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  1. Bangor Bob

    Supercharger - Medway, ME

    I was through Medway today and took a loop around the park & ride and gas station parking lots. No sign of activity. Check back in April when things thaw...
  2. Bangor Bob

    When will we see a photo of SN1?

    Sydney to SF, 6543 nautical miles, 480 knot cruising speed, 13 1/2 hours. He could do this...
  3. Bangor Bob

    When will we see a photo of SN1?

    I do wonder, if he were to catch a plane immediately after the signing, if he could make it back to Fremont in time for a celebration with the line workers on a successful Job 1...
  4. Bangor Bob

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    At higher voltages, electrolyte breakdown and side-reactions start to become a problem, affecting cycle life. Fortunately, that's Dr. Dahn's specialty.
  5. Bangor Bob

    Getting interesting... BMW 3-Series EV

    Handling - WHERE the mass is matters as much as how much there is. Despite likely being heavier, the Model 3 (and electric 3-Series) is likely to have a lower polar moment of inertia than a gas-powered 3-series - which affects the "quickness" of handling. You can only push that gas motor and...
  6. Bangor Bob

    Model 3 RC sightings

    Aero losses dominate the range equation. Same Cd as an S but 15% less frontal area?
  7. Bangor Bob

    HELP: Stuck at a supercharger and the car won't charge

    As pack voltage drops, the current required to deliver a particular power level increases. Heat created in the battery is proportional to current squared, times the pack resistance. TL;DR: Amps create heat. Low charge, more amps. It still seems bogus to me, since people have reported...
  8. Bangor Bob

    Okay, speculators, what amperage charger will the 3 come with?

    You guys are chasing down one path... An added cost path where the charger is a separate module in the car, with a cost. I'd like to propose a second path, one which Renault uses with the Zoe: There is no charger. That is, the AC charging functionality may be integrated into the motor's...
  9. Bangor Bob

    Autonomous Cars Will Force Changes To Roads

    Around here they get repainted every spring, but by mid-winter they're gone. The sand and salt which is necessary in the winter is very abrasive, and chews away the lines. FSD is just going to have to deal with it. Even a well-painted retroreflective line can be nearly invisible at night in...
  10. Bangor Bob

    Shorting ICE

    There's a saying about how creative destruction will either change the managers' minds, or change the managers. In my own industry, I'm forever allowing my mind to be changed...
  11. Bangor Bob

    Shorting ICE

    Yes. Also superior low-RPM torque. Of course, an electric motor's torque characteristics blow diesel out of the water.
  12. Bangor Bob

    Frameless windows

    And this. This is why needing windows to auto-lower just to open the door is a dumb fair-weather design. Yes, you can preheat longer, but you don't know you need to do that until it's time to leave. And now you're late.
  13. Bangor Bob

    Shorting ICE

    Honestly, the only place to grow the ICE business today is China (and you will need lots of NEV's to play there), India (and you have about 10 years before that ICE market fizzles out), and by conquest from other brands. We're just a few years away from ICE not even being a zero-sum game...
  14. Bangor Bob

    Frameless windows

    None of the Subarus did, until they went back to framed windows a few years ago. Never noticed any wind noise from the windows in my Forester.
  15. Bangor Bob

    Tesla Model 3 vs Model S comparison slides

    How long do we think Tesla will be able to resist the additional margin of "premium" options on the 3? What was the motto at the quarterly call a few quarters ago? "Cash is king?" Day 1 the car is going to be simple, but by the time 200,000 of them come off the line... Arguably there's...
  16. Bangor Bob

    500e, Spark EV, Leaf. Which one for Delivery Car?

    Not many used examples around $7k available yet...
  17. Bangor Bob

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Black & Veatch were doing the planning work around here, they're not a small company. JAM: Just Apply Money
  18. Bangor Bob

    Going mudding in a Model 3?

