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  1. JetFalcon

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    I kind of wish there was a Model 3 hatchback. So I can keep the sedan shape and still have storage for my arcade prizes or E-scooter. But having a Model Y is nice for road trips, especially arcade trips when I have boxes of plush to bring back. My friend redeems alot, it be nice if I could...
  2. JetFalcon

    So Cal Edison bill was $344.35

    I checked my banking statement and So Cal Edison is on autopay. And this time I checked it was $344.35 on November 20, 2023. Should autopay be paying off 1 months statement each time? Would my Tesla most likely be the most expensive electronic consuming most of the energy contributing to...
  3. JetFalcon

    Is there any way to justify having 2 cars for one person?

    Main reason I ask is because when we bought the Tesla Model Y, parents immediately wanted to get rid of the Model 3 / sell it. I wanted to keep it and have two cars for a little bit, maybe a few months, but they said if I were to do that, the value will go down. The Model 3 value was still...
  4. JetFalcon

    Who buys Tesla Model 3 with 100k miles at CarMax?

    The 2018 Tesla Model 3 was sold to CarMax around March 2023 for $23500. So what happened after that who will justify buying a used Tesla Model 3 with 100k miles. Is 100k miles like alot for a car when buying used? I always had this idea that if I spill Starbucks in my car, that it's not a new...
  5. JetFalcon

    Is there any way to justify having 2 cars for one person?

    Is there any way to justify one person to own 2 cars at once. Not like a family or couple who owns 2 cars total, but just one person who owns two cars. I know Dan Brazilian owns alot of cars and he is an example of someone who owns too many cars for one person to handle. So he said something...
  6. JetFalcon

    Tesla supercharging during solar eclipse?

    I guess get fully charged up the night before probably be the easiest to be ready the next day, so you can drive 50+ miles last minute if clouds appear. Take advantage of lower supercharging rates & low crowds at 12am. I hope there isn't a huge amount of Teslas thinking the same thing at 12am...
  7. JetFalcon

    Do people who develop AI / robots make more money?

    Does it make sense that people who are engineers and are good at developing automation have the chance to make more money than someone who does a job that needs 1 human to do that job? I'm just wondering what are the pros / cons / struggles / benefits if you go this route of developing AI /...
  8. JetFalcon

    Humans hating on robots / AI?

    Is there are such a classification of people that hate robots / AI nearly the same way people can hate on a certain race. I know someone that always hating anything that's autonomous or is a robot. We were in LA and he saw one of those food delivery robots and he started saying like, "those...
  9. JetFalcon

    Rebate on Audi e-tron GT?

    It's possible he has a popular YouTube channel. But YouTube is very hard to make money from, it's just a hobby for most people, especially my arcade friends who like doing YouTube. They both have 5000 followers, but one admits he would never quit his normal job and does it as a hobby that...
  10. JetFalcon

    Rebate on Audi e-tron GT?

    Is Audi doing a major discount on E-trons GTs right now? I've started seeing them as often as a new Corvette Stingray. It looks like an exotic car but I don't know if it's really considered an exotic car, it seems more like a reasonably prices nice sports car. But I still like the car and...
  11. JetFalcon

    Swapping wall connectors?

    I already have the older Elon Musk edition wall connector I got around 2019. The older gen one with the thicker cable from around 2018-19. I’m browsing offer up for people selling the current gen wall connector. I am wondering if an older wall connector is already installed and charging my...
  12. JetFalcon

    Tesla supercharging during solar eclipse?

    There is a solar eclipse in April 2024 and I'm thinking to go to Texas. Mainly because there are tons of arcades out there and there is a new Dave and Busters I want to visit. And Dallas will be the area with the longest totality or at least not a long drive to a place with the longest...
  13. JetFalcon

    Window metal grates to prevent window break in?

    Can Tesla or any car company develop some kind of break in solution for cars? My main idea is to have some foldable metal wires that can go up when the car is parked automatically. Like when you leave the Tesla these metal wires go up whenever the car is locked. It will be square shaped so...
  14. JetFalcon

    Four Bike Rack

    What is the best option for a Model Y that wants to take an E-bike or bike? I kind of felt I am missing out on biking at the beach or other places except around my home. At least I can take an E-scooter and it's easier to take than a bike, but it usually has less range and I think a folding...
  15. JetFalcon

    How many decimal places does Tesla use?

    If you work for Tesla as an engineer, scientist, programmer, etc. How many decimal places are these professionals expected to be accurate by? I typed in a random question in google asking "how many decimal places does NASA use" and I got an answer of 15 decimal places. If it were whole...
  16. JetFalcon

    Newport Beach & Costa Mesa, CA Need New Superchargers

    I assume you may have a house if you own a Tesla. Or find a way to charge at the home, apartment, rental place if it's not a house with a wall connector. I rarely use any supercharger living in Lake Forest CA for local commutes, including further commutes to LA, San Diego, San Bernardino...
  17. JetFalcon

    Have aggressive beggars or scammers targeted EV stations?

