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  1. J

    Unlock without starting HVAC/Radio

    Master a handful of the Tesla Voice Commands. https://evsguy.com/tesla-voice-commands/
  2. J

    Snow, Ice, and regenerative braking

    In my area there are signs posted stating "Bridges, ramps and over/under passes freeze first." Cold air under and around these structures will quickly cause any surface water to freeze. The highway department tries to treat these trouble areas first with saline solution, road salt and sand...
  3. J

    Cold Weather Tire Inflation Question

    No, the Tesla vehicles don't provide audible feedback when adjusting the tire pressure. (I believe Nissan had feature this first.) The reason is that the Tesla TPMS sensors go to sleep to conserve the battery in the TPMS sensor shortly after you stop driving. The TPMS sensors only wake up from...
  4. J

    Tire Valve Leaks Air when caps are off

    It would be highly unusual for multiple valve cores to become loose at the same time unless someone tampered with your vehicle. You can purchase a valve core tool at any auto parts center. The valve core tool is sometimes included in a package with replacement valve cores. Be careful when...
  5. J

    how do i pick a charging station?

    With the latest Tesla software release 2023.38.9, when using the Navigation system to navigate to the Supercharger, your Tesla vehicle now provides predicted wait times for using the Supercharger based on how many other Tesla vehicles are currently charging and now also on route to the same...
  6. J

    how do i pick a charging station?

    While it is true that V3 Superchargers can charge at 250kW charging rate this charging rate is only possible for ~5 minutes before the charging amperage, kW charging rate starts to taper down. In practical use a V2 Supercharger at 150kW maximum charging rate is almost as quick. Avoid the Urban...
  7. J

    Cold Weather Tire Inflation Question

    I agree with @Pianewman. I adjust tire pressure seasonally and as needed. I currently set to 42.5 PSI when the tires are cold. This A.M. my garage temperature was 43F, the outdoor temperature was 30F. Tire pressure readings were 41/41 front and 40/40 rear as I drove away from my unheated garage...
  8. J

    Model Y performance winter tire

    The OE rear tire size for the PMY is 275/35R-21. You would be better off purchasing a set of wheels in 18" or 19" and winter tires.
  9. J

    Update on replacing OEM 12v lead-acid battery with lithium?

    Definitely different for AGM. There is a risk of overcharging the AGM battery (depending on temperature) if the float voltage is too high. Also, AGM batteries require a higher initial charging voltage before the charging voltage is reduced. Tesla has revised the 12V battery charging parameters...
  10. J

    Update on replacing OEM 12v lead-acid battery with lithium?

    If you live near an O'Reilly's Auto Parts store they sell a 12V AGM battery in Group 51R that will fit the Model 3, Model Y with the + and - battery posts in the orientation to fit the Tesla 12V battery connectors. Someone on TMC installed one in their Model 3. I did not see a follow up post...
  11. J

    Does the long range AWD supercharge faster than the standard range RWD?

    Yes to 250 kW charging rate for all years of Long Range and Performance Model Y. If it matters to you, not all Model Y support DC Fast Charging without additional hardware. If you attempt to purchase the Tesla CCS Type 1 Combo Adapter from the Tesla online store you will receive the following...
  12. J

    MY LR Range 18 vs 19” Geminis

    Lighter wheels may enable slightly faster acceleration (~.1 sec faster.) To extend range you need to reduce the Wh/km consumption. This is best accomplished by driving over flat land, in mild weather (25C) with no wind or rain. Turn off the AC/Heat and just use the fan. Drive on secondary roads...
  13. J

    19” vs 20” Model Y LR wheels

    I don't like black wheels/rims as black wheels tend to disappear against the tire. I like silver and white. There are many choices of spoiler, a matter of personal taste. The Tesla spoiler on the PMY was known to not stay stuck in place (bad adhesive or preparation/application?) Real carbon...
  14. J

    19” vs 20” Model Y LR wheels

    Yes; The Long Range Model Y and the RWD Model Y are both available with the optional 20" Induction wheel for additional $2k (when purchased with the vehicle.) The 20" Induction wheel and factory tire (this originally was the Goodyear Eagle F1) combo is very close in weight (~1.5lbs) to the 19"...
  15. J

    12A at 110V slow charging: 3% takes 7 hours

    Is the current 120V (~110V) circuit dedicated to EV charging? If there are no other receptacles/devices on the same circuit then the circuit can be easily converted to a 240V (~220V) circuit without any additional wiring. That would double the power available for charging to ~2.4kW (up from the...
  16. J

    12A at 110V slow charging: 3% takes 7 hours

    The hangar roof could be used for solar panels.
  17. J

    19” vs 20” Model Y LR wheels

    If you don't mind the range hit (7% to 14% less) depending on how fast you drive consider a set of 21" Uberturbine wheel take-offs from a Performance Model Y. Some like the look, stability and handling of the heavier 21" Uber wheels. Others don't like the harsher ride (due to there being less...
  18. J

    19” vs 20” Model Y LR wheels

    Know that Tesla Service will only install factory OE Tesla wheels on your Tesla vehicle. Have you tried removing the Gemini wheel covers and installing a lug nut cover and center cap kit? Some have had their factory wheels powder coated in a color and finish of their choosing. Amazon now has...
  19. J

    If load calculation is 121A on a 125amp supply with TWC included, is that ok?

