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    Anyone getting bored with their car since there are few performance mods?

    If you're bored, that's OK. Happens with all hobbies eventually. Grow your brain & body by finding a new one, you can always use your car to get to and from... or pick up the cycling hobby (more $$$) and skip the car altogether.
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    Elon & Twitter

    Annoying because though he claims to have voted Democrat all along, it seems some of them decided to hold him up as poster-boy billionaire and therefore bad and to be attacked. I feel like that pushed him away (not just politically, but in real life, to Texas!). Unfortunately now he's promoting...
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    Supercharger - Lubbock (SC), TX

    Three stalls... that's odd.
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    What other tech stock to consider?

    There are a lot of people in the same kind of boat (an underwater one, a submarine at this point :)) My poor boat has left me in a very different situation than where I was 7 months ago. It definitely sucks. I wanted to sell in November but thought I'd hold off until the end of the year for tax...
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    Supercharger - Hutto, TX

    Covers? What's that about?
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    Supercharger - Hutto, TX

    Swung by yesterday. Construction appears complete. Cleaning up was in progress (fence removal and such).
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    Supercharger - Hutto, TX

    Why not prefab? Around the middle of the strip is an electrical switch box of some sort, perhaps associated with the gas station, and it looks like that space will need to be skipped. Maybe the prefab units wouldn't be able to work around that spot.
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    Supercharger - Hutto, TX

    Evidence of Tesla now. The hardware was being unloaded while I was there. I counted 12 stalls. (Supercharge.info had guessed 8)
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    Supercharger - Hutto, TX

    Looks like construction to me. The second photo shows the conduit popping up spaced at car-parking-space intervals. I didn't think to count them! There were more than photographed.
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    Anyone charged at a Texas State Park?

    The TT-30 is useful for sure. Also you'll likely have to dial down the amps 20% or so, or the breaker will trip after a while. Still great for overnighting.
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    Supercharger - Lubbock (SC), TX

    An update? From the first post in this thread (2016), "Tesla updated their supercharger map, and it looks like they're projecting Lubbock as a supercharger site in 2017." Should be any year now :)
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    Supercharger - Hutto, TX

    I imagine there will be many GigaFactory employees living within 5 miles of this one. It's a busy lot and convenient for I130 traffic.
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    When to retire?

    Does the SSA expect me to keep working until 62 to receive benefits starting then? Let's say I stop working at 55... will benefits still be available starting in my 60s?
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    Supercharger - Lubbock (SC), TX

    Corpus Christi has a gallery/service center with no Supercharger, this could be the same.
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    Supercharger - Georgetown, TX

    Ha ha haven't they had one "planned" there for every year since about 2013?
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    When to retire?

    What do you think for health insurance (US)? COBRA will only take me so far... My kids can stay on mine until they're 26, which is great. Now I wish the law would update and I could get on theirs!
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - 5601 Brodie Lane

    Sunset Valley: To me that name's always represented an area of south Austin. I had no idea it was technically its own city. Please add "Austin" to the title, it adds clarity.
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - 5601 Brodie Lane

    And so Austin-based nerds can raise eyebrows with interest!
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Any reason to expect earnings to be much different that last Q? Is Tesla still under the same production constraints? (Same until Germany & Texas start up)
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    Supercharger - Round Rock, TX

    It does seem a strange location, but there is a Sprouts & Starbucks and others, and it's close to downtown Round Rock – and a short walk to Round Rock Donuts (if you're into diabetes). There's a *lot* of traffic driving by. There's currently some major adjacent road construction. To me it looks...
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - S Lamar Blvd

    Be cool if there was one at the Gigafactory (which is on 130).
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    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    That sounds exactly like the difference between a regular MY and one where that customer had purchased the acceleration boost.
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    Elon Musk Confirms Made-In-Texas Model Y Will Be 4680-Powered

    Makes sense, it's easier to make the production line use new cells out of the gate, rather than try to change the production line mid-flow.
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    Range Increase & Performance Increase

    We just got the 82kWh battery increase – I doubt there'll be another change there for at least a couple of years.
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    Charging equipment addition at Austin - St Elmo Rd

    Tesla's hiring for positions at St Elmo, for example Careers | Tesla
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    Why are people buying new ICE cars?

