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  1. SteelClouds

    P90D subframe cracked / rear toe links issue PLEASE HELP

    Cling or clunk? There are not too many thing on the front that will cling. Has to be lightweight and thin. Like the dust shield on the brakes. That sort of thing. Clunks are more substantial and can be suspension components shifting. Think loose sway bar, bad bushing that sort of thing. A...
  2. SteelClouds

    Complete Performance brake upgrade kit

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Complete Performance brake upgrade kit. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Complete Performance brake upgrade kit

    For sale Complete Performance brake upgrade kit

    I'll post pictures if there is interest. This kit is a complete upgrade kit for the Model 3 from Base to Performance brakes. Front and rear rotors Front and rear dust shields.The front are the old V1 and I was going to cut them to match V3 which has a notch so you dont need to pull things apart...
    or best offer
  4. SteelClouds

    10% better range by servicing brakes

    That’s extreme for just brakes dragging. Teslas are sensitive, I’ll give you that. I’ve seen some real hits with wind for example but I would expect wear and tear on the pads dragging this much. Now you have me wondering :)
  5. SteelClouds

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    That what I did for the outers. Used the adapters for about a year now. I pulled the pins for the inners and used new connector shells to go from 3 pin to 4 pin
  6. SteelClouds

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Yes. That’s what I did for my 2019 M3
  7. SteelClouds

    10% better range by servicing brakes

    interestingly enough, you are supposed to do this every two years. Clean and sub the mounts and such. But, the pads should not be touching the rotor at least with normal disk brakes. They should just clear the rotor. Anything closer and they drag which will grind them away ( and decrease range)...
  8. SteelClouds

    bleeding our brakes

    The service manual calls out pressure bleeding which is what I do
  9. SteelClouds

    bleeding our brakes

    If I recall, ABS systems have check valves or solenoids that would prevent that. Not to mention many seals in brake systems are flanged so when you apply pressure, the flange is pressed against the housing it’s in. Reversed pressure would force pressure past that flange and ruin the seal in all...
  10. SteelClouds

    Wiper/Washer Arm Upgrade MY

    1490245-00-C Hit google and verify. I bought mine off a boneyard at eBay
  11. SteelClouds

    Streaming live Sunday at 1PM PDT: V4 Supercharger Magic Dock & Payment Terminal | TMC Podcast #52

    Interesting. I wouldn’t have guessed that was a Tesla hot spot :) I love my buttons and use them almost daily
  12. SteelClouds

    New drilled rotors

    Be warned that the paint can fade under common wheel cleaning chemicals. I had it happen but you can bring it back with a bit of polishing compound and about 2 mins per wheel. It took about 6 months for the fade and it’s more of a gloss reduction than “fade”
  13. SteelClouds

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Thats solid yes even though I didn't pay 170 for mine ( bought mine some time ago). All I did was install the outers and added the adapter.. no mess no fuss and they have been rock solid. I added the inners ( not a requirement but it looks better ) by getting the correct 4 pin sockets and...
  14. SteelClouds

    Tesla FSD - A Five Year Perspective

    I just did a 200 miles drive and the car decided it really didnt like being next to a big rig.. it kept getting confused with the shadow and thinking something was there when it wasn't. 80 to 0.. I'm sure the people behind me were not amused.
  15. SteelClouds

    Tesla FSD - A Five Year Perspective

    Agreed.. FSD constantly pisses off people with slow acceleration.. phantom braking.. passing too close.. waiting till the very last second before braking.
  16. SteelClouds

    Rear Axle Click: Ultimate DIY Fix

    Those coil overs can void the warranty at the SC discretion. I’ve been told a few times they are not allowed by policy to work on modded cars. So they won’t touch suspension issues with the coil overs. They would work on ac or wiring for example. I had some butchered wiring from a prior owners...
  17. SteelClouds

    Tesla Gen4 Charge Controller / ECU with Bundle of Wires (Harness) for Model 3 and Model Y

    The gen4 and bundle of wires works fine with. 2019m3. Exactly what I did twice
  18. SteelClouds

