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  1. Nosken

    Irresponsible thoughts of upgrading my Y to an S

    Since you have a 2016, I hope you’re aware that you can now transfer your free supercharging to a new car if you take delivery before December 31. Obviously, it would strip it off of your old car.
  2. Nosken

    Irresponsible thoughts of upgrading my Y to an S

    I meant "Lower" as in the roof line, head height on entry, being an old guy. The car has adjustable Air Suspension, and I take it everywhere. It is CCs compatible, and I recently drew 251kW at a V3 Supercharger. The Long range 405 "rated" miles is a game changer. Frankly, any more than that that...
  3. Nosken

    Irresponsible thoughts of upgrading my Y to an S

    I am on my third Model S. 2015 P85D, 2017 90D and my current 2022 Plaid. While I loved my first two, the refreshed Model S is so much better. It has matured nicely. The interior is much nicer. There is active noise canceling in the cabin now. No real need for the Plaid, need vs want. I was...
  4. Nosken

    Supercharger not showing in app on phone or map

    Put the Hamilton Supercharger as your initial destination, then edit the route, adding your ultimate destination, then edit route to correct the order. You can also put in your final destination, then add the Hamilton Supercharger. The newest added spot is always added to the top of the route...
  5. Nosken

    Do I need to charge the battery weekly if driving only 100 miles a week?

    If you have a garage, and a home charger, always plug it in. You could adjust your charge level to 100% weekly. You will use the same amount of energy either way, but an Earthquake happens, it would be nice to have a full charge.
  6. Nosken

    At what point in the ordering process can I add the roof rack for a model Y ?

    Check with your sales advisor, but if you have to order it separately, you usually have to have your VIN already assigned to your account.
  7. Nosken

    2023 Model S right scroll wheel and FSD Beta

    Not yet for me. They did just make it so you can configure the left scroll wheel.
  8. Nosken

    SoCal Edison "TOU-D-PRIME" Super Off Peak - How to take advantage of the lower rates?

    You should be able to by using scheduled charging and set it to depart by 4:00 AM. Obviously don't let it sit for a long time if you charge to 100%. It will start charging whenever it needs to, set by your charge level target, to be ready by 4:00 AM
  9. Nosken

    Broken Tesla Mobile Connector

    I will put a couple links below this for you to check out. For me, the trick has always been do the reset, and if that doesn’t work, change it to one of the other adapters. For instance, I’m using a 14-50 adapter, and when I switch to the 120 and reset it, it seems to work. Then I put the 14-50...
  10. Nosken

    Supercharger - Bishop CA - Rocking West Drive (LIVE 22 Sep 2023, 24 V3 stalls)

    Thanks for the Beef Jerky/Deli tip. How is the Pastrami Sandwich? I will be staying at Creekside for a few days October 8 for the Fall colors. I hope the Newest Bishop Supercharger is active!
  11. Nosken

    Nicest looking rubber floor mats

    3D MaxPider. The "carpet" version is very nice.
  12. Nosken

    road trip to Mammoth October 1st week

    I’ve traveled to Mammoth right around 1 October for four different years. Except for a very freak event, I don’t think you will have any issue with snow at all. I do recommend that you possibly go farther north from Mammoth, Because that is a wonderful time of year to view the fall colors of the...
  13. Nosken

    Supercharger No. 50,000

    I was there early this morning!
  14. Nosken

    Will I Regret a LR X Given Known Issue?

    Most of the tire issues are with the larger of the wheels, in this case 22" and the 21" on the Model S. I have heard more about it on the Model S than the V. But, that could be confirmation bias, since that is the threads I read more. My third Model S was delivered over a year ago, no tire...
  15. Nosken

    TPMS sensor battery failed

    You might consider doing the other 3 at the same time. Otherwise, one more will go within a month or two. You might get a better deal on a set, and the programming. Good luck.
  16. Nosken

    Model X LR and Plaid Brake Upgrade Now Available?