    Also Elon's shenanigans put some off, and there aren't yet great EV solutions besides Tesla. Some he inspires, others he turns off. He has done both a different times. I feel over all his actions speak louder than words, but that's not so for everyone. His actions & words on pedophilia, weed...
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - S Lamar Blvd

    Vacant? I dunno... I've seen a lot of cars parked on that Mopac thing.
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    Supercharger - Austin, TX - S Lamar Blvd

    Wow! That's almost east Hill Country!
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    Tesla website now lets you pay with Bitcoin

    I wonder how much use this will get. While it's great for a few bitcoin investors, I can't see how it helps turn EVs mainstream.
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    Range/Efficiency Report from 10,000+ mile US roadtrip

    > 331wh/mi over the entire trip, versus the car's rated efficiency of 250wh/mi Yup. I wish the EPA or whoever's in control of measuring rated efficiency would do more realistic estimates. To achieve the rated number I have to be in at least one of these situations: 1) driving downhill 2) under...
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    Supercharger - Georgetown, TX

    > far Southeast corner next to I-35 There's a nice trail if you walk down to under the bridge from there. Turn right and there's a proper trail that winds along the creek, or you can turn right, go under the bridge and up the other side to grab something from P Terry's.
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    Dashcam - door pillar cameras?

    Is there a way to capture the footage from the door pillars? It's exceptionally useful having the four (front/back/rear-facing sides) but that does leave a footage hole.
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    Heating garage using Y

    Thanks. Makes sense. I noticed in the app that (when the car's plugged in), it's got the battery warming icon. And it's pulling shore power. So I'm hoping there's a heating element for the battery at least.
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    Heating garage using Y

    With the Y having a heat pump – does it have a heating element too? If I run the "heater" in the car in an effort to keep my garage warm, am I simply cooling the front of the car in exchange for heat at the vents? Will I net warm the garage leaving the heating on? The garage is at about 52º...
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    Owning a M3S+ in Central Texas sucks...

    People drive Teslas around the Texas triangle without any problems... you're not alone in worrying to begin with, but really you'll be fine. Try abetterrouteplanner.com to ease your mind if you like. Or in your car, tap one of those Dallas Superchargers and let it route you, showing you how much...
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    5K miles efficiency update

    257 is fantastic. That's below Tesla's rated range! I can only guess these are low-speed roads? My average is well over 300; it doesn't take much >65mph driving to do that. I'm hoping the warmer months will bring it down.
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    I get that every few days (the sentry icon vanishing). I unplug & then plug in the USB stick, and it starts working again. Just have to remember to check each drive that it's on.
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    Is there a heating element inside updated (2021) steering wheel?

    What software version do you need?
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    Charging equipment addition at Austin - St Elmo Rd

    https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2021/01/14/tesla-planning-south-austin-show-room.html "Tesla plans to build a showroom and vehicle service center..."
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    Charging equipment addition at Austin - St Elmo Rd

    I reckon this is the rumored southern service center.
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    Supercharger - Brownsville, TX

    Some Waco chargers are 250kW. I've seen 184kW flowing :)
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    Boombox question - replace horn function?

    I think we though that BoomBox was a way to replace the regular sounds... instead it's literally a BoomBox and you can use it to temporarily play sounds through the external speaker. That's it. They don't stick around, they don't update the system.
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    28 Sentry Mode events of absolutely nothing overnight?

    Lightning triggers it, too. Could have been a distant storm.
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    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    This map update is not a happy one for Texans :( Allegedly we'll soon get one in Georgetown; that's (far) north Austin where there are already 3 supercharger locations, not to mention the 22 stalls up the road in Waco. The new mantra is density; actual new locations are off-plan.
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    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    Is the drive from Junction to Austin doable? It's only around 150miles, no need for stops on the way. From there to HH is easy.
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    Have to "reset" Sentry/Dash Cam USB every morning

    Same. I sometimes see the dashcam icon with a red dot (which I think means "working") and I've seen it with a green dot... which means what? I had to reset the system to get out of that state, then it needed me to reformat the USB stick. (Mine's the Tesla stick that came installed in the glovebox).
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    I’d love to see the existing 3-camera display, with some map on the left rather than the visualization. I miss camera + map from the S/X.
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    Increased Range

    I think what happened was the LR got longer range via a software update. However, the Performance did not improve via software; instead, that gained a slightly larger battery and so only newer builds see the increased 303 miles range.
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    2021 model Y scan my Tesla battery size

    That 78kWh -> 81kWh (ish) battery bump on the P explains its recent range increase from 295 -> 303 miles. They did something else on the LR to attain its range increase?
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    Blog Elon Musk Makes Texas His Home

    I'm hoping he orders some extra SuperChargers for Texas.