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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    Mine does this too, had mobile service come out and adjust, didn't fix it.
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    Model S Plaid heating system sucks!!!

    The weird thing for me that it isn't no heat, it's actually what it's calling for ironically, but not what I'm used to. For instance, the Tesla OEM settings for temperature go to 81 degrees I think and then the next increment instead of 82 is HI. With it being on HI, it continues to increase...
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    Model S Plaid heating system sucks!!!

    Thanks for that insight, that’s so great to hear. This is the value of posting and sharing on these forums.
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    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    I’ve learned not to pick at these cars, else I be unhappy and miss German quality, lol. This is the best iteration by far tho. They’re slowly improving, just doesn’t feel fast enough for all of us and the issues are glaring it feels.
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    Model S Plaid heating system sucks!!!

    I tested out my heater again today for about 2 hours. I turned on my wife’s 2020 Model X and my Plaid at the same time in the same garage, hers heated to 111 degrees on full, mine topped out at 82 degrees and wouldn’t go up any further. I loved the heater on my 2020 Perf S, hoping software or...
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    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    oh man, so sorry to hear that, hopefully it'll all be well soon!
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    Model S Plaid heating system sucks!!!

    got a software update alert last night, heating system is much improved, but still not amazing
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    Key card storage

    I think an advanced way to do this is to hide the key card in an RFID protective sleeve, shielding it's transmitting capabilities somewhere within the cavernous armrest's hidden areas.
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    2020 Model S Performance White / White with CF / FSD / 21"

    Bump PRICE UPDATE: $96,950.
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    My First Tesla-2021 Model S Plaid MSM-Pics

    Lol so it was both! Had many of those fun rides in the early 2000’s
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    My First Tesla-2021 Model S Plaid MSM-Pics

    Welcome @vic55, remember you well from the MB forums or the E39 forums, don't recall which
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    Ordered a Plaid

    HussainH1, I had some 996 and 997 turbos but I rarely posted then and not much has changed lol, but I did always enjoy your posts.
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    Ordered a Plaid

    Welcome buddyg! I remember you from the Porsche forums of yesteryear. That guards red 996 turbo was beautiful. I migrated here from Porsche in 2013, haven’t looked back
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    2020 Model S Performance White / White with CF / FSD / 21"

    Performance model, highly desirable white on white with carbon fiber combination. New MSRP was nearly $110k Options: Performance Model $20,000 Ludicrous Mode $10,000 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheel $4,500 Black and White Premium Interior with Carbon Fiber Decor $1,500 Full Self Driving...
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    Would You Buy a Model S today?

    That's true, there's something for everyone. The "best" depends on your priorities.
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    Model S Plaid

    Soooo new plaid late next year...
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    Interior map light upgrade

    Does anyone make a kit or bulbs to change the yellow map lights overhead to white or light blue? My 2013 P85+ seemed to have a bluer hue to them, while the newer ones seem to have yellow interior map lights. I checked the usual suspects (Abstract Ocean, T Sportline, and EvAnnex) but didn't see...
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    Model S Chrome Delete

    +1 for this. I'm interested in seeing if anyone has wrapped the chrome in CF to match the spoiler / interior performance CF.
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    2020 Model S Performance- Front end feels squirrely at higher speeds!

    I have the same experience as you, also came from a 911 turbo prior. I’m interested to see what remedy you find. It’s hardly noticeable, and only under hard acceleration I’ve seen.
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    Model S Trade-in heads up

    Congrats on the new ride!
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    Reverse parking a S

    I've actually found that reverse parking the model S is easier than parking head-in with a potential high curb in front of me. I use the camera and the passenger side mirror as aids, but I don't turn my head.
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    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    I wonder if the cars that are being delivered right now for end of quarter push are compatible for the new 225kW speeds or not
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    NHTSA Investigates Failing MCUs

    Did you eventually get it fixed? or is it still like that?
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    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    The fact that I know my 2013 P85+ charges so much slower than my wife's X is part of the reason we exclusively take her car on road trips. It's also a contributing factor to making me want to get a newer car. Honestly, I stopped visiting TMC as much when all of the conversation seemed to be...
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    NHTSA Investigates Failing MCUs

    Mine actually went out last weekend and luckily Tesla reset it without replacing it, but I'm told this may be an indication it will need to be replaced. It could be part of the reason for me to replace my aging 2013 P85+
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    Instrument Cluster slow to load on startup

    Good morning, Recently I noticed my MCU screen went black, took it to SC, they did a reset, which cleared all settings, but brought the MCU back to life. Since then, I’ve noticed my instrument cluster is much slower to load than previously. Now, I have to wait 15-20 seconds for the cluster to...
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    Model S deliveries slip to 8-12 weeks

    I’ve been toying with the idea of ordering a new S to replace my 2013 P85+ and this week I’ve seen the delivery estimate change from 1-3 weeks to 8-12 weeks tonight. Is this a sign of an imminent upgrade forthcoming? I’m programmed to seeing delivery estimates slip and there being a new...
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    351 Mile Range!

    Update: appears to be software driven, did a search on existing inventory of Long Range Plus Model X and they all now say 351 EPA
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    351 Mile Range!

    I wonder if it’s software related or hardware, would be the difference on buying an inventory car or a new order...
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    Heater not maintaining settings

    it's definitely not auto-mode, if I change the setting in the car it saves heated seat preferences for when I want to pre-heat, but no matter what the AC toggles back on and the air direction changes back to feet every time I pre-heat.
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    Heater not maintaining settings

    Nope, just changing from directional face to feet and toggling AC on from off
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    Heater not maintaining settings

    I’ve been noticing every day when I get in my car, the temperature (set to HI in the winter) is still maintained, but the directional setting for air flow is changed to the lower (towards the feet) direction instead of the towards the face setting that I prefer. Also, the toggle for A/C is on...
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    under 10,000 per year

    Isn’t it conceivable that other manufacturers of higher end sports cars will start to build similarly performing EVs? It feels like we passed the tipping point a few years ago when Porsche starting developing their Mission E / Taycan, but since then adoption and development have been extremely...
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    Elon hints at possibility that new Roadster really won’t have side mirrors

    I rented a new Escalade today that has an interesting rearview mirror camera / traditional rearview mirror camera switch typically used to switching from dimming cool concept
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    2013 Model S update question

    I got in a minor accident in my Model S just a few minutes ago where my front bumper and hood made contact with a crossover in front of me. My front bumper and hood will need replacement, and I am thinking of updating it to the 2016 refresh look now that the parts will need replacement anyway...
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    Stolen Model S please help!

    need more details OP...
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    Getting windows tinted

    Depends what you're willing to spend, how talented this individual is, and how much value matters to you. If you're willing to spend around $800-$1k, photosync is by far the best. Best of luck to you.
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    Selling New black 22" Turbine wheels with Pirelli Scorpion tires

    Would you be interested in this work for the 22 inch silver?
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    Terrible experience as first time tesla buyer

    It seems Tesla made an oversight that they should have noticed, glad it's easily resolved. Not quite sure that would warrant a "terrible experience", but I guess that's subjective. I came to this thread expecting multiple glaring mistakes.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Those arachnid's look good on grey. I wonder how they look with a grey finish similar to the 21" grey turbines on a black car.
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    Floor mats MS

    Any affiliation?
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    Firmware 8.0

    That is awesome
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    What car/s did you come from?

    2007 911 Turbo sold in 08/2011 prior to Tesla 07/2013.
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    Very sad... Fatality in a Model S on the 405

    Deepest condolences