    This is one of the main reasons I am glad I don't drive a gas car anymore. Especially when travelling or going to bad areas. Gas stations are a place where desperate people will commit crimes or scams. And when I drove the Lexus GS it seemed at some point someone is going to ask me for money...
  18. JetFalcon

    Hit curb, bent rim, vibrates?

    This is the curb divider I most likely hit. Most the road is curb less then this comes up. And it was dark. And in CA I never seen curb dividers like this.
  19. JetFalcon

    Hit curb, bent rim, vibrates?

    The rim repair shop did fix a 2nd time. But I want to be sure I covered all my basis. The car still drives fine and no more leaking air, but the vibrate can still happen. Just not as much as the 1st repair. How should I approach this knowing something else may be damaged like what you...
  20. JetFalcon

    Toyota Sienna had more room than Tesla Model X & Y

    Right now I own a Tesla Model Y. I've checked out and test driven a Model X but it feels slightly bigger but still gonna be hard to fit something like a bike. Then I saw a Toyota Sienna at the fair at a Toyota booth and I was surprise how massive the interior space is. If I had some...
  21. JetFalcon

    I saw guy sleep in his car to charge

    I was at an arcade (Round1) in Las Vegas and this place has free Volta chargers around the mall. I went at night and there was a security officer asking someone about sleeping in his car. He said he was charging his car and sleeping in there. I thought this must have been the most...
  22. JetFalcon

    Cost to Tesla Model 3 for 100k miles?

    How does 0 to 60 feel like in 15 seconds? Maybe the slowest car I can think of regularly driving was an old 2001 Lexus LX470. That Chevy Spark looks similar to the Chevy Sonic. But the Chevy Sonic had advertising campaigns like Rob Dyrdek kick flipping the car. So would someone be...
  23. JetFalcon

    Cost to Tesla Model 3 for 100k miles?

    My arcade friend who is 21 years old and makes most of his income reselling arcade prizes, he drives an around 2020 Honda Civic. He says he gets 40 miles a gallon and he claims his gas cost is about the same cost to drive as a Tesla. He says he justifies the high prices of gas because he gets...
  24. JetFalcon

    Cost to Tesla Model 3 for 100k miles?

    I sold my Tesla Model 3 at around 98k miles, so rounded up 100k miles. It was sold to CarMax for $23500 assuming I am correct because I don't have the paper in front of me but I'm certain it was $23,500. I think the car was like $56k when purchased this was the 2018 Model 3 long range, so the...
  25. JetFalcon

    Can cybertruck go over curbs / pot holes?

    Well sometimes going over curbs could be helpful for parallel parking so you can make fewer turns. Or parking spaces next to curbs and has a car on the other side. I usually have to back into those so I can use my front axle to make a tighter turn and easier to straighten out. But some...
  26. JetFalcon

    Hit curb, bent rim, vibrates?

    It’s smoother but not completely smooth. But after alignment it did get better. I have no idea if that guy who fixed my rim has limitations but I think he did the best job he could. Or maybe something else is off. It is significantly better with the alignment. I wonder if I can sell my...
  27. JetFalcon

    Can cybertruck go over curbs / pot holes?

    Will the cybertruck be the only Tesla vehicle that you can drive over a curb? My dad has a Lexus GX470 and it's the only car that can take advantage of going over curbs for parking spots separated by a curb. Instead of trying to straighten a car for a parking spot with say a curb on the left &...
  28. JetFalcon

    Hit curb, bent rim, vibrates?

    Well I just did my wheel alignment and now the Tesla feels the way it should be. Maybe it wasn't vibrating. The wheel alignment mechanic said the steering was off, so that could have been it. I only tried around 70 mph I didn't have space to try 80+ but will try to be sure. But that...
  29. JetFalcon

    Hit curb, bent rim, vibrates?

    The one that comes with performance model y
  30. JetFalcon

    Hit curb, bent rim, vibrates?

    I'll try the alignment see if it does fix the problem. I believe that wheel shop did balance the wheel because they added weights to the wheel. And also got rid of this weld mark that used to be there. I rather not get a new rim but if it's absolutely necessary I may do it. I'll be okay to...
  31. JetFalcon

    Hit curb, bent rim, vibrates?

    In Las Vegas I hit a curb around 30-40 mph, at local street speeds. It was like a curb divider that was thin. In Las Vegas, their local roads seem to like putting super thin curbs on their streets to force you into this lane for left turns. I don't see how it's a great idea, it's just feels...
  32. JetFalcon

    I finally got the FSD beta after 2-3 weeks

    This FSD beta is a game changer now I can go to more arcades late at night. And win more tickets. My arcade friend always disses the Tesla and its autopilot and me for using it. He disses on Mark Rober because that guy made robots that beat arcade games and calls him a cheater. Would like...
  33. JetFalcon

    I finally got the FSD beta after 2-3 weeks

    So I subscribed to FSD on accident and paid the $100 month, then cancelled it so I have until around July 3 to use it. At first I was kind of disappointed I had no idea it was super basic and could only go forward and do stop signs and green lights, and it still forced me to use the gear stalk...
  34. JetFalcon

