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  1. pedriscoll

    Time to pull the trigger and buy a Model S. Help me understand the pricing though please.

    You won’t regret getting the LR. I have a 2018 100D and I have smoked everyone who has challenged me at a stoplight. The only thing your LR won’t beat is a McClaren or Lamborghini. Not many of those in my neck of the woods.
  2. pedriscoll

    Why is the Model S so expensive compared to Model 3...

    I bought my first S in 2015. Placed a deposit for a 3 on the first day I could. When it came time to order in 2018, I took a test drive in a 3. A 30 minute test drive convinced me that the S is a far superior car. Smoother, faster, longer range, and much better cargo capacity. I cancelled the...
  3. pedriscoll

    We Are Considering the Purchase of a Used Model S

    It really depends on what you are looking for. The Model S is roomier and heavier than the 3. It handles well in the snow. I have an AWD and most Model S cars built after 2015 are AWD, but you could get by with a RWD. All Model S cars after the original 60’s are supercharger enabled, but only a...
  4. pedriscoll

    Poll: Is FSD Worth the Cost?

    I purchased EAP for my Model S in 2018, after having AP1 in my first S. NOA is a novelty feature to me. I hardly ever use it because I frequently don’t agree with its lane change choices. Auto lane change, auto steering, and TACC I use every day. Smart Summon is useless. So for me $4000 for...
  5. pedriscoll

    Premium connectivity

    It is clear that Tesla did a poor job of communicating how they were going to deal with connectivity. When I purchased my first Model S in 2015, I was told that free connectivity would likely be limited to a year. This was a verbal communication from sales. However it continued for as long as I...
  6. pedriscoll

    Back to the old ping pong days?

    I also have noted the ping ponging since 40.2. I am now on 40.50.1 and still have the behavior. I do like the more aggressive lane change, though. Will try the full power down reboot and see it it helps.
  7. pedriscoll

    Help latest update is stuck

    I would call Tesla service to report the issue and get advice.
  8. pedriscoll

    Model S door handle won't present

    Mine was $140 out of warranty for a failed paddle gear. This was about 2 years ago.
  9. pedriscoll

    Great service experience

    Since we have so many posts about Tesla’s deteriorating service, I thought I would post about a a good encounter. I scheduled through the app and received a confirmatory text within 1 hour. I set up an appointment to fix the front end rattle with hard acceleration issue and yellow MCU screen...
  10. pedriscoll

    Autopilot issues common?

    No, that is not normal. While there is a problem with phantom breaking, it certainly should not occur from a vehicle 400 feet in front of you. I sometimes experience it when a semi is in the lane next to me and drifts close to the edge of it’s lane. I also have thankfully rare spontaneous...
  11. pedriscoll

    Another Sudden Acceleration

    I don’t think you were jamming on the brakes while parking. I really think your situation was the same as mine. Pulling lowly into the parking space on with foot mistakenly over accelerator. I lightly pressed on the pedal to stop the car. However, since it was the accelerator the car lurched...
  12. pedriscoll

    Another Sudden Acceleration

    Sorry, but I just don’t buy your story. If your foot was lightly on the brake, and the car accelerated your natural reaction would be to mash on the brake, which would have stopped the car before hitting the wall. If however you were using one pedal driving and your foot was slightly touching...
  13. pedriscoll

    New Owner, slightly confused

    I purchased a February 2018 build 100D inventory car in September. It has EAP with NOA included.
  14. pedriscoll

    Trade In Current Car?

    A car purchase is never a good investment. I replaced a 3 year old Toyota Camry with my first Model S. Terrible choice financially but I don’t regret it for a second. The Model S is a quantum leap above a Camry or an Accord in almost all aspects. I later traded in the first S (85-D) at 3 years...
  15. pedriscoll

    "Demo" car not eligible for referral credit?

    Yes, I also bought a demo inventory car last September, and was able to refer to myself for free supercharging.
  16. pedriscoll


    Personally I Have found autopark to be useless. It is very hit or miss in recognizing parallel parking spots. For perpendicular parking I can back in much faster on my own. However, when it does work, it would likely help you avoid curb rash.
  17. pedriscoll

    Is this gen 1 or gen 2 seats?

    I never had Gen 1 seats, but did have the next gen in my 2015 85D. It was a $2500 option. The next gens were very comfortable, My current 2018 100 D seats are even better.
  18. pedriscoll

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    Installed 19.8.5 over the weekend. Today was my first opportunity to try NOA without confirmation. I was favorably impressed. The lane changes made sense, the wheel vibration is a good notification so I was not startled by the lane changes. No phantom braking on my 50 mile round trip commute...
  19. pedriscoll

    Software Update 2019.8.x

    You may want to have a Service Center check you camera alignment. With exaggerated phantom braking and leaving the lane, something is not working correctly.
  20. pedriscoll

    Gurgling bubbling sounds from my 85D

    I noted this the entire 3 years I had my 2015 85 D. I always thought it was normal and remember hearing it in my previous Camry Hybrid. So far have not heard it in my 2018 100 D, but bought that the end of September and haven’t used the A/C much since then here in Indiana.
  21. pedriscoll

    New P3D vs Demo P100D

    At that price you can’t go wrong with the P100D. I had a 2015 85 D and had planned on trading in on a Model 3P. After driving the the P3, I didn’t want to give up the room and more luxurious feel and ride of the S. I ended up trading the 85 D for an inventory 2018 100 D with about 7000 miles on...
  22. pedriscoll

    Model s sentry mode

    Just updated to 2019.8.3 this afternoon. Sentry mode is there.
  23. pedriscoll

    In-car browser to get updated to Chromium!!

    I use it for Tesla Waze as well. In my current MCU2 car it works most of the time. In my previous MCU1, it was essentially worthless.
  24. pedriscoll

    The new fantasy sales framework will fail

    I bought both of my Model S Tesla’s online. It was nice to be able to see the car at a Tesla store, but as long as service centers can arrange test drives, I think the online ordering will work just fine.
  25. pedriscoll

    Anyone filed taxes for the $7500 tax credit yet?

    I filed with TurboTax today. Full Credit was entered.
  26. pedriscoll

    Used NADA Value for Tesla Model S 2016 with AP2

    Well if he has other offers and you want the car then the NADA valuation is irrelevant. The value is whatever someone is willing to pay.
  27. pedriscoll

    Rear view camera malfunction

    Ever since the last 2 updates (currently on 49.20) my rear view camera display frequently goes blank. Rebooting the MCU always fixes it but I am now having to do this on a daily basis. Anyone else experiencing this?
  28. pedriscoll

    Just bought used 2016.5 MS = when take it in to shop?

    No, the annual vehicle inspection/service visit are not free. They are recommended but not required either annually or every 12,000 miles. If it has not had any prior service visits you would likely want to do the 24,000 or 36,000 mile service visits. The service center can give you the current...
  29. pedriscoll

    Help! 100D vs P100D

    Really, it depends on what you are looking for. If you want the blinding speed of the P100D, then go for it. That is a great deal for a car with 6000 miles on it. However, with the 100D you get AP 2.5, 1 more year on the battery warranty, and greater range. My 100D is plenty fast enough for me...
  30. pedriscoll

    Hardware or software issue on backup camera?

    Yes I have this same issue almost on a daily basis. Rebooting solves it. Hope they fix it soon.
  31. pedriscoll

    Need Help - MBA project

  32. pedriscoll

    Is There a Difference Between Early 2015 and Late 2015 85D?

    I recently traded in a May 2015 build 85D. It had the Tech package and LTE.
  33. pedriscoll

    PO 75D differences

    Not to be a stickler, but there is no P75D model.
  34. pedriscoll

    Help me buy my first Telsa!

