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  1. Puma2020

    A Father-Son, 12,000 Mile Road, 28-day Road Trip Across the USA in a Model Y

    I just finished my second cross country trip. Was hoping for > 10,000 miles (last year was "only" 9.2K) but got called home a bit early, which results in only 9,486 miles for this trip. Averaged 305 Wh/mile. Lots of highway driving with FSD. It does make traveling a long distance so much...
  2. Puma2020

    Need 13,000 kWh annually; does that mean I should get 8.39 kW in panels?

    From my experience in southern NH, I would agree with the recommendations of getting what you can afford. Things change and you don't know what your future power needs will be. For myself, I got an EV (Y), several years after I got solar. However the EV actually doesn't dramatically increase...
  3. Puma2020

    Tesla Noob -- What to consider before ordering a Model Y?

    I have a 2020 LR Y and have driven across the country. The LR is really good for long trips. However, around town it can also be extremely useful. If you have dogs or kids, then you'll likely get really fond of dog mode while you run into a store or do some shopping. I fully agree with other...
  4. Puma2020

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    That happens all of the time for various reasons. The Amiga .vs. IBM PC The 8086 .vs. 6800 CPU Betamax .vs. VHS Word Perfect .vs. MS Word Borland C++ .vs. MS C++ GM .vs. anyone else... The list goes on and on...
  5. Puma2020

    FSD 11.4.4 wide release??

    As a software engineer, I have a fair appreciation of what is likely happening in the car. There are times we have a "discussion" on what it did. I was pleasantly surprised today when on a rural road, a car pulled out of a side street, crossed in front of me and drove up (towards me) in their...
  6. Puma2020

    black car in Florida?

    I had a black car in Maryland many years ago. There were times I'd go out after work and the dashboard was molten. The steering wheel was too hot to touch. Years later in Florida, I was in the habit of putting up a sun screen on the windshield which helps a LOT. With Tesla, I still use the...
  7. Puma2020

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Aliens! That also explains SpaceX and their frequent launches. Not for Starlink but to maintain regular contact with the aliens. Elon's frequent meetings with heads of state is to pass personal messages to them from the aliens. Also explains why the various missions to the dark side of the...
  8. Puma2020

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    WAIT!!! We can all breathe again... it is above $260 now... As @Papafox would say, just the Mandatory Morning Dip. Of course, we all know the streak will be broken some day... just maybe not today.
  9. Puma2020

    Hypothesis on why Tesla's Service is so poor

    I have now had to deal with Tesla Service 4 times in my 3+ years of ownership. First time was fixing a misalignment issue after just 1 month. This was scheduled at the closest SC (1.5 hours away) but I asked for mobile service and that was granted. Mobile service was awesome. Great idea, great...
  10. Puma2020

    Full Self Driving frequently shows as "unavailable"

    I thought it was a new "Whack-a-mole" type of game they created to keep the driver engaged! No steering wheel icon, then it appears and you try to engage it before it disappears again and get the "Not available" message. However, it does cause more driver distraction watching for the icon to...
  11. Puma2020

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I agree. Hoping that the Y will last at least 10+ years. Currently on year 3. My record is 15.5 years before I could let that car go. However, it is interesting that Tesla has basically locked us in. The ecosystem is better than other brands. Plus if you got FSD (Beta) (which I did before...
  12. Puma2020

    State Inspection in NH

    I was thinking of using Electrified Garage in Seabrook, but they don't do inspections for some reason. In Milford, NH, I've used a little shop called Briand's Auto Repair at 116 Elm Street. Used them for the last 3 years. Quick, easy in and out. $40. They at least knew how to get in and...
  13. Puma2020

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    A favorite WWDTM audio clip Clippy must Die!
  14. Puma2020

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    4 rules... he added a 4th much later about harming humanity...
  15. Puma2020

    Artificial Intelligence

    Holy cow... that is impressive.... I do wish that AI would be trained with Azimov's 4 laws of robotics, although he wrote many stories on how that could go wrong but at least it is a start. I wonder why the AI was limited to a knowledge cutoff date of 2021?
  16. Puma2020

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Elon's predictions isn't much different than any other inventor or visionary. I've worked for a few and they always think: How hard can this be? I don't see any technical road blocks. For some strange reason, they never learned Scotty's principle (Take your best estimate, multiple it by 4)...
  17. Puma2020

    Replacement tires

    Yes, you can. I put on run flats on my 2020 Y in December Bridgestone Driveguard 255/45RF19 V - Run Flat SL100V They were roughly the same price as some of the other non run flat tires I was considering. They run great and do not produce any more road noise than the OEM tires. They actually...
  18. Puma2020

    FSD - Worthwhile Investment?

