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  1. kushari

    Model Y in Canada

    California plates, never seen Michigan plates on Tesla's cars. Only California. Yeah, they were California Plates, I've only seen California plates on Tesla's own cars. And never had a front plate, they never put it on even though it's technically a law there. Same for the Model X and the Model...
  2. kushari

    Model Y in Toronto

    I was walking, spotted it, it was at a red light, pulled out my phone, unlocked my phone, opened the Camera app, and then pressed the record button. Exactly. It's funny, there's a comment on the video that I had to reply to that accused the video of being viral marketing by Tesla. I was like no...
  3. kushari

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D Clean Autopilot With Extras

    Location: Toronto, Canada Price: $61,500 CAD ~ $46,100 US Selling my 2015 Tesla Model S 70D. I have another Tesla on the way, so I do not need this car anymore. This car has a Clean Title, and no Lien and was very well maintained (always at Tesla) and always kept clean (Shampoo carpet, Clean...
  4. kushari

    Supercharger - Toronto Eaton Centre

    There are two free l2 chargers in the parking lot under dundas square. You just pay for the parking.
  5. kushari

    Supercharger - Toronto Eaton Centre

    Thanks, I always want to make my videos at the highest resolution with the best quality. It's also 60fps if you can toggle that. Thanks, I did the directions part because sometimes these chargers can be hard to find.
  6. kushari

    Supercharger - Toronto Eaton Centre

    There's 20 at Sherway, not 18.
  7. kushari

    Supercharger - Toronto Eaton Centre

    Just used the charger today. Made a video:
  8. kushari

    Tesla Owenrs Club Dashcam Group Buy

    Thanks, I'll wait to get this. I currently have a Vicovation Opia 2. 1440p. I've been waiting for a 4K dashcam. It really would make a difference when you need more detail.
  9. kushari

    Rental in Colorado?

    Hi Everyone, I'm flying in for the weekend on friday June 17th to Colorado. I was wondering if anyone would rent me their S or X. I'm here for a wedding, and I'd rather rent a Tesla than an Ice. I'd be returning to the airport on Sunday afternoon/evening. Thanks,
  10. kushari

    Update on the Salt Lake City Tesla store turmoil

    Store, not dealership.
  11. kushari

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    They are pretty cheap up here in Canada. Cheaper than what a Civic or Corolla would be in most cases.
  12. kushari

    Matt_D's Model X Delivery Thread

    Can you make videos on youtube. Like overviews, features etc. It's always good to spread the word about Tesla, and now that there's something newer and lots of people have seen the S, the X a great way to draw a bigger crowd to the brand.
  13. kushari

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    Why don't people factor in the savings? Like the Rebates from the government, the fuel cost savings, insurance savings, maintenance etc. I really don't get it. Once you buy a car, those exist, but you save much of those buying a Tesla. I always explain it like this when someone tells me it's...
  14. kushari

    Model X license plates

    I'll be unselfish and post what I was thinking haha. MEOWDL X. I like meowing at people, so thought this one is pretty funny, Also applies to the S.
  15. kushari

    Kits/Fairview Store finally underway !

    Awesome to see, Tesla's 2016 numbers should hit new highs, I think I've seen in the last week a few different countries entered. Scotland, Mexico, and maybe others I'm forgetting. I also think Vancouver will be huge market for Tesla.
  16. kushari

    What I've realized after Dipping my Car

    I sprayed the side mirrors so I didn't mask them. Only the chrome part was masked if I remember correctly. Also we just masked the top of the roof as any other part. Check out my dip video, you can see what's taped off: Spectacular Tesla Model S Abyss Midnight Flip (DYC Tribute/Parody) - YouTube
  17. kushari

    From NY to Dubai P85D

    Wow, good thing I didn't reply before reading your reply. I would have said it's probably not happening. Unless you have a garage and equipment for the ranger to use. I guess that could be rented though. Also my friend showed me the super charger pic in Jordan, I thought it was a photoshop as I...
  18. kushari

    From NY to Dubai P85D

    unfortunately you will probably have to ship it back to where you bought it. There are no Tesla stores in The Middle East.
  19. kushari

    Model S Celebrities

    I was watching season 1 episode 3 of the new punk'd revival and there was a Model S used as a paparazzi vehicle haha.
  20. kushari

    Flexible Keyring for keyfob?

    Exactly what I'm going to do.
  21. kushari

    Flexible Keyring for keyfob?

    That's why I created the thread. I have that and don't like it. It's too bulky. Also the key always slips out when I try to open the frunk.
  22. kushari

    Flexible Keyring for keyfob?

    Thanks, I might actually go for one of the black ones. At first I didn't think I'd go for it, but it doesn't at much to the size and protects it a bit. Why not? - - - Updated - - - Ordered! Black and White.
  23. kushari

    Model S Celebrities

    So I spoke the the Toronto Tesla employees. Apparently the person that ordered that Tesla died, and Deadmau5 took it instead.
  24. kushari

    CPO: What questions would you ask?

