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    Making Tesla Cars Deaf-Friendly?

    Those are great suggestions as options, and could be helpful for hearing people as well, more accessibility is always a good thing! I hope at some point Tesla implements features similar to your suggestions!
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    Model 3 chademo adapter ?

    Have they officially stated they won't be offering those retrofits? Or is it the same vague "not available yet" thing that it has been for ages?
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    REVR: Proposed affordable Plug-in retrofit kit

    Seems an Australian engineering student is aiming to make a relatively universal and affordable ICE to plug-in-hybrid conversion kit, as described in this article by New Atlas. It's a clever proposal, installing the motor between the wheels and brake disks. Given the early stage of the project...
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    how can we encourage tesla to give better audible alert of AP status: full, distance keeping, or off

    I'm of mixed opinions on this one. To me the notification beeps are all distinct and obvious what's going on, I've never been confused about the state of autopilot, yet when my mom drives the car she frequently gets confused by it, no matter how many times I explain the beep system and where to...
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    How to arrange Fremont factory visit

    You'll have to contact Tesla about that (and let us know if they do let you), this is an unofficial community forum and it seems like they haven't offered the factory visits for a while as far as we've seen.
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    I saw the phantom

    What color was it? Could it have been the indication for a yellow traffic light or something like that?
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    Why didn't Tesla combine the electronic door release button with the mechanical emergency handle?

    I find the emergency handles to be far too familiar and intuitive, I always have to warn passengers not to use them, but instead push the button (which often still confuses them, they think they just activated the window switch). Thanks to the perpetual need to remind passengers about it, I...
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    FSD V12 Elon Demo

    I've recently been experimenting with the AI large language models (think ChatGPT but running locally on my device), and lately a big focus on those has been on "fine tuning", taking a published large model (often Meta's Llama), and further training it on data related to the desired subject...
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    How on Earth do you clear 'suggested' in Navigation?

    I was just laughing to myself this morning about how the navigation still recommends my ex's house that I haven't been to in over half a year now, I feel like it could be a lot more useful even just by adding a cutoff threshold for destinations that haven't been used for over a certain duration...
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    China’s Abandoned, Obsolete EVs Are Piling Up in Cities

    I want to adopt one! Sad that there's probably no logistical way to do so, and hence they go to waste 😞
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    Is it madness that wipers can't be controlled by the driver on cruise control or autopilot mode?

    That problem is much easier to resolve at least, since you can always press the stalk button or adjust the wiping speed to go faster. Meanwhile there's no options at all other than completely stopping use of autopilot when it is wiping while dry (or apparently buying the multi-hundred dollar...
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    Is it madness that wipers can't be controlled by the driver on cruise control or autopilot mode?

    This is seriously such an infuriating problem, so often the wipers will start when it's completely clear out and sunny, and ends up streaking the windshield and wearing out the wipers with no benefit whatsoever, and forcing me to turn off autopilot! Happens with both of my family's cars, around...
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    Tesla Semi transporting a Cybertruck

    Lol this was my thought too, why stop at a Cybertruck towing a Cybertruck (discussed earlier in the thread), I wanna see the Cybertruck tow the Semi!
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    Export slacker song favorites or playlists?

    Before Slacker streaming is discontinued at the end of the month, is there any way to export all our favorited songs, so we can transfer them to Spotify or some other streaming service? Especially if there's a way to export the songs most frequently picked for the playlists, that would be fantastic!
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    Faster A/C charging?

    Given that the Gen 2 HPWC is still common (and was for a while at least available from Tesla in addition to the Gen 3), and supports up to 80A charging, I think it's reasonable to expect Tesla may offer higher current charging on the large-battery vehicles than the 48A that most current models...
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    Roundabouts !

    I just need to remark how much I love that phrasing, the intentacle! Brilliant! :)
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    FSD Beta v11.x

    This was pretty much my thinking that led to this thread I started yesterday suggesting different pricing depending on the intended use case.
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    separate commercial and personal use FSD pricing?

