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  1. ucmndd

    Replace Gen3 onboard 48A charger with 72A

    I assume there's a variable in the gateway file that needs to be changed in Toolbox. For a hot minute after the refresh in 2016 they software limited the speed and installed 72 amp units in every car.
  2. ucmndd

    M3 Wheel fit

    You should ask in the Model 3 forum. 💡 The Model 3 bolt pattern is 5 x 114.3.
  3. ucmndd

    Electric car costs

    I can't find any reliable numbers but I doubt the median is substantially different than the mean in this case. 500k sounds like "a lot" until you consider that 17+ million cars are sold in the US every year. Again, this just isn't true. With the tax credit a Chevy Bolt can be had for under...
  4. ucmndd

    Is this Lease a good deal?

    It’s often FAR less expensive to lease a German luxury car for 3 years than it is to purchase it, because they’ve built an entire business model around leases with artificially inflated residual values. Step 1: Write a lease with an unrealistically high residual value, which lowers the monthly...
  5. ucmndd

    Model 3 RWD Purchased November 2023

    Short trips in the cold are basically the worst case for efficiency. Its the same in ICE cars, you’ve just never bothered to notice. There are countless studies that all show EVs are far more sustainable and produce far fewer emissions over their lifetime, even with the dirtiest grids. That...
  6. ucmndd

    Electric car costs

    But almost anyone buying a new car in the US can. The average new car transaction price in the US was $48,000 in September. A new Model 3 can be had for under $30k. Even a new Model Y can easily be had for well under the average. “They’re too expensive” is just not a particularly valid...
  7. ucmndd

    battery drain airport parking

    That’s a very high estimate and doesn’t match anything I’ve ever seen in 7+ years. I’ve left my car for many weeks at a time and lost maybe 5% max in normal circumstances.
  8. ucmndd

    Enable matrix headlights

    The modules I was referencing enable existing functionality already programmed in but disabled in our region. To my knowledge there's no software present on Tesla cars at all yet to enable this functionality, in any region, so there's no hack to enabling it.
  9. ucmndd

    Sentry Mode not draining the battery?

    Almost completely negligible compared to the consumption associated with keeping the car "on" continuously.
  10. ucmndd

    Tesla insurance investigation

    I would never, ever, trust Tesla with a service as important as insurance.
  11. ucmndd

    Model Y....should I wait for 2024?

    2170 and very likely will be for many more years.
  12. ucmndd

    Sentry Mode not draining the battery?

    Number of alerts has essentially zero impact on power consumption.
  13. ucmndd

    Model 3 RWD Purchased November 2023

    Your car has a baseline consumption when not sleeping of about 300 watts. So if you’re charging at 1000 watts, about 30% of the energy you’re consuming is wasted. Very inefficient.
  14. ucmndd

    tesla v4 super charging station

    There isn’t one.
  15. ucmndd

    500 mile range? LOL

    😘 CT reservation holders 😂
  16. ucmndd

    500 mile range? LOL

    There was never any way to take this cosplay “truck” seriously, no matter the completely made up specs. This is a Bro Dozer toy for Silicon Valley nerds and always will be - just like Lord Elon himself. Nobody is buying this thing for real work… just a super-odd way to flex while towing your...
  17. ucmndd

    Software updates

    So what are you confused about? Sounds like you’re up to date.
  18. ucmndd

    Battery life span

    My 2016 Model S had 280,000km when I sold it and was going strong. Drive on.
  19. ucmndd

    Can someone confirm that this car has FSD?

    Heh, that’s super weird because the car is running firmware 2023.20, which was clearly released after January.
  20. ucmndd

    Does anyone drove after expired temporary plates ?

    Email [email protected] explaining your situation, damages, and what you expect as a remedy. They will probably ignore you. After that your next step is most likely small claims court if you want compensation.
  21. ucmndd

    6 months Free Supercharging: What is "excessive?"

    Nobody knows, so nobody here can tell you.
  22. ucmndd

    Are all new inventory Y with HW4?

    It’s been safe to assume that for over 6 months. Inventory discounts are to drive sales. They keep certain configs in certain regions at certain discounts, but only a few of them. When someone buys that model with $2500 off, one of the same configs with $500 off will be discounted more to take...
  23. ucmndd

    battery drain airport parking

    Honestly it’s really just turn off sentry as cabin overheat is only active for 12 hours anyway. Shortest tutorial ever. “Turn off sentry mode.”
  24. ucmndd

    Model 3 RWD Purchased November 2023

    You’ll find that a properly installed 14-50 and purchasing the mobile connector is only marginally less expensive than a Wall Connector. I would not install 14-50s in 2023. Especially not with the cheap Leviton receptacles you’re going to find at Home Depot that like to melt.
  25. ucmndd

    Vegan leather?

