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  1. arnolddeleon

    SpaceX Starship - Integrated Flight Test #2 - Starbase TX - Including Post Launch Dissection

    I heard the commentators say they gimbal the sea level engines for the hot staging
  2. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    I've interpreted them to me an improvement in "recall" without making "precision" worse. Which I understand to mean as it will correctly identify 6% more distant object crossings. They don't define what distant object crossings mean but I guess that to mean figuring out if the distant object...
  3. arnolddeleon

    BEV chargers with Ethernet connection.

    I'm also a big believer in wires however I've also fully embraced wireless for the last few feet. As such, I have an access point in my garage and it serves many devices, the cars, the EVSEs, the power monitoring system, the water monitoring and control system, etc. I have multiple access...
  4. arnolddeleon

    Tesla app not showing all power flows

    I have 4 Tesla energy tiles in my app today. Tile 1: The very first tile I got was for Solar City PV only install. The tile only shows the production of the PV system. It doesn't have show any consumption. This house add another PV system that was non-Tesla. The other system obviously...
  5. arnolddeleon

    California / PG&E Permanent Battery Storage Rebate - $5,000 incentive

    Does this mean some of us that are denied at the current website might be eligible?
  6. arnolddeleon

    California / PG&E Permanent Battery Storage Rebate - $5,000 incentive

    Check that you are actually eligible by visiting the PG&E site. I got the same email but I'm not eligible. This was also the case with a friend. I think they didn't filter appropriately.
  7. arnolddeleon

    Is this a PW2 coolant leak?

    Looks like the plastic protective film is still on the unit
  8. arnolddeleon

    Emergency Power PWs Shutdown Due to PV Overproduction

    I believe rapidly changing loads/production can also trigger a PV shutdown. This is also influenced by whether the PV system OP has curtailment features or it is binary on/off. But under normal circumstances (Powerwalls not full, ordinary operating temperatures, relatively steady load, etc.)...
  9. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    I ran some experiments today to try to intentionally put the car in neutral while driving to learn what that would be like. I made sure there were no other cars around me on a quiet road. The short answer is it would be very difficult to miss the car going into neutral. A quick swipe...
  10. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    FSD or some other fault? Did you do a bug report? It sounds like no power off; just park and then shift to drive. Any chance the car was accidentally put in neutral while driving? I've on a few times gotten the warning about trying to go to neutral when I was trying to cancel FSD with the stalk.
  11. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Latency through that system is my guess for a top source of issues. I see FSD "twitch" for a pedestrian or bicyclist long after the event/situation where action was either no longer warranted or it was going to be too late anyway. As humans, we can see something late and probably "skip" the...
  12. arnolddeleon

    help with powerwall - time of use working properly via tesla app.

    Quick comment is your peak price doesn't even look hella expensive from my perspective. Remember that the price is just an input to the algorithms. You're not going to be paying anyone for that. Based on your descriptions it sounds like your effective costs for energy during peak is quite...
  13. arnolddeleon

    A Lot of 1 minute outages?

    +1000 Intermittent issues are big ass bears. I've have an old Solar City inverter that would drop out when the other inverters in my system do not. I opened an issue with Tesla but never really got anywhere. I suspected that the grid voltage would just go outside of the spec for that...
  14. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    11.4.7 got better as time went on (assuming map updates) but it seems whatever cached state was present gets reset. Because has regressed back to the similar behavior right when I got 11.4.7. On right turns where a quick switch to the left lane is needed it used to execute it like...
  15. arnolddeleon

    SDG&E, NBC's, EV-TOU2, and Optimizing Powerwall modes on NEM 2.0

    I'm trying to maximize self-consumption which has a side effect of minimizing NBCs. My total exports are limited (a complicated story I've shared before) so I need to self-consume. I also make sure that my buy and sell price also recognizes the approximate 10% round trip loss. So you...
  16. arnolddeleon

    Confused about SCE PTO and NEM 2.0

    Non-Bypassable Charges are present in NEM 2.0. Roughly 10% that you don't get credit for (gross simplification).
  17. arnolddeleon

    Off-grid frequency shifting

    I don't know anyone personally. If my reading is correct, a new install CA should work correctly by default because the current requires that new inverters respond to grid curtailment signals. I think main barrier to have it work "out of the box in CA" is if Enphase islanding detection needs...
  18. arnolddeleon

    Off-grid frequency shifting

    It looks like you need to configure a grid profile like the California one. So most likely you need help from your PV installer. At what frequency shift does the frequency ride-through operate on the IQ7+? According to the data sheet: "Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency...
  19. arnolddeleon

    Off-grid frequency shifting

    I was just about to suggest the same, if you have multiple circuits for your PV then you can turn one off. Another possible option to check what firmware versions are supported by your Enphase. There is a version for some of the hardware that support frequency shifting to control their output...
  20. arnolddeleon

    Non-Tesla BEV - What charger should I get to automatically stop charging during an outage?

