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  1. CHG-ON

    MCU2 Upgrade Audio EQ Balancing - Coming From MCU1

    This is fantastic stuff! Thank you for all of this work. I currently have the MCU1 in my 2014 and am planning my upgrade. I have struggled with the EQ and came up with a profile that works for me currently. But it took forever to get to it. Your work will help me get a good starting point...
  2. CHG-ON

    Slacker Radio Not Finding Artist

    I had the same problem today. All I got was podcasts. I can't find any threads. Have you been able to solve it?
  3. CHG-ON

    Remote Climate control

    VisibleTesla Is an option for you. I haven't used it in some time or kept updated on it. But you can set daily schedules. Actually I find popping open the app on my phone and turning it on when I get ready to leave works well. The car warms and cools surprisingly quickly for me. But I'm...
  4. CHG-ON

    Wouldn't it be nice...

    Totally agree!
  5. CHG-ON

    I have an uncorked RWD S 75

    I thought only AWD's were uncorked. I have a P85+ RWD. Can I get uncorked too? Sounds a bit nasty, doesn't it?:cool:
  6. CHG-ON

    21" vs. 19" tires

    I can't get more than 10K on my staggered rears and 20+k on my fronts. They are much louder and have a firmer ride. But I just can'r bring myself to swap them for 19's. I absolutely love the look. Ahh, the price of beauty!
  7. CHG-ON

    P85+ Sportiest Model S?

    I love mine and am keeping it forever!
  8. CHG-ON

    Why is the fan turning on so often when parked/charging?

    It's common for the fan to run when ambient temps are high and/or charging. It needs to cool the batteries. Keeping the car at 105. That's overheat protection. I would doubt your garage is that hot a night, or ever, based on where you live. Kill Smart preconditioning. It's useless and could...
  9. CHG-ON

    Rear windshield cracks 5 days after delivery

    Definitely impact. I had a loaner and a rock flew up in the air and hit the trailing edge of the rear pano and chipped it while I was putting things in the back seat. I would never have thought that could happen. So it could have been flying stones.
  10. CHG-ON

    Autopilot seems to love using ABS...

    Never had this with my AP1.
  11. CHG-ON

    Bottoming Out - 2

    What helps with this issue is to try to go over the bump at an angle. I don;t have a problem with my car (SAS), but I always had it with lower sports cars.
  12. CHG-ON

    Seat Cover for Model S 2017

    No. But check out EVAnnex.com. They make a neoprene cover. It's not my style, but it's not bad.
  13. CHG-ON

    What is the average cost to charge at home?

    I'm on an EV rate plan in CA. I drive only 24mi/day. It costs me $0.71-0.85 per day. But the real kicker is that I now pay $100.00 less per month in electricity due to the new rate plan and running all my appliances and hot tub at night. So I am actually being "paid" approx 75.00 per month...
  14. CHG-ON

    Grey turbines - paint code?

    They sell it on the site. Wish they would sell Midnight Metallic. IT'S ONLY BEEN 3+ YEARS!!!:mad:
  15. CHG-ON

    Model S A/C issues

    My '14 is a dream too. Man, the more I read about the new cars, the more I am thankful I got mine when I did and that I have no plans to swap it out. I feel for you. I'd be hysterical!
  16. CHG-ON

    Brake dust on older Model S's

    When I drive gently and rely on regen, my fronts and rears stay clean. The more I use TACC or AP, or the more aggressive i am, the dirtier they get. TACC/AP definitely use the brakes a lot more than I do on my own. They aren't able to be predictive...yet...
  17. CHG-ON

    Any truly quiet drive units?

    Mine had the slightest of drone and they replaced it about 15K ago. The new is is essentially completely silent except for when I hammer it, when it gives a slight wine. I actually like the sound. So Flash Gordon!
  18. CHG-ON

    How to play music from within the MS while washing or working outside of the car?

    I think that's a State-level law. I can turn mine off in CA.
  19. CHG-ON

    TeslaFi Privacy Policy

    I use TeslaFi. i don't have an issue with somebody potentially knowing where I have been going or how fast I have gone. At least not until the laws change about fining people for speeding without physical proof. When that happens, I'll change my attitude. I don't do any social media due to...
  20. CHG-ON

    Is the Tunein interface down?

    I have had problems for days. Emailed serviceNA and no response. My Tunerin apps work just fine, so it appears to be a Tesla issue.
  21. CHG-ON

    Is the Tunein interface down?