    When I purchased my 2020 Y, I knew that FSD wasn't ready. I bought it thinking, I'll invest in Tesla's trying to make FSD a reality. It was definitely an expense. I've been hearing about self driving cars since the 1980's. AI was going to take over the world. The DARPA Self Driving...
  19. Puma2020

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    As someone who spent of my life driving standard transmissions, I am very used to coasting up to stop signs and lights. During my first test drive, I hated the strong regen and back then was able to switch it to low regen. That helped but it was still stronger than what I was used to with...
  20. Puma2020

    Supercharge a brand new MYLR to 100% on a road trip?

    No... you do not want to charge to 100% as you won't have any re-gen braking (because there will be no place to put the energy into the batteries) for the first part of your trip (likely before you get to the highway). Plus since each 10% will give you roughly 25 miles or so of range, it is...
  21. Puma2020

    Third party wipers for model y

    Here is the USA link to avoid any import fees: https://smile.amazon.com/XTechnor-Windshield-All-Season-Equipment-Replacement/dp/B07V61HZ5K Note: I have not tried these (yet), but I tried another brand and had trouble getting it installed. But found these which I also have not tried (yet) but...
  22. Puma2020

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Fall 2022... 2020 LR AWD Y 29K miles, original tires on 19" TSportline Space Gray and, of course, a papillon, can't leave home without one... gotta love Dog mode
  23. Puma2020

    Settings when car is idled

    Dog Mode. On hot days, it keeps the car cool. On the cold winter days, the car stays warm. Love Dog Mode. I will turn it on regardless of whether I am staying in the car or going into the store. Plus you don't even need to have a dog with you! :) However, getting into the habit helps for...
  24. Puma2020

    How do you personalize?

    Although it doesn't help with finding the car in a parking lot, after a trip where one of the rear reflectors fell out... I decided to splurge and got a set of lighted reflectors from PimpYourEv...
  25. Puma2020

    One thing you LOVE and DISLIKE about your Model Y

    Love the acceleration (even though I have "just" a LR AWD with no boost) and Dog/Camp modes and no gas stations. Dislike the suspension and ride quality especially on a bumpy road and the warnings that I'm driving too close to the outside of the lane. I can cross the center line without a peep...
  26. Puma2020

    I make my Model Y a Home on Wheels

    I just returned from a cross country trip where I did the car camping in the Y. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/9-217-mile-trip-in-a-lr-y-and-only-1-oops.275408/ Then found yet another post on camping https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/car-camping-in-rv-sites.266610/ Both threads...
  27. Puma2020

    Air conditioning system strength (in general)

    I have a 70% silver one. Haven't seen any scratching or markings on the Y from using it, although the first time, I did worry a wee bit about that. I also have a UST survival blanket (orange on one side, silver on the other) which works well. They are about $20 but are a bit smaller (about...
  28. Puma2020

    Air conditioning system strength (in general)

    I just spent a few weeks in Dallas (105+) and then went north to get to the "cooler" 95 degree temps. The sun is fairly intense right now. I have an aluminet blanket/tarp that I use at dog agility shows during the day. Very easy to throw over the Y and I lock it in place shutting it inside...
  29. Puma2020

    9,217 mile trip in a LR Y and only 1 oops...

    For car camping, Camp mode is great. Camp mode (and Dog mode) only work when battery is above 20%, so if you arrive with less than 15%, it may be a while before you can use those. However, the A/C will still work if you are sitting in the car (or have some weight (luggage) on the front seat)...
  30. Puma2020

    Car Camping in RV sites?

    Just got back from a long trip and car camping. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/9-217-mile-trip-in-a-lr-y-and-only-1-oops.275408/ Big things that I learned, is that 1) you have to make sure the RV site accepts car camping. Most did, but a few did not. 2) Once you have confirmed #1...
  31. Puma2020

    9,217 mile trip in a LR Y and only 1 oops...

    I drove my 2020 LR Y from New England out to Vancouver, BC, Canada to visit family via Dallas, Texas to visit more family. The car is great in the mountains and is a joy to drive. Driving from Redding, CA to the Redwoods is a blast (except for the construction stops). Driving up to Crater Lake...
  32. Puma2020

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    I love my 2020 Y LR. However, a new one would cost about $27K more now (including FSD). I would have a very hard time justifying that given all of the options now available. The question is, what would be the purpose of the new vehicle. If you want to take long trips with it (as it will be...
  33. Puma2020

    Radio won't play?

    I do not have Premium Connectivity, so will answer no.
  34. Puma2020

    Radio won't play?

