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  1. santana338

    2022.8.10.6 Tesla MX

    I’m seeing similar issues with . Also seeing the volume scroll wheel doesn’t work again. This almost seems temperature dependent. 2013 MS 40
  2. santana338

    Brake Calipers Locking Up During Overnight Parking

    I had a right rear rattle in my 2013 S. It turns out the parking brake pad had broken in half and the broken part was bouncing around causing the rattle. So this can be an issue that causes problems. It cost me $$ to replace the parking brake pads
  3. santana338

    Installing a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller in a Model X

    There was also an old request for someone to confirm the 12V at the pigtail I'd like to know if 12V is available at the trailer connector and if so does anyone know how much current it can carry? We have a fridge in our pop-up and I can currently run it from the tow vehicle while driving. Is...
  4. santana338

    Installing a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller in a Model X

    Can anybody comment on the brightness of the P2 vs. the P3? We have a P2 in our current tow vehicle (it stays connected all the time) and the bright blue LED light bothers my wife so she put a couple of layers of painters tape over it. Is the P3 just as bright?
  5. santana338

    Something Fishy...

    So what else can be done about this scammer? I looked on the Edmunds site and this site and the email address used has come up before. They suggested reporting the site to Google (easy, so I did that), the IC3 and FTC (not so easy, so I didn't do that).
  6. santana338

    Something Fishy...

    It looks like someone using the email [email protected] has setup a very flashy fake Edmunds site that is using the Edmunds brand to fool marks into thinking they are using a trusted intermediary to buy a car...
  7. santana338

    Something Fishy...

    So I'm emailing a person who claims to be the owner. Other than the red flags listed here, the email service is an encrypted one: tutanota.com. I'll see what I can find out.
  8. santana338

    Homelink auto close reliable for you?

    I don't have auto open or close turned on. With the most recent software update (2017.40.1) homelink doesn't work at all unless I reboot. After a reboot it works, but at some point in the future it does not work and requires another reboot. I don't know if it stops working when the car goes...
  9. santana338

    Charging Etiquette - Be Kind to those Towing

    Wow. That's quite a hit. I have a 2600 lb (dry weight) pop up camper that I currently tow with a minivan. I have been wondering what sort of range I would get towing it with an X. From your experience it seems like I might not even make it from one SC to another. Especially if I put bikes...
  10. santana338

    My open letter to the Chevy Bolt, from a Tesla fan.

    If they actually had an outstanding product they would be supporting their EVs with DC fast charging insfrastructure and they wouldn't be using dealer franchise laws to impede competitors from selling direct to consumers. For those two reasons I will never consider a Chevy product.
  11. santana338

    Drive X to work or leave it at home?

    If it was me I would just drive it. If you are worried about vandalism or your employers thinking they are paying you too much, then that is something you have to decide for yourself. I found that not many people noticed my gray Model S in the parking lot. That may not be the case with the X...
  12. santana338

    Next Gen Seats - DIY Retrofit

    I support hacking for good! I would like to think Tesla is not being punitive in not upgrading seats; just trying to wisely use their limited resources. If they opened the floodgates to this type of upgrade, their service centers would be slammed with seat upgrades, parking sensor upgrades...
  13. santana338

    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    I have been thinking about this myself, as an S40 owner. I would think at some point Tesla might want to cash in on some of this hardware they have been letting us possess but not use. It would be fair to prorate some of the cost since the resale value of an upgrade does not justify the...
  14. santana338

    I have a ghost in my garage.

    That minion looks guilty. I'd see what he knows. I think Kensiko has the right idea though. Call Tesla and see if they can pull up the logs from the time in question.
  15. santana338

    Consumer Reports recommends Tesla disable Autosteer and make changes to AutoPilot

    I saw it on Yahoo News here: Consumer Reports says Tesla should drop Autopilot name I also commented: What does CR think an autopilot should do? This is the definition I found on wikipedia as quoted from a chapter of an FAA manual entitled "Automated Flight Controls": An autopilot is a...
  16. santana338

    Suspension Problem on Model S

    I would escalate this up the Tesla management chain. It sounds absurd. I had the upper control arm assemblies replaced in November as part of my annual maintenance when the technician working on the car noticed they were worn. It was all covered under my annual maintenance fee. If you have...
  17. santana338

    Does any else regret buying a Model X?