    Expired Help with 2022 M3 LR AWD Lease Takeover | Southern California [Expired]

    My guess set up a prepaid amount in a trust with a timed release of funds. And a contract set up with a lawyer. The overriding issue you are liable for the car regardless. If it gets damaged etc, Tesla will say it’s on you. If they find out you sublet the car all bets off. Same Goes for...
  19. SteelClouds

    Brake Caliper Clean/Lube Info

    And just in case others need the info, there is a retaining kit available that has new clips plus pins for about 20 usd. I’d have look it up to be sure. But anyone who lives with salted roads etc may want to invest in that vs trying to salvage corroded pins and clips. Which paint did you use ...
  20. SteelClouds

    Brake Caliper Clean/Lube Info

    Did you test the fluid? I just change it every two years regardless since it’s easy with a power bleeder
  21. SteelClouds

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    It’s amusing to me how people buy a relatively expensive car like a Tesla and then insisting on driving the 12 volt battery into the ground like it’s a badge of honor. In 40 plus years of driving, I’ve never had a battery slowly wind Down and nicely let me know it’s done. It’s always been a...
  22. SteelClouds

    Upgraded To OEM Performance Brakes

    The updated shields do not need the hubs removed. And I will verify you need. Performance shields with performance calipers.
  23. SteelClouds

    Brake swap... no direct answers found...

    Unless things have changed, it’s a direct bolt on but you need the rotors and the dust shields for the front. Brake lines are the same. You can use the tesla parts catalog on line to cross reference the parts and numbers. The rears are more of a challenge because you need to swap the parking...
  24. SteelClouds

    Bolt size holding rear E-brake bracket? Please!

    There is an assortment pack of flanged metric bolts on Amazon for like 10 bucks. Most hardware stores won’t have the flanged version if you want to keep it OEM. M6x12 is what you want stainless steel. I’ve used the other bolts on other projects on the car so they are not wasted.
  25. SteelClouds

    Model 3 Performance Break Pads( OEM All front and Rear) $250

    Well, except 6 months ago I could not find rear pads for the brembos anywhere except Tesla. And the base model is not the same
  26. SteelClouds

    Model 3 Performance Break Pads( OEM All front and Rear) $250

    The front brakes can be had somewhat cheap. But the rear brake only available for all intents from Tesla at 300 plus usd. So yeah. Stupid expensive for brembo pads
  27. SteelClouds

    3,000 mile road trip in Model 3 SR+

    As an owner of a 2019 M3 plus I will agree it’s capable and worry free on the main highways. You get off the main roads and things get more interesting. For example, leaving Sedona, there is not enough range to go over to Winslow and get back to flagstaff since Winslow doesn’t have a SC and...
  28. SteelClouds

    Any problems with stronger TAPTES Trunk/Bootlid Struts (just fitted)

    There have been other failures although not as catastrophic as mine. I really think the root cause was pandemic supply chain issues. The plastic seemed “soft” compared to the OEM struts. And they always had been stiffer on the lowering to shut them. What I do know is the seller would not back...
  29. SteelClouds

    Any problems with stronger TAPTES Trunk/Bootlid Struts (just fitted)

    Nope. So far as I can tell almost all of the spring struts come from the same source in China. Pretty common with accessories. Just eyeballing the ends I don’t think will help. The cracked one didn’t show until I hit it pressure to get it off after it’s brother self destructed
  30. SteelClouds

    Uncomfortable driver seat

    In my mind and experience, absolutely
  31. SteelClouds

    Taking a long trip to a National Park with no EV charging infrastructure.