    I would agree with looking at a 100D. I traded in my 85D for a 100D a few months ago. Unless you just must have that extra acceleration that the P version provides, save your money. The 100D can snap your neck back on a launch nearly as much as the P100D.
  35. pedriscoll

    How many Model S owners are moving to Model 3 (and why?)

    I was planning to switch from a 2015 85D to a Model 3. After I test drove the 3 I changed my mind and traded in my 85D for a 100D. The Model 3 is a sporty, nimble car, but I just like the big car feel of the S. I also prefer the IC display in addition to the large touchscreen. If I had never...
  36. pedriscoll

    Instrument Panel Display/Child Seat

    If you are using the seat belt to attach the car seat, it should be connecting into the buckle and not triggering the alert. I was assuming you were attaching the car seat’s anchor strap to the built in rear seat anchors of the car itself.
  37. pedriscoll

    Instrument Panel Display/Child Seat

    Connecting the seat belt behind or under the child seat should work
  38. pedriscoll

    Diesel owner looking to convert

    You should be able to get an 85D with AP1 for $50k or less. With home charging your 100 mile commute should be no problem. I drove a 2015 85D for 3 years with a 50 mile daily commute and frequent 100 mile drives with no difficulty. I traded it in for a 2018 100D to get AP 2.5 and more range. I...
  39. pedriscoll

    Clearbra/Wrap = No AP guarantee

    I have had a clear wrap on both my 2015 85D AP1 model S and my current 2018 100D AP2.5 model S without any issues at all relating to autopilot.
  40. pedriscoll

    Looking to join the Tesla community and have a few questions

    I traded in my 2015 85D with 61,000 miles on it in September for an inventory 2018 100D to get the AP 2.5 and MCU 2 hardware, as well as the higher range. I loved my 85D though, and think you would be pleased with any of the 3 you are looking at. Pricing in the mid 40’s seems reasonable for...
  41. pedriscoll

    CPO Autopilot w/ Convenience Features NOT Activated

    I think you can escalate this yourself through your Tesla account. I don’t understand at all why this has not been fixed already.
  42. pedriscoll

    Can Lone Passenger Listen To Radio?

    If the passenger just touches the MCU screen the audio system and climate control will remain on.
  43. pedriscoll

    Mouse in the car

    No mice in my Tesla, but I once had a mouse in my Chevy Celebrity 30 years age. Put a mousetrap in the trunk Baird with peanut butter. Caught him in 24 hours. Since I then lived in the UP of Michigan he was frozen solid.
  44. pedriscoll

    please honest opinion only

    My 2015 Model S 85D was every bit as reliable as my prior Toyota Camry for the 3 years I owned it. I recently replaced it with a 2018 100D to get longer range and the newer AP 2.5 hardware. It has been rock solid as well.
  45. pedriscoll

    MS 75D delivery in 10 days, getting cold feet...

    I am on my second Model S. The first, an 85 D had coil suspension and would bottom out on occasion. My current 100 D has the air suspension and the ride is noticeably smoother, and I never bottom out. You will love the car. I have loved both of my babies. I plan on keeping the “Aluminum Falcon...
  46. pedriscoll

    Anyone seeing internet connection issue (N. California, USA)

    While this has not happened very often to me, when it has I just use my phone as a wi-fi hot spot. Then everything will work as long as I have cellular coverage.
  47. pedriscoll

    Model S P100D mph charging rate with the included 32 amp cable

    I recently traded in a 2015 85D for a 2018 100D. The 85D with the old UMC would charge at 29-30 mph on a 50 amp circuit. The 100 D with he new 32 amp UMC charges at 23 mph.
  48. pedriscoll

    2015 seats

    I really liked the Next Gen seats in my 2015 85D. However the Gen 4 seats in my 2018 100D are even more comfortable.
  49. pedriscoll

    Slow leak in tire... do I take it anywhere?

    For the tire repair you should be able to take it to any tire shop that knows how to properly jack a Tesla. You can print out the jacking section of the owner’s manual for them if you wish. I had 2 occasions when I had slow leaks due to a nail. My local Tire Barn was able to repair both. As...