    My world has potholes, frost heaves, and "mud season", aka spring. I'll take the extra suspension travel and some tire sidewall, thanks. Particularly since AP1 and 2 are currently too dumb to avoid potholes.
  19. Bangor Bob

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    Add to that, the LA Basin is riddled with old and active oil wells. Hitting an old well casing will make a mess of Godot. Hitting an ACTIVE well casing would be a whole other level of not good. Doesn't appear to be anything active between Hawthorne and LAX though.
  20. Bangor Bob

    Low SOC = Terrible Supercharging

    Sounds like what Tesla really needs to do is to adjust their lower voltage cutoff limit to a point at a higher state-of-charge. Seems like the charger is doing a bottom-balance on the pack at very low SOCs. Of course, doing that is going to cause the cars to have a different (smaller) kWh...
  21. Bangor Bob

    VW, still high on diesel fumes, thinks snowball EV can beat Model 3

    The other thing they're working on, and have been very quiet about since 2015, is solid-state batteries. Where are they on those? Nobody who knows is saying. Maybe they think they'll have them by 2020. I do wish people would stop giving air to their interminable EV press releases though...
  22. Bangor Bob

    Model x repainted classic brown.

    Nice Buick! I'm just kidding, it looks like they did a really good job on it!
  23. Bangor Bob

    When will the Model Y be unveiled?

    Hyundai is doing this with the Ioniq EV, it has no 12V battery. They use a small section of the traction battery to provide an always-on 12V source with no DC/DC converter required. The 12V section bootstraps the electronics to allow the main HV Contactors to close on car startup.
  24. Bangor Bob

    When will the Model Y be unveiled?

    48V is the "new" low-power automotive standard, but everyone's afraid to go first. Maybe Tesla will. Hyundai uses a small segment of their traction battery for the 12V power source, no lead/acid battery. Getting either 12V or 48V out of a Tesla traction battery while leaving the HV contactors...
  25. Bangor Bob

    Tesla Semi

    THere There's a max length limit for truck+trailer. With a 53' trailer and a sleeper cab, you're at it already.
  26. Bangor Bob

    How much CO2 is 40B tons/yr? Some scale...

    That's.... Just.... Wow. Thanks for sharing that.
  27. Bangor Bob

    Chevy Bolt Regen vs Tesla

    I suspect the Bolt and the i3 are applying a little reverse torque via the drive inverter at low speeds to bring them to a stop. My Volt is permanent magnet, and it seems to keep rolling at 2-3mph forever. But I think it has a "creep mode" permanently turned on.
  28. Bangor Bob

    Chevy Bolt Regen vs Tesla

    Don't ever ride a single-cylinder motorcycle. Abruptly closing the throttle in a low gear can actually cause the rear tire to pulse between locked and turning (on dirt, anyway). Really though, regen on the throttle has a perfect analog in driving a manual ICE - progressively let off the...
  29. Bangor Bob

    2017 New England Super Chargers

    And the counterpoint, it's 286 miles to the Watertown Service Center from where I am in Maine, so yeah, I hope enough neighbors put in reservations to warrant a SvC somewhere in the state. (Montreal might actually be closer for me...)
  30. Bangor Bob

    Elon's Tunnel

    Now THAT... THAT is a grand vision infrastructure project. And way more useful than a damned wall.
  31. Bangor Bob

    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    Acceleration doesn't seem to be lacking. Not Ludicrous, but seems OK.
  32. Bangor Bob

    Shorting Oil, Hedging Tesla

    This is very hard in practice. The trailer has a huge impact on the aerodynamics (and somewhat on the rolling resistance) of the truck/trailer system. The gap between the truck and the trailer is where a lot of the aero drag occurs, along with the rear of the trailer and the underside. Hence...
  33. Bangor Bob

    Shorting Oil, Hedging Tesla

    I hear Oxis is shipping a 400Wh/kg Li-S battery these days, but that cycle life is terrible. Military applications only at this point, is my understanding. Solid-state batteries are probably needed to get the required energy density for commercial flight. Hopefully Dr. Goodenough really has...
  34. Bangor Bob

    Help, A-Pillar Defect Found

    Just finally read this thread. Holy hell. There were MULTIPLE places in the factory where people saw that and passed it on. Inspection after stamping. Inspection after welding/bonding. Inspection after painting. The windshield installer. The windshield trim installer. The folks who...
  35. Bangor Bob