    I do a lot of these same road trips with my short ranged SR+ :). definitely reminds me of the bad old days of being in the chevy wagon at 13 mpg and a 20 gallon tank. Dad looking for all the downhills to coast :D. When I road trip, I have my CCS adapter and my Chad adapter. Why? because I have...
  32. SteelClouds

    Uncomfortable driver seat

    I'll add this. my 2019 White seats are one of the most comfortable seats I've owned. With that said, three rented Teslas, 2 M3 and 1Y and I would never buy a Tesla based on those seats. In fact, I hated the 2021 Y so much I canceled my own Y order and just ate the 250USD fee. The two M3s ( 2019...
  33. SteelClouds

    Review: Hankook iON evo AS vs Pirelli AS+ Elect vs Michelin PS 4S vs Michelin PS AS 4

    Love the 19 inch P's EV tires. A bit squished in the corners vs my Contis.. but good enough.. quiet and very good in the rain.
  34. SteelClouds

    Sold FS: OEM Front lower control arm-M3

    lol.. I thought I was the only who did things like that :D.
  35. SteelClouds

    Brake Caliper Clean/Lube Info

    It’s not advice. It’s part of the official tesla Owen’s manual maintenance schedule. That nobody seems to read. You also need the brake fluid tested but I just change mine every two years. It’s cheap and takes less than 30 mins.
  36. SteelClouds

    M3 front door speaker connector source and PN

    So the last owner of my 2019 M3 ( lease return) butchered the tweeters ( cut the connectors, soldered speaker wire directly to the speakers and crimped the other end) and did the same to the two midrange/woofers in the front doors. What I learned is that the green connector for the woofers that...
  37. SteelClouds

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Brand new chargers. So new the nav system in the car didn’t know about them. The app did but could not sent it to the car. Yorba Linda. 250kw.
  38. SteelClouds

    Want to Buy Model Y Front Skid Plate - Houston,Texas

    And they work. I had a chunk of concrete hit it at 80mph in AZ. Plus the stupid truck treads that you can’t see at night
  39. SteelClouds

    Want to Buy Model Y Front Skid Plate - Houston,Texas

    Front and back. Shipped. 300 usd https://www.ebay.com/itm/155547384653?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=X2QeZbYAR82&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=ZhBwykcSQCW&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  40. SteelClouds

    Want to Buy Model Y Front Skid Plate - Houston,Texas

    You don’t need that. There are perfectly adequate no name shields available. I bought mine off eBay and they came with sound deadening too. Cheaper too :)
  41. SteelClouds

    Want to Buy Model Y Front Skid Plate - Houston,Texas

    Just buy a metal replacement and don’t look back
  42. SteelClouds

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    The pins are easy to swap once you see the trick of undoing the lock. Just pay attention to the order.
  43. SteelClouds

    Anti-EV comments heard on my roadtrip so far

    In our red county I have had various insults shouted at me and my wife. I had a cart pushed into my car and the person stood there , watched it hit and then walk away. And I had a guy slam a key down into my hood. I have “jethro” with his loud lifted truck across the street. It came to a head...
  44. SteelClouds

    Sold FS: Used Tesla Model 3/Y HomeLink Garage Door Opener (part # 1114984-00-B)

    FYI. I just installed one and the tesla won’t see it until you go into service mode and unlock the gateway. The screen says how to do it. It’s all under the 12 volt menu item. Once it’s unlocked you have to go back and enable it which requires a computer reboot. Once that’s done you exit service...
  45. SteelClouds

    I'm actually shocked at V11.3.4

    After 200 plus miles today, city sucks but the highway is much, much better. Smooth lane changes. No braking by trucks. No drifting right into merge lanes. All good stuff
  46. SteelClouds

    I'm actually shocked at V11.3.4

    Crazy Ivan’s. Yeahh. That’s very accurate
  47. SteelClouds

    Tire Pressure and Range - One Mans Test Results

    I got battery powered inflator and so far it’s rocking. Gauge is accurate and the battery can add 4psi to all four tires for 35 psi and still have 3/4 charge Fanttik X8 APEX Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor, 2X Faster Inflation, 150PSI Cordless Tire Inflator with LCD Dual Screen, Suitable...
  48. SteelClouds

    Tire Pressure and Range - One Mans Test Results

    Wont happen. They do it this way to preserve battery life of the sensor. I would really hate to have remove my tire from the car, bust a bead and maybe rebalance just to change a 5 dollar battery.