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    FSD Beta v11.x

    It's "on deck".
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    FSD V12 (end to end AI)

    If Tesla could offer their own insurance for FSD cars, slightly discount the rates compared to other companies, and achieve 2x better than human accident costs, they would have a nice profit center. You'll know FSD is safer than human when your insurance cost decreases with FSD usage.
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    Pet liner recommendation for 2nd Seat (that allows the pup to go back/forth to front seat)

    Something like this should work if you could cut a hole in the mesh. I couldn't find one with a zippered mesh, which is probably for structural strength. The extender floor matches close enough to the top of the X console that a small dog could walk to it.
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    Pet liner for Model X Refreshed

    We have a 2017 Model X 6-seater and a 62 lb dog. We just finished a road trip with one extra-long day of driving up and back. On the trip out I had a seat cover for each of the second row captains chairs and expected the dog to stay mostly on the floor.. The poor dog remained sitting up in a...
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    FSD V12 (end to end AI)

    I guess Chuck's video could be a human driver laying down training examples for v12 (with full stops as required!) I felt the driving was a little too consistent for a human, though that might be a goal for a training video as well. Better than I could do. I'm pretty sure it won't goose the...
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    6 seat owners, any solutions to keep things in the back with third row folded down?

    A cargo liner can hook over the middle row headrests and keep things in place. We usually load the least used stuff in the cargo well, since it is harder to access than most of the other cargo spaces.
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    FSD V12 (end to end AI)

    I have always assumed v11 was modular NN's with some modules still hand coded. "Modular" could include swapping out NN's as appropriate (UPL NN, roundabout NN, California NN, don't hit anything NN, turn left NN etc.). One reason this sounded reasonable was that it should be faster (lower...
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    Pyro Fuse Fuss

    My SC is replacing the fuse for free but is charging $205 for a "High Voltage Circuit Integrity Check". I added on the CCS charge port upgrade and they're saying $0 for that. Early 2017 Model X. Not sure how they determined the charges. I was expecting no charge for the fuse and a non-zero...
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    FSD 11.4.7 and Cabin Overheat Protection

    You did reset, right? That sounds like something a reset and sleep would fix.
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    I actually liked my 11.4.7 ride today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring? 11.4.x behaviors may be changing as they replace more code (or old NN's} with new NN's in order to test their data set. Not really trying to make 11 better, just prepping the data set for v12. Or 11.4.x may be...
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    Stuck in traffic questions

    Driving in rush hour L.A. traffic across southern California in the summer resulted in my lifetime Model X longest driving stint, both in miles driven and time taken. I was able to skip our planned SC stop and make one much further on. We've had a few other long traffic waits while travelling...
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    I drove the interstates for four days and 2000+ miles on 11.3.6 and it was fine. My main job was to move back to the right lane after it had made a pass in the left lane. It didn't like to move back to the right unless there was a car behind it. It gave me a strike on the last day for supposedly...
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    FSD V12 (end to end AI)

    I'm sure Tesla's AI team, and other researchers as well, have developed their own dialect for describing their work. Elon will pick that up. Engineers can sound pretty obscure at times. In the case of photons, it's not hard to see that HW3 and HW4 will present different video data to the NN...
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    Sweet Spot for Replacing Model 3

    Ideally the battery just fades away slowly and you have to put up with less and less range until it no longer meets your needs. But there is the risk that something goes wrong and you need a replacement battery. That would be about the only reason I'd regret keeping the car, since the cost is so...
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    2016 pre-refresh, upgraded to MCU2, lost "passive entry"

    This is what I wrote 3/1/2021: I think my problem was only with using the Tesla app to unlock and start the car. I'm pretty sure the fob was operating normally, including unlock and start without pushing a button. Asking your SC, or trying another, about fixing the cars "security registration"...
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    Dallas -Baltimore road trip advice

    I usually add a couple more PSI tire pressure for long trips in my X and check it again at the destination. Lots of miles will lead to a little faster pressure loss. Low pressures and fast Interstates are bad for the tires, and the X is particularly sensitive. Look at A Better Route Planner. It...
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    2016 pre-refresh, upgraded to MCU2, lost "passive entry"

    The Service Center needs to update something on Tesla's side, security certificates or something. Give them a call. It's a pretty quick fix. This was common early on, and happened with my MCU2 upgrade. You would think they would have this down by now.
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    My X was broken into without breaking the glass

