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    Expired Denver- 19" OE Continental ProContact RX tires [Expired]

    This marketplace listing has expired and has been removed.
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    MY 2024 Refresh - Project Juniper?

    To me, the Highland changes would look so much better on the Y than the 3. The front end is a bit bulbous on the MY and the streamlined front looks much more proportional. I think it takes a little bit of character away from the 3.
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    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    They're just using a floor lift that is flush against the bottom of the car/ battery pack. At the Tesla SC they use 2 jacks with a puck on each. For example: I'm pretty sure it's fine (because they've done multiple times) but it is concerning that the Tesla manual and their techs don't lift...
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    Model 3 DIY Light kits: Review and installation tips, with pics

    This looks like the same kit for a bit cheaper Neon Ambient Lighting For Tesla Model Y/3
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    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    Wow, just did the same trip yesterday since Bear Lake no longer requires timed entry permits. Such a beautiful drive and amazing weather before the likely snow next week. I couldn't believe my efficiency on my last drive with the OE contis (201wh/mi over 190 miles). Just put the CrossClimate2's...
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    Expired Denver- 19" OE Continental ProContact RX tires [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Denver- 19" OE Continental ProContact RX tires. Please add to the discussion here.
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    road hazard certificate, is it worth buying them right after vehicle delivery?

    Road hazard from DT only lasts 3 years. I’ve driven lots of mountain roads in the last 5 years of owning a Tesla and only had 1 flat that was repaired. I think the chances of a sidewall puncture that can’t be repaired is pretty rare
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    I know its probably asked a 1010101 times.. But TSportline 18" fit 2022 MYP..?

    I decided to go with CC2s based on your review of the Quatrac Pros snow performance but unfortunately, they're not available in the 255/50/R19 size like I was hoping. Considered getting new 18" wheels and fitting 255/55/R18 but the CC2s weren't available in that size either so it looks like I...
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    Michelin CrossClimate 2 finally coming to Model Y size

    Does anyone have experience with the CC2's in 245/50/R19? (28.6" vs 28" on stock 255/45/R19) Any rubbing on the 19" gemini wheels? I was hoping to size up to 255/50/R19 for even bigger sidewall but the CC2's aren't available in that size.
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    Model Y rattle - anybody has similar problem?

    Let me know what your service is like in the Denver area. I came from Seattle and had very different experiences at each SC and I'm not sure what the reputations are for each SC here. I've got a rattle coming from the passenger side seatbelt adjuster (tried a few DIY solutions already), and...
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    Can I refer my wife and get the 20k credits?

    Did you immediately get acceleration boost or are you being practical and using it on supercharger miles?
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    forgot to order via referral code

    This is exactly what I was planning to do re: referring my wife. I'm the owner of the current Tesla but I have added wife's email address as a "driver" although she has never owned a Tesla. Not sure if using that same email address or having the same physical address would disqualify me from...
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    Can I refer my wife and get the 20k credits?

    Keep us updated if this works. Our tesla is in my name but i'm planning on buying another in my wife's name and using a referral to get 10k credits.
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    2023 Model Y rattles in the back

    Mine also sounds like this from the rear. I was planning on removing the trim to see if there was anything obvious causing it.
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    Model Y - True Flat Floor Solution for Camp Mode?

    Hard to tell for sure but your pics seem to show what others have said about the seat backs not folding completely flat, even with the bench seat removed. I think the best option is to find something to level out the rear space with the seatbacks. I stacked some moving blankets back there the...
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    Learnings/Feedback from completed Car Camping Roadrip

    I noticed some inconsistent behavior on my last 5 day roadtrip. The first time I used camp mode, the campfire screen never appeared and I had to utilize the old "screen cleaning mode + brightness all the way down" trick. Another night, the campfire screen kicked on after turning on camp mode but...
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    FS: MPP Comfort Coilovers in the Denver area $2k

    I'll be moving to Denver area in late June and am interested but that's a way off. If they don't sell by then, I'll send you a PM
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    How are the Replika r241 wheels for the Model Y?

    Just tried your code for some RTX spider wheels at wheelwiz and it didn't work. Is it exclusive to the Replica wheels from there?
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    Michelin CC2, Vredestien Quatrac Pro, or Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail?

    Your post re: Quatrac Pro's poor snow performance is what made me change my mind about them. This is extra relevant to me as I am moving to Denver this summer and was looking to make a purchase before ski season. Looks like it's most likely down to the CC2 or wildpeaks!
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    Michelin CC2, Vredestien Quatrac Pro, or Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail?

    Yea, I compared prices using tirerack instead of discount tire because I could never find vredstein tires on their site. Good to know they may have stock if you call in!
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    Michelin CC2, Vredestien Quatrac Pro, or Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail?

    This is the same list of tires I'm considering when I need replacements. The way I see it they all have some tradeoffs and can't decide. I'd also like to size up to 255/50/R19 for some added ground clearance. I want something that works well for forest roads and in the snow. CrossClimate2s...
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    All weather/winter tire for Model Y Performance - Alternatives to Nokian WRG4 and Micheline Cross Climate

    Any issues with this size? I was planning on doing the same thing but it looks like this is right at the max at 29.6" diameter. Do you get any rubbing at all? Do you have a lift kit installed as well?
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    Model 3 Road Noise

    Looks like it might just be a plastic push-pin.
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    Yearly brake service

    What did they charge you for brake service?
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    Lifted Model Y Owners: Report!