    If it's a 60, is supercharging enabled, is it a 60, or a 40 (not sure if that question is actually valid)? For any car I would ask if it was a smoking car or non smoking. I can't stand people smoking in cars.
  25. kushari

    European standard garages and falcon door wings height

    Darn! I stand corrected!
  26. kushari

    European standard garages and falcon door wings height

    If you see the other threads, it mentions in the standard options that the doors auto sense the roof of your garage. /End thread lol.
  27. kushari

    Flexible Keyring for keyfob?

    Since the holes on the keyfob are weird and won't fit a normal keyring, I'm trying to find some of those metal flexible keyrings. I remember ones that kind of look like a slinky. Anyone know where I can find any? I don't like the pouch, takes up too much room. I've found these, but it's not...
  28. kushari

    Firmware 6.2

    There's a YouTube video. If I recall correctly, keyboards don't work for security reasons but mice do.
  29. kushari

    Seeking a tesla tech guy

    I'm sure tesla won't do it. I heard of a guy that had his battery defective only after driving it twice in Dubai. He had to ship it back to where he bought it from.
  30. kushari

    At Home (Game)

    Let's see how many of these we can do. I noticed this place in Toronto called Tesla Cafe. Parked my car right in front of it. Let's start a thread where people take pictures of the car in front of things named Tesla that have nothing to do with the car.
  31. kushari

    Man Down!

    Not sure how insurance works in the states, but if it wasn't his fault, his insurance shouldn't go up. It's the insurance of the person that hit him that will go up.
  32. kushari

    Seeking a tesla tech guy

    Why have to go through all that trouble if there are some in the same city as him? He'll eventually see mine, but I want him to experience te car, and also experience insane/ludicrous mode.
  33. kushari

    Seeking a tesla tech guy

    Halla, Musaed. I'm pretty sure Tesla won't do that. You'll have to bring the cars back to an authorized country to service them. Also if you can take my dad for a ride in the P85D (he lives in Dubai) that would be greatly appreciated.
  34. kushari

    P90D reaction videos... volunteers needed

    You Sir/Ma'am are amazing. Just forgot one thing though, to give them my referral link.:rolleyes:
  35. kushari

    Triple Test Drive Experience - 85D, P85D, P90DL

    My 70D is no slouch either. I actually prefer it to the p85+ that I got as a loaner, that thing couldn't keep traction. Whereas the D models just surge forward. I hope to get the p90D or whatever is the latest/greatest in a year or so.
  36. kushari

    Man Down!

    Wait, who is wearing socks and flip flops?
  37. kushari

    Is it harder to steal a Tesla?

    I have to disagree. I don't think the wireless system used is the same as other cars. Also you could only steal this car at gun point afterwhich they will shutdown the car right after it's stolen. Also since they don' do dealerships where are you going to take the car? It will eventually go to a...
  38. kushari

    Video for Social Media

    Hey everyone, as I mentioned I'm on full out assault mode on the ICE cars, now that I'm both an owner and Shareholder. I was wondering if we could get people to shoot video of them showing different locations, walks of life, etc. and then someone edits it to make a good social media video that...
  39. kushari

    P90D reaction videos... volunteers needed

    Get the Suction mount. Also is it a Go Pro 4 Black? Film in 1080p 60 frames or 4K 30 Frames as I'm a quality slut.... Edit: Just saw the videos in the thread. They've also made it to reddit.
  40. kushari

    Hypothetical - What if tesla gets out of the car business and only does battery?

    I think they will have both businesses. Energy/Battery and Car. Just run them separately. Once they are making a profit, they can easily go after the Van, other markets as those don't need to be sexy and meticulously designed like Sedans, SUVs, Sports cars. They just need to get from place a to...
  41. kushari

    Dubai Owners I need a favor

    He should be fine. He has high blood pressure. - - - Updated - - - I want to surprise him, also he would have to get a visa etc, He said he's doing it, but I just want it to be something I did for him.
  42. kushari

    Sound generator for our Model S ?

    High beaming could also work. It makes a sound if you listen to it.
  43. kushari

    What I've realized after Dipping my Car

    Hey Lanny! It was awesome meeting you! You found my thread haha! Did you end up going to the Old Port? Also how was the charging, was it slower than it should be or was it normal?
  44. kushari

    Found screw - Where did it come from?

    Well There's your Problem!!!:tongue:
  45. kushari

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    Dude, I drove the smart car for a few years (Car2Go) it has the worst gearbox known to man kind. Glad I got a car, especially the Model S.
  46. kushari

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    I had a 1996 Impala ss, but that didn't count as it was my dad's company car. This is my first real car.
  47. kushari

    Survey: Tesla as primary car?

    Oh ok cool. I've stopped assuming on the internet haha!:rolleyes: