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  1. whisperingshad

    For those who don't qualify for the Fed rebate, better to lease?

    IF you don't qualify for the tax credit based on income, then you probably can afford to just buy it....if that's not the case then maybe wait on buying a new car till you can pay?
  2. whisperingshad

    New feature?

    ID10T stickers
  3. whisperingshad

    2022 MYP Steering rack Failure. Tesla DENYING warranty coverage due to aftermarket wheels 20x10 with 275 40 20 set up

    LOL. not how it works really, would have thought if the timeline was there but it wasnt
  4. whisperingshad

    DMV renewal fees breakdown

    And his fellows for instituting :)
  5. whisperingshad

    CPUC NEM 3.0 discussion

    Just add a battery
  6. whisperingshad

    Don't drive my Tesla in heavy rain due to battery damage???

    Buying a Tesla was the easiest car purchase process I have ever had, No slimy sales and backdoor crap, This is price, pickup and go
  7. whisperingshad

    Am I being lied to by the tint business

    Stock Y Roof in Cali get hot as heck on your head(not sunburn level, just uncomfortable, especially if tall), way better but still noticeable with tint.
  8. whisperingshad

    Am I being lied to by the tint business

    Trust me tint on windshield makes huge difference, noticed after had windshield replaced and had to wait 2 weeks to get tint.
  9. whisperingshad

    New Mountain Pass Performance (MPP) Comfort Coilovers

    Makes it less of a bobblehead, but still rough as heck.
  10. whisperingshad

    Am I being lied to by the tint business

    It makes a big difference on roof also, still not 100% tho
  11. whisperingshad

    Am I being lied to by the tint business

    UV yes, IR totally different
  12. whisperingshad

    Am I being lied to by the tint business

    I have done cars in regular tint, ceramic tint etc. The ceramic tint cuts down on heat a lot more. Windshield is one of the most important btw, had to replace windshield and waited 2 weeks to get it tinted(HUGE DIFFERENCE). Also coworkers have 3 and Y without tint and they cook in the heat and...
  13. whisperingshad

    Israel/Hamas conflict

    Did ya see that guy with the M3P though... saved his life
  14. whisperingshad

    New Mountain Pass Performance (MPP) Comfort Coilovers

    wonder how this kit compares to the other MPP Comfort coilover system i have set to most comfortable settings...
  15. whisperingshad

    Is the car keeping my garage warm?

    charging the car warms up alot.
  16. whisperingshad

    Coffee travel mug recommendations

    Yeti, I had the above one, now I upgrade to the one with handle and new spillproof top
  17. whisperingshad

    Lasfit Product Reviews

    Old Back: New Back:
  18. whisperingshad

    Lasfit Product Reviews

    Old: Passenger New : Passenger Next post for the back
  19. whisperingshad

    Vendor CLOSED!!! GIVEAWAY! Lasfit Tesla Tester Program - 20 Participants LIMITED!!!

    Sorry about this late review but had some family sickness etc to deal with last 2 weeks. Old pics of my Teslashields ones vs the new Lasfit. I prefer the look of the TeslaShields as far as no name on them and looking less rubberlike, but WOW the Lastfit ones fit SOOOO much better. No need to...
  20. whisperingshad

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    Unfortunately I am renting currently
  21. whisperingshad

    SCE Rate Plans changing 3/1/19?

    I am paying 700 a month right now
  22. whisperingshad

    Tesla Extended Warranty - Worth it?

    Almost 55k on my 21
  23. whisperingshad

    Hotel Charging Station

    Actually pretty likely
  24. whisperingshad

    Hotel Charging Station

    Unfortunately some/most chargers use CCS, and the adapter our car comes with is J1772. There is a CCS adapter however you can buy
  25. whisperingshad

    Model Y climate battery usage unusually high (50% battery while driving)

    when its 111, your AC gonna hit hard, also if you cabin overheat protection will too.
  26. whisperingshad

    Where to buy new wheels

    I got mine from a Vendor here @GetYourWheels
  27. whisperingshad

    MYLR real world mileage?

    REALLY like the install ease etc of this one. Main worry/issue is that I have great tint on there already, and wondering if this will help, and if it will cause glass to break from heat
  28. whisperingshad

    My Model Y hit by fireworks

    Honestly, looks like new glass and paint job. Hope they cover it, or at least your deductible isnt too high...
  29. whisperingshad

    Concerns after 1000 miles of ownership. Help appreciated.

    1. There are 3 settings for steering, could be alignment though 2. Never had this issue. 3. Ride is crappy over bumps, Even with MPP comfort coilovers. (otherwise rides fine) 4. Everyone comments on how comfortable my seats are.
  30. whisperingshad

    My Two Week Review - Heading towards 300,000 Miles

    Interesting that your prius gets bad mileage(maybe the cold) I get 50+ mpg with my prime.... Supercharging is pricy, though not too much more than charging at home in cali( 40 cents a Kwh). Gas around 4.50 right now here so that helps with the save :)
  31. whisperingshad

    Vendor Hello from Discount Tire!

    Awesome :) @Discount Tire So can America's Tire shop take care of the Tire rack tire 2 yr road hazard warranty if needed?
  32. whisperingshad

    My Model Y hit by fireworks

    hmmmm Valet responsibility?
  33. whisperingshad

    Farmers insurance and Tesla repair?

    Tesla rates are crazy high, and keep going up. 2 yrs ago Wawanesa did repair thru Tesla....last year they wouldnt, had to use a 3rd party shop(Tesla approved)
  34. whisperingshad

    Vendor Hello from Discount Tire!

    So discount tire/Americas tire and tire rack are same company now?
  35. whisperingshad

    Tesla for teenager?

    Get a Prius Prime or something is what I would do
  36. whisperingshad

    2023 MYP Brake Upgrade

    MPP has some great stuff. https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/product-category/tesla-model-y-awd-performance/brakes-tesla-model-y-performance/
  37. whisperingshad

    2022 Model Y Lost Control!

    any error code?
  38. whisperingshad

    2022 Model Y Lost Control!

    I will admit, i did update 2023.20.4.1 and wife drove and had some random beeping like you describe, while on AP in Toll lanes.
  39. whisperingshad

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    Civic insurance is expense in california.....that Tranny gonna go too. Dont worry about others, I didnt buy my Tesla to save money...my Prime is cheaper to run with electric at 40c
  40. whisperingshad

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    Cuts off people on purpose? Sounds like a Douche.... Love my 18 Prime, super cheap to run and reliable as heck.....without plugging in it gets low 50s mpg.....Honda is junk in my experiences( and families) but I would never cut them off and endanger people lol
  41. whisperingshad

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    FYI Rivian just bought it https://www.gearrice.com/update/rivian-acquires-a-better-routeplanner/
  42. whisperingshad

    People who don't buy because of "charging time"

    Most people that have this issue might be the type to run almost on empty tank and then are worried about and emergency and having to get gas or even charge(which a charge would be a time issue for sure). I don't travel alot, but when I do, sometimes it does become an issue if there isn't a...