    TLDR, I recommend "Home Assistant" (Home Assistant) as the platform to build you automation around and doing an Internet search for "EVSE Home Assistant" I haven't bought any EVSE's lately so I haven't done recent research, but I can offer general advice. You want to find an EVSE that has an...
  21. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    So far 11.4.7 feels like 11.4.4 in the beginning, random regression but with progression. 11.4.4 "got better" presumably with map updates. Don't know if we've established that Tesla can/does tweak other parameters within the life of release. The behavior does seem to be changing/improving...
  22. arnolddeleon

    We're on the fence about getting solar and would love some input

    What are your goals? They can be multiple and conflicting. Examples: Save money, be green, have cool technology, protect from blackouts, feel less guilty about running AC. What is your current cost per kWh? What is the cost per kWh of proposed solar? Do you have net metering available?
  23. arnolddeleon

    Can I use extension cord for Tesla Mobile Connector?

    The additional problem with an extension cord for mobile connectors is you defeat one of the safety features, the temperature sensor at the plug end. If your wall socket gets hot the UMC won't sense it because the plug is at the end of the socket end of the extension cord.
  24. arnolddeleon

    New CATL M3P Battery?

    Updated link to the announcement
  25. arnolddeleon

    New CATL M3P Battery?

    Could they have been referring to the battery technology announced here by CATL? Super fast charging at a wide range of temperature and competitive capacity.
  26. arnolddeleon

    Two People. Two cellphones. Two apps. Car alarm goes off anyway.

    Make sure your phones are actually staying Bluetooth connected. I suspect that your phones "power management" feature is either putting the Tesla app to sleep and/or disabling bluetooth for the app. In the app you can see if it is "connected" where is says "Security and Drivers". If...
  27. arnolddeleon

    Los Angeles LADWP - Solar & Powerwalls

    It all depends on what you are paying and what your goals are. Solar is just another way of setting the cost per kWh with some uncertainty that can work for and/or against you (i.e. you might produce more, or extra repair costs). Solar will probably cost somewhere between $0.08/kWh to over...
  28. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    11.4.4 Did parameters get tweaked? It seems there might have been an over correction to car diving into turns lanes. The car now appears to be failing to enter turns lanes when it needed to turn. I say appears because I've disengaged and corrected. These seem to happen when I'm leaving...
  29. arnolddeleon

    Why does my Powerwall Export at 100% FULL rate during peak?

    Ah, missed screenshot that had this covered. Good observation that the Powerwall flow shows all the energy going to "home" loads. Did I miss the screenshot for Tesla app showing the home load?
  30. arnolddeleon

    Why does my Powerwall Export at 100% FULL rate during peak?

    What is your setting for "Energy Exports" assuming you have the setting available? https://www.tesla.com/support/energy/powerwall/mobile-app/powerwall-modes Do you happen to have it set to "everything"?
  31. arnolddeleon

    Two Powerwalls Should Hold 13.5 kWh... Right?

    You app will show you how many Powerwalls the system recognizes. Here is an example where is shows "POWERWALL - 3x" which corresponds with my three Powerwalls. Assuming you are comfortable, also double check that the breaker is on. I've accidentally turned one off when I was doing some work...
  32. arnolddeleon

    Powerwalls installed without CT on non-backed up loads

    Usually there will be a CT that measures the production before it gets consumed. With the right set of CTs, the gateway configure out if there is there is net load or surplus and act accordingly. This usually means either charge the better or discharge the battery.
  33. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Noticed today that it definitely pays attention to turn signals. I was on the freeway today driving faster than a car that in the lane to my right as I approached. The car had its turn signal on (actually noticed it had been on for a while, likely forgotten). My car slowed down and stayed...
  34. arnolddeleon

    Powerwall lost power during an outage

    My experience is that if the grid outage is "dirty" (it didn't cleanly go away) then my Powerwalls don't come on "instantly". I believe this is due to the requirement that the inverters follow the grid somewhat even when it out spec to prevent them cutting out too prematurely and causing a...
  35. arnolddeleon

