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    Tesla Should Consider an AI Based Addition for the Owner's Manual

    Here it is: https://AskTesla.app
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    Use GPT to ask questions from Tesla manual

    You can use this web app to ask questions from tesla manuals. It uses GPT http://AskTesla.app
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    Accessing Unlatch Door mobile app icon

    Stats app doesn’t need Tesla app to function
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    Accessing Unlatch Door mobile app icon

    Yes. Stats watch app works independently. It can unlock and start the car and open trunk/frunk using Bluetooth. No internet connectivity is needed and no iPhone is needed.
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    Tesla app on Apple Watch

    With Stats App you can unlock and start your car using Bluetooth connectivity (or internet). One tap on the watch face
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    Apple Watch

    Stats app just added these complications for the Watch. So, you can unlock/start using Bluetooth by just tapping on the screen. No contortions of the wrist to get the car to recognize your watch
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    I just got my new Apple watch Ultra and was thinking....

    This is from Stats app for Tesla
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    Apple Watch

    with Stats app for Tesla you can use bluetooth connection to unlocks/starts the car. Watch does not do NFC (other than for Apple Pay)
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    Tesla 3 key card in apple watch wallet

    It's not a Key Card in the watch wallet, but you can unlock/start the car using Stats app on Apple Watch
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    All saved setting erased after updating to 2022.20.6

    Has anybody been able to recover the settings after they get erased as a result of the update? I don't want to go though setting up HomeLink again
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    nearby_charging_sites endpoint returns empty

    Good point. I tried it again and made sure the car is awake, but got the same empty response. Does it work for you?
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    nearby_charging_sites endpoint returns empty

    Has this endpoint changed: `Nearby Charging Sites - Tesla JSON API (Unofficial)` I keep getting this empty list
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    API call latest_vehicle_data still returns 408 when asleep

    Thanks. Saw that. Just wanted to add more detail about the "legacy" and "data" sections in the new endpoint
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    API call latest_vehicle_data still returns 408 when asleep

    Tesla seem to have changed the `latest_vehicle_data` response a couple of days ago. Now it has a `data` section and a `legacy` section. Seems to be working even when the car is not awake. ``` // Cached { "response": { "version": 9, "pb_data": "redacted", "data": {...
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Stats app: Tesla App | Stats for Tesla
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    Preconditioning confusion

    If it gets really cold, you can use TeslaFi or Stats to automatically precondition the battery. This will increase efficiency
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    Is This Normal Phantom Drain? - 2021 Model 3 SR+

    Enable this if you want to see that vertical line (also mentioned in the FAQ inside the app).
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    Is This Normal Phantom Drain? - 2021 Model 3 SR+

    Tesla alone is ok Stats app alone is ok TeslaFi plus Stats may not be ok. this is because both apps query the car and cannot coordinate with each other. Change your password and stop using TeslaFi and it’d be ok. Also reboot the car.
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    Is This Normal Phantom Drain? - 2021 Model 3 SR+

    Stats app shows the histogram of phantom drain rate across all users inside the app and the mode of the distribution is at 0.15 miles per hour for model 3. To summarize: - TeslaFi alone: ok - Stats alone: ok -TeslaFi + Stats: may not be ok (because they cannot coordinate when to collect data...
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    Is This Normal Phantom Drain? - 2021 Model 3 SR+

    I suggest changing your tesla password and rebooting the car. Once you’ve done that log out from Stats and log back in. the average drain rate shown in Stats is the average taken over 10 days, so it will take at least 10-15 days for the number shown in the histogram for your car to change. Now...
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    Is This Normal Phantom Drain? - 2021 Model 3 SR+

    It's because you are using more than one 3rd-party Tesla app. This is because apps cannot coordinate with each other when they query the car to collect data and they query at different time in such a way that can prevent sleep. Each of those apps are fine on their own but when used together...