    My service center just replied that "the calipers are performance and comes with performance ceramic pads"? My question was "other than red, is the caliper any different?"
  17. Nosken

    Wheel/Tire Questions

    I found a set on craigslist of brand, new, takeoffs, 19 inch with the Pirelli tires. For my winter tires, I mounted Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R5 EV from American Tire. They are staggered and the OEM size. I absolutely love these tires, they are quieter and smoother than the Pirelli‘s. They...
  18. Nosken

    New owner ?’s

    Congrats, you will love driving it and look for excuses to drive. In my last Tesla, I added the security system, but that had them remove it, since it disabled, the cabin overheat protection. You live in Fresno, and I live near Sacramento, so overheat protection use vital. It was primarily for...
  19. Nosken

    Model S Door Handles - Original v. New Cars

    I can only offer anecdotal evidence. Well, I live in a moderate climate area near Sacramento, in the winter, the car goes to Lake Tahoe, two or three times a week. Usually, it is not overnight. I’ve done a few midwinter trips, where the car gets very cold and frozen in the Rockies. March 2015...
  20. Nosken

    Which is better deal? 2022 M-S 32k miles or 2021 25k miles with Arachnid—same price

    Swivel screen only on cars built after March 23, 2022. I was lucky by a couple of days.
  21. Nosken

    Which is better deal? 2022 M-S 32k miles or 2021 25k miles with Arachnid—same price

    Arachnid cost more, but 19" are better range, smoother and don’t wear out as quick. Depending on the actual production date, there are some updates that the 22 may have.
  22. Nosken

    App showing car parked but I know it's being driven

    Does she have her own user profile in the car? If so--It might need data enabled on the user.
  23. Nosken

    Rivian has bought ABRP

    GtiMart Has it correct. Additional ABRP features: Some may be for subscription only. 1. Set your departure time so you can plan meal and overnight stops along trips. 2. Set you departing state of charge. 3. Allows you to designate overnight stops and adjust for hotel level 2 charging. 4. You...
  24. Nosken

    Unable to Charge car with Regular charger or Supercharger

    Have you tried the Emergency Road Service number?
  25. Nosken

    Plaid Test Drive

    Sometimes the store will allow an overnight test drive.
  26. Nosken

    Tesla does not offer Yoke Steering retrofit?

    It seems that you also need to make sure you swap airbags. I love my Yoke, once I got used to it!
  27. Nosken

    Another annoying software change, car temp.

    Set it to what you want, then slightly move your seat. Tap save. In previous software, I used to see it. Pop up a little "saved to profile" when I adjusted the temp. Haven’t seen them in a while.
  28. Nosken

    MS Plaid 19" Tire replacement

    I live in Northern California and traverse the Sierras in the Winter. I bought a set of Summer 19's that someone took off when new to get custom wheels and tires. I loaded some great Nokian full Winter tires on those wheels. It gave me a second set of Summer Pirelli's. Americas Tire Swaps for...
  29. Nosken

    (Lack of) Superchargers in Whitefish, MT

    With, "less respect", I have charged at the Red Lion on two different trips from California. My comments are valid. Since you are new to this forum, it is easy to assume you are not an expert, and to try "coach" people on best practices. Most people don’t take offense to that. I guess I won’t...
  30. Nosken

    Tesla belatedly tries to make their connector a North American standard

    According to a few sources, new Fords will use NACS, and likely a CCS adapter for CCS. Ford to adopt NACS and gain access to Tesla Supercharger network in Canada and the US
  31. Nosken

    2016 Model S wants to leave road when Autosteer engaged

    Make sure you are exactly centered between the lines when you engage Autopilot.
  32. Nosken

    (Lack of) Superchargers in Whitefish, MT

    No good charging options? There are many L2 chargers in Kalispell and Whitefish. Charge while you sleep. The Supercharger for Kalispell is still in the permit process. PlugShare - EV Charging Station Map - Find a place to charge
  33. Nosken