    There was a vegan at Thanksgiving this year and they were in charge of bringing the mashed potatoes. Mistakes were made.
  26. ucmndd

    Maximum battery charge level reduced - warranty about to expire

    All model S/X were like this until early 2020.
  27. ucmndd

    I need to talk to a Tesla Exec about a purchase problem

    There is no Tesla executive that cares the tiniest bit about your problem. You are correct that they have no interest in talking to you - it’s deliberate.
  28. ucmndd

    I want to go from my P100D to a plaid(new or used) but should I wait for 2024?

    Do you need the third row or have a fetish for ugly cars? If either, buy the X.
  29. ucmndd

    Help evaluating a 2014 MS 85 with 68k miles and advert says "free lifetime supercharge"

    Yes, you’re getting bad information from a sales person making $15 an hour that has probably been with the company for less than 6 weeks.
  30. ucmndd

    Maximum battery charge level reduced - warranty about to expire

    1) your battery has no capacity warranty, so the 70% thing is not relevant. That said it doesn’t matter because it looks like you’re getting a new one. 2) you don’t have anything to worry about regarding the warranty as the issue clearly happened within the warranty period, the car logs will...
  31. ucmndd

    Old Model S vs Newer Model 3

    I wouldn’t buy a 2012-2014 Model S at pretty much any price. Too much other expensive stuff to go wrong, even with a new battery. 2015-2016 with free supercharging might be a different consideration.
  32. ucmndd

    80 amp Home Charger?

    I could see a future scenario where home DC chargers become more common for situations where people really need or think they need 80-100 amp charging. Put the expensive conversion equipment on the wall instead of in every car when so few people need it.
  33. ucmndd

    Splitting Power Source

    Best case, you trip the breaker if you try charging both cars at the same time because you’re drawing more current than the circuit can provide. Worst case you melt something or cause a fire. If you want to charge two cars at the same time, you need two circuits.
  34. ucmndd

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    Better question: why would they NOT add the camera from the get-go if they indented to in the near future? The wire and camera itself are surely the least expensive and complex component of the entire system.
  35. ucmndd

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    Precisely. People have been squinting real hard and wishing every shadow into a camera for well over a year now.
  36. ucmndd

    Model S/X minor refresh coming soon?

    You’re seeing what you want to see.
  37. ucmndd

    Suspicious influx of Demo Model S/X in new inventory

    The S could probably go away tomorrow without much issue but Tesla needs a real 3-row SUV if they want to be taken seriously in the US market. The X needs to continue with a major redesign and simplification. The cybertruck is a cosplay joke and they’re going to sell through the people willing...
  38. ucmndd

    Suspicious influx of Demo Model S/X in new inventory

    Hard to say at this point, I don’t really know. What I’m saying is they’re showroom pieces. Not test drive units.
  39. ucmndd

    Suspicious influx of Demo Model S/X in new inventory

    Those aren’t demos and nobody’s gonna be driving them.
  40. ucmndd

    End of Year Quality

    Tesla quality is what it always has been - variable. There is no credible evidence to suggest that late quarter cars are somehow "worse". Just order what you want when you want it and hope for the best.
  41. ucmndd

    Model s 75 vs Model s P90D

    The Aug '17 and later S75s with the 4.3 0-60 are great. The earlier models limited to 5.5 sec 0-60 are fun too but a little pokey.
  42. ucmndd

    New Utah law and FUSC owners

    One of the largest variables affecting road wear is vehicle weight, so you could argue that they are indeed paying a proportional share.
  43. ucmndd

    Goodbye all; Good riddance Tesla

    I know you’re using this as an example of an easy and convenient UI, but hot damn, what year is it again? It’s been ages and ages since I’ve had to manually set the time in one of my cars. 😂
  44. ucmndd

    Mileage differences

    Can’t speak for most, but it’s what I do. It just doesn’t matter and removing the visual reminder of the inherent variance in guessing range is liberating.
  45. ucmndd

    Mileage differences

    There is no right number. Set your display to percentage and let it go. It doesn’t matter.
  46. ucmndd

    Mileage differences

    If it’s any consolation neither number is anywhere close to correct. It’s not worth worrying about, so don’t.
  47. ucmndd

    Unusually high longer term parked battery drain (post update?)

    I had this happen at the airport once, car was losing range at an unexpectedly high rate for no particular reason. Like you I came back to a completely frozen/dead MCU that needed the two button salute to bring back to life. I assumed at the time the MCU crashed/froze in a weird state and...
  48. ucmndd

    Why do Teslas make that sound?

    Yes. Every EV made in the last several years has it.
  49. ucmndd

    Tesla no longer uncorking vehicles?

    It did not.