    Charging would be limited to 40A if that is what you set in the Tesla app or on the Tesla Model Y Charging Screen. Usually the Tesla Model Y will remember this charging amperage setting for a given location. Sometimes the charging amperage setting is lost and the Tesla Model Y will default back...
  20. J

    Alternative to HomeLink module

    It might have been better to use Velcro tape. With Velcro you can remove the remote when desired, i.e. when you need to replace the battery.
  21. J

    If load calculation is 121A on a 125amp supply with TWC included, is that ok?

    You don't set the charging amperage on the Tesla Wall Connector. You provision the Tesla Wall Connector for the circuit, i.e. 50A or 60A. The Wall Connector automatically calculates/follows the 80% rule and limits the maximum amperage accordingly, i.e. 40A on a 50 amp circuit or 48A on a 60 amp...
  22. J

    Finally Got my new Model Y LR - How it all went!

    10% is easily ~25 miles of driving range. Your experience reminds of the time I was following the Tesla Navigation system's directions on the NJ Turnpike headed north. I was confident that the exit ramp to the next service area where the Supercharger was located was on the left. Except I was in...
  23. J

    12A at 110V slow charging: 3% takes 7 hours

    Your voltage is low; 110VAC instead of 120 to 123 VAC. The lower AC voltage will increase charging times by roughly 10%.
  24. J

    Tesla Model Y Oil Dipping Undercarriage

    If you use an automatic car wash be sure to purchase the undercarriage wash. The underside of the Tesla Model Y includes plastic aero panels (can't rust.) When the temperature is above freezing you can periodically use a pressure washer with an angle attachment to flush out any dirt, road salt...
  25. J

    Dont see FSD option in my car

    Autopilot is Tesla adaptive cruise control. Autosteer adds lane centering to Autopilot (you can only use Autosteer when Autopilot is engaged.) Full Self Driving (FSD) probably requires that your Tesla Model Y be running one of the latest versions of the Tesla software. Normally new Tesla...
  26. J

    How do I match touchup paint for model Y hatchback?

    Tesla sells touch up paint. You can also try Dr. Colorchip and TouchUpDirect.com The hatch is dented, consult with an authorized Tesla repair center.
  27. J

    Diecast Model Y?

    The Tesla cargo cover can support the weight of a small parcel/package. It can be used as a package shelf.
  28. J

    Diecast Model Y?

    Model Y cargo cover / storage shelf:
  29. J

    Setting up Model Y home charger

    The Tesla Mobile Connector has built-in GFCI that protects the user when plugging the charging connector into the Tesla vehicle. The receptacle should have its own GFCI protection or a GFCI circuit breaker to meet the current code. The GFCI for the receptacle protects the user when they plug or...
  30. J

    Diecast Model Y?

    The 1:18 die cast model does not come with front mud flaps. The turn signal housing / charge port door on the model is aligned better than on the actual Performance Model Y. Does the charge port door open? The diecast model does not have a tow hitch. Tesla could sell a teardrop trailer if the...
  31. J

    Took the jump to...Tesla MYLR ownership!

    Precondition before driving for 5 to 10 minutes for passenger comfort. Some amount of battery warming may take place while preconditioning but this will not result is full regenerative braking being restored when the battery temperature is below 68F (10C). I would precondition my Model Y for...
  32. J

    Phantom Drain of ~8% per day parked at home (no sentry)

    This type of problem can sometimes be traced to a bad passive restraint (seat belt) seat sensor. Other times this has been traced to an HVAC blower motor sensor issue. What happens as far as phantom drain if you turn off the Climate Control system before exiting the Tesla Model Y?
  33. J

    Recommended Tires For 19" Gemini On MYP

    Does it snow on Mars where you reside? If so then consider the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 (AS4) or the Michelin Cross Climate 2 (CC2) tire. Both are available in the standard 19" tire size for the Tesla Model Y (255/45R-19). See Tirerack.com for a wide selection of wheels and tires for...
  34. J

    Took the jump to...Tesla MYLR ownership!