    I wrote Tunein and they said it was a Tesla issue. Typical.
  22. CHG-ON

    Radar Detector Mount

    I honestly don't know. I was surprised when i got an alert. It has happened a couple of times. Though laser is not popular in my region. They could have been false alarms.
  23. CHG-ON

    Out with the ICE and in with the EV

    Boy do I love the Panamera. But YAY!!!! You won't regret it. Welcome.
  24. CHG-ON

    I am now officially part of the family :)

    YAY! Welcome to the family. You will never regret it!
  25. CHG-ON

    Radar Detector Mount

    I shrink wrapped my V1 and placed it in the nose cone and it has worked like a charm for three years. No rear warnings, but front and side work like a charm. Laser included.
  26. CHG-ON

    Streaming Issues

    I have constant issues with streaming and it pisses me off. I think it might be a traffic issue where I live as my reception is not great. I spent a fortune upgrading to LTE and then adding a cellular amp. Cost 1K. No improvement at all. Oh, and I live right next to Silicon Valley. Such an...
  27. CHG-ON

    Red Droplets

    Never seen it on mine. Cool looking!
  28. CHG-ON

    2017.34 2448cfc FINALLY UPDATE MAPS!

    I've gotten two notices of maps update this calendar year. I haven't seen any sort of amazing improvement. Seems to be OK, but that's about it. Traffic updates and estimated ETA is still totally wrong. Three years in. Grrrr.
  29. CHG-ON

    A4 or model S

    I like whiskey too!
  30. CHG-ON

    A4 or model S

    MS! No doubt.
  31. CHG-ON

    Autopilot 1 (AP1) steering column stalk question

    Yup. I would think a manufacturing error. That distance control is valuable. I'd talk with service.
  32. CHG-ON

    What are these slots for?

    Cooling of the cameras would be my bet
  33. CHG-ON

    Tire question

    Looks like it should easily work.
  34. CHG-ON

    My Experience With a Flooded Model S in Houston

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and what you have been through. I experienced loss this last winter in CA with our storms, but nothing like what you have been through. The best of luck to you and your family. I hope you are all safe.
  35. CHG-ON

    there are panel gaps and then panel G A P S !

    Why? Don't you know that Americans are always right and everybody else is wrong? At least we think so.:confused: Just ask our idiot President!
  36. CHG-ON

    Error loading music streaming

    The problem is that the car is not able to keep the stream going when it changes from one data source to the other. The car drops wifi when you put it in gear and goes to cellular. Reselect your streaming source and you should be OK. Works for me every time.
  37. CHG-ON

    Fed up with the OTA updates (non-AP car)

    All you need to do is say yes when you get in the car...Set the schedule and it will always follow it. What's the big deal?
  38. CHG-ON


    Normally just little tweaks.
  39. CHG-ON

    Jack Mode at startup

    I'd report it to [email protected]
  40. CHG-ON

    PSA for evtripplanner.com

    It's awesome and I have!
  41. CHG-ON

    Tesla Leather Seat Issues- Wrinkles/folds

    Looks fine to me. Many cars have "give" in their leather. It helps it to wear better. Some even add more to give it that "luxury" look. I have original seats where the leather was as tight as can be. I see creases in my fronts that may be problematic in the future.
  42. CHG-ON

    Concidering CPO P85+

    ROCK ON with the P85+!!! I simply could not be happier. I do pay a sh-tload for rear tires. But the fun factor is worth every penny. I'll buy a new MS at some point. But not until I have exhausted the fun factor I have now.
  43. CHG-ON

    Camping and running climate controls after newest updates

    True. A big limitation. Bluetooth would be the answer.
  44. CHG-ON

    screen discoloration

    Replace for sure.
  45. CHG-ON


    AP1 shipped in the last week of Sept 14. I was one of the very first cars to get it completely for free, on 10-1-14. I will say that I have become disappointed. It used to to work flawlessly in the second SW update. It is worse now and I have no idea why. Quite disconcerting. PS: the build...
  46. CHG-ON

    After One Year Of Tesla Ownership I'm Sooo Disappointed...

    Funny! I was about to argue with you, as I am such a HAPPY OWNER!!! And, just to rub it in, I have a Tesla jacket, given to me when I bought the car, that nobody else can get and a BB cap that has been discontinued, that is the best cap I have EVER BOUGHT!:cool: