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  1. Pkmmte

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    Trust me, I’ve already shopped around. I used to do so once per month before I found Tesla Insurance. Zero at-fault accidents (2 when I was parked at Supercharger), excellent credit (750+), 100k/100k/50k coverage, $500 deductibles, homeowner, 1 other driver on policy (wife) with a perfectly...
  2. Pkmmte

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    I agree with MichaelP90DL. I’m paying $364 *per month* right now despite zero at-fault accidents. 100k/100k/50k coverage. I’m in the greater Los Angeles area and I’ve seen my rates drop slightly by simply moving 1 mile away. It could be that they are in more vehicles (as you said) and/or have...
  3. Pkmmte

    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    My Tesla Insurance policy just renewed at $125 /month higher than before. $364 instead of the usual $239 every month. When asked why, they said it was because I was previously getting an employee discount but this time they were unable to verify my employment with Tesla. Disclaimer: I’ve...
  4. Pkmmte

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I just got the 12V battery replacement warning on my Model 3 a few days ago. Sentry mode, 12V port, and phone charging no longer work. Tesla confirmed they will be replacing it for free under warranty. July 2019 build with 43k miles.
  5. Pkmmte

    Free charging on a used 2018 model 3?

    Was the dealer in LA? I once had a 2018 RWD LR Model 3 which ended up with free unlimited supercharging by accident and apparently a few other people did too. It was meant to be temporarily given during fire season late that year but Tesla forgot to remove it from some of us. The prices showed...
  6. Pkmmte

    Where'd the dashcam icon go?

    I find myself keeping the button menu open the entire time now because all of the useful features are in there now. I really wish there would at least be a way to move some of those into the main bar at the bottom, including driver profiles and Bluetooth…
  7. Pkmmte

    Trade my 2021 M3SR+ for 2019 Stealth M3P?

    Vroom seems to be valuing SRs at more than other models for some reason. They offered me $42k for my stealth performance with FSD, new tires, clean history, and 32k miles.
  8. Pkmmte

    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    Side Hustle: One of my neighbors’ teenager and his girlfriend both have Model 3s. From my understanding, they saved up through a side hustle of theirs. It’s the base model, but still one to be proud of! Excessive Spending: One of my cousins is in his early 20s and purchased a Model 3 even...
  9. Pkmmte

    Vroom Sale [of a model 3] Gone Bad

    Just gave your site a try, I’m hoping for good results! 🤞
  10. Pkmmte

    3 dual motor - are both motors used all the time

    I upgraded from a single motor Model 3 to a performance last year and I can vouch for the much better regen braking. It feels stronger, though I wish it were even stronger. It makes one pedal driving easier as well and overall more satisfying. I’m not sure what you mean about the smoothness...
  11. Pkmmte

    Vroom Sale [of a model 3] Gone Bad

    All sites either wanted me to go in person or call them to get an estimate. Only GMTV got back to me with an offer of $46k. This is for a 2019 Model 3 Performance with white interior, FSD, and 37k miles. How are you people getting more offered? It’s not like mine is in a bad condition or anything.
  12. Pkmmte

    Model 3 accident with deer

    It could for a good chance for him to upgrade to a performance 3. The wait times for those is only 1 month!
  13. Pkmmte

    Car front "grille" (side panels) in intersection accident, where to get fixed?

    I always take mine to Avio Coach Craft in Van Nuys. It’s been an excellent experience every time. Heck, I’m going there again today! Edit: I just realized how this makes me sound. I swear I’m not always crashing on things! I’ve just been there for Turo-related damages and flying debris!
  14. Pkmmte

    This thing is awesome! M3P

    I agree with the others, the performance Model is awesome and never gets old! I’ve had mine for over a year after upgrading from a Model 3 LR RWD. I highly suggest trying out the Pilot Sport 4S tires once your stock tires are worn out. It felt like upgrading cars yet again! Also, as someone...
  15. Pkmmte

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    Anyone know if the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires will be available yet? I’ve been waiting for those for a few months now.
  16. Pkmmte

    14 day old m3 hit while parked total loss?