    Try adding washer fluid to the reservoir and pressing the button on the left stalk on the steering wheel. If the washer fluid ends up on the ground beneath the Tesla Model Y but none on the windshield the washer fluid hose has likely come loose from the washer fluid pump.
  35. J

    For those who don't qualify for the Fed rebate, better to lease?

    Tesla slashes lease pricing on Model 3/Y Tesla slashes lease pricing on Model 3/Y, expects to lose half tax credit on 3 How to bypass nearly every restriction of the EV tax credit by leasing How to bypass nearly every restriction of the EV tax credit by leasing
  36. J

    Took the jump to...Tesla MYLR ownership!

    Set Climate Control to Auto and your preferred cabin temperature (suggest trying 71F) Set the front seat heaters and the steering wheel heater to Auto and these will automatically come on during Preconditioning. Precondition using the Tesla app (by tapping the fan icon) in the A.M. before...
  37. J

    Gemini Tire replacement - anything better than OEM? (all season)

    The Tesla Model Y tire spec is for an extra load (XL) tire. XL tires need to be inflated to 41 PSI (Europe) or 42 PSI (US) to meet the specified tire load index.
  38. J

    Bug? 40amp Circuit only charges at 16A while using scheduling method.

    The on-board charger has 3 separate Level 1/2 charging modules. When charging at up to 16A, one module is used. When charging between 16A and 32A then two charging modules are active. When charging at 40A or 48A then all three modules are used. If your Tesla Model Y will not charge above 16A...
  39. J

    Burning Smell from Outside, Model Y parked outside not charging.

    Check for a stuck brake caliper or rubbing brake pad. Drive a short distance (~1/2 mile), stop. Get out and walk around your vehicle. Place your hand close to but not touching each of the brake rotors and feel for any heat coming from the brake rotor. You can also use a digital infrared...
  40. J

    Supercharging and Navigation

    Depending on the trip route you may want to enter the first Supercharger on the route where you plan to stop, charge as the final destination in the Navigation system. Repeat this for the next Supercharger you plan to use along the route, etc. When you arrive at the last Supercharger on the...
  41. J

    Model Yj ??

    Are you sure that someone did not enter "Model Yj" as the vehicle name? You can change the vehicle name at any time, under settings.
  42. J

    Diecast Model Y?

    There is an Amazon seller offering a diecast Tesla Model Y (1:24 scale) for ~$32, just saying.
  43. J

    Spare tire - Modern vs StanceMagic vs Tsportline

    155/85R18: 28.4 inch outer tire diameter 145/85R18: 27.7 inch outer tire diameter The Tesla Model Y OE tire outer diameter is spec'd at 28" (except for the Performance Model Y Rear Wheel/Tire 275/35R21 at 28.6"). These spare wheel/tires are within 0.5 inch of the OE 28". As long as the wheel...
  44. J

    Diecast Model Y?

    A diecast 1:18 scale Tesla Model Y (Performance) is now available from the Tesla online store. The colors are Red (exterior)/White (interior), Blue/Black. White/White. Price is $195 US. Diecast 1:18 Scale Model Y
  45. J

    Gemini Tire replacement - anything better than OEM? (all season)

    It doesn't matter. You could drive the Baja 1000 and show up claiming excessive tire wear. The tire distributor would contact the tire company representative and ask for good will. You would probably get 30% to 50% off on your next set of tires. The tire distributor gets a new customer (maybe...
  46. J

    charge everyday or once in 3 days

    With a 90 mile daily commute (round trip) you should charge every time you return home (unless you are able to charge at work.) If you are able to charge at your place of work, especially if it does not cost you to charge, they do that as often as you can. Reasons to skip daily charging...
  47. J

    Gemini Tire replacement - anything better than OEM? (all season)

    If the customer claims that the tire wear is excessive the manufacturer will often pro-rate the tire warranty. They will offer 50% off your next set of (same brand) tires. They keep a customer, and don't lose money overall.
  48. J

    About to buy my first Tesla. What shoud I look out for?

    Insurance costs for Tesla vehicles can be higher than expected, compared with other vehicles.
  49. J

    2023 Model Y: Performance vs Acceleration Boost vs Long Range

    The 20" Induction wheel and tire are within ~2 lbs (1kg) of the 19" Gemini wheel and tire, so it is not the weight. The Gemini wheel covers excel at reducing air turbulence and account for much of the improved efficiency of the Y with these 19" wheels at highway speeds. For winter driving...
  50. J

    Charging USB-B devices

    Don't expect your Tesla vehicle to be a Swiss Army knife when it comes to powering/charging low voltage electrical accessories. The suggestion to use the low voltage (i.e. 12V) accessory port is an easy solution. USB-A 12V adapters are readily available, cheap. You could also use a portable...