    Powerwalls installed without CT on non-backed up loads

    Well, without knowing your total loads it is impossible for the Powerwall to offset them "exactly" (it won't be exact). This costs you during the peak hours because you are paying for something that could have been offset with something presumably cheaper. You could potentially go with an...
  36. arnolddeleon

    Tesla (Solar City) lease coming to and end choosing among the options

    Ah, thanks for the clarification on the assumptions. I was hoping for $1 buyout but given the length of this lease, 15 years, it's not completely surprising it wasn't zero. I wouldn't be surprised that if it was zero at the end of year 20 but right now they're not telling me anyting. I'm...
  37. arnolddeleon

    Tesla (Solar City) lease coming to and end choosing among the options

    Thanks for the doing calculation. I had not done adjustments for the time value of money/opportunity costs. If I was certain I was going to remove the system in 5 years then Option B is definitely a winner. The question is would I ride it out for at least another 5 years beyond that. I...
  38. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    The variability occurs even on the same roads/routes. Today I noticed that in a place where I disengage to correct for wrong lane/exit it didn't even ask me about why I disengaged. I thought they had disabled the voice memos but later at different disengagement it asked why. On the way home...
  39. arnolddeleon

    Tesla (Solar City) lease coming to and end choosing among the options

    yeah, not cheap if I count the lease payments but it is all sunk costs. It's just a forward calculation at this point. I compute about $0.07/kWh assuming 10 years of life and no failures. But even if I double cost, assuming a $2500 repair bill, I'm still at $0.14/kWh, well below what I pay...
  40. arnolddeleon

    Tesla (Solar City) lease coming to and end choosing among the options

    I get all of the production on this particular lease (no extra charge). If I'm remembering correctly there is minimum performance guarantee. In hindsight the lease wasn't that great ($/kWh wise). It scratched an itch for me at the time, I wanted more solar and I didn't have any "ready cash"...
  41. arnolddeleon

    Tesla (Solar City) lease coming to and end choosing among the options

    The Tesla (nee Solar City) lease is coming to and end on one my systems. There are three broad options to choose from: a) buy the system. Tesla has given me a price about $2,500 for a 2.5 kW system. I get to own the system as-is. It stays in the Tesla app, everything is the same except no...
  42. arnolddeleon

    Wiki Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    With static fire the booster doesn't leave stand (that's the plan anyway). With an actual launch the booster leaves so the impact on the stand is likely less.
  43. arnolddeleon

    Questions on Tesla Solar Inverter vs. Enphase Microinverters

    I would focus on $/kWh vs string/dc optimizer/micro inverter
  44. arnolddeleon

    Is "Project Solar" the cheapest solar out there? Are they any good?

    I had promised photos and here are some: https://photos.app.goo.gl/RsCc9P4GFnnVejR97 I'm amused by the stickers not quite matching up to reality. In this case the "DC Combiner" sticker doesn't apply, that's actually the AC Combiner (I eventually removed the sticker since it annoyed me). The...
  45. arnolddeleon

    Is "Project Solar" the cheapest solar out there? Are they any good?

    I recommended Project Solar to some friends and I did the supervision of that install. They had a different contracted installer than I did. The results were very similar. Project Solar's installation partners seem pretty good. The designers somehow missed some skylights in the layout and...
  46. arnolddeleon

    FSD Beta v11.x

    I've had several pretty darn good drives with 11.4.4 recently. I don't know if it's just the randomness or improved map data. I recall that someone claimed that the car "remembers" maps from drives. That is, it will build a map from vision and remember it for a period of time, and it will use...
  47. arnolddeleon

    Tesla Powerwall 2 and PV System install with Solar Ready Load Center...Advice needed...

    I believe the IQ8 can respond to the frequency shift for curtailing their production so it should work with the single Powerwall. I'm not sure what the objection is with the Powerwall. Based on the comment about derating the panel (which I take to mean install a smaller main breaker) then...
  48. arnolddeleon

    Enphase Bi-Directional Charger

    Demo of Enphase bi-directional charger. As already mentioned, CHAdeMO is relatively easy since a shipping car actually supports it (Nissan LEAF). CCS will require a firmware update from the car maker. I would think that it would be possible for all Tesla to support this. They just don't need...
  49. arnolddeleon

    Utility limit is 10 kW AC for net metering, delete one inverter?

    Doing some quick arithmetic after looking at Georgia power rates, it looks like you "gave away" about $125 to your utility in the example that you provided. I suspect going forward it won't be that bad given your awareness and actions you are already taking. So, I'm guessing worst case, you...