    PLAID Raised Emblem Model S Community Input

    Traveling until the 30th, I’ll post a better photo when I return.
  34. Nosken

    PLAID Raised Emblem Model S Community Input

    Oh my plaid came without the smooth plaid badge in the lower right corner. It was on backorder. Once it arrived, I decided to put it in the center on the rear deck lid, where the “T“ is, and I love how it looks. I may opt, since I have the newer tail lights, to get the new lettered bar that goes...
  35. Nosken

    2020 model S charge port door

    Sometimes it shuts too far, and the pointed end gets stuck too deep. A plastic knife will convince it to open. Once it’s open, where the magnet hits, you can spin it to extend it out farther so it doesn’t shut all the way. This may not be the problem with yours, but, I have seen it on three...
  36. Nosken

    Supercharger - Mariposa, CA (LIVE 12 May 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    Yes, iPhone 14 Pro Max, mounted on a tripod right next to my Sony Mirrorless. I am traveling and haven’t looked at the Sony ones yet. The reflected area is normally a meadow. Thanks for the kind words.
  37. Nosken

    Supercharger - Mariposa, CA (LIVE 12 May 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    On my way out of Yosemite, today, May 14th, it showed open. I arrived with about 155 miles of range left on my Plaid Model S. It initially got up to 240kW. Taper seemed normal. One thing of note, yesterday, I pulled into the pull in bank of stalls. I used the on farthest right. When I backed...
  38. Nosken

    Supercharger - Mariposa, CA (LIVE 12 May 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    I stopped by on my way to Yosemite, Saturday, May 13. As I was navigating to Mariposa, the NAV popped up and said that all the sudden, the supercharger was closed. I made sure that I got juice in Merced just to be sure. When I arrive, it still showed off-line, but I was able to charge fine. as...
  39. Nosken

    Supercharger - Mariposa, CA (LIVE 12 May 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    I will be there Saturday around 2 PM, if I’m the unlikely first, I’ll report. ABRP routed me there already?
  40. Nosken

    Vendor A little about Lasfit®

    When you make S & X products, please make sure you do a follow up in this thread. Many of us will be watching the thread.
  41. Nosken

    Need advice- Loan denied AFTER delivery

    Get one of the cars financed quickly, before the other one hits your credit file.
  42. Nosken

    Model S Options Question

    5 or 6 colors, 2 or 3 wheel sizes, 2 or 3 interior colors. 2 or 3 performance/battery sizes. 3 flavors of Autopilot/FSD. That is about it. All so production can be streamlined, and the cars can be switched if someone declines delivery for 2 or 3 reasons (see what I did there?).
  43. Nosken

    20 MS driver seat stuck

    That sleeve needs to go over the cable for rigidity.
  44. Nosken

    Please Help - 2014 MS Battery Replacement

    FYI-If your car still has Free Supercharging for life, and you buy a new S or X, you can get 6 Years of free supercharging on the new car. If you aren't getting a new S or X, you might find a decent market for selling due to the new incentive.
  45. Nosken

    2020 Model S support Key cards

    Don't think so. It started with the refreshed, 2021 Model S & X Long Range and Plaid.
  46. Nosken

    Don’t forget the power of 120V charging on trips.

    If I use a VRBO house on trips with a 4-7 days, the 120V plug works great to maintain charge, and be ready for departure.
  47. Nosken

    Tesla coffee travel mugs don’t fit a S plaid

    I use an aluminum Contigo. To fit, I removed the soft rubber liner in the cup holder. It works great.
  48. Nosken

    AMA about owning Modern Mercedes EVs

    Pop back in and give us an update. Maybe you tell us what it is like on the other forums. I wish you well-really.
  49. Nosken

    How to keep the car on?

    You could set the HVAC to A/C itself off and set the temperature to the lowest(so it won’t heat), fan speed on 1, but leave HVAC on. The fan itself will use negligible power and be quiet.
  50. Nosken

    Phone Holder Recommendations for Model Y

    The ones I listed further up the thread do.