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    Supercharger - Wilsonville, OR (LIVE 17 Nov 2023, 8 V4 stalls)

    Showing up in the app. $.16/kWh, nice price.
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    Supply chains and production lines don't change overnight. '25 models likely need everything set up by mid 2024.
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    Destination chargers - Minneapolis, MN - France Ave S

    That location is in the parking garage for Fairview hospital. It’s not free to park there.
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    Supercharger - Worthington, MN - Oxford Street

    It’s well under construction, looks nearly ready in fact.
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    Supercharging faster than 250kW?

    So I haven’t taken a road trip since but here’s a pic posted by a fellow MNTesla FB group poster, just for @israndy 😁 :
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    11/6/23 Lucid! I’m seriously surprised at this one. Mazda, VW or Stellantis…who wants to be last to sign on?
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    Will Tesla Buildup Superchargers to Accommodate Anticipated Demand from Ford, GM, Rivian, and whoever else, Adopting NACS circa 2024/2025?

    I suspect this is where Lucid will eventually end up in a few years if they survive, as CCS begins to disappear in North America. Just a hunch.
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    11/1/23 Subaru
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    So Mazda isn’t a “major” brand?
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    It is, but It’s nice to track just vehicle manufacturers w/o all the other noise, and have space for discussion.
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    Must say I’m a tad surprised Toyota beat Stellantis, Volkswagon and Mazda.
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    09/21/23 Jaguar 10/17/23 BMW
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    F150 Lightning production line layoffs

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    CCS Adapter for North America

    I've been to a couple sites near Chicago that have both V2 and V3 stalls, the V3 stalls usually have a 250kW sign on them. They weren't installed a the same time of course.
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    Hyundai and KIA are on the NACS train now!

    and GM, Mercedes, Volvo, Nissan, Honda, Rivian, Polestar.
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    Hyundai and KIA are on the NACS train now!

    I knew my home charging setup was missing something.
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    Supercharger - Owatonna, MN

    Compare a zoomed in section of the last photo of Owatonna with one of a magic dock pedestal in Monticello. Looks like Owatonna is not magic dock equipped.
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    List of major players still not announced is getting short. Stellantis, Volkswagon, Toyota, Mazda, BMW. Also will be interesting to see if Lucid ever adopts NACS, even if they do I doubt they will ever get access to Tesla superchargers.
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    List of Superchargers with Magic Docks

    Monticello MN
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    Are Superchargers missing from plugshare today?

    I'm seeing some locations showing up as restricted in the plugshare app but many that I don't think have magic docks are still showing up as non-restricted.
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    Supercharger - Lake Delton, WI

    Should have taken one of those bikes for a spin :)
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    Supercharger - Lake Delton, WI

    I suspect it will help quite a bit, if it happens. For folks going between Chicagoland or Milwaukee and the Twin Cities LD is an obvious stop right now - Mauston is 6 stalls @ 125kW max and the newer Madison locations are well off the interstate. DeForest would be a near perfect splitter between...
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    Supercharger - Lake Delton, WI

    Maybe by next summer the Bucees planned for DeForest will be open, that would only be 35 miles away and was planned to have a 20 stall supercharger.
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    Supercharger - Manitowoc, Wisconsin

    Sweet there will be SCs at both USS Badger port towns.
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    I think @ItsNotAboutTheMoney maintains the list in post #1 of this thread as a volunteer service to fellow drivers?
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    Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

    We drove the Cabbot trail in a LR MY a couple years ago with a CCS adapter that we used in Monastery and Baddeck. Both FLO stations worked fine but there was only 1 fast charger per location, 50kW max. We also used a couple of destination chargers in the park. The road conditions were poor in...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Just close your pornhub browser.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    If you want a definitive answer: Amazon.com
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    EVgo - Ellensburg, WA - N Dolarway Rd

    Man sure would be nice if the rest of I-90 had coverage like it does in WA state. What's the largest gap, 50 miles?
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    Supercharger - Worthington, MN - Oxford Street

    I think supercharge.info is maintained by @corywright @Chuq @Big Earl ?
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    Supercharger - Worthington, MN - Oxford Street

    The address of the current v2 supercharger is Ryan's Road, the permit address is the Hy-Vee about hundred yards or so from the current stalls. This may just be in addition to the current location.
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    Usually fee for a Level 2 charger?

    It varies but for reference the J1772 level 2 chargers at my office cost less per kWh than charging at home (11 cents vs 14 cents). Some around here are free but those are at businesses you typically spend an hour or less at so you don't get much charge.
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    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    It doesn't show up on the list because it involves 2 interstates but this one also takes 13 miles off the 150 mi interstate route gap between Billings and Miles City. Doesn't sound like much but where the speed limits are 80mph it helps quite a bit. A 12 stall v3 instead of a 4 stall v2 is also...
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    US supercharging cost decrease?

    So your question is why is supercharging so much costlier than at home? I'm not as knowledgeable as many on this forum but we're talking DC charging equipment vs AC. Don't know the exact equipment cost but I'm confident we're talking tens of thousands vs a few hundred. There are also demand...
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    Yellowstone National Park

    Beartooth Hwy is great but probably wont be open in May.
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    Yellowstone National Park

    Speed limits in the parks are low so you will find in general you will get good efficiency. W Yellowstone supercharger to Jackson supercharger through the parks is only 128 mi. Where do you plan to stay? Inside the park? There are multiple level 2 options in Mammoth, one destination charger at...
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    8/18/23 Honda/Acura
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    US supercharging cost decrease?

    There's no mistake per se, but what you're missing is that the EV goes much further on the equivalent amount of energy. and your EV goes 129 miles on that energy. No ICE car comes close. Yes, if you are paying typical supercharger peak rates your cost *per mile driven* is similar to a gas...
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    LA to Philly

    For a trip that long with multiple route options of similar distance I'd pick based mostly on the weather forecast.
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    tracking automaker nacs adoption in NA

    8/15/23 Fisker
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    Newbie question on adapters: Is there a Tesla brand NACS-to-J1772 adapter?

    Tesla does not but 3rd party adapters like this one have been around for a while now. https://ev-lectron.com/products/lectron-tesla-to-j1772-adapter-max-48a-250v-for-tesla-high-powered-connectors-destination-chargers-and-mobile-connectors-black
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    Supercharger - Huber Heights, OH (Buc-ees)

    the gmap link puts it in the middle of Kansas City @Chuq @corywright
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    Supercharger - Willmar, MN

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/Minnesota.Tesla/permalink/6331713263551122/?mibextid=W9rl1R MN Tesla facebook group member is reporting Willmar is live
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    Supercharger - Minocqua, WI

    Good news is Ashland has been added to the coming soon list. Bad news is target opening is currently 2025.