    And THAT's the level of service we have come to expect from our SCs. I hope they get you back to enjoying your new ride
  18. santana338

    Toyota out-innovates Tesla (with a boat?)

    Thanks Doug! I knew I had seen it and it started with an "R".
  19. santana338

    Toyota out-innovates Tesla (with a boat?)

    Reminds me of the Rimac boat/submarine concept. Can't find any pictures of it now, but it would just drive into the water. Or maybe it was just a boat and not a sub. Seems that Toyota is doing the same thing. It's not like this would help in a Tsunami. It would get crushed like everything...
  20. santana338

    Tesla's response to me leaking info about the P100D?

    Not to answer for wk, but it looked to me like he wasn't planning to release anything, just post some ecrypted teaser. But the encryption was broken way faster than he thought and the beans were spilled.
  21. santana338

    Cargo Capacity or Thereof

    This has probably been covered in the fold-down seat thread (that I was not able to keep up with) but I think Tesla missed the mark on the 3rd row seats by not making them fold down forward and also fold/stow backwards into the well at the back (a la the Honda Odyssey Touring). The third row...
  22. santana338

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Gotta take that back. Still having the RM radio mute/select problem. I swear it worked correctly a few times though. Oh, and add me to the list of signatories for the letter!
  23. santana338

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Still problem FM radio problem free over the weekend. So V7.1 (2.12.126) seems to have fixed it.
  24. santana338

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I'm with you on this on Jerry. It seems like we are getting all the bugs without any of the benefits. - - - Updated - - - It looks like the latest update I got yesterday had corrected the radio problem. I will report back in a few days with the exact FW rev number if this continues to...
  25. santana338

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I agree this is a sloppy bug. But I wouldn't say it is low priority. They introduced a feature/bug last year that muted the audio when you got in the car. There was a lot of complaining about that and eventually the non-muting behavior was restored. I think we just need to escalate this, but...
  26. santana338

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Is anyone else having an issue with FM radio being unselected when getting into the car? This happened about 3 updates ago. I kept thinking it would get resolved but I have had 2 updates now and the problem is still there. I have another update queued up for tomorrow and I hope it gets fixed...
  27. santana338

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    Well, this is interesting. GM's cryptic stance when asked about a charging network for the Bolt made me wonder what they were doing. Could it be that they are only using the Bolt as a way to try to kill Tesla (by putting these roadblocks in place and saying the Bolt was the answer)? They...
  28. santana338

    Will the Model 3 be Standard with Front / Rear / All Wheel Drive?

    I don't have the citation but Elon has said two things that I recall that are relevant to this discussion: 1. Teslas will always be RWD because torque steer on a F(ront)WD vehicle would make steering under hard acceleration difficult (I hear there are some Ford EVs with this issue) 2. Tesla...
  29. santana338

    Philosophical questions that highlight how absurd a fee on self-generation is.

    I got an email from Senator Angus King (ME) today that says the Senate is working on legislation on this topic. The email doesn't give a bill number or any way to identify it, but it may be possible to find out and start a campaign to make this whole thing more fair. Here is the Senator's...
  30. santana338

    Unintended consequences of naming my car

    Our current family road trip car has a 7" screen and line drawing maps for GPS. Once the kids figure out we were the red arrow and the time and distance to our destination was on the upper left of the screen, the question changed from "Are we there yet" to "Dad, zoom out so I can see how much...
  31. santana338

    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I have FW 7.1 and in the release notes it talks about the homelink auto open/close. But when I go to the homelink settings I don't see any option to turn this feature on. Is there a minimum version where this is enabled? I'm surprised it is in the release notes but I don't see it. Am I...
  32. santana338

    Building New Home- Best place to Install NEMA 14-50 to charge X in Garage????

    Not to brag, but I have a 4 car garage (2 attached and 2 detached). For me, it is what sold the home. My wife was less impressed. We have both cars, a boat, and a camper all parked under cover so we don't need to worry about clearing snow. We also keep the riding snow blower in the detached...
  33. santana338

    Rust...anybody seen this?

