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    Illinois EV Plates

    I don't mind paying the extra fees for EV plates. I understand that EV owners are no longer actively contributing to the road repairs fund via gasoline taxes. So, this is at least an attempt to get us to help contribute. Personally, I'd prefer if the state went to a mileage-based registration...
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    High beams not working or I don't know how to work them

    Yes, you can activate the "Auto High Beams" feature in the settings. However, the high beams won't automatically come on while you're out driving. You still have to manually turn on the high beams by pushing forward the left stalk. Once you've activated the high beams, then the vehicle will...
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    I only wish a heated steering wheel could be added via over-the-air update. Alas, I believe that requires a hardware update, i.e. a steering wheel with heating elements.
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    Model Y ride comfort?

    Um, yeah, not exactly. Depends on which VIN range you get matched to. With any other car manufacturer, you'd be right, as most manufacturers include all the same features on all cars produced within the same model year. Tesla likes to be "extra" and change up the included features multiple times...
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    Constant charging/not charging after update

    My 2021 MYLR received the 2021.4.11 update last night. Suddenly, today, I keep getting constant notifications that charging has started and then stopped a couple minutes later. This has been happening all day today when it is plugged in. Would something in the update cause this behavior?
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    I took delivery of my MYLR this past Monday evening. Maybe I'm just daft, but nowhere in all the Tesla literature and tutorial videos I watched was it ever mentioned that the MY already comes with a Tesla-branded USB in the glovebox for the Dashcam and Sentry mode. Reading lots of reviews and...