    Had an interesting moment today with the radio. It was set to a local station. I got into the car and started driving it. No sound from the radio. I turned up the volume. No sound. I tried changing to another channel pre-set. Nothing. I pressed the radio icon and pressed yet another radio...
  35. Puma2020

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Congratulations on your successful trip. My wife's family is in Michigan (KZ area), so I do most of that trip a couple of times each year. Guilderland near Albany, NY is a nice stop. Big shopping mall with 20 chargers .vs. the 6 at the other Albany SC. Both are 150 kWh (V2) so better chance...
  36. Puma2020

    Anyone interested in Temp vs energy consumption charts?

    This is interesting. Thanks. However it is not really showing efficiency but instead how the Y uses more power in the colder temps than in the warmer temps, although above 85 or so, appears to show more energy used as well. Since cold air is more dense, it does that more energy to push...
  37. Puma2020

    Should I buy this Model X 90D?

    As someone with experience at autobahn speeds and the resulting decrease in efficiency, I agree that you should make sure there are SCs (Super Chargers) along the route you will be using. I believe that Switzerland limits autobahn speeds to 130 kph but that is still fast enough to hurt...
  38. Puma2020

    Blue MYP With Aftermarket Wheels

    After suffering 2 dented rims in 2 different incidents within the first 10 months of ownership, I went with the TSportline 19" Sport Grey wheels. 9 months later, no issues, so far. Still using the original tires. 16K miles. Haven't noticed any range differences.
  39. Puma2020

    Emergency Alert sounds on speakers!

    While driving yesterday, I heard this, for the first time... in 2 years! YIKES!!! Startled me quite a bit. No indication of anything wrong. Nothing! Screen was normal, nothing inside or outside seemed amiss. Just the loud beeping. I thought it sounded like the emergency alert tones. I had...
  40. Puma2020

    Proactive Emergency Alert

    Ford Lightning EF-150 has this capability. Really cool but... there are, of course, caveats. I think Youtube's Engineering Explained did a good job talking about it. The big one is you need to have 320A coming into your house! To allow the 80A circuit to the garage!
  41. Puma2020

    Emergency System Alert Sound - Yikes!

    While driving yesterday, I heard this, for the first time... in 2 years! Yikes is correct. Startled me quite a bit. No indication of anything wrong. Nothing! Screen was normal, nothing inside or outside seemed amiss. Just the loud beeping. I thought it sounded like the emergency alert tones...
  42. Puma2020

    Charging Amp Limit to 32A

    Although I have a 14-50 installed on a dedicated 50 amp circuit, Tesla will set the limit to 80% or 40 amps. I manually told the charging screen to limit it to 32A (about 8kW) and it's held the 32A for the last 2 years through multiple software updates. Of course, the very next update could...
  43. Puma2020

    Pumping gas is HARD!

    It's been about 2 years or so since I was at a gas station. However, we'd run out of gas for the snow throwers and so needed to get more for the next storm. My wife's Prius was finally below 1/2 of a tank. Turns out that if you use the EV for around town and with a pandemic, not going to as...
  44. Puma2020

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Did they add a BTMS (Battery Thermal Management System) to the US models? For the Kona EV, the Canadian version had a BTMS but the US version did not. We should have learned from the 1st gen Nissan Leaf, never to even think about an EV without a BTMS.
  45. Puma2020

    MY 188 mile commute -or- can we make it home without charging?

    You seem to have a good grasp of what you are doing. The weather does play a big role for your commute. Up here, today, while the temps will be in the low 20's, the wind chill is in the single digits or below zero. That kind of wind matters especially if it is a head wind. Cold winter air is...
  46. Puma2020

    Cross Country Road Trip - Car in Service

    Road TRIP!!! Having done several 1,000+ mile road trips in my LR Y, it's just a great car for it. Having to stop every 2-2.5 hours to charge, actually made the trip so much easier. The back, knees and bladder really, really appreciated the breaks. On a long trip, the charging stops were...
  47. Puma2020


    I also installed a 14-50. However, I manually lowered (via charging screen) the charge rate to 32A, which works out to be about 8kW. Tesla will usually set the charging to 80% of the circuit (40A on a 14-50). Rarely do I get home with the batteries of less than 20%, so I plug in and in a few...
  48. Puma2020

    Most informative Car Based websites

    Seriously, no one has any recommendations for decent EV car sites? I am stuck with https://www.teslarati.com/ or https://electrek.co/
  49. Puma2020

    Most informative Car Based websites

    Wanted to get your opinion on what websites do you like for car information?
  50. Puma2020

    Does the model 3 need to be fettled to be a daily driver?

    I am assuming 200 miles/week. You'll want to charge at home at least every 100 miles, mostly because why not? One advantage to EVs, is every morning you wake up and have a "full" tank... although normally "full" is 75 or 80 or 85% depending on your preference. Other than that, the tire TPS...