii hitch receiver vertical wt limit

    The X has a 50-50 weight distribution and is not prone to lifting front wheels from the hitch any more than others. It’s the hitch that can’t deal with lever effect. Many vehicles require a weight redistribution hitch when trailer is over a certain weight. The X doesn’t (even though it’s a...
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    2022 Model S Plaid Sound System Upgrade?

    ANR does work but it can feel subtle at first.
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    Rivian vs Model Y

    Y is more efficient. Y Goes further on a smaller battery. So you get more miles out for the same kWh in. Same reason each Tesla charges at a different mph rate.
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    Trunk Opens By Itself

    Ugh, old thread I already posted to
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    Brand New 2023 Model Y LR Battery Failed in 3 Days

    I wonder how they replace them on Y’s with structural battery.
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    2018 P100D vs 2019 Performance (raven) which to buy?

    No brainer $5k difference is a bargain. Raven was a pretty big update. List is to long to go over.
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    Tire Rotation [recommendations on where to get tires rotated?]

    Never take your car to any shop unless you have to ;) Most cars are staggered now so no crossing. I just do it myself when I swap snow tires.
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    Model S might be…. Better?

    You will get better at driving it more smoothly as opposed to getting more used poor driving. My dogs are the most sensitive to motion sickness and they are fine. Nobody ever has an issue in my car. But I have had issues in in friends that have EV’s that don’t drive smooth. There has been...
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    Removal of USS in Model S 2023

    You can advance songs on the wheel. Click the volume knob on wheel sideways. It reminds you of this every time you use the screen next button.
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    Post your Tone audio settings

    It’s whatever floats your boat. Do you like photos over saturated? Or more natural looking? Your music might already be V shaped. The Audio system in the car may already be V shaped. Adding more will likely make things worse. Without measurements, just randomly throwing the same correction...
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    2022 Model 3 Performance trade up to 2023 Model S Plaid - handling differences

    I went from 18 3P to 19 X Raven to 22 S LR Refresh Even the S LR is much nicer than the 3P. And handling of LR vs Plaid is pretty much the same. LR is plenty fast.
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    What do you do with your house keys (for those that use their phone as a car key)?

    We use Schlage z-wave door lock. Keypad to get it. Give temp code out to service when needed. Or unlock by phone. Doesn’t require any electronics or key to get in but you can if you want. It has a physical key too, but I never use it. Ties in with home automation. Sends you warning if it’s not...
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    L14-30 Garage Outlet

    Yeah a short off peak window like yours would warrant going for the 50A. Assuming your car can consume that rate of course.
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    L14-30 Garage Outlet

    I would just hardwire and skip the outlets. 30A 240V is plenty. You don’t need 50A.
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    Tip of Box cutter blade in rear tire

    Once you use fix a flat on a foam insulated tire it’s probably ruined. I’m impressed it worked though.
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    Purchasing in TN for out of state registration

    Try 6.25% in MA. Trying to beat the system is gonna cause you headaches. Insurance won’t like it and you could end up getting screwed. Don’t do it.
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    The perfect Model 3 emergency jack?

    That’s exactly how I use to jack my model 3. By lifting at the suspension you only have to lift 2” or so instead of 10” or more on the body. Less height the better. I was able to jack my 3 & X front and back with the Porsche jack. But on the S I have to use the body jack points on the rear.
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    Tesla Model S Plaid

    I do it all the time and just ignore the alarm. The brakes are standard brakes. There is absolutely no reason it can’t allow it. If it defeats automatic systems (while two footed, so be it). I tend to do it in slow maneuvers. Except if I’m trying to run in the brakes. In an ICE I can...
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    Tesla Model S Plaid

    I drive two footed all the time too. Especially when backing up a trailer. Chime drives me nuts on the Teslas. Side note: I just had to put new rotors on my Volt that only had 19K miles because of one pedal driving and not enough wear and rusted up rotors badly on the inside. So I try to keep...
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    Looks like Tesla brought back the standard range Model S and X!