    Given the general consensus there seems to be that FSD is too expensive for most people at the current $15,000 price, but that's often justified by the claim that once it's complete, it'll be fully capable of functioning as an autonomous robo-taxi, and thus pay for itself, it seems to me that...
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    Please help shape the future of charging infrastructure

    Same issue as the others (also on iOS), around halfway through the survey there was a question that didn't seem to have any input options, I tried disabling my content blockers (ad blocker, etc), and that reloaded the page and kicked me back to the beginning of the survey.
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    Help with home charging on a new construction house...

    320 Amp service sounds completely unnecessary and overkill for a single car, or even 2 of them to me. We had a 60A connection to our HPWC with only 125A service, and now also added a NEMA 14-50 outlet along with a solar install (I'm not sure how much the solar installation is meant to...
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    FSD attempts to run red light, twice

    this hypothesis is easy to test. Save the Dashcam footage of the event (or other times when driving near the intersection and at a red light), and see if there is a flashing pattern recorded on the camera that wasn't visible to your eyes originally. If the drive was recent enough, it might...
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    Launch is Imminent

    If 5% is = no one (or presumably, nothing), could you please send me 5% of the price of a Cybertruck? Shouldn't matter at all, since it's nothing! ;)
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    First Ever NACS Adapter

    Regarding this sidetrack, I'd argue that in most cases it would be better to just offer slightly higher DC power rather than supplementing it with AC, though it could be interesting as a pass-through power supply for the vehicles that have 240V AC outlets, or a fallback mode for a vehicle that...
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    Does Cabin Overheat “No A/C” mode work for anyone?

    Does cabin overheat protection (with A/C) normally give you guys a notification? I don't think I've ever gotten a notification when it's active, or when it isn't
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    regenerative braking and full charge

    It depends on some other factors too, like the temperature, a colder environment will have limited regen at a much lower charge level than a hot environment. Similarly, preheating the car can help increase regen availability at the start of a drive
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    Will i be missing out on Enhanced Autopilot or FSD?

    You can still choose to pay the full price rather than a subscription down the road, though that price may change at any point (and in either direction). My understanding is that if you do buy the EAP for $6000 now, that reduces the subscription price to $100 a month rather than $200, so that...
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    FSD Braking Breaking My Dog

    Yet another voice that the dog needs a seatbelt, preferably a secure harness! At a minimum there's things that go into the seatbelt buckle and connect to the dog's collar, though if your driving is as hazardous as you describe, your pup would probably be safer with a full-body-harness.
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    FSD beta v11.3.6 (2022.45.15) not available on two lane roads most of the time

    I've also encountered this, one particular road I drive on frequently seems to be the main culprit for me, and more sporadically when driving elsewhere. Glad to hear it's probably fixed in 11.4.x, hopefully that rolls out more widely soon!
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    FSDb Turns the Wrong Way

    If it's only turning the wrong way rarely enough to post about, it's doing much better than my mom, so we've already got super-human reliability by that metric
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    Tesla to increase cost of FSD beta software beyond its $12,000 price tag

    It didn't properly lock on until a couple traffic lights later, but that's the only time I've had that experience, it normally does lock-on instantly with the correct location
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    Tesla to increase cost of FSD beta software beyond its $12,000 price tag

    Do you know roughly what batch of cars this was? I had one drive recently where the GPS seemed confused for a few minutes at the start, totally misaligned with reality, but that's the only time that happened. Also was in a multi-level parking garage before the drive started, maybe that was...
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    How to stop wipers

    Any news? Did the replacement fix the issue for you?
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    Autopilot nags and changing intervals

    I assume you are using regular autopilot or EAP and not the FSD Beta? I know the FSD beta will entirely disengage autopilot if the interior camera is covered for more than around 30-45 seconds, but I don't believe regular autopilot uses the camera yet.
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    Cali utilities propose Income Based electricity rates

    Can someone explain (as far as we understand it currently, at least), what this new proposal means for existing solar installs? Is this only going to apply as an optional plan? Will existing customers have an option to be grandfathered in? My family just installed solar a month ago, just before...
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    FSD Beta 11. Something started downloading and stopped