    Superchargers super-slow

    A canbus recording of one of these slow sessions would probably be informative. The charger will be constantly advertising how much current it can supply, and the car will be making requests for the charger to supply particular voltages and currents. It should be possible to determine if the...
  36. Bangor Bob

    Superchargers super-slow

    Yeah, looking back it seems like this was pretty thoroughly discussed already. So we're back to "something's broken."
  37. Bangor Bob

    Superchargers super-slow

    Door #3: They're trying to keep supercharger site power demand charges from becoming too outrageous? (Commercial sites pay a fee for not only each kWh delivered, but an additional fee for the maximum power draw in kW each month to cover infrastructure and grid costs. These demand charges can...
  38. Bangor Bob

    Why Tesla doesn't make a CCS adapter like Chademo?

    And if you count China, there are four high-speed DC standards, they have GB/T.
  39. Bangor Bob

    Superchargers super-slow

    No, wear of the charging connectors either in the car, or the cable, are far more likely.
  40. Bangor Bob

    Security Guards at Super Charger Stations

    Bandwidth across the charger interface is likely insufficient for video. Maybe fine for a few stills, but how useful would that be?
  41. Bangor Bob

    Maine 128th Session, LD 1149 H.P 812

    If they find untaxed electricity in your battery, you're in big trouble. They dye the untaxed electrons bright green. ;)
  42. Bangor Bob

    Chevy Bolt charging - totally confused

    He can use a 24A EVSE with either a 14-30 or a 10-30 plug on it, depending on if his dryer outlet is 3-pin or 4-pin. Like one of these: 24A Level 2 EVSE LCS-30P with NEMA 14-30 | ClipperCreek
  43. Bangor Bob

    Maine 128th Session, LD 1149 H.P 812

    I've shared a few thoughts with a senior-ish State Rep I know. He was receptive. Among the ideas I conveyed: 1. The vast majority of a dollar spent on gasoline leaves the state. The majority of a dollar spent on electricity remains in-state. 2. Damage to roads is proportional to 4th to 5th...
  44. Bangor Bob

    Shorting Oil, Hedging Tesla

    So how do we feel about this, and how it's potentially locking-in several years of increased US gasoline demand vs. a more rational vehicle mix.
  45. Bangor Bob

    0-60 ludicrous model 3 - How much will you pay and How fast should it be?

    Meh, I still want to see what a P3DL will do after wk057 gets to tinker with one for a bit.
  46. Bangor Bob

    Anyone willing to wait for a USED Model 3?

    It's a 2012, and it drives quite nicely. Quiet, responsive (not compared to a Tesla, obv). The 1st gen was the best built car GM has made in decades - they actually cared about it. There are some negatives - the back seat is useless unless you're a child or a dog, for instance, and the...
  47. Bangor Bob

    Nuclear power

    Well, the icepack is a lot smaller than it used to be... Ideally, we get to a place where neither submarines or aircraft carriers are needed. Yeah, not happening anytime soon. That said, marine autonomous drones exist, they're incredibly low power (low speed as well, naturally), and enough of...
  48. Bangor Bob

    Anyone willing to wait for a USED Model 3?

    I got into a CPO Volt ~18 months ago. While I don't like going to the gas station, I'm not in a race to get into the 3 and I'd be okay with a CPO Model 3 in a couple years. Not interested in loaning it out on the Tesla Network (and rural Maine isn't going to have that anytime soon anyway), so...
  49. Bangor Bob

    Lets do some math!

    The D's will need more. If you put the High Voltage Junction Block in a location to minimize the rear motor cable run, the front motor cable run gets longer. Aluminum is an interesting choice. Lighter per amp carried than copper. Also considerably less expensive. Connections are trickier...
  50. Bangor Bob

    Shorting Oil, Hedging Tesla

    In terms of oil demand destruction from EV's, I consider Norway to be the canary in the coal mine. Their (preliminary) transport fuel consumption dropped in February. Gasoline/Petrol sales had been declining for years, but Diesel sales had been growing fast enough to continue to increase...