    Has anyone compared the MPP Lift kit vs the Tsportline Lift kit? I had been planning on going w/ MPP but the TS one is quite a bit cheaper, especially with their frequent sales.
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    Is now REALLY a good time to buy a new Tesla? [Jan 2023 / April 2023]

    I suspect a lot of owners of Model X are business owners using the section 179 deduction since it's over 6k lbs. What would be more interesting is knowing the average income for 3/Y owners
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    I am going to be replacing my tires with this size when they're done. I do not understand who said they were an expert. It wasn't me or else I wouldn't be asking about other people's experience.
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Thanks for confirming 255/50/R19 fits for you as well. @tangible1
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    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    What size wheels and tires?
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    2023 Model Y rattles in the back

    What is an isolator? Do you have the invoice with the description from the service tech?
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Jesus. Get a life
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Did you only try 255/55/R19 wildpeaks at discount tire? Since those are 30” they won’t fit but this guy () used 245/55/r19 wildpeaks on the 19” Gemini wheels with no rubbing. Did discount tire have those in stock when you were fitting them?
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    I don’t understand your point. I said I’m considering that tire size and many people have them now. So many people are using the size that there is an entire thread of people who have installed them. This person saying that it doesn’t fit is the first one that has said otherwise. This surprised...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    No, I’m saying nothing is gospel. He said they didn’t fit. Many people said they did fit. Both have “direct experience”. I am surprised because he’s the first one on this “blog” who says they don’t fit. Why should I trust him more than 50 other people who say they fit? Why do you trust his...
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    Huh? Who said it’s gospel? Tons of people have 29”+ diameter tires that fit and you say that they don’t.
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    I know what the diameter is and no one has had an issue with a 29" diameter tire. @MountainPass put on 245/55/R19 tires that barely rub and there are many others here who have 245/60/18 tires which are 29.6"
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    Is GAP insurance a good idea now used car prices dropping fast?

    Yea, agreed the lender coverage would be the most foolproof. Progressive will cover the gap up to 25% of the actual cash value which is enough for me since I bought it for $52k a year ago. However, if you just bought in December, pre-price cut, the lender coverage would be the way to go.
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    Replacement Tires for 19" wheels

    I was considering replacing OEM tires with Wildpeaks in 255/50/R19. I'm surprised your're saying they don't fit as there is a whole thread about Vredstein Quatrac pros in the same size fitting with no issues: 255/50r19 quatrac pro on Gemeni w pics
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    Cracked roof using roof rack w/ cargo box

    I've never had an issue using the ski rack until this weekend. Drove from Whistler to Seattle with 4 sets on top and found a chunk taken out of the topsheet of one of my skis. Considering a roof box now but am hesitant due to the efficiency hit. I only lost ~7-10% range with 4 sets on top in...
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    Is GAP insurance a good idea now used car prices dropping fast?

    This is what I went with. I considered adding GAP via DCU for $300 but the Loan/Lease Payoff option from Progressive at $10/ 6mo. is a much better deal.
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    tesla trade-in values decreasing :( Nov/Dec 2022

    A new M3LR in inventory is $49,990. I know not everyone qualifies for tax credits but with fed tax credit ($7.5k) and for those with state tax credits (~$2k) that can put it at $40.5k. I wouldn't pay more than that for 22'
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    Back seat rattle

    I finally took it in explaining that it seemed to be coming from the rear passenger seat area. They said they made some "adjustments" to the liftgate but it didn't resolve the issue. I'm probably not going to try again. I was persistent with rattles on the old model 3 and all it did was waste my...
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    Model Y front windshield replacement

    I have Progressive and they have a partnership with Safelite. I requested to have it done by Tesla instead and they had no issue except I had to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed. I was able to get a Tesla mobile service appointment within a week, they installed an OEM replacement...
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    Discussion: Model 3 Price reductions - Jan / April / Oct 2023 and all other pricing discussions

    Yea, Tesla is just more transparent. The market has changed. I think ripping off the bandaid is the best way to do it
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    Discussion: Model 3 Price reductions - Jan / April / Oct 2023 and all other pricing discussions

    Can you believe Audi via dealers are dropping prices $15-$20k? Everyone’s trying to copy Tesla 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Can you delay delivery to wait on Model Y improvements?

    I feel like Tesla may have adjusted their hold/delay policy post-recent price drop. I ordered a MYLR 1/20/22 and finally got a delivery text sometime in late November. I ignored it and expected it to be cancelled. The app said it would be cancelled as well but it just remained in my app for some...
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    Model Y comfort suspension?

    Prett The reporting said comfort suspension wasn't included on MYP but who knows
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    Pricing strategy for 2023?

    4680 cells have literally zero benefits to the end user. They are supposed to be cheaper to produce in the long term for Tesla.
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    Seeking advise on possible used Model 3 purchase.

    I've been tracking this as well. Was looking at another EV as a second car sometime this year. Was strongly considering the new Bolt because of its strong value proposition since used EVs weren't a good value. Now I'll see what used Tesla's are going for in June and decide if it makes sense.
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    Pricing strategy for 2023?

    New prices for missing models that I saw in inventory before they disappeared: M3 LR : $49,990 MY AWD: $50,990 I feel like the step up to M3LR prob makes sense for some (+86mi, +$6k) but the step down to MY AWD makes no sense (-50mi, -$2k)