    Nevermind, seems this is just the car not giving a clear view of its state when an update is scheduled. It did update overnight as scheduled, I'm now on 11.3.6.
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    FSD Beta 11. Something started downloading and stopped

    I'm not certain, but I'm experiencing something that may be a related issue? I've had 11.3.6 waiting for wifi to update for most of last week, and finally had a chance to download it over the weekend. The update install was scheduled for 3AM tonight, but I decided to go out to the car and start...
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    How to arrange Fremont factory visit

    As of today (mid-April 2023), that automated email reply still is the only response. Hopefully they do reopen the tours again at some point, but I imagine it also gets logistically more complex now that there are so many more Tesla owners than there used to be when the tours were first started.
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    Passenger seat adjuster switch broken. Again.

    Ooh, I'd love to 3D print a replacement if that's doable! Haven't had a chance to investigate it much yet, not sure how involved the replacement is.
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    Tesla wants to physically disable Front Radar in my 2022 Model S for Tesla Vision

    If they're not using the radar anyway due to software, I'd love if they could remove it and give it to me, I could tinker and try to find another use for it for a robotics project or something!
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    Passenger seat adjuster switch broken. Again.

    I've also had this issue, on the passenger side of my 2018 model 3. I know how it happened though, it was due to being hit by my foot as I got out of the car (as a passenger, of course).
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    V11 Actual Experiences

    Just did my first drive on 11.3.4, and although there's definitely some improvements, there's also some rough patches I wasn't expecting. The stopping (for stop signs, traffic lights, etc) feels much more rough and aggressive to me, which is odd since the general consensus seems to be that it's...
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    Autopilot nag gone??

    One thing I've noticed as a difference between 2018 and 2023 model 3s that I've driven, the steering wheel's torque sensor seems much more sensitive on the newer cars, so a light touch is more than enough, where the older one needs a significantly harder press (which tends to be hard for some...
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    Will AP/EAP transfer automatically after computer replacement?

    It definitely wasn't standard on 2018 Model 3s, that change came later on (it's standard on all new Teslas at this point)
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    Will Mercedes jump to level 3 before Tesla? Looks like it.

    Hmm, I'm not sure that's true for parked cars, as most users of parked cars aren't ready to take over within 10ish seconds of notice. Level 4, maybe, but not level 3 😝
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    Cloud syncing multiple driver profiles

    My family have shared a single model 3 for years, but will be getting a new one (in addition to keeping the old one, not replacing it) in a few days. Currently, we're both logged into the same account (but with multiple driver profiles), and everything works fine. As far as I can tell from the...
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    Sick of being ICE'd by hybrids!

    Thanks for all the ideas and insights, everyone. I agree that I should probably make a note to leave with vehicles that stay charging far longer than necessary. In particular, yesterday I observed a Ford C-max hybrid (the usual overstaying resident of the charger) staying plugged in there for...
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    Sick of being ICE'd by hybrids!

    I know this isn't news or anything, but I need to vent a bit. At my apartment complex there are, theoretically, 3 chargepoint chargers. 2 of them (on a single stall) have been out of order for at least 6 months, initially the station appeared to be partway through the setup process, but now it...
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    Tesla Browser Improvement?

    I've also noticed a lot of browser crashes lately, on, when I'd never had that issue in the past. Does anyone know if software crashes like this are reported to Tesla, like autopilot interventions (when applicable to what they're working on, anyway) are? If so it'll hopefully be...
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    At some point it'll settle into a system, where all version numbers are encoded in binary, but where 0 is represented by "69" and 1 is encoded by "420".
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    Help - Maximum ac charge rate on M3

    Sorry for the necropost, but I'm puzzled as to why so many people are talking about a 32 Amp limit here? My 2018 Model 3 LR routinely charges at 48A @ 240V, around 11kw, with the HWPC. Are people just referring to charging with the mobile connector? Or the standard range model? Hopefully...