    The frunk can be opened without any key if you follow a simple process. It is not secure, but it makes the 12V battery accessible should it completely die. No idea how to get into the rest of the car from there.
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    FSDb Turns the Wrong Way

    I've had any number of times where the voice and the directions and the map don't agree on left or right. And FSD does something different that may or may not be correct. It seems like normally the voice is wrong and the directions are good. Generally I've been able to trust FSD to correctly...
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    When Tesla accepts liability for FSD driving we will have to pay a new insurance premium to them. They've been preparing for this by starting Tesla insurance and the FSD subscription option. Certainly the $2k we paid for our Model 3's FSD long ago isn't going to cover FSD insurance for the life...
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    Lacking confidence at speed

    I came from a 2001 911 to my 2017 X. Maybe things have changed, but I feel the X steering is precise and stable. Very much like the Porsche without as much feedback. You should feel very confident with it. My wife is always pushing 100 MPH when passing on two lane highways and has no idea at the...
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    Constant Driving Speed of a BEV Versus its Range

    From what I remember the most efficient speed for travel is around 25 MPH for an EV, in terms of Wh/m. At freeway speeds, if you want maximum efficiency then drive as slow as you can. As a practical matter during long interstate trips we drive our old normal +5 - +9 MPH above the speed limit...
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    FSD V12 (end to end AI)

    I would think latency concerns would require multiple smaller NN's, with some of them running more frequently than others. The path to that could easily be replacing current C++ code with new NN's one-for-one. Easy to train each of them individually with their limited functionality. After that...
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    Is a Socorro NM to Santa Rosa NM drive doable??

    If you don't want the car's nav to insert Supercharger stops automatically, you can turn off Trip Planner in the Navigation settings. That allowed us to see the charge remaining at destination while charging for distant Supercharger. Also good for entering all ABRP charge stops without the Trip...
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    FSD was fine in moderate rain on the Interstate for about 10 hours of driving. Much of that was with the FSD is degraded warning, but it didn't quickly toggle or kick us out of FSD at all. At one point I was close to zero forward visibility while passing a large truck spraying lots of water. I...
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    Latest FSD - Autosteer not available

    I think It's been fairly repeatable for me. Driving too far left or right in the lane makes the grey wheel icon disappear. Easy enough to test, but difficult to see the pattern if you don't know about it. Narrow lanes of course demand pretty precise centering. It's certainly a change in...
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    When traveling, do you bother with trying to find hotels with EV charging? Can you depend on them?

    On our long interstate trips, about 75% of the time there is a decent hotel near our last stop of the day Supercharger. We can get to it without crossing a street. The other times I just pick a hotel along the route and and take the 20 minute hit from not charging to 100% and skipping the next...
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    Autopilot constantly moving out of right hand lane

    I haven't tried it recently, but after I manually initiate a lane change (NoA active with lane change confirmation required), NoA will stop recommending lane changes for a minute or two. It kind of leaves me hanging when coming up behind another car and I don't get a lane change recommendation...
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    Happy to report that V10 supports Plex Streaming

    Haven't tried it. You should be able to access your Plex music (it's been a while since I've used Plex in the car). I'm not sure Tesla will let you do it while driving. I'd prefer using a USB drive instead.
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    Play a specific FM station

    I have two FM stations saved as favorites. That's pretty easy to access.
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    Best charge level when charging the day before a long trip and not able to schedule charge overnight?

    My normal routine is to charge to 90% at night and then top off to 100% in the morning before we leave. That would be best if you don't want to stop to charge during your trip. Once you've made the trip successfully you'll have a better idea of what to expect the second time. For longer trips...
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    Constant "camera is blocked" message?

    Our car used to give something like this when driving next to a blank gray wall in broad daylight. The AP is looking for something moving within the camera video. An unlighted black night, a featureless cement barrier, or a smooth garage wall would cause problems this. We haven't had this...
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    How Schedule Sun 100% Mon - Sat 80%

    I use the TeslaFi web app, which does cost $50 or so a year. It can schedule charges by limit, time, and day of week, or just once. I use it to prep for road trips so I can hit 100% just before we leave and I don't have to remember to do it myself.
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    Upgrades/Changes from 2017 P90D X to 2020 Long Range Plus X