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    I wish my friend were more acceptable to the long charging time, or the inconvenience of it. Most of them will just say my Honda Civic gets 40mpg and costs about the same which could be true, and would be faster because my friend claims he can travel from Orange County to Phoenix AZ if starting...
  35. JetFalcon

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    I never seen him do it, during our conversation debating Tesla vs gas, he says he cuts off Teslas because he thinks automation is stupid and is against it. But the autopilot is the main reason I can drive my car for so long without much worry about being tired. I don't know how much lower my...
  36. JetFalcon

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    I'm just wondering about the people who are one the fence of buying a Tesla / EV because of how long it takes to charge. Because they say filling up at the gas station is faster. But then, you have to do it at some point in your commute, meaning you will have to stop. Even if you only...
  37. JetFalcon

    Can I strap down an E-scooter in trunk?

    I have a Model Y performance but it's hard to accelerate without fear that I forgot I had something in the trunk that goes flying around. The Tesla Model Y is fast enough to throw my Segway E-scooter around that sometimes it hits the back of the trunk or if I brake too hard it slams into the...
  38. JetFalcon

    Why toyota salesman aggressive?

    I just walked into a Toyota dealership because they had a nearby subway that accepted a BOGO footlong promo code. So I really came there to just pick up mobile order sandwich. And just by walking in I'm like already asked to buy a car by 4 salesman trying to strike up a conversation with me...
  39. JetFalcon

    When Elon says "we are a growth company, not profit"

    What does Elon mean when he said this, I saw it in an article recently about "we are a growth company, not profit". Is he saying he wants Tesla to focus more on making money by volume with less profit margin over higher profit margins but potentially selling less? Seems with all these price...
  40. JetFalcon

    Selling 2018 Model 3 at 100k miles - Carmax offers $22500

    Ya you’re probably right. If it’s the one that’s says 120k miles. I do remember it mentions battery. Will that mean the next owner will need to account to replace the battery out of pocket in the cost of the car? Like an extra $10k? I’m wondering at what point will the car be too expensive...
  41. JetFalcon

    People who sell Teslas because they couldn't adopt EV life style?

    I went to Car Max to sell them my 2018 Model 3. I got the quote from them and they said mine had high miles at about 98,600 miles, so nearly 100k miles. They said they get Tesals with 10k-20k miles alot of times. But then, why would people sell their cars after just 10k miles, that seems like...
  42. JetFalcon

    Selling 2018 Model 3 at 100k miles - Carmax offers $22500

    I did a quick check through the website if I entered everything correctly it's $19,733 Actually my title is a mistake, the actual offer is $23,500 My dad was really happy with the offer, he thought there may have been a mistake.
  43. JetFalcon

    Selling 2018 Model 3 at 100k miles - Carmax offers $22500

    So I already got my Model Y and now it's time to sell the Model 3. My parents purchased the Model 3 about 4 years ago in 2018 of Dec. And they are the ones who want to sell it right away and they don't want to wait around because the value may go down the more months we wait. I'm not sure if...
  44. JetFalcon

    Supercharger - Chandler, AZ

    My friend parents live in Chandler and we stay there if we do a trip from CA. I get to stay for free and we do our arcade trip try win prizes. It be nice to have a closer charger to his home. Even though it’s still not really next to his home but it has more chances of being on the way back...
  45. JetFalcon

    New 2023 model Y doesnt include homelink?

    Can I have two smart phone garage apps? I have Meross now. Would I have to switch or could I have both MyQ & Meross? Just don’t wanna remove it after it’s been paid & installed. And my mom wants this system so she has access to my home if I’m not there.
  46. JetFalcon

    New 2023 model Y doesnt include homelink?

    Can Meross do geo fencing where it can open the garage door by getting close to home? If it could without or minimal extra charge I would opt for that. Since I always have my iPhone.
  47. JetFalcon

    New 2023 model Y doesnt include homelink?

    Can I have MyQ with Meross at the same time? I already have a smart home garage app system, can two exist at the same time? Do I get rid of Meross Or should I just get home link?
  48. JetFalcon

    New 2023 model Y doesnt include homelink?

    I just realized my Tesla Model Y has no home link. And I believe it's a $300 add on now because I see articles talking about that homelink was removed from Tesla Model 3 in 2019. I got a Tesla Model 3 around December 2018 and it was included, and I assumed it was suppose to just be there, but...
  49. JetFalcon

    apple music issue

    The only problem I have is that it won't work. It will say "choose media player" and it won't let me play the song. But then the normal streaming radio / slacker works.
  50. JetFalcon

    Supercharging waiting makes my friends angry

    Here is the main question that related to: "cars & transportation" Is driving a Tesla cheaper than a gas car like a Honda Civic if your hobby is profiting from arcades. And is it worth my friend to deny me infinite D&B coupons (that may cost him nothing and he may have enough of) at the cost...