    Take it to your service center. They should fix that ASAP under warranty. I haven't seen anything like this before, but it looks similar to the side marker corrosion issue and I just had my side markers replaced this year to fix them.
  34. santana338

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    So why is the Bolt so slow? 0-60 in "less than 7 seconds" and top speed of 91 MPH? Is GM cheaping out on the motor and inverter?
  35. santana338

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    The Bolt never would have happened without Tesla. Heck, the Volt wouldn't have happened without Tesla. Oh, and I would expect an established car company to get a mass market car into production before a new startup company. Why is this a surprise to anyone?
  36. santana338

    Rock chip in windshield after 4th day of ownership! Advice?

    I had a bubble on my windshield at delivery and Tesla replaced it using a local glass shop. The only downside was some dirty fingerprints on the A pillar. Then last winter I got a rock chip while driving on the highway. I went the epoxy route but the dime size ding was still visible. I was...
  37. santana338

    Two Thirds of Early Model S Drivetrains May Fail By 60,000miles

    After reading the article the other day I added my data to the Pug In America site. It looked like they getting more owners to report, which is a good thing. Plug In America I'm still on my original drivetrain from 2013. From IslandBay's experience it sounds like I need to try to hold on to...
  38. santana338

    Tesla Model S Survey by Plug In America

    Saw an article on Green Car Reports about this survey and entered my data for the first time. I'm hoping others will see this article too and put their data in.
  39. santana338

    Tesla Valet service goes POOF!!!

    I didn't think they would replace the lug nuts either. I had noticed they had dinged them up before during my first service. I had been very careful to keep them pristine when I had changed over the my snow tires prior to the first annual service. I was bummed that they got all dinged up. I...
  40. santana338

    Tesla Valet service goes POOF!!!

    Here is the list of repairs. Some of this I hadn't even realized had been done until I went over it for this post. Replaced 12V battery and jump post Replaced UMC and replaced charge port trident cable (charge port acted funny, multiple clunks when plugging in, etc) Replaced both side...
  41. santana338

    Autopilot and Towing

    I forgot about this thread and just caught up today. If scottf200 is right then I'm curious how much of the wiring harness is included. If a 4-pin brake controller connector is included under that dash, that is great for allowing choice on which controller to use. But the hardest part about...
  42. santana338

    Tesla Valet service goes POOF!!!

    So I wound up being able to drop off my car so I didn't need the valet service for that. But the Watertown (MA) service center is sending the car home via valet and I don't see anything about an additional charge for the valet service above the $600 annual maintenance fee. The amount of work...
  43. santana338

    Near annual replacement of 12V battery is typical according to Tesla Service Tech

    I just had my car in for service after 30 months. I never saw a notice about the 12V system, but my service advisor said they had been getting notices about the 12V system for a while. If I were you I would check with your service center and see if they are getting any notifications. If so...
  44. santana338

    Tesla Valet service goes POOF!!!

    Just to chime in on the positive side of things, I have a service appointment on Friday. I am getting a loaner and they are picking up my car from a third location (I live 60 miles from the SC but will be in Boston on Friday). When the car is done they will return it to me at home and pick up...
  45. santana338

    Recommended protocol for addressing issues with TM

    I would think TMC has enough weight that if an issue were to get enough support, TMC could approach Elon directly (or via twitter or whatever) and say "Hey, look, we have X people having this issue and you are not addressing it. Please take a look and see what you can do".
  46. santana338

    Autopilot and Towing

    This is the first I have heard of an integrated brake controller in the X. Are you speculating or did you get that info from a reliable source? What source?
  47. santana338

    Travel/camp trailer test methodology?

    BerTX, I think this is a good idea. I think what you are proposing is going to be the only way to get a good set of data. One thing though. Changing the aerodynamics would have a big effect on the Wh/mi numbers. So adding 1 (or 4) bikes on top of my pop-up I would suspect would change the...
  48. santana338

    MyTesla phone app - can't connect

    I did a clear cache and that didn't work (on my android Galaxy S3). But clearing the data did work. So no need to uninstall/reinstall unless you really want to.
  49. santana338

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I'll second the comment to take this great list to ownership. I was driving the kids to school this morning. It was early and it was bright enough to wear sunglasses (and I have readers in my shades). The lights were off, but the UI was dark for most of the ride I guess because of the...