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    Supercharger - Ypsilanti, MI

    That sounds like a very unlikely location for a Supercharger. Most likely it is a destination charger and whoever you talked to was confused.
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    Supercharger - Northville, MI

    I saw a Model Y there today at lunch that might have been Tesla testing the Supercharger. Most of the fence was still up though.
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    Supercharger - Detroit, MI

    Makes sense that it's another Meijer location. I had assumed it would be downtown but L2 charging is good enough there.
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    White Interior with Figured Ash Wood!!! 😁

    To me, having brown wood with a black & white interior looks out of place. I would not be thrilled with being forced into this combination if I were buying a new Model X since that's all that is offered on the refresh. I love the matte obeche in my Model X and it's a shame Tesla ever...
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    Grand Rapids MI sales and service

    I find it interesting that Tesla's website identifies this only as a Store, rather than a Gallery or Service Center like Clarkston.
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    Creaking/Squeaking control arm ball joint fix

    I took my Model X in for the steering bolt recall and it came back with a squeak like the one you're describing. Never had any issue prior to this service visit. Does it make sense for the two to be related? I'm green when it comes to anything mechanical with the car.
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    Which wood is this?

    There is metal trim on the rim of the cupholders and the handle on the console door. Even though it's graphite, you could probably get away with it since they are small pieces.
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    Which wood is this?

    The wood colors match up with seat color as follows: Linear Dark Ash -> White Figured Ash Burl -> Black Oak -> Cream The switchover to Graphite trim occurred in Spring 2018, at the same time Oak/Cream was introduced. The items labeled Graphite are for cars built since then. Previous builds...
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    Michigan Attempt to Again Ban Tesla

    This legislation is dead for now. It would have to be reintroduced with the new session and start the process over again. Luckily the bill's sponsor is no longer in office so hopefully it does not come up.
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    Tesla Model X is featured in HBO MAX movie Superintelligence.

    The driving parts were obviously staged, but overall the movie did a great job showing off actual features of the Model X. It did bug me a bit that the dashboard display was always the Car Off view, and the center display had the older style menu bar.
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    Michigan UP

    That refers to a targeted opening year, not the store Target. Of course, this year is completely unrealistic given the lack of activity thus far.
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    Supercharger - Northville, MI

    There hasn't been ANY new Supercharger construction started in Michigan this year. All they've done is finish up sites that were started last year.
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    New Michigan Bill Lets Tesla Stay, Keeps Others Out

    As a reservation holder, I received an email from Rivian today informing me about new legislation going through the Michigan House of Representatives. This is House Bill 6233. At first it sounded like it was just trying to close all the loopholes that Tesla used in their settlement with the...
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    Tesla Issues Recall for Model X Steering Issue

    I received the recall notice email last week. I haven't had any issues and it doesn't sound that serious, but I will certainly look to have it fixed.
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    Heated Steering Wheel?

    Not having a heated steering wheel is a deal breaker for me. I never had one before the Model X, and now I wouldn't give it up. I suffer from cold hands and the heated wheel is the most effective way I've found to warm them up.
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    White interior getting dirty?

    I've had white seats for nearly 4 years, and they still look as good as the day I took delivery. No dogs or kids though, so your mileage may vary.
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    Tesla Reaches Settlement With Michigan Over Ban Blocking Sales

    The full terms of the settlement are available: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/ag/Joint_Stipulation_and_Motion_for_Entry_of_Dismissal_1-22-20_679161_7.pdf There are a couple hoops they have to jump through but they should be transparent to the consumer. The service work has to be performed...
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    Supercharger - Sault Ste. Marie, MI

    There was never a pin on the Michigan side of the border on Tesla's map. They have only listed the Canadian site. You may be thinking of the supercharge.info map that has shown this permit for some time.
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    Mach-E and Texas Rebates

    The Ford Fusion Energi is the only eligible model currently for sale and it's on pace to sell less than 8,000 units this year.
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    Seatbelt nag chime longer

    I'm having the same issue with a 2016 X. I wonder if it's a bug that only affects certain models. Clearly the car should not issue a seat belt warning when you are in park and about to get out of the car, since the car does not actually turn off until you unbuckle and get out of the seat. The...
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    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - O’Hare International Airport

    Most airports don't understand charging and throw up L2 charging stations without thinking about how they are used. Having a L2 charging station in a cell waiting lot does no good because you can only gain 5-10 miles of range in the time you spend waiting - it needs to be L3. Likewise, having...
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    Cybertruck: where does the rear glass go?

    If you watch the test ride videos, you can clearly see that it is a camera-fed LCD.
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    Mach-E: Ford Mustang Inspired EV

    You are confusing Ford with GM. Ford originally planned to build the Mach-E at Flat Rock next to the conventional Mustang, but shifted plans to Mexico around the time they decided to stop making sedans. It's going into the former Fiesta plant.
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    Mach E: Your Reservation does not guarantee a set price for the Vehicle

    Another crazy thing with the reservation fee is it doesn't even apply towards your purchase of the vehicle. Instead, it gets refunded to you once you place your actual order. So, whether you decide to order or not, you'll eventually get the reservation fee refunded. The whole scheme is set up...
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    Is there anything on the Mach-E that you liked BETTER than your Tesla?