    The camera upgrade was free since I had purchased FSD with the car. There was no interior camera installed. All of those upgrades are nice, worthwhile to me. Even the cameras will give us better dashcam videos while on the road in picturesque locations. Without FSD I probably wouldn't have...
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    2015 tesla model s break pedal stuck down

    Is the arm holding the pedal broken? Did you lose your hydraulic fluid? Can you pull the pedal toward you with your hand and then press on it to start the car? Do you have any brakes even if you could start the car?
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    Upgrades/Changes from 2017 P90D X to 2020 Long Range Plus X

    I've got a 2017 100D, one of the first 100D's off the line. I got all the options, so it has tow and the cold weather package. I've upgraded the MCU. With FSD I got the upgraded HW3 AP computer and just recently the camera upgrade and current FSD Beta firmware. With all of that, it always seemed...
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    Wobble at low speed, vibration at high speed.

    You have to replace the rear tires. I think it is also important to stay on the high side for tire pressures. I try to stay at 42 to 45 PSI during road trips. This happened with my first two sets of OEM Continental Cross Contacts at about 20k miles each. I now have Pirelli Scorpions, but only...
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    Tesla FSD going to wide release now

    Got our FSD (2022.36.20) last night and tried it today. Our last update was 2022.20.9 so it did look like this was coming. We did set the "Advanced" setting asking for FSD Beta but always had a crap safety score and probably not 100 miles of AP driving in a month. So we were one of the FSD...
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    FSD V11 Discussion - First Released 11/11/22 at 11:11PM - Maybe

    My Model X camera replacement isn't scheduled until 12/23 so a wide release after that would be nice.
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    Non Tesla charging station reliability

    We took a small road trip with rented Mustang Mach E. At our first charge stop the only CCS fast charger for miles didn't work. I called the service number and they were unable to communicate with the charger. They said the last successful charge was about two months before and they would have...
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    Wobble at low speed, vibration at high speed.

    I've had something similar, twice. It was a belt separation inside a rear tire causing sort of a bubble in the tread. It made parking lot pavement seem wavy and caused vibration at speed, which smoothed out to a tolerable level at interstate speeds. Most likely it is because of the X's rear...
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    Lex Friedman (inadvertently?) interviewed EV hater

    Geez, electrics are just better cars. Climate benefits were way down on my list. No reason to hate electric cars even if all the climate FUD was 100% true.
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    Setting my wife up for success with Autopilot

    If you hold the wheel with just one hand off center (7 to 9 o'clock or 3 to 5 o'clock) and let it pull the wheel down with its own weight you can eliminate nags altogether. The exact position depends on what torque you need to stop nags without disengaging, but there should be wide range. With...
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    Accessory battery was changed last Friday. The next day car is dead

    DC to DC converter, or whatever charges the 12V battery these days is one thing that can go wrong.
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    Is NEMA 14-50 AND Tesla Wall Connector a good idea?

    Two WC's would allow near total flexibility in amperages if you swapped circuit breakers appropriately. We use two power sharing WC's for our two Teslas. If you want to charge a non-Tesla then that may not be a good solution.
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    Auto steer doesn’t change lane

    Auto lane change is part of the FSD package for new Teslas. It is not included with the basic Autopilot.
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    Autopilot on long straight highways

    One hand, continuously hanging on the wheel, usually between 9 to 6 o'clock or 3 to 6 o'clock. Usually my right hand hanging on the outside of the wheel around 4 or 5 o'clock. You need a position on the wheel such that your pull on the wheel is enough to avoid nags altogether and not enough to...
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    No phantom drain - Related to recent update?

    The only way I lose a few percent a day is if Sentry mode is active. It seems likely that Sentry mode has been turned off, for whatever reason. That might include a software update that glitched it, perhaps the USB drive is full, or Sentry thinks it is off at home and thinks it is home now.
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    Thoughts on Using Two Teslas

    I'd go for a high-mileage used 3 if that makes a significant enough difference in the price. We use our 3 for nearly all local trips, except for those times the two of us have overlapping trips. The X is our road trip car, people hauler, and "emergency use car. To answer your question...
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    Supercharger - Palmdale, CA (LIVE 19 Oct 2020, 20 V3 stalls)

    They were busy working on them Wednesday. They had about 10 pedestals working, all in use at times when we were charging that afternoon. We lost charge power for maybe 10 -15 minutes until they restored it. Plenty of guys there to fix it! Not a bad way to avoid L.A. on our road trips, but this...