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    Supercharger - Roanoke, VA

    I’m pleased that both Sylva and, in particular Cherokee future SC sites won by popular vote. That covers the SW end of the BRP making the entire 469 mile span easily driveable with minimal diversions. During optimum conditions I manage 165 -180 Wh per mile during long BRP runs, contributing to...
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    Supercharger - Roanoke, VA

    This SC location might seem strange, but its “secret sauce” is serving Blue Ridge Parkway traffic. Whenever I have time while transiting the area, I drive the BRP, weather permitting. The recent addition of Blowing Rock SC and now this one allows BRP drivers to use SCs with only very short...
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    Reached a goal - under 200 wh / mile

    Long range dual motor - whatever wheels it came with (with substantial aftermarket rim rash). Still on original tires, which I gather is quite uncommon with 50k+ miles but is a side benefit of gentle eggshell driving.
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    Reached a goal - under 200 wh / mile

    Thank you, but I'm keeping my egg. Actually, all I need is the eggshell, I suppose I could send you the white and yoke. Earlier in the year I did a fair bit of Lyft Lux driving, and those days saw 200-ish miles at 185-190 Wh / Mi. Mild Florida weather and flat terrain helped. Lately I've taken...
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    Reached a goal - under 200 wh / mile

    It took me awhile, but I finally made it down below 200 Wh / mile lifetime average.
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    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Wilson Blvd

    Still no meter as of 13May
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    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Wilson Blvd

    As of 4/25, transformer has been installed atop the pad shown in the pix above (I think I got it right this time :>)). Plastic bags still atop pedestals, so likely not yet commissioned. I didn't have a chance to stop and see if a meter is inside the cabinet.
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    Working my way down to <200 Wh / mi lifetime
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    TACC speed setpoint automatically increases

    I do NOT have it set for "speed limit" There are a few places in town where while merging on to freeway from ramp or feeder lanes the TACC speeds up by itself - very annoying! In one place it speeds up before encountering the actual increased speed limit sign, triggering my "5mph over" chime...
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    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Wilson Blvd

    My mistake - I was fooled by a new transformer that appears to have been installed nearby for the WaWa around the time of the initial SC work. I kept meaning to return here to correct my earlier post but others beat me to it. As of 3/25/22, still no transformer.
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    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Wilson Blvd

    Transformer and utility meter are installed, but it slipped my mind at the time to check if the meter is energized. Rough inspection has been passed but final not yet scheduled.
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    FPL Advertisement about EV charging

    My guess is that the FP&L offer is designed to shift load to off peak hours. I imagine that having a bunch of EV chargers hitting the grid late afternoons early evenings during very hot weather is or will soon start to be a problem in some areas. Delaying EV charging until late night or very...
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    Battery capacity for Tesla X not enough

    "Slow" is in the eye of the beholder...I put 168k miles on a Chevy Bolt before getting an M3. At 80% SOC the 3 is often still charging as fast or faster than the Bolt's absolute max (55kW).
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    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Wilson Blvd

    Pedestals and converters are set but I haven't yet seen a transformer there.
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    Found a quicker way to charge at home instead of using a standard outlet.

    Be diligent before buying Rheem hybrid heat pump water heater...lots of recent noise complaints online...seems latest Gen 5 units are much noisier than earlier units. I'm fortunate to have an earlier Rheem hpwh...quiet, efficient and free cooling and dehumidification.
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    Can we manually set the charging speed to a lower rate in a Tesla Wall Connector?

    During months when I drive rideshare (Uber / Lyft) full time I would really really like and benefit from a rate plan allowing unlimited charging for $50 per month! 5000+ miles for $50 would be a sweet deal!
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    Supercharger - St. Augustine, FL - World Commerce Pkwy

    Fair points, but in fact I was having a bit of fun with that post...in the case of St Johns County the valuations on the permits are, in my experience, pretty much meaningless. My HVAC company annually pulls 10-20 new construction mechanical permits in St Johns County. We always list the total...
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    Supercharger - St. Augustine, FL - World Commerce Pkwy

    16 stalls for $28k (per the permit valuation...) what a bargain - less than $2k per stall! I'd pay that for a single stall SC in my driveway!
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    Supercharger - Hamburg, PA

    Still no Xformer as of midday 12/20. We stopped at the Hamburg WaWa enroute from FL to MA with family aboard our Ford van - I got flak for icing one of the SC stalls until I pointed out that the site is not operational.
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    Supercharger - Summerton, SC

    I wonder why build so close to Santee?
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    How many actually use Autopilot?

