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  1. MorrisonHiker

    Model S Refresh: Homelink multiple signals?

    We had to replace the control panel on one of our 8500 LiftMasters. There's a slight revision in the model from the previous control panel but we were able to replace all three of them for free under warranty. We only installed one right away (to replace the one that stopped working). The 2022...
  2. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Northglenn, CO

    We stopped by today to test out the Magic Dock and had no problem charging in an Audi e-tron Q8. There was a little nervousness when we couldn't unplug at the end but once charging stopped, we were able to stick a finger in and push the pin to unlatch.
  3. MorrisonHiker

    A Lot of 1 minute outages?

    I forget the exact variable, but there's a setting that can be made to allow for higher fluctuations in the grid frequency, amps, etc. Perhaps they changed the values for your system. If whatever is causing the frequency, voltage or amps to fluctuate has gotten worse, then possible the changes...
  4. MorrisonHiker

    A Lot of 1 minute outages?

    Yes, we had a problem with a lot of short outages. I don't remember the exact amount but it was something like 800+, sometimes with 30 separate 1 to 5 minute outages per day at one time. Our neighborhood had one transformer for five houses and it wasn't sufficient. They finally put in a new...
  5. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Gypsum, CO - Public and Service Center Supercharger locations

    I don't know if it is open yet, but Hertz by DIA will have its own private Supercharger location. Also, I've heard of Superchargers in Canada and the Netherlands which were only available to private taxi fleets.
  6. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Lakewood, CO (Colorado Mills)

    We probably won't see Magic Dock at the Lakewood Supercharger any time soon since the Electrify America stations are just a few parking spots away and this Supercharger location is often very busy.
  7. MorrisonHiker

    Surprised not to see a discussion thread about the brand new Energy screens / Charts in Tesla app [7.15.2023]

    This is how most of us felt years ago when they threw out the old graphs and replaced them with graphs that were totally useless for us. We were no longer able to see trends that we'd tracked for years. While there are still a few bugs with the updated graphs, we're grateful they give us back...
  8. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Centennial, CO

    The Supercharger voting map does show Lakewood as a possibility. In the past the pin was centered by the city name so it's interesting to see this one located on South Wadsworth, relatively close to Southwest Plaza on the map.
  9. MorrisonHiker

    Surprised not to see a discussion thread about the brand new Energy screens / Charts in Tesla app [7.15.2023]

    We do see data errors where some months of solar generation are missing.
  10. MorrisonHiker

    Surprised not to see a discussion thread about the brand new Energy screens / Charts in Tesla app [7.15.2023]

    Yes, it's nice to see they are somewhat similar to the graphs that went away years ago. You could see so much information all at once. OMG! They finally added a date picker so you can instantly jump to a date in the past. We've been waiting for this functionality for years!
  11. MorrisonHiker

    Upgrade from Model Y to Model X

    Some years of the Model X have cooled seats. We enjoy having them in our 2022 Model X.
  12. MorrisonHiker

    TMC Website Tutorial

    I don't remember the exact number, but new members need to post 5 to 10 public messages before they are allowed to send direct messages to other members.
  13. MorrisonHiker

    GM announces use of NACS

    Even if they brought some limited form of free Supercharging, it would be great. At one time, Tesla offered 400 kWh free per year for life. It would be nice if they brought something like that back as it would help with a few road trips that we take every year. We do still have unlimited free...
  14. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Nanaimo, BC

    @Big Earl @corywright @Chuq I see it shows up in the app with 12 of 12 stalls available.
  15. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Denver, CO - 5940 Tower Road

    @Chuq @Big Earl @corywright It just showed up in the app for me but shows as 0 of 16 stalls available currently. Must be Hertz. 😉
  16. MorrisonHiker

    Is the “Vehicle Only Spotify Account” included with premium connectivity in Canada?

    Spotify requires a subscription but if you have Premium Connectivity, you can listen to Tesla's streaming music service.
  17. MorrisonHiker

    Model S refresh, how do I know?

    If you have the VIN, you can also use it to determine if it's a refresh or not.
  18. MorrisonHiker

    How do I get replacement doors for my Model Y?

    Have you tried just ordering the parts yourself from the parts department at your local Tesla Service Center? We've been able to buy most things there. Alternatively, if you can provide the part numbers, we could look them up and see how much they would cost from Tesla.
  19. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Russell, KS

    I checked the app twice today. The first time, it wasn't showing up at all but now it's there with 8 stalls available.
  20. MorrisonHiker

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    It looks like there's a server issue as a @Bull and I both tried uploading but we get a server issue error message. I'll report the issue to @danny
  21. MorrisonHiker

    2023 Model X Plaid vs. Long Range, that is the question...

    For those who upgraded to a Plaid but are interested in the wood decor trim, we have a a complete set available for less than what it would cost to purchase directly from Tesla. PM if you are interested.
  22. MorrisonHiker

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    You might need 4.21.5-1749. We have that version of the app and can view tire pressure readings on our 2017 S 100D and our 2022 and 2023 vehicles.
  23. MorrisonHiker

    Should have purchased a CCS adaptor before the road trip

    Is there any reason you never went below 40%? Most experienced Tesla drivers probably aim for 10% to 20% when arriving at the next Supercharger (or even down to 5% for those with lots of experience). The lower state of charge will allow the battery to Supercharge much faster and you can possibly...
  24. MorrisonHiker

    2022 Tesla Model S with Carbon Fiber Trim, Black and White Interior - 7800 miles - Title in hand

    Sorry, but we sold the Plaid with wood trim back in early 2022 IIRC! Luckily we sold it before Tesla dropped the price.
  25. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger Ice-ing in Butte, Montana

    While in Lusk, Wyoming on Saturday, we saw something similar where one ICE SUV was blocking two of the four Tesla stalls. While there were close to 50 empty non-Tesla parking spots available in the parking lot, they chose to park there and block two stalls. We got out and the driver mentioned he...
  26. MorrisonHiker

    TMC Website Tutorial

    Click on the Report link at the bottom of the post. If you are on mobile and don't see the report link, rotate your mobile device. Once you've clicked the Report link, enter a message explaining the issue and a moderator can delete the duplicate post for you.
  27. MorrisonHiker

    Is level 1 charging a viable long-term option?

