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    WTT Gen 3 charger or Gen 2

    Just bought a Gen 3 charger and realized it needs to be hard wired and doesn’t have a 220 plug. Just had my electrician put in a new outlet for me and don’t want to run new wires. Charger is brand new still in the box. Looking to trade for a excellent condition Gen 2. Want to do local trade...
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    Pics after car wash

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    Model S Photo Gallery

    some people are saying spacers are dangerous. What’s your opinion on it? Also, link to spacers
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    Please help

    thanks for the reply. I’m talking about the splitter underneath the front bumper
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    Please help

    Can someone tell me what lip this is? I’ve searched everywhere
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Any rubbing?
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    WTB New referral edition (black) Aracnid

    Looking for new black aracnid staggered setup rims with tires. Want local pickup only in Los Angeles or Orange County.
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    Ipad Holder

    Anyone have recommendations for a good ipad holder I looked into Revozport and SeaSucker. The SeaSucker seemed to work really well, but then the suction became weak over time and don't trust it incase of an accident. The Revozport is magnetic so I'm not too comfortable with that too. Revozport...
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    Tesla Model S or X Carbon Fiber Dash Trim set

    Still have it? Also do you have door trims too?
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    Armrest cupholder insert

    Does anyone know where I can get inserts for the armrest cupholder? I see so many for the M3, but none for MS. The stock size is too big and drinks tip over. I need a insert that will hold drinks better. I don't use the center console because I have a wireless charger tray. All suggestions...
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    X hit by 17 year old kid who just got his license, what now?

    If you have a bent frame, you don't want that car I'm guessing you live in CA cause you mentioned Pomona. Try spectrum collision in Irvine. They do amazing work, bit extremely expensive. Which for you is good cause you want that car totaled
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    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    Mine went out on the driver's side. I spoke to the shop foreman and he said it's due to heat. I don't have anything on the headlights but he did mentioned xpel or any other product on the headlights trap more heat and will cause increase in failure. Not sure how true this is though. If heat is...
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    Pictures after Unplugged Lowering Bracket

    Want to say thanks for your help deciding what I wanted. You showed me pictures of your car so I could have a better idea.
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    Pictures after Unplugged Lowering Bracket

    Both pictures are on standard setting.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    I'm interested in buying some rims. When do you have discounts?
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    Pictures after Unplugged Lowering Bracket

    Wasn't sure to go with lowering links or UP lowering brackets. Went with UP and I'm super satisfied.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Is there a reason all your rear rims are 21 x 9.5? Just wondering why you don't have any 21 x 10.5
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    WTB: 21x9 21x10.5 Model S rims and tire

    Looking to buy perfect condition 21x9 and 21x10.5 rims and tires Please PM me with price and picture. I only want to deal with local. I live in southern California.
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    Need wheel size advice

    Thank you..does et mean offset 30 & 35?
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    Need wheel size advice

    Hi guys I have a 19 model s and hoping someone can help. I'm getting 21" Vossen rims 21x9 21x10.5 I'm currently lowered on unplugged lowering brackets. I really don't want any rubbing whatsoever. Can anyone tell me if I'll rub at the current size if so what do you recommend? Thank you!!
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    For Sale: BLOXsport 7075-T6 Wheel Spacers (4 x 15mm)

    Is this for M3 or MS? If for MS do you have pictures of how it looked on the car?
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    If you don't mind me asking how much was your whole kit and what year is your car.
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    Tire newb

    Hi guys, if someone can please help it would be greatly appreciated. I current have the 21" factory turbine rims. 21 x 8 front 21 x 9 rear If I get new rims can I still use my stock tires? 21 x 9 front 21 x 10 rear
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    UP lowering kit

    Thanks for the picture, looks great. What size rims are those and do you have any rubbing? I'm thinking about getting 21 9 and a 21 10 staggered setup. Currently have stock 21 turbines.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    What kit is this
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    UP lowering kit

    Does anyone have installed pictures on their MS? How do you like it? I'm looking at the pictures on Unplugged website but looks like the rear sits a little too low and can't be adjusted. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated
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    Model S Windshield is extra fragile

    After 4 months of ownership on my Model S, I've had 3 cracks on my windshield. Is the Model S windshield just simply more fragile? Has anyone added some type of windshield protection to reduce cracks and make the windshield stronger? Did it effect the cameras? Any info will be appreciated...
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    Maxton Design

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    Ive waited a long time for this front lip to be developed

    How much did you pay for this and how long was the shipping? Also, are you still satisfied and recommend it? Thanks
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    Model S Shows Its True Colors (Photos)

    I got it from RPM Tesla. Fitment is good Model S Jupiter Carbon Fiber Spoiler ($249 w/ 20% OFF)
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    Bored while charging at Space X

    I paid $660 for full chrome delete. They came to my work and took him about 8 hours. If you're in S. Cali I really recommend them. Perfect 5 star review on Yelp. www.baidpolish.com
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    Here's mine.
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    Wood or carbon fiber decor with black interior?

    If you're getting dark wood, I've seen many Model S with scratched up center console. Not sure if owners just don't take care of them or it's easily scratched. Here is a pic of my interior with carbon fiber.
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    Bored while charging at Space X

    Wow, expensive. My guy said he can do satin white for $3500 because I was thinking about doing it.
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    Bored while charging at Space X

    Just got the chrome delete done and was bored while charging at Space X, so I decided to take pictures.
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    Executive Escalation gone? Horrible Service from Pomona, Ca

    I've taken my car to Pomona SC three times and my experience with them was great. All three times I made sure I had the same service advisor. She's absolutely amazing. First time was fit and finish problems. Fix most issues, except 2 parts due to availability. Unfortunately, they scratched my...
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    Help please

    Thanks for the reply. Dropped it off at the SC and they were supposed to diagnosed it today, but got delayed until Monday. Hope nothing is serious. To make matters worse the place that did the calipers put the Tesla logo upside down. Ugh, have to bring it back and do it over.
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    Help please

    I took my car in to get my calipers painted and the next day came to pick up my car. Next thing I know all functions on my driver side door and left passenger door is not working. Mirror controls, window, automatic door handle, ambient lights, auto folding mirror, nothing. Also, my car is having...
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    Maxton Design

    Has anyone ordered from them? It's showing that the front splitter is around $155 + shipping in US dollars. Is this correct? Maxton Design - Store