    My 2018 Model 3 LR got hit very very similar damage last year. It was deemed a total loss and later sold for ~$36k at an auction to someone in Europe.
  17. Pkmmte

    CA DMV failing Tesla car for behind the wheel drive test

    Yes, and the DMV had no problem with her using full regen. The instructor also asked about things like the glove box and locks being operated from the screen. This was back the Model 3 was relatively new to the streets. We got married shortly after her turning 18, not before, in case my wording...
  18. Pkmmte

    CA DMV failing Tesla car for behind the wheel drive test

    I’d love to see someone take their DMV exam in a new Model S with the Yoke steering wheel and no stalks! My wife took her exam in my Model 3 when turned 18 and the instructor had no problem with it. They did ask to clarify some things like the parking brake, but it was perfectly fine overall.
  19. Pkmmte

    Make the audio volume not decrease when the door opens.

    I personally really like this feature. I’m always blasting music inside my car but don’t like bothering other people when I open the door. Before I had a Tesla, I would just turn it off completely before getting out. Having it auto adjust was one of the coolest features I found when I bought my...
  20. Pkmmte

    Potential New EV Tax Credit for 2021

    Wouldn’t someone who makes under $40k yearly not have enough taxable income for the full credit anyway? Does that mean that nobody gets it?
  21. Pkmmte

    2021 M3 RWD or 2019 M3 AWD?

    If you are even remotely interested in power, definitely go for the AWD. Having owned a RWD Model 3 before, I can confidently say that it’s a night and day difference when it comes to how it feels and drives.
  22. Pkmmte

    Reapply Calif HOV sticker installed with ppf?

    This happened to me before. It was too difficult to re-apply so I ended up requesting a new one for $22. Only took 4 months to arrive. :/
  23. Pkmmte

    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    A steering wheel like the Model S/X. I don’t even want the instrument cluster behind it, I just love that clean stalkless look!
  24. Pkmmte

    Would you pay $90-100K for a Plaid Model 3?

    I don't think I would, to be honest. I hate how gigantic the Model S feels but I love everything else about it. I think I'd rather put it with it being humongous and get all the other advantages vs paying $100k for a faster Model 3. I was under the impression that a lot of that power came from...
  25. Pkmmte

    Tesla Insurance: What counts as a "comprehensive" claim?

    I guess you're right. Just read my complete insurance policy and it definitely does say this counts as collision. Not sure what paint it is, though, as the complete bucket was covered in paint. It was very hard to get off with just towels, water, and a car wash. As a former undocumented migrant...
  26. Pkmmte

    Tesla Insurance: What counts as a "comprehensive" claim?

    I accidentally ran over a paint bucket a couple of weeks ago and got bright orange paint all over my black car minus the driver side. I immediately pulled over and tried to wipe it clean but it had already set in very quickly. Not even a car wash helped. I figured this would be covered by my...
  27. Pkmmte

    Anyone tried the "Active Exhaust" systems?

    Honestly, I think ice cream truck music sounds much better than V8 engine farts.
  28. Pkmmte

    Insurance Cost

    Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as Insurance that specializes in Teslas. Even Tesla Insurance can be more expensive than common insurance carriers. The only way you’re going to get a somewhat accurate answer is if you publish *all* of your personal information in this post for someone to...
  29. Pkmmte

    Does anyone know the UV specs on the new double-pane windows?

    Why get tint if the new windows already block it? If that’s all they’re going for, then tinting without knowing if it’s necessary or not may be a waste of money.
  30. Pkmmte

    Model 3 loss of use claim

    1. They “should” give you an equivalent vehicle for rent. Of course, they always try to fight it and give you the cheapest thing they can offer. From my experience, however, loss of use has been difficult to achieve compared to a rental. The only time I’ve gotten that was from AAA, and they even...
  31. Pkmmte

    Tesla insurance

    $180 per month at your age sounds like a steal to me! I’m only 1 year younger than you with a clean record and pay twice as much for lesser coverage.
  32. Pkmmte

