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    Traffic Light Sensors not tripped by Model S

    I have been having a similar problem with my 2015 P90D. I think maybe sensor is magnetic and looking for steel, whereas the model s is all aluminum?
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    Washer Fluid Warning

    I’ve had same issue with my 2015 Model S. Yesterday fluid stopped with no warning light. I went into “notifications” and found low washer fluid warning, but no warning light. I have a memory that there was a warning light in the past.
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    What is 12v battery replacement cost

    Just started getting change battery warning on my 2015 P90D. Should I load test a 6-yr old battery or just replace?
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    Cigarette lighter stopped working

    I have a 2015 P90D. My air inflator stopped working and I realized I had blown the 12V socket fuse. Make sure any air inflator is significantly under 15A. Changing fuse in passenger footwell is not difficult, but you have to pull the doorsill trim and you will need 3 new clips to replace the...
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    Gen 3 door handles

    My Gen 3 handle failed in 14 months. Very disappointing.
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    Gen 3 door handle - Replace sensor

    I have same issue. Gen 2 replaced with Gen 3 under warranty. 14 months later the Gen 3 handle has failed. my 2015 P90D is out of warranty. I am told that we cannot easily repair the Gen 3 handles like the others.Furthermore, the Gen 3 handles may require some software upgrade. Does anyone...