    I don't like Tesla's approach of designing their cars for a future of self driving at the expense of comfort and convenience today. This includes many of the features already mentioned such as heated steering wheel, 360 camera view, and dashboard display behind the steering wheel. The Mach-E...
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    Supercharger - Mackinaw City, MI

    The transformer is always the responsibility of the utility company, not Tesla.
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    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    The most likely spot for the Superchargers would be in the southeast corner of the lot closest to the gas station. It looks like there's a dirt strip there with plenty of room to support charging equipment.
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    Supercharger - Swartz Creek, MI

    Weather is not an issue. There are many Superchargers that have been built and opened during winter months.
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    Rivian Shows Off New Blue to Reservation Holders

    I'm not sure how you compute that. If you take a Model X (the closest comparable model to what Rivian has) with a 100kWh battery at 325 miles and add 80%, that's only 585 miles. Rivian is also clearly sacrificing some aerodynamics for utility. I feel if anything their range estimates are...
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    X: What's your 90%?

    My 90D is just shy of 35k miles and I'm getting 215 miles at 90%.
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    cleaning white seats

    I've had the white seats for over 3 years with no tearing or discoloration. This past weekend I cleaned them for the first time using Armor All no shine interior wipes, and the little bit of dirt and grime on them came off easily. I've never had issues with denim transfer, but only wear jeans...
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    Blog Rivian Raises $350M from Cox Automotive

    Rivian is making progress on the car building side. Their factory has completed an initial batch of pre-production models, two of which are currently making their way from Argentina to L.A.
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    Model Y price outdated

    I wouldn't be surprised to see pre-production models coming off the line by Q1 2020 for testing and validation, but true production models would still be several months down the road.
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    Model Y price outdated

    I'm not sure how requesting a permit to install a new assembly line constitutes entering production this year. It merely shows they are moving forward on schedule towards production next year.
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    BMW i3: Good for City, Bad for Highways?

    I just thought of a good comparison. Imagine you are driving in a crosswind only it's like that all the time.
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    BMW i3: Good for City, Bad for Highways?

    I drove an i3 for a year prior to my Model X, and would agree that it was not enjoyable to drive on the highway. It's pretty much what you would expect from a small car with skinny tires - constant attention to the wheel and course corrections. It was great on surface streets and getting and...
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    Changing 2nd Row Seats to folders

    Frankly, replacing the second row is not a trivial matter. The mounting patterns and mechanics are totally different. While the 5 and 7 seat second rows both fold flat, only the 7 seat configuration has the ability to slide forward and back to allow access to the back row (on rails that are...
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    Ford announces wide EV lineup for 2020

    The new EV is Mustang-inspired, not Mustang-Based, and is a crossover. The Mustang itself will be Ford's sole car-sized vehicle going forward.
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    Rivian Hopes to Build Up To 40K Vehicles in First Year

    Model X only has 2 motors, not 4. However, the main answer to your question is that while Rivian has optimized aerodynamics compared to other pickup trucks, they have chosen a more conventional boxy shape that is not as aerodynamic as Tesla's designs.
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    Model Y price outdated

    There is virtually 0 chance of Model Y production this year. Any such rumors are just overly optimistic people. Tesla has a track record of underestimating timelines, so if they say 2020 use that as a best case scenario.
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    No Heat Icon, Only Cool For Seats

    Note that I have a 2016 Model X with the original ventilated seats, but as far as I can remember the button has worked as it currently does since the UI change that removed the separate buttons for heating and cooling. Heat is the default function, and you press the button labeled COOL if you...
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    TMC Groups extended outage?

    They appear to be down again, as all Group links produce a page not found error.
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    Supercharger - Hudsonville, MI

    It's a common compromise to the property owners so as not to reserve too many spots for Tesla use only. The 30 minute parking spots are open to anyone, Tesla or not, charging or not. If done correctly, each charging cabinet should be split between one Charging Only spot and one 30 minute spot.
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    Gonna get my X Autoflexed - Prodipper NYC!!

    If I was going to the trouble to change the color of my X, I would pick a color Tesla doesn't offer rather than one that closely resembles stock.
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    Electric Pickup Roundup: Musk Says Tesla Truck 'Not Like Anything Else'

    I don't see how the light strip would be an effective forward projecting headlamp. Even Rivian, with a much thicker light strip, still has separate projection headlamp assemblies. The teaser doesn't include anything of the sort.
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    Supercharger - Swartz Creek, MI

    I would expect all new installations from this point forward to be V3 or urban, and this location does not constitute urban.
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    Model Year

    With Tesla, the model year is the year it was built. The only exceptions are early Model Xs that were all built as 2016s, or possibly some built in late December if they switch the year over early.
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    Rivian Automotive

    I don't see a need for Rivian to deviate from their methodical approach. I think they'd be hard pressed to enter production in under the 18-20 months that they currently have planned. Unless Rivian has unforeseen delays (which wouldn't be unexpected given Tesla's track record), no unannounced...
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    Rivian Automotive

    Rivian hosted an event at a local (Detroit area) climbing gym including an appearance by Alex Honnold. They sent invitations to preorder holders 2 days before, but it was also open to the public. It was very well attended.
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    Rivian Automotive

    I was able to see the R1T in person last night and was very impressed by the style and attention to detail. The scale felt appropriate for a truck and the light didn't seem as strange as they look in the photos. I have a reservation for the R1S, but could still be swayed to the R1T.