    Spider living in vents

    A spider in your vents? Sorry, your car is now considered a total loss.
  33. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    Mine has been this way for the past 3 months even after multiple software updates and reboots, so probably not. :/
  34. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    I’ve been requesting this fix for 3 months now, so I guess I’m simply too frustrated and would rather do it myself. They kept rescheduling me week after week the first time until right before thanksgiving when I actually needed my car. They haven’t given out loaners for the past 2 years here...
  35. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    So, I got another invoice from them. This time it says they checked and found no issues but at least they're not charging me for it anymore. Problem is: the issues still persist. 12V outlet still isn't working. Tesla said it could be my accessories but they work when I plug them in to other...
  36. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    Interesting. Good to know! My past service visits have always either shown $0 for items covered by warranty so this surprised me. Does anyone know what would happen if I plain out refused to pay until I get more clarification from them? Would they just charge overnight storage fees until resolved?
  37. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    I showed them how neither my dash cam nor portable mini vacuum would turn on with it but they wanted to do their own testing anyway. They never told me they didn't think it was broken until I read the invoice. I would've declined if that were the case. I'm guessing they wrote down "not broken...
  38. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    Sorry for my poor choice in wording. I'm mostly just confused about the invoice. Aren't broken 12V outlets something that would be covered under warranty? This Model 3 only has 29k miles, so I'd assume a non-functioning 12V outlet would be covered under warranty.
  39. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    So, my 12V outlet stopped working a few months ago randomly. I noticed because my dash cam would no longer turn on. I tried plugging in other accessories and none of them worked. I made a service appointment 2 months ago but they kept pushing it back until the day before Thanksgiving. They said...
  40. Pkmmte

    Need Advice: Protecting Model 3 from sprinklers

    Perfect! I didn't realize these existed and they're the perfect solution for me! Thanks!
  41. Pkmmte

    Need Advice: Protecting Model 3 from sprinklers

    As much as I'd like that, my wife really likes the look and smell of real grass. Even artificial turf isn't okay with her. Plus, our stray cats can't tell the difference between real grass and fake grass so they eat it anyway.
  42. Pkmmte

    Need Advice: Protecting Model 3 from sprinklers

    I work from home, so the car is almost always there 24/7. If I run the sprinklers during the day, the water tends to evaporate a lot faster even during SoCal "winter", so I end up wasting a lot more water. Even then, having to move the car during the day just before the sprinklers go off...
  43. Pkmmte

    Need Advice: Protecting Model 3 from sprinklers

    I park my Model 3 on my driveway every night and use my outdoor HPWC. Problem is, my sprinklers go off twice per week and get annoying water drops all over the hood and windows. I do my best to wash my car when dirty but it's demotivating knowing it'll get dirty again the next day due to the...
  44. Pkmmte

    Post your biggest F&*# ups

    One of my biggest mistakes was turning on chill mode just to see what it was like. ... never again.
  45. Pkmmte

    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    Nope. Bought a Model 3 in 2018 Q1 and then upgraded to a stealth performance Model 3 earlier this year.
  46. Pkmmte

    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    I agree that it's not worth waiting for new features. Back in 2017, I placed an order for a Model S 75 but then cancelled after rumors of an interior revamp coming soon. Lots of news sites kept speculating with confidence and made me legitimately believe that it was just a few months out. More...
  47. Pkmmte

    SoCal Crystalline Tint >$1000?

    Wow, that's insane! I remember paying ~$300 for 3M Crystalline on all windows for my Model 3 two years ago. Also at Sunshield in Sherman Oaks. I'm surprised their price has tripled since then.
  48. Pkmmte

    Supercharger - Firebaugh, CA (I-5 / West Panoche Rd, LIVE 13 Nov 2020, 56 V3 stalls)

    I'll probably be using this very frequently once I can travel again! I remember always stopping there for a snack during family road trips as a child and also during my Google interview. It kinda feels nostalgic now!
  49. Pkmmte

    2020 Model 3 Performance white on white (before & after pics)

    That looks gorgeous! I also have a performance Model 3 with a white interior. Unfortunately, my exterior is black as I bought it used from my co-worker. Hopefully I can wrap it eventually so it can look as great as yours!