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    Heat issues while driving only

    I have the same problem and it started a few updates ago. Have mobile visit Monday and hope they can fix. On the center screen icon of hvac control screen it says climate keeper not available - which I think happened same time.
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    No they have been sold. Thanks for your interest.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    I am sorry to hear this horrific breakdown of societal civility. Don't count on anyone being held responsible under CA laws encouraging this behavior by not prosecuting non-violent (let alone violent) offenses. Just keep paying more out of pocket as the costs trickle down.
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Price update - lowering to 1500 OBO - south of Boston - pick up only
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Price update to 1750 OBO - tires were 1200+ Installed - local pickup South Shore, MA - not willing to ship
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    FS - Boston - Tesla Wall Charger - Gen 2 - Elon Signed - NIB

    Thanks all. Unit is under agreement and will post again Friday with update
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    FS - Boston - Tesla Wall Charger - Gen 2 - Elon Signed - NIB

    Hi, I am getting bids up to 600 but will let you know if they don't pan out.
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    FS - Boston - Tesla Wall Charger - Gen 2 - Elon Signed - NIB

    Hi. Thanks for reaching out. I am trying to determine if I have a problem with my current unit or whether it's the charge port. I will get back to you ASAP
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Sure. I will be available at 830-1030 today. I can pm my number
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Sorry had you confused for another CA interested buyer. Shipping quote between 550-750 to Cali
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    Tire repair kit on Tesla tires with sponge lining

    Thanks but was already at the SC for another issue. They gave me a new tire at no cost, so worked out fine.
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    Model 3 LR for LONG daily commute?

    In FL you are probably okay since using autopilot if below 75 mph, but I would want a SC mapped close just in case. If you can get charging at office, better as there are some losses while sitting. It is fine to charge to 100% if you need it, just not letting it sit that high for days. If I...
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    Tire repair kit on Tesla tires with sponge lining

    My car was just at the SC and they would not plug the tire (on the tread) which was odd. They would have dug out the liner and plugged from the inside and said the audible profile would change and I would not like it. FWIW
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Original OEM I have no idea what pack, ship, insure is but would certainly not mark it up.
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Here are close ups of the driving remarks. Some of the pics above look like big scratches (not) from the light off the ceramic coat. They had just been washed and we're drying if you wonder about the tire rubber color difference.
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Sure-let me know if these attach okay. Set is in great overall shape.
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    2021 Model 3 Steering Column Side to Side Movement

    I have experienced what you are describing too. It is not obvious but easily noticeable by feel. It doesn't seem unsafe but I am aware in case it gets worse
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    17kW System = 98.4 kWh Production (5.79kWh/kW of Panels)

    12.9 system 10 inverter, went from my first 20 day in early Feb to 42 on full sun the other day. Will max out near 80 in May before the summer heat dials it back to low 70s. The difference from solar edge and tesla app production is likely DC (panel) to AC (useable)
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    WTB: Tesla Gen 2 Wall Connector

    I have a new Elon signed Gen 2 unit in the For Sale Fourm
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    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    I owned 12/17 S75D AP2.5 Air MCU1. I loved that car but recently replaced it with LR MY and 21M3 LR. I would not recommend that S today - trust me. The Y is better in every regard down to the windshield washers (even your M3) and Y has more back seat room and comfort than the S according to my...
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    Model S or Y for Boston/NY trips?

    I've owned S75D and presently have LR Y. The S is quieter and a better ride but the Y is excellent. If money is a consideration then the Y is a much better value and the S isn't worth paying close to double for its marginal benefits over Y IMHO. Wait for likely 7k fed tax credit and 2500 in MA...
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    FS - Boston - Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels and Tires

    Set of four OEM 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream wheels and four newer OEM TO Goodyear Tesla tires. Gen 2 TPMS (not bluetooth) and matching center caps. NO curb rash, only a couple of small remarks from driving. Tires only have about 5k miles on them - new in late 19. These were ceramic coated...
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    FS - Boston - Tesla Wall Charger - Gen 2 - Elon Signed - NIB

    For Sale - Tesla Wall Charger - Black signed by Elon (laser etch) with 24 foot cable - Generation 2. New in box, never installed. Hoped to upgrade speed from current unit but don't have enough electrical headroom to bother so making room for spring cleaning. Located south of Boston. Not willing...
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    Have I done the right thing? New LR vs s/h Performance

    Congratulations on your first Tesla. You will be fine with the LR stock with its instant power. with acceleration boost it's as fast as the original 3P
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    How much snow can it handle ?

    I find my 21AWD3 is quite terrible in snow. Maybe it's a new model Michelin 18" OEM tire. Even lifting off accel with half regen caused the car to dart on 1 inch packed snow. I have lived in NE all my life and know snow driving, this tire is awful. My S with OEM Goodyear was fine up to 35-40 mph...
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    Differences between black and white interiors

    I have both interiors and the major difference is white vs alcantara door panels and dash insert wood vs white plastic. I like both but find the white drivers seat lacks some lateral support in the side panel that I did not expect. The white material is softer and the cushioning too like being...
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    Advice on my near future purchase

    First - thank you for what you do. Second - given you can charge at work, have FL climate and budget considerations- I would go for Model 3 SR+ and save some money. White seats are fine except with newer blue jeans that transfer but also clean with baby wipes.
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    Unicorn for sale at new Chicago Tesla Location/18 Model 3 stealth silver white

    Silver has been available as special order like the 35k standard 3 was, unless that changed recently.
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    Check Your "Details" Page. Free Supercharging is Live for Dec Deliveries

    Took delivery 12/16 and free SC live in my acct. thanks for the heads up OP.
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    Did anyone come from bigger size sedan to Tesla Model 3?

    Went from minivan to MY with three tall kids and dog - surprisingly spacious esp rear legroom Went from MS to 21 M3 and would not put the three kids back there for long, the rear bottom cushion is still too low and legroom is cramped, but we have the Y. The driving dynamic of the 3 beats the S...
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    How long for Tesla to send payment for trade-in payoff?

    Took delivery on 12/16 and Chase (Tesla loan) was paid on 12/23. Interest was about a dollar a day.
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    Battery Replacement Nightmare. Would like input!

    I think the 74 is 350v and the 90 is 400v which may be the inconsistency
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    How do you deal with cold steering wheel ?

    5 min Touch fan icon bottom center part of screen then use finger to move airflow animation around
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    Winter is coming: Is my range normal?

    Hi welcome. Seems from your join date this may be your first Tesla winter? There are a lot of variables and learning the quirks of the car. There are a lot of winter efficiency threads here but your consumption is high but not abnormally so IMHO. Pushing through slush, headwinds, driving style...