    I doubt that. They probably have a smaller battery. They have not software locked a battery in eons. And for the record 405 mile range is awesome. You don’t normally charge to 100% nor do you drain to 0%. So I have 250 miles of real range anytime with no planning while keeping it at 80%...
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    Steel Wheels for Model 3 winter driving

    Don’t get steel. The will rust up like crazy. Just get 18” you can pickup take off aero wheels usually very cheap. Especially now in summer.
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    MS Plaid vs Taycan vs EQS

    #1 preowned, bzzzt, asking for trouble. Throw the dice on any of them. You may get lucky. Next thread.
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    Washington Post Article on true cost to run an EV

    This is the first article I’ve seen that discusses the true cost of ownership state to state. https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/interactive/2023/electric-vehicle-charging-price-vs-gasoline/
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    Differences Between Mid-2018 Model S and Mid-2023 Model S

    Battery cooling is huge. It’s what allows fast charging. But it also doesn’t degrade as SOC goes down nor does power degrade as speed goes up. Even at 60mph if you punch it (even an LR) it has a ton of kick. Some think suspension is not as good as Raven. Noise cancelation. It’s a little...
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    Phantom GTW_w026 error?

    Why not get coolant levels checked. Could be things get recalibrated on each update. Your decel is probably moving the coolant around just right to trigger it.
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    Popping Noise with new Soundqubed Subwoofer

    What is the impedance of the old sub vs the new sub? It is the same right?
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    Prediction: Model X price will be reduced to $78K in January 2024

    In 2019 I bought my 7 seater X, with Paint and FSD for ~$90k. I think base 5 Seater was $80K. Not sure how margins were then and now but a base around $80K seams feasible.
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    Tesla unable to transfer FSD due to firmware compatibility?

    No problem. Just have them credit you $15,000 to put towards buying it. See my point :) This is NOT a firmware issue.
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    2 months to fix tiny dent, 2 authorized shops near DC?

    I had front bumper, hood, headlight and many small misc parts replaced. They ordered all parts and paint before I dropped it off. Except they missed the headlight on initial estimate and that took another week. $6000. Paid out of pocket. Whole thing took a few weeks. Came out perfect. I’m 30...
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    "Refreshed" Model S model VIBRATION tracking and information thread!!!

    I wonder if that is a hint to the underlying problem.
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    Does HW4 matter

    Sorry pal. Nobody knows. You can listen to folks wild ass speculation. There are dozens of threads on the topic. HW4 could be the greatest thing next year or more of the same. Nobody knows.
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    12.8 Kw DC Solar panel clipping at 7.7Kw can I add 3.8 inverter?

    Depends how it’s setup. You might be able to move string over to another inverter. It may be cheaper to upgrade the inverter you have. You may have to go through permitting process again as well.
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    Does HW4 matter

    who’s crystal ball should we use to answer?
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    Discussion: Tesla Energy / Auto Customer Service

    Keep in mind late summer months are often not the highest. The output gets limited by panels getting to hot. Good ventilation under the panels is important. Some of my best months are late spring and not summer. Possibly the excessive hot summer might be lowering your output. But not enough...
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    All Service folks are morons

    This isn’t just a Tesla thing. So often when I buy a car I’ll tell them don’t wash it, don’t put the license plate bracket on, just give me the F’n car. They look at me like I have two heads. Last time I let my guard down and let them attach the plate. Because they made me feel OCD. So I let...
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    2023.20.9 got rid of steering wheel nag!

    Do you have a cabin camera?
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    2022 used plaid, 3 previous owners, what to look for

    See if you can get VIN and lookup repair record. Carfax might have some info. Huge red flag.
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    Roadtrip - Which car would you take?

    Wow, gorgeous. Contrast is crazy.
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    When were the cabin cameras added to the Model S?

    If it has a landscape screen it has a cabin camera.