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  1. eladts

    Supercharger price tracking

    Unfortunately, there is nothing to do there late at night except sitting in the car or walking aimlessly in the parking lot. The only 24/7 business nearby is McDonalds, but that's 0.6 miles away. <iframe...
  2. eladts

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA - 200 Boylston St

    The fence was moved closer to the posts so the parking spots aren't blocked. The cabinets are still not on site and while a transformer already exists nearby, it is the one serving Wegmans and the base for the new one hasn't been cast yet.
  3. eladts

    Supercharger - Lawrence, MA

    I wouldn't call a 5 minute walk long. Also, there is a sidewalk along the way and you don't need to cross any major road so I wouldn't call it dangerous either.
  4. eladts

    Supercharger - Gainesville, GA

    Based on the photos, the site is located in the back parking lot at 34.316069, -83.797249. Please update the location in @supercharge.info. This makes more sense now. I think they are going to use 12 of the existing parking space in the back and create additional 4 spaces. 34.316069, -83.797249
  5. eladts

    Supercharger - Lawrence, MA

    There are Dunkin', Wendy's and Taco Bell nearby.
  6. eladts

    Supercharger - Lawrence, MA

    Please update the location @supercharge.info to 42.6871326,-71.1458374. 42.6871326,-71.1458374
  7. eladts

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA

    Both sites are on Boylston St, AKA Route 9. The existing site is at 55 Boylston St, and the new one is at 200 Boylston St.
  8. eladts

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA - 200 Boylston St

    Weird that Tesla calls this site Newton, MA - Florence St. The site isn't accessible from Florence St by car (locked gates) and the area is considered Chestnut Hill, just as the old site.
  9. eladts

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA - 200 Boylston St

    Since the new Chestnut Hill site is confirmed, should a new thread be created for it?
  10. eladts

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA - 200 Boylston St

    Is this cone-worthy? If so, how should we call this site?
  11. eladts

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA - 200 Boylston St

    It could be that the parking lot isn't owned by Wegmans and is considered part of Chestnut Hill Square.
  12. eladts

    Supercharger - Canton, MA

    The brewery is open 12-11 hours per day, while the gas station nearby are open 24/7. In my opinion fast charging stations need to have 24/7 bathroom access. Too bad very few in Massachusetts do.
  13. eladts

    Supercharger - Chestnut Hill, MA - 200 Boylston St

    There is some construction activity at the parking lot of the Wegmans in Chestnut Hill. Not sure if it is related to Tesla but demand seems strong in the area. 42.318072, -71.175568
  14. eladts

    Supercharger - Canton, MA

    How is the walkability to the nearby gas stations? In Google Maps it looks you have to take a longer route than necessary due to fences around the property. Also, it doesn't look like the area is well lit.
  15. eladts

    Supercharger - Natalia, TX

    These looks like prefabricated units. All the known V4 installations use individual posts.
  16. eladts

    Supercharger - Houston, TX - West Alabama Street (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

    This site no longer appears in the list of US Tesla Superchargers.
  17. eladts

    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    If this combo AC/DC adapter is passive (which it is given the price) it is dangerous. The NACS connector use the same pins for both AC and DC, while CCS1 and J1772 have separate pins. If the adapters just connect both the AC and the DC pins in the CCS1/J1772 side to the NCAS side it meansd the...
  18. eladts

    Supercharger - Dillon, SC

    Both the largest in the Southeast and the largest in the East Coast.
  19. eladts

    Supercharger - Humble, TX

    Are you sure about that? <iframe...
  20. eladts

    Supercharger - Canton, MA

    Note that Trillium Brewery recently moved from its previous location at 110 Shawmut Road. The old location had two Tesla destination chargers and a single J1722 station, which I assume are gone now.
  21. eladts

    Supercharger - Effingham, IL - Avenue of Mid-America

    Tesla can always add Magic Docs later.
  22. eladts

    Supercharger - Effingham, IL - Avenue of Mid-America

    The extra space in the middle is interesting. Does this location have Magic Docks? It looks like someone with a front charging ports can charge without blocking another stall.
  23. eladts

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA - 100 Providence Hwy (Rt 1)

    I wonder if the current one will remain open to the public once the new one is open.
  24. eladts

    Supercharger - Falmouth, ME

    @corywright @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 43.734299, -70.293547. 43.734299, -70.293547
  25. eladts

    New Taillights coming?

    I'm eagerly waiting to see cars on the road with mixed parts: one red turn signal and one amber.
  26. eladts

    Supercharger - New Haven, CT

    @corywright @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 41.297348, -72.917804. 41.297348, -72.917804
  27. eladts

    New Taillights coming?

    It looks that the new tail lights are finally coming to Model 3 cars in North America. https://driveteslacanada.ca/news/tesla-updates-model-3-taillights-in-north-america-to-add-amber-turn-signals-and-more/
  28. eladts

    Supercharger - Winston-Salem, NC

    @corywright @tes-s There is no need for a bazillion of digits after the decimal point. Something like 36.084444, -80.295348 would suffice. 36.084444, -80.295348
  29. eladts

    Supercharger - Denver, CO - Pontiac St.

    @corywright @tes-s Please update the name of this site.
  30. eladts

    Supercharger - Las Cruces, NM

    However, the truck dealer parking lot is fenced and you would have to walk around the fence in a area that isn't pedestrian friendly at all. <iframe...
  31. eladts

    Supercharger - Ocean City, MD - Wawa

    @corywright @tes-s Please update the location to 38.339024, -75.119033. 38.339024, -75.119033
  32. eladts

    Supercharger - Big Spring, TX

    Based on the photos @WFrank posted, it looks like the location is closer to the grocery store and gas station, which seem to be the most useful businesses for travelers in this shopping center. There is what looks like an abandoned small commercial building right next to the site, this could be...
  33. eladts

    Best SSD for TeslaCam?

    You can use most generic adapters, except for SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 that doesn't work in Tesla cars . However, as most adapters are meant for home use only, you negate the wide temperature operation range or MicroSD cards. I use the built in reader in the JOWUA USB Hub with LED Light in my...
  34. eladts

    Supercharger - North Bergen, NJ

    This site is visible in Google Street View. The correct location is 40.77386, -74.03814. 40.77386, -74.03814 @corywright @tes-s
  35. eladts

    Supercharger - Quincy, MA

    It seems very inefficient to pave, dig trenches and then re-pave.
  36. eladts

    Supercharger - Meredith, NH

    But since there are 3/4 stalls per cabinet and the cabinets also share power between them, it does not matter where you park.
  37. eladts

    Supercharger - Breezewood, PA - Lincoln Highway

    The store hours are also limited according to Google Maps. <iframe...
  38. eladts

    Supercharger - Meredith, NH

    @corywright @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 43.661140, -71.493944. 43.661140, -71.493944
  39. eladts

    Supercharger - Portland, ME

    What's the point of having electric leaf blowers if you charge them using a gas-powered generator? Don't they have wall plugs at Hannaford?
  40. eladts

    Supercharger - Hanover, MA

    I guessed right...
  41. eladts

    SuperCharger - Tuscaloosa, AL

    It looks like this site is up and running. Can you confirm that? Also, can you please provide the exact location? Thanks!
  42. eladts

    SuperCharger - Tuscaloosa, AL

    The Hampton Inn is at 6400 Interstate Dr. There is a new Holiday Inn Express at 6350 Interstate Dr, but it doesn't show in either street view or satellite view of Google Maps. It looks from the photos the new site is located there, but it is hard to figure out its exact location. <iframe...
  43. eladts

    Supercharger - Pembroke, MA

    Either that, or Tesla abandoned the plan to build a supercharger at Pembroke and found an alternate site in Hanover. I would guess that the new Hanover Crossing development on the site of the former Hanover Mall is a good candidate.
  44. eladts

    Supercharger - Tacna, AZ

    @Chuq @corywright @MarcoRP @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 32.6900433, -113.9535836. <iframe...
  45. eladts

    Supercharger - Houston, TX - West Alabama Street (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

    @Chuq @corywright @MarcoRP @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 29.736538, -95.402318. 29.736538, -95.402318
  46. eladts

    Supercharger - Cape Girardeau, MO

    @Chuq @corywright @MarcoRP @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 37.348729, -89.598272. 37.348729, -89.598272 The area doesn't look very walkable in Google Street View, but perhaps it changed since the photos were taken.
  47. eladts

    Supercharger - Creston, BC

    @Chuq @corywright @MarcoRP @tes-s Please update the location of this site to 49.119664, -116.523832. 49.119664, -116.523832
  48. eladts

    Supercharger - Kingman, AZ

    There are lots of 6-stall v3 sites in Canada. It has less to do with North America vs Europe/Asia and more to do with sites that currently have low traffic but may grow in the future.