    You'd also need the 5-20 adapter for the Tesla mobile connector.
  28. MorrisonHiker

    No longer WTB - Model S/X Autopilot 3.0 FSD computer ECU

    It looks like we have the liquid cooled Model 3/Model Y version instead of the air cooled version.
  29. MorrisonHiker

    Man fatally shot during altercation at Tesla charging station

    The news reported police found two guns at the scene. (30 seconds into the 37 second video) https://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/edgewater-shooting/73-64fc3f3e-4320-4253-b0b3-8a68cd63ff7e
  30. MorrisonHiker

    Man fatally shot during altercation at Tesla charging station

    It was at a fairly new v3 Supercharger, so no charge splitting at this location. The news reported two guns were found at the scene but we don't know yet who they belonged to.
  31. MorrisonHiker

    No longer WTB - Model S/X Autopilot 3.0 FSD computer ECU

    I'll check to see which version we have. We got it a couple years back for a project but then ended up never using it.
  32. MorrisonHiker

    I retrofit MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD Computer into my HW2.0 Car

    Sorry, he just has the hardware available and can't help with that.
  33. MorrisonHiker

    I retrofit MCU2, IC2, Tuner2, and FSD Computer into my HW2.0 Car

    I know someone with an FSD computer (HW3) available for sale if you are interested.
  34. MorrisonHiker

    Man fatally shot during altercation at Tesla charging station

    One news station did report that the shooter used pepper spray before firing at the victim twice. One bullet hit the victim. I don't think his name has been released yet. We don't know for certain yet if the victim's car was the older Silver Model S or one of the many other vehicles charging at...
  35. MorrisonHiker

    Man fatally shot during altercation at Tesla charging station

    Here are a couple more links covering the story: https://www.cbsnews.com/colorado/news/tesla-charging-station-shooting-edgewater-dead-jefferson-county-denver/ https://www.9news.com/article/news/crime/edgewater-shooting/73-64fc3f3e-4320-4253-b0b3-8a68cd63ff7e
  36. MorrisonHiker

    The beginning of the end of free Supercharging ?

    If people sell their cars once they are out of warranty, FUSC will still be tied to the car and will still work for the new owner, assuming the sale is private party.
  37. MorrisonHiker

    Price Check - Used Model S 100D

    We've been able to hit 187 kW on our 2017 S100D under ideal circumstances.
  38. MorrisonHiker

    FS Tesla Mobile Charger Connector Joplin MO 64804

    You might want to list the J1772 adapter separately since it isn't part of the mobile connector (and doesn't connect to it in any way). Some buyers might only be interested in the J1772 connector by itself.
  39. MorrisonHiker

    2016 Model S Unlimited Supercharging Removed

    If you didn't buy it directly from the original owner, then there's a good chance you won't be able to get the free Supercharging back.
  40. MorrisonHiker

    Tesla App 4.20.69-1691

    I got the update and tried it out. It's better than nothing but I was hoping for something that was more customizable. Tesla's planner only appears to let me set the starting battery level. On an example route, it wants me to charge a hundred miles earlier than I usually do. I'll probably just...
  41. MorrisonHiker

    Tesla Hijacked during high speed car chase

    IIRC, the gunman also couldn't figure out how to use the door handle fast enough. 🤣
  42. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Colorado Springs, CO - Forest Bluffs

    We stopped here for a charge last weekend. While the app shows all 16 stalls are available, some of the stalls are still blocked by construction fencing. The 8 stalls on the west are placed close to each other and have charging on either side (so 4 spots on one side and 4 on the other). With the...
  43. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger Pricing Map?

    Originally, Tesla's pricing was per state so it was pretty easy to track, even if someone had to update things manually. Now that the price can vary multiple times per day per supercharger, it's nearly impossible to track without direct access to Tesla's APIs.
  44. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger Pricing Map?

    At one time, ABRP would scrape the pricing data from Tesla's website. I haven't checked recently to see if they've updated it to pull from the Tesla app APIs.
  45. MorrisonHiker

    2023 Model X Plaid vs. Long Range, that is the question...

    You could always buy the wheels separately and get covers for the brake calipers but then you might end up spending We put OEM carbon fiber in both out 2022 Model S and out 2022 Model X. For the S, we actually swapped the trim from a Plaid S. We had no problems ordering the trim for the X.
  46. MorrisonHiker

    2023 Model X Plaid vs. Long Range, that is the question...

    When we got our LR 2022 X, the price difference between the LR and Plaid was $20k IIRC. I believe there's still a $20k difference between the LR and Plaid Model S. We opted to buy and install the carbon fiber trim ourselves and that alone cost us over $1500. If the price difference is really...