    I only use it in slow moving traffic on freeways
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    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Wilson Blvd

    Update - no change in status -Today I drove around this WaWa store - no sign of any SC installation work underway. I checked the city electric permit status online and there have been no updates, consistent with the lack of progress onsite.
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    What Do YOU Call the Pedal on the Right?

    I guess the pedals could be "go" and "uh-oh" since use of the left pedal is only required in emergencies (if one so chooses)
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    Powerwall 2 and Central Air question

    I'm not familiar with that system, and a brief browse at an HVAC pro forum confirmed the incompatibility you described and mentioned no alternatives...sorry!
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    Model 3 Charging Hubbell HBL2810 Receptacle

    So I guess the original description provided by management of it being a 3 phase outlet was not accurate -
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    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    I second the recommendation for a Ponie meter in the Amazon link - I've had one awhile to measure various appliances and it is a step up from the earlier Kill-A-Watt units. Keep in mind that slow L1 charging does result an a somewhat stiff efficiency penalty owing to the overhead imposed by the...
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    What Do YOU Call the Pedal on the Right?

    I had fun posting the bit about throttle plates, so If you are wondering where all the sucked out fun went, look no further! At risk of seeming even more pedantic and vacuuming up any remaining fun in this thread, I interpreted "mechanical throttle" as ruling out modern "drive by wire" and...
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    Anyone using a third party 40-amp wall charger (plugin to NEMA 14-50)?

    I have both a JuiceBox and a Grizzl-E (dumb - no Wifi) - Both are fine up to 40 Amps. The JB crapped out a month after 3 year warranty expired, but ENEL was super chill about that and sent me a refurb at no charge. I particularly like Grizzl-Es ability to limit current via jumper settting -...
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    Powerwall 2 and Central Air question

    I'm an HVAC contractor and M3 driver - I regret the confusion in our industry between hard start and soft start kit accessories. To anyone considering trying to operate a whole house HVAC system with an off-grid / grid down electrical backup system I strongly recommend looking into a true...
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    Ordered MY, second thoughts

    FWIW, having driven a Chevy Bolt 165k miles before getting an M3, I do occasionally miss the ability to grab some more regen braking via the paddle switch on the Bolt. I unconsciously go for it on the M3 to no avail...oops!
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    What Do YOU Call the Pedal on the Right?

    Well, actually the "mechanical throttle" in an ICE directly controls the flow of AIR into the engine, not fuel.
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    Will my family hate me for taking our first road trip down I-95 this Thanksgiving?

    Well, charging in GA WAS supercheap under the old two tier per-minute pricing, but that's now gone with the new 4 tier pricing. As much as I miss it, it makes sense...the old pricing provided energy at under $0.10 / kWh under certain circumstances...that's unsustainable...though I miss gaining...
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    5000 Mile Road Trip Lessons Learned (Tesla Road Tripping for Dummies)

    It was a combination of a hyper-mileing exercise and my love of back roads - basically substituted US-90 for I-10...mostly fun, sometimes awful...the Jetta was a stick shift.
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    Has anyone gotten a CCS adapter in the US?

    I'm an EE, child of an English teacher and also married to an English teacher!
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    2,300+ Miles Family Road Trip AND We Drove It Like a Regular Car.

    I carry a high quality 12 Volt compressor and a plug kit
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    5000 Mile Road Trip Lessons Learned (Tesla Road Tripping for Dummies)

    In terms of fuel tank range, I really miss my mpg-modified 2003 Jetta TDI - my record for one tank was 1113 miles using non-freeway routes from Jacksonville to the Houston area.
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    5000 Mile Road Trip Lessons Learned (Tesla Road Tripping for Dummies)

    This is one of (very few) nice things about driving on the east coast - chargers are often spaced close enough to allow stretching it a bit. I've made the leg from Manchester, MA to Boonton, NJ, about 270 miles, on a single charge in favorable conditions. SOC 95-->~10%. I like being able to set...
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    Will my family hate me for taking our first road trip down I-95 this Thanksgiving?

    Fwiw, several new chargers have recently opened along I-95, and charging in GA is inexpensive owing to low per minute rates.
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    Driver Experience Essay - Uber and Lyft with a Tesla Model 3

    I've given ~7700 rides across both Uber and Lyft using a 2017 Chevy Bolt. I have 165k on the Bolt and it has been great for rideshare - virtually no operating costs other than electricity ($0.11 / kWh at home) and a set of tires at 80k and 160